Yusuf Rahim (aka Levi Bellfield)

Yusuf Rahim

Oh no, not another fucking Peaceful I hear you say. Well not quite, this one used to have a different name……..Levi Bellfield.

Oh yes Levi has converted to the Peaceful faith, changed his name, prays 5 times a day, reads the Koran and eats all that shitty Peaceful food.

Of course there’s a reason for this. There are 3 gangs in HMP Frankland…..the whiteys, the blackies and the Peacefuls. The whiteys and the blackies won’t accept rapists and child murderers so you have to become a Peaceful to survive.

Just when you thought a piece of shit like Bellfield couldn’t get any lower he manages to pull it out of the bag. What a cunt eh?

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog 

Child Killer Converts to Islam

90 thoughts on “Yusuf Rahim (aka Levi Bellfield)

  1. I suspect someone will get and do him damage anyway.

    It is somewhat refreshing to know that something nasty will happen to him, hopefully when he least expects it) regardless of his cowardly and pathetic efforts to escape the inevitable.

  2. There will definitely be a day of National celebrations when this fucking piece of filth gets his comeuppance courtesy of another inmate or even better inmates..

    • Naming your son after your favourite jeans sets them on a bad path in life .
      Hes got no neck so cant hang him.
      To fat anyway.
      Bring the fuckin ceiling down.
      So either shoot the lousy cunt or gas him.
      Hes not fit to live.
      The acts hes committed require justice.
      A predator of little girls.
      Rot you fat fuck,
      Theres no hiding behind Allah.
      Allahs a sex case too.

  3. He’s more than a cunt, and I hope to fuck he gets turned over big time. The fat twat should hang by the nuts for what he did. Peaceful.? Yeah, speaks it all. Flies to a shit pile !

  4. This cunt could well have more on his account than has been proven.
    Right back to him being 13 or so a girl who rejected him was found strangled.
    It’s no coincidence his name Levi is an anagram. Feed him to the pigs with some of his new mates.

  5. I’d very much enjoy seeing this evil fat cunt put through an industrial mincer.

    The whole ongoing mess is yet another national disgrace.

    This country is finished.

  6. The fact belfield draws breath offends me. I’m offended.

    Is there a chance he’s become one of em to avoid bang-up?

    My IP has been blocked for some reason, so whoever I’ve annoyed, please accept my apologies.

    It’s a glitch with the latest version of WP if you try to access via mobile phone and then PC with different IPs. – DA

    • Jamiroqunt@ – If you are using a mobile I believe there is a glitch of some sort that Admin are working on – that may be the problem.

  7. I have the feeling this wholly evil “Man” has committed a lot more crimes than he has been caged for.
    Certain people should never be allowed back in society – to protect society and as a punishment for the things they did.
    They are evil, they are calculating and they will NEVER be safe at large in the community.
    Full life sentence, cremated on prison grounds and their existence expunged.
    Zero chance of reoffending, and I think my esteemed fellow contributors know my views on the pyjama gang – Belfield the child r*pist and murderer can call himself any name he wants, I will refer to him as “beast”.

  8. Headline should read :

    Vile Bellend converts to Islam in a cowardly attempt to avoid being castrated in the nick.

    What an absolutely despicable piece of rotund shit this cunt is.

    Why any religion would allegedly embrace such a man is absolutely beyond me.
    Are they really that desperate for new recruits?

    Fuck me.

    • Conversion to Islam in chokey is nothing new, although it is greatly on the increase. Something like 15% of UK prison inmates are Moslem (cf <5% "on the out") – of whom approximately 30% converted while incarcerated. Certainly a recognised phenomenon, which Mr Bellfield has tapped into quite nicely.

      Contrary however to the Duke of Marlborough’s assertion that you get better food, inter alia, you can in fact opt for a “Muslim burger¹” on a Saturday without the need for any specific faith, other than in the cooks’ abilities at the hotplate.

      ¹ admittedly far better than the alternatives, but basically an over-salted beefburger, in my experience.

  9. According to Wikipedia the cunt is of Romani (ie pie key) descent. Colour me astonished, and give me a second coat to be sure.
    According to the Mail , the vegetarian curries served to Muslim (or pretend Muslim) crims are much nicer than what the lower orders of con get…wouldn’t you?

    Capital punishment. Please.

  10. Looks like this, from the Qu’ran, fits the case.

    When they meet those who believe, they say: “We believe;” but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say: “We are really with you: We (were) only jesting.” (Surah Al-Baqara, 14)

    And if Bellfield should re-rat when he leaves custody ( other than in the box he deserves) his current co-religionists are pretty well bound to kill him. Islam is extremely unforgiving of apostasy.

    • He looks the spitting image of serial SNP whinger Ian Blackford.

      Has anyone ever seen them together in the same prison cell?

      Maybe CS can help.

  11. I guess the reality is this guy will get protection in prison and if he doesn’t he will get compensation for any harm that comes his way from other prison inmates.

    And when he does leave prison he will probably have have a new name and a new identity along with some place to live that no one knows about apart from the parole board. That’s how the justice system works in this f***** up country

  12. Its perfectly normal to treat children as sexual objects in islam( barcha bazi, child marriage , forced marriage, 1st cousin marriage, “honour” murder). Muslims now control UK prisons. He will be safe in his new identity.

  13. Filthy bastard should have been hung. That way he would have faded into oblivion. Now every couple of months I am reminded the cunt is still around costing us thousands. As to becoming a peaceful would expect nothing less.

    • Apparently next year he’s joinng the SNP, learning German, playing Hip-Hop all day, endlessly quoting Russel Brand wisdom, and campaigning to re-join the EU.

  14. I hope he’s being bummed relentlessly, by some fat smelly Parky.
    Truss him up like a Christmas turkey and deliver him to the Rookery.
    He’ll wish he’d never dropped out of his mother’s capacious pikey cunt.
    Get To Fuck

  15. There’s no way this bag of filth should ever leave the nick but they let that Pitchfork cunt out the other day so, in this fucked up country, it’s inevitable. By that time the Peacefuls will be running the country so he’ll just be one of thousands of dirty fuckers they unleash on us.

  16. Clever Fucker! Being a moozlim would shield a cunt from a lot. I need to give this strategy some thought. May be a better idea than having to apply blackface daily.

  17. You’ll be reassured to know that I never rush to jobs in prisons unless it’s confirmed as a member of staff.

      • I think I’ve been remarkably candid in my contributions to isac.

        To spell it out: I think if you delay your response such that you

        “never rush to jobs in prisons unless it’s confirmed it’s confirmed as a member of staff”

        on the basis you make explicit you might have a few dead screws on arrival.

        I know it was a flippant remark, but if I were an ambulance driver who modified my response based on who it was I was attending, I’d expect the job to be short-lived.

        If true, which I rather doubt, I must say that sadly barristers don’t have that luxury. If not… my response above stands.

      • Barristers have the luxury of rather higher wages for considerably less draining work. But they may not always have a choice about the accused persons they defend. Ever defended a cunt like Bellfield, CS?

      • I notice, with interest, that when you use the address “son” you are getting feisty, DCI.

        As Steve McQueen said in Bullitt to Chalmers (Robert Vaughn)
        “you work your side of the street and I’ll work mine”.

        In this case, satisfyingly, in reverse. I’m the “posh cunt” telling you to mind your own business.

      • I’m in a jovial mood, son, not fiesty at all! Saved the life of a two yr old child, today, so am feeling, even though I do say so myself, justifiably pleased. Beats working for a living, despite being paid a quarter of a baristas wages.

        By the way, I’ll be the ‘Working class cunt’ dressed in green, sticking the ECG dots and defib pads on your chest when you’re having your inevitable STEMI🚑. Aspirin with a GTN chaser, anyone?

        (I wouldn’t rush to a barista, either😉)

      • Are you suggesting the tickie faerie is me, RTC? If so, it is not just irony you have difficulty understanding. I don’t do very well with “upticks”, nor do I wish to.

        I don’t think I have ever “upticked” anything on here. I don’t even see the point of having the feature available. There appears to be little-to-zero correspondence between a comment being funny/interesting/worth reading (or not) and the number of ticks.

        It seems to me simply a vehicle to make a contributor feel popular, which is pretty obviously not something I aspire to be. Just to be completely clear, RTC, as you’re clearly having difficulty here I can tell: whoever the uptick faeries might be, they invariably boost their own upticks in the process.

    • It is hard to quantify “badness” (though it is more usually, if not quite invariably “madness”) in a client.

      I’ve defended plenty as bad as Bellfield, one or two even came close to his notoriety, but fortunately that was suppressed. I’m currently struggling with the prosecution of a case, which is not really my thing. The accused are certainly at least as “evil” as Bellfield though this is hard to quantify.

      What you say about higher wages is true, but not the “considerably less draining” bit certainly not. If I could make a quarter of what I do by driving an ambulance, I’d do so. I enjoy parts of this relatively new career, but it is very full-on. I’m not complaining; it is mostly better than being paid an ambulance man’s wage to butter up and attempt to influence people in positions of power on Turkey, Serbia and China as I did pre 2006.

      That life was glamorous, but it was like being married to an impossibly gorgeous woman whom you knew cared nothing for you.

      Criminals are generally very boring, selfish people. Almost without exception, there is something missing in their conception of society which does fascinate me. It is often very upsetting to hear the details (like a lad from Bootle who recently beat his pregnant girlfriend of 24 to death due to being off his rocks on cocaine, drug money and perceived self-importance. He’ll get life rec 8; his life is over.)

      Another guy, quite recently, cut up his Filipina bride into pieces and tried to feed her bits to the cat. I nicely kept it low profile as I could; I realised his notoriety would be potentially far worse than his sentence. He’ll get life rec 6 as a first offence; there were aggravating factors (like she was seeing other younger men).

      I’ll stay as I am for a while, thanks K. It is very demanding work – I’m not a rarara Jesus jolly boy any more. Sadly, perhaps.

      The problem, if there is one, in the context of your query is the press are highly selective and convey a false impression. Not a new problem, I concede.

      • Erratum
        That’s “whom you knew and cares nothing for you”
        “who you knew cares nothing for you”.

        Subtle distinction, but the latter is what I meant to say.

      • Thank you. I’m not sure being forced to defend utter cunts would strike me as less draining than dealing several times a day with utter cunts who mostly won’t get prosecuted for their cuntery – and their secretions, effluvia, screams, distressing injuries and deaths… boring and selfish cunts being the icing on the mortality cake. I imagine it would be easier to switch off the mainly cerebral reservations one might have about one’s clients than to be stressed out on multiple fronts during hectic working day after day.

        Barrister vs paramedic: value to society? Wait by a crashed car for an ambulance – driver with broken femur, and inextricable from collapsed bodywork – 25 miles W of Inverness on a single-track road, before you answer that one. Happened to me once: first on scene, unable to do a damn thing for the poor cunt. They got him out before anything worse transpired.

      • Les, the case of the guy (John Perry) cutting up his Filipina wife (Arminda) and feeding her offcuts to the pet cat (Katie) was in 1991, not “quite recently” as you state.

        Strange that, eh?

        Given the case was heard in 1991, he isn’t awaiting sentencing, as you seem to suggest above. He was jailed for life in November 1991. I doubt there are two identical cases in the UK, but please post a link to the “recent” case you talk of.

        Read all abaaaht it:


        If you are a Barrister then Elvis is alive and well and working in Asda, Chelmer Village.

        You, Sir, are a fantasist. I can smell them a mile off.

      • “You, Sir, are a fantasist. I can smell them a mile off.”

        Ironic, really, that a load of fantasist Walter Mitty’s pretend they’re paramedics. Barista is a new on on me😁

      • Also, on Monday the 3rd of May this year, he claimed to be appearing before a certain judge Elgan Edwards.

        Problem is that judge Edwards died in 2016, and May the 3rd was a bank holiday, so the courts weren’t sitting.

      • You can almost hear little Tattoo running around squeaking “der plane boss, der plane!”

      • John Perry was not the only one to have done exactly that.

        I actually met him in 2011 in HMP Altcourse when he had been briefly recalled for a failure of bail. He had an unusual London accent, was obsessed with Diophantine equations and interestingly had absolutely zero remorse for his offence.

        Would you believe it! I met John Perry, but subsequently defended another (whom you have not heard of, nor ever will) who more or less committed the same crime. It isn’t that unusual, of course. Most crimes have very similar precursors.

        “X” was not from Hawarden, however. I regard keeping his name out of the spotlight quite a triumph.

        I am impressed about your research on Perry. His crime almost pre-dates the Internet, and the only reason he is known is the coroner’s retirement remarks. The coroner, by the way, would today be prosecuted for his indiscretion.

        You are an Internet warrior, Paul, and little else.

      • In case, perhaps, you doubt that I met John Perry in 2011 in HMP Altcourse, I suggest you contact your local occultist. You will struggle to verify he was recalled to prison at that time, but with enough effort you can verify it.

        It will be more difficult to identify the client I referred to who committed an almost identical crime, as his details have rightly been protected.

        That’s what I call progress.

      • Yes RTC, I know; it’s called irony. Evidently not your strongest suit.

        If I had known Elgan Edwards rather better I might have attended his funeral. “Big John” Rogers was there, whom I knew/know rather better from the Cambridge mafiosi (he was at Fitz).

        More than enough said!

      • Ironic too are your continued attempts to frame TBRILW as the tickie fairy. I think we both know who the real culprit is, don’t we.

  18. Saw a cunt coming out of Kings College hospital once handcuffed to two blokes. Let’s hope it was nothing trivial.

  19. I bet the BBC love this sick fat fuck, now he has ‘converted’ to their favourite religion.

    Personally, I would douse him in Castrol GTX and then set the fat sick cunt alight. While he was conscious, of course….

    • Maybe they’ll do a panorama special
      How Islam saved me
      Evil exists in some , but their not human by a long shot
      If a dog bites or ravages a person he is put down
      Same should apply to mad violent human killers
      Especially when the evidence is clear cut

  20. This worthless murdering piece of shit is one of my regular deadpool subs, hoping someone would carve him up with a broken coffee jar, or snap a sharpened toothbrush off in his flabby liver.
    C’mon prison filth, do something worthwhile for fucks sake.

    • I’m sure he feels a lot safer now he’s got the protection of Allah. Shouldn’t have any difficulty finding time to pray five times a day, once he’s worked out which direction Mecca’s in.

  21. Along with that sicko Pitchfork.
    What a fucking stupid name.
    Any Swiss murderers called Schweizer-Armee-Messer?

  22. With DNA testing which is something like 99.999999999999 accurate, why isn’t this cunt hanged? Oh, we can’t do that, it’s against his human rights. The victims rights? Forget about it in the basket case that is the UK. Nut cases, loons and idiots in charge of every facet of the country. The same old story, it doesn’t affect them. Oblivious to the real world out in the sticks living in their chateaus. RIP his victims and God Bless the survivors of this devil incarnate. I hope he burns in hell.

      • With DNA evidence and reliability, hanging should be brought back (I know it never will be). It must cost £100k plus a year to keep this scumbag and others like him in prison. I can think of better ways to spend taxpayers money. Increased policing, better border controls, better infrastructure for starters.

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