The Leaderless Green Party (2)

‘Green leader resigns’. I thought that’s old news. He resigned last month didn’t he. Anyway I clicked on it. Turns out that Sian Berry has resigned from the leadership of the Greens. But she was only appointed not long back wasn’t she?

It was Johnathan Bartley who resigned last month (to spend more time with his family). He was the co-leader of the Greens for cunters who are unfamiliar with this bullshit. He resigned from the leadership.

Now Sian has resigned from the leadership. And the reasons she gives? A ‘lack of leadership’ on her part. She felt that the party was sending ‘mixed messages’ over Trans Rights. So she has resigned. But she doesn’t blame anyone NO only herself.

It was HER ‘lack of leadership’ in persuading her colleagues for a more robust Trans Rights policy. But where was her co- leader in all this? Oh I forgot that’s right he has already resigned the leadership to spend more time with his family. So they have gone from a full compliment of leaders to no leadership at all.

What will happen? Well there’s a woman called Womack. Amelia. (Could you get a more Green name than that?) And she is the Deputy Leader. But wait a moment if there are two leaders surely there must be two Deputy Leaders. Seems not.
Will this Womack woman take the reigns of power?

I’ve just googled their constitution and it says there has to be two leaders one from both genders. And the same with the deputy leaders one from each gender. But I can only see one Deputy Leader. And she’s a woman. This Womack woman. But then it occurs to me she is not a man. Maybe she’s (he’s) a tranny and can bestride like a colossus this political gap.

Anyway, come to think if Sian is all for trans rights and presumably doesn’t recognise the traditional divide between male and female she is supporting a transphobic agenda isn’t she?

As I say I have just googled their constituion. And it truns out that the leader or the co- leaders the deputy leader or the deputy leaders have to be re-elected every two years. That aint very long. That’s the reason I thought why we keep hearing of the leadership of the Greens. Or the lack of leadership.

Yes, that’s it Sian. You have shown a ‘lack of leadership’ in your own words. But there is a ‘lack of leadership’ in your very constitution. I mean a lack of time. If the leadership of the party is up for relection after only two years there is not enough time for the leader or leaders to establish himself/herself. Or themselves.

Nominated by – Miles Plastic

Links helpfully provided by – Jack Nastyface

Berry Resigns

Berry quits over trans rights

53 thoughts on “The Leaderless Green Party (2)

  1. They can be as amusingly flatulently wacky as they want.
    But not on my taxpayers money and nowhere near scissors.

  2. No need for the Green Party anymore, we’ve already got a Marxist, hard left, kaffirloving, badger hugging government ruling over us!, don’t need anymore of the cunts!!!!

  3. Fucking knobheads. Never mind trannie nut jobs get on with saving the planet you cunts! You said yourselves there’s only 9 years left and here you are arguing about dirty fucked up degenerates. What’s wrong with the treehuggers these days?
    You know I read that Guardian article and I thought……does anybody read this shite and actually give a flying fuck?
    Wokies eh? What a bunch of stupid cunts.

  4. A deputy leader from each gender? Surely that is an infinite number of deputy leaders?

  5. 2 leaders? One from both genders? Thats not very progressive is it. I was under the impression there were at least 100 genders these days, so thats at least 200 leaders needed. Genderist cunts.

  6. They had credibility when they were encouraging people to plant trees, recycle, do conservation work, etc.etc.
    Now that they’re a quasi Marxist outfit with a love for communists, degenerates and peaceful filth, to name but a few of their undesirable traits. They are firmly in the enemy camp.
    They’re big in Brighton.
    The depraved cunts.
    Get To Fuck.

    • I make you right Jack. It’s a long way from Prince Charlie talking to plants and lamenting the loss of dry stone walls to this bunch of tattooed, green haired layabout fucking commie bastards. Labour, Lib Dumbs, Greens, SNP all the same wokie lefty cunts.

  7. What a bunch of hopeless fuck-nuggets!

    And why do the leaders and deputy leaders have to be of different genders? What about trans? Homophobes!! And what does transsexualism have to do with the Greens anyway?

    Bunch of time wasting ass-wipes.

    • If you care about ‘diversity’ surely survival of the species comes first.

  8. Id vote for any party that doesnt go along with blue/green, red/ green bollocks and who will stop, by force, the invasion of England.

  9. Ever since the Greens stopped being The Ecology Party, which at least tried to base itself on science, and became the new Labour party for non-industrialists not still fighting the General Strike (unlike Richard Burgon Steptoe and Clive Lewis), the Greens have gone for joint leaderships with one man and one wimminz, though |I suppose in these woke days , two lezzas would do.

  10. Will this Womack woman take the reigns of power?

    Pre-empting Prodnose… to make this question mean anything, it’s ‘reins,’ not ‘reigns’
    An increasingly common error, and I am sorry to see you subscribe to it, Miles. Book an hour at your local riding stable to hammer the message home, please.

    • Your determination to pique my interest with this “Prodnose” leitmotiv seems more than a little curious, Komodo. Quite a volte-face from your eminently sensible avowal to eschew mentioning Turkey a while back.

      Are you just very bored or is it something deeper?

      HTML italic code doesn’t work here. So I fixed it. – DA

      • Çok teșsekuler, efendim!

        The fault all mine: I failed to “switch off” the end tag after the French. Like you do.

        Could you stop switching names? We all know who you are and I means I have to click a button. I’m getting tired of clicking that button. – DA

      • To paraphrase Dr Johnson,

        When a moderator is tired with clicking that button, he is tired with life.

        1000 pardons

  11. The so-called Conservative party have usurped all rival parties and turned into a “Tories-R-Us” pick ‘n’ mix

    They’ve gone socialist/marxist in order to garner support from Woke Labour; and now with the help of Princess NutNut, have scooped up the whacky ideas from the Greens and LibDumbs. Therefore making the Green Party totally redundant, and thus there ever desperate attempts to move out of their Green agenda and snuggle up to good old Identity Politics and the BLM

  12. The Greens are no longer of any relevance, Boris has out greened them and the Labour Party….. the fucking blonde haired twat!!


    Maybe they should rebrand as the Rainbow party and have a non binary leader so they don’t upset the weird cunts 😂

    Trans rights, what a load of baloney!

  13. Meanwhile ….. up here, North of the border, Krankies SNP are stringing Patrick Harvie’s Green Party along for some collaberation, so that she can get a majority in the Scottish Parliament.
    Undoubtly she will promise him the earth so she can get his approval of yet another ‘once in a lifetime’ independance referendum at any cost ….It’ll be back to the horse and cart up here, and no more smelly oil rigs … Wait a minute, doesn’t she need the oil revenue to support her claims for Scotland being financially self sufficient …
    I can’t even start to think of the Green’s demands if they get a sniff of power. Cunts.

    • ‘independence’ … Fuck me, I should know how to spell it by now, it’s in the newspapers up here every fucking day ….

      • I’ll leave it to Prodnose to correct your spelling of collaboration…

        Anyone seen CS?

      • Never mind CS, RTC, and even less Komodo’s ineffective¹ and slightly off-the-beam “bait”; it looks like ROFL Coconuts has popped by with his magic tickies. Cracking stuff!

        ¹ ineffective, as I hadn’t noticed until RTC’s “CS” at 2:57pm automatically gave me the heads-up. I had missed the “Prodnose bait” the first time round altogether as I’ve been rather busy lately ironing my socks – and also haven’t been reading the comments/noms that closely for quite a while!

        Having now checked, I should however point out that your mistake ibid was not an error of syntax (as you state) but a grammatical mistake. [In German that can be conveyed either with the Subjunctive mood or the modal verb „sollen“ =”to be (supposed) to”. This is purest grammar, not syntax.] I suppose “syntax” sounds more erudite than “grammar” – or was that part of the “bait” also?

        What a tit(ter)!

        They’ve been posting off and on here for months. Unless you have evidence, don’t make false allegations. We’ll be more than happy to ban CFC again. – DA

      • Nah, I’ll stick with syntax . My Wikipedia’s the same as yours…. Anyway, who said you were Prodnose? Hubris.

        “Central concerns of syntax include word order, agreement, the nature of crosslinguistic variation, and the relationship between form and meaning. There are numerous approaches to syntax which differ in their central assumptions and goals.”(Wikipedia)

      • Wikipedia would not be my reference of choice for many things, although your wiki-quote is spot on about word order.

        For further erudition, as you genuinely seem to be struggling with the distinction between grammar and syntax, have a look at this:

        The (minor) error in your EU nom was most assuredly not one of syntax by any yardstick. It was incorrect grammar. As said above, in German you would use either subjunctive mood (more elegant) or a modal verb („sollen“ bzw.¹ „müssen“) to convey the idea of “to be supposed to” / “to be obliged to”, respectively.

        In English, the subjunctive mood is (usually) invisible, so the use of an auxiliary modal verb is preferable – as you correctly pointed out. This is all purely grammar and nothing whatever to do with syntax. (Fowler is pretty clear on this matter too, for a change.)

        Assuming this is not also purely a wind-up, I’d suggest looking at stackexchange. It is quite a useful resource for many things, and far better than wiki.

        Regarding your accusation of “hubris”: are you seriously trying to suggest that “Prodnose” does not refer to me/CS? You’ve implicitly stated as much in this thread by referring to it as “bait”. Whom were you trying to bait if not CS, I wonder – your neighbour?

        I’m beginning to think it is “something deeper” rather than just plain boredom that spurs you on with such récherché activity. But next time you want to attract my attention, just say “CS”. No guarantees though; I may be busy folding my underwear.

        ¹ beziehungsweise

      • To DA

        They’ve been posting off and on here for months. Unless you have evidence, don’t make false allegations.

        I did say “it looks like ROFL…”. Hardly going to evoke a furore accusing TBRILW of an evanescent presence?

        Certainly that time around 6 months ago when I was doing my Reichsmarschall thing with the morphia (when Best Revenge “upticked” some snidey rejoinder to me 53 times at 3am) there was no room for doubt who was responsible.

        I suspect he is not alone in this pursuit – other than in the absolutely literal sense of his abundantly plain and desperate solitude.

        Only clowns fake upticking as a 5 year old could do it. Believe me, if CFC is back anytime soon he will be banned again. You? well consider it a probation based on your good behaviour unless you know, the rules. – DA

    • No, I don’t think clowns could quite achieve what he did, unless they were modestly computer-literate clowns; the repolling of the site was clearly more sophisticated than your average Billie Smarts employee could manage.

      On that occasion I cited at 3am 6months ago, the 53 tickies were produced in perhaps one minute or less. To be absolutely clear: this, together with other evidence, strongly suggested/suggests to me a level of automation in repolling the site of the type used in DDoS attacks.

      Not difficult to achieve, admittedly. Many years ago, and wholly innocuously, I similarly automatically polled the websites of Ladbrokes, William Hills, Coral, Paddy Power (etc) to obtain the addresses and postcodes of all UK betting shops. (This was then encoded into a sat-nav to assist a friend who was making quite a lot of money playing FOBT roulette machines.)

      Extracting the very large amount of info by repeatedly polling the bookmakers’ websites took about an hour, although the JavaScript coding to do so took me quite a lot longer!

  14. The Greens are a load of lefty cockwombles. There are only two sexes, not 100 genders. If you put a flower pot on your head and call yourself a walrus that is not a new gender, you are just mad and need some electro shock treatment.
    Get it into your head there are two sexes and this also consists of same sex attack people called homosexuals or bi-sexuals.
    If you describe yourself as trans then that only describes your walldrobe.
    Get to fuck!

  15. A load of mental bastards who should be shot, without a trial.
    But at least they’re not as bad as the natural law party. They really are fucked in the head.

  16. Perhaps Amelia should rope a family member into the leadership shortlist – the Sun headline would be Womack and Womack Lead the Greens.

    The Greens have a history of abjectly hopeless leaders in recent years:

    Nitterly Binnit – the long lost Kiwi sis of Diane Abbott, who had a similar grasp on finances and figures.

    Caroline Lucarse – mad as a box of frogs on ampehtamines.

    Jonathan Bartley – simply a nonentity.

    Sian Berry – showed potential as moderate eye candy but as much use as a cock-flavoured lolly.

  17. Sound cunting, not just of the individuals, but the moronic fuckwits who vote for them

  18. I clearly remember the paper headline when she resigned

    A Particularly useless irrelevant Cunt leaves a particularly useless and irrelevant party ………

    Strangely I never bothered to read the story but I’m sure it must have been about her…..😂

  19. Maybe spud faced scraped Earwig impersonator Carryline Lukewarm-Arse can take the Leadership…and Deputy…and Chairperson of the executive commitee…car park attendant..cheif cook & bottlewasher… as well as her ‘job’ as sole green party MP.
    I personally think we don’t see/hear enough from the virtue signalling, patronising, useless streak of stale piss.

  20. Can’t stand that patronising Lucas bitch. I would kick her cunt in given the opportunity.

  21. I’d board Layla Moran, I rather like the slightly boss-eyed look. I knew a Spanish bird who was a bit that way. Hot hot hot.

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