Muslim Journalism

The recent EU ruling on employers being able to prohibit wearing of hijab at work immediately receives criticism from 5-Pillars.

The claim being that –
“ … the EU’s legal order has given carte blanche to private businesses to adopt racist hiring practices”. For fucks sake, this ruling was as a result of a case brought by two German women!!

Are they suggesting that the EU are being racist against Germany? The ruling equally applies to any woman wearing the hijab, irrespective of race or ethnicity. Granted, it is taking a swipe at RELIGIOUS practices, but it has been made clear that the ruling applies to ANY religious wear.

The Muslim Association then said –
“ .. this is another example of Muslim women being told what they can and cannot wear”. Try wearing a mini-skirt in Iran or similar cuntries. (not a spelling mistake!)
Fucking hypocrites.

Nominated by – Cassandra

49 thoughts on “Muslim Journalism

  1. Don’t like it?

    Easy. Fuck off to a country that let’s you wear medieval desert wear at work then, you cunts.

    Was once offered work in Saudi. Didn’t go, but there were all kinds of clothing rules for at work/outside work.

    Will these cunts campaign for the rights of non Muslims in Muslim dominated countries? Will they fuck, because they’re tribal as fuck and only care about their own clan.

    Fuck them. Piss off to Shitistan if you want to wear a head to toe sackcloth. But they won’t. Too much free shit.

    This country is finished.

    • I hope that the newspaper in question now urges its readers to go and live in a medieval shithole of their choice.

  2. Imagine going to work in Saudi in a skull cap lol.

    I don’t think you’d even make it to lunch without being beheaded.

    And yet they demand we all bend over for them in our countries, even when we (the people) never fucking asked for them to be here in the first place.

    • Imagine being a poof in 11 muslim countries. Its death or surgery to avoid the rope and chain. Its all Taqiyya .

  3. Fuck me? So much for the libtard’s wonderful EU. What have they got to say about this blatant Islamophobia I wonder?
    Fuck all of course.

  4. Hijabs have fuck all to do with Islam, in fact a Muslim woman can wear whatever the fuck she wants in reality, look at the middle east pre-1979 if you don’t believe me, this backwards shit is just the extreme cunts getting their way!!!

  5. How can the ruling be racist? Islam is a religion, not a race.

    There are over 100,000 white Muslims in this country. Clearly not a lot of cunts in the Muslim Association know that…

    • PS: that slutbitch in the header pic has given me an inappropriately raging horn! Loving the black plastic rimmed glasses too… oh fuck, where are the tissues!

      Special congratulations to RTCP for noticing the joke in the original post. That’s actually a muslim porn star. – DA

      • Morning Ruffers. Her name is Mia Khalifa if you wish to search for more, ahem, of her material on Google.

      • There are some ‘engaging’ videos of her on Xhamster. A friend told me this, of course.

      • Afternoon Paul. Am currently satiated, but will check out her videos after lunch, probably. For a friend, obviously. 😉

      • RTC, seeking to usurp Cuntstable as the most degenerate on this site is not an accolade that you should be pursuing.

      • I thought that was Khalifa. I mean, the Imam from the kebab shop.. oh who am i kidding there are no peaceful types around here to blame.

        She’d get a shot of nut custard in the mouth and her enormous knockers.

  6. Forcing women to wear a black rag in a dessert comes from the mind of a sadist. Mo was definitely a cunt and so are his mug followers.

  7. That bird in the photo needs a good portion from Yours Truly, possibly Freddie’s special pearl necklace. I don’t know why these sorts don’t go for whitey instead of being slaves for these filthy savages.
    Oh yeah…..I remember……they get stoned to death and their heads cut off. That might have something to do with it.

  8. Ban their clothes?
    Fuck that.
    Banish the whole rotten rabble to Iraq.
    Don’t bother mithering us again.
    It could lead to an immediate dose of Oven.
    Now Fuck Off.

    • Exactly. The bitch in the article talks of “celebrations by far right politicians”. ( not those cunts again) No, they, in fact all of us, will be celebrating when these cunts are back in the shitholes they came from.

  9. How would the likes of Eddie Izzard fare in Iran? Presuming he made it through immigration. If they can have they’re rules, why can’t western countries have theirs? Why are they allowed to be offended and we are not? As the lefties are so intent on making the rules, maybe they should visit these medieval fly blown cess pits first before assuming that everyone west of Turkey is a racist bigot.

    • Iran was a fairly accepting country until they overthrew the shah in ‘79. Then it turned into a religious shit hole.

      Who helped with that coup? The west

      • There’s a film called Persepolis that shows a girl growing up in 70s Iran going from being able to listen to iron maiden and freely meet boys to being forced to wear a hijab and all her freedoms being revoked as the regime murder her relatives.

      • Good movie that LB.

        The not so subtle removal of women’s rights in places like post 1979 Iran should be a lesson and a warning to so called western liberals but unfortunately it never is.

      • The CIA were behind the 1953 overthrow of the last democratic leader. They then installed the Shah who was in turn toppled by the religious whackos in 78/79.
        I’ve spoken to many Iranians in the past and found them all decent people. They just live in fear of the regime. What a poison religion is!

      • If Eddie Gizzard went to Iran all dolled up with lipstick on and a pink beret they would either institutionalize him in a asylum or jail him for poof behaviour on arrival I’m guessing

    • Izzard has gone to one or more of these places as an ambassador of some sort but he was careful not to look as he likes to do in the U.K., no make up women’s clothes or pink beret.
      It is hard not to think that he is a hypocrite.

  10. Nothing to see here, just a perfectly normal peaceful response to anything that may have a tiny impact on their peaceful ideology we are victims, we are oppressed.
    Fuck off then simple answer problem solved

  11. I remember that slippery sneering little turd Sadiq Khan on QT many years ago defending peaceful women’s “choice” (yeah righto) to wear a bin bag with eyes cut out in the UK should they wish to and who are we to judge or patronise etc etc.

    Fast forward a year or two and this same sneering little taqiya practicing little rodent is busy bringing about the removal of adverts featuring bikini clad western women.

    • And the odious little parki cunt is, effectively, banning cars from London. How long before it does exactly resemble the land of his father. Donkey carts, rickshaws etc..

    • Same as these German gymnast birds at the Olympics wearing these full length outfits and being applauded by the wokies.
      They are chipping away bit by bit.

      • Well they won’t find a decent chap to marry if they carry on with that caper.
        Perhaps they are Lesbianists ?

  12. My religion dictates that I have to walk around with my cock in my hand all day but I am not allowed to do this.

  13. There’s plenty of fit Arab birds, makes it a shame they have to cover up because the men are more than a bit rapey. Imran Khan said so.
    Alternatively, it’s a shame they aren’t a requirement for a load of women in this country, the ugly fuckers.

    • Quite a number of white slime wimmin here in Cardiff. All ugly land whales. Presumably they couldn’t hook a decent native.

    • JRC@ – My neighbour is a muslim carpenter, called Ahmed Ashed..
      Off now 😀🏃‍♂️

  14. I wish this country would ban it. Nothing sets my teeth on edge more than seeing some stupid servile tart dressed like a ninja from head to foot in black.

  15. Islam should stay in islamic Countries.
    It has brought nothing but murder, mayhem and misery anywhere it has infested.
    This is the simple, proven history backed fact the appeasers will never admit.
    Until they are assimilated or eliminated.
    “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth”.
    Ii is not natural for a species to stand idly by and apologise as it is being eliminated.

    • The left, the woke, the LGBTQYYZ’s, all of these types seem to love the peacefuls for some reason.

      Like an antelope with a crocodile fetish.

      Lessons from history are wasted on these cunts.

  16. I shit in the face of the mother fucking child fiddling religion. And they want to bring in ever more. !!!!

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