The Permanently Offended and Privileged

A little bit odd maybe this cunting because I am going to , in the first instance try for an Anti cunting. Yes that’s right, initially I would like to anti – cunt Ruth Dudley, the author of the article :- link below.

It is in my mind an excellent riposte to the sod all to complain about generation who just can’t stop complaining.

If in your wisdom this is not permissible then I would like to cunt the permanently offended privilege cunts that fill higher education establishments with their idea’s of all that is wrong with the western world, (not that much really) woke, cancel culture cry baby all whites are racist shit for the fucking bullies that they are.

Either way they are cunts. And in my mind Ruth Dudley puts their nonsense in its place. Anti cunt Ruth Dudley.

(We thought long and hard over this, but decided to go with the latter. But thanks anyway – Day Admin)

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt 

51 thoughts on “The Permanently Offended and Privileged

  1. Ruth Dudley Edwards “rocks” and her article is “the biz”. I nominate her for an honorary fellowship of ISAC.

    She is of course saying things that many ISAC contributors have been saying for years. The young are clueless. If they were really concerned about racism they would be directing their rage against China and the many Middle Eastern countries that practice it on a daily basis.

      • You had me going there for a minute, Vern.😉
        I was expecting a milf-esque Diane Sawyer type. Oh well…

      • Norman@ – Not the “well built more mature ginger lady” – the other one with dark hair! 😀👍

      • Vern, I think the lovely dark haired lady is Irish businesswoman and journalist, Maria Steen. Bloody nice though.😍

  2. Well said that man, and well said Ruth Dudley Edwards. The ‘woke’ brigade can go and fuck itself.

    • No they prey on ganging up on people in the hopes they get them fired by companies who are frightened of bad publicity. Companies who ignore millions to bend their knee to an outraged minority who see this happening and think they can do it over and over.

      I can only think of a handful of people who didn’t give a fuck about this sort of attack. Clarkson, Gordon Ramsey, Rowling. They may be rich cunts but they give no fucks about the Twitter mob.

  3. The permanently offended should go away and ‘educate’ themselves, if you are offended then you need to check your ‘offence privilege’

    Are you actually impacted by what you have seen/heard
    Are you offended because you think someone else may be offended.
    Are you offended because the subject has been publicised and you think you should be offended.
    Are you offended because of historical context rather that the here and now
    Are you offended because you feel that to not be offended may be offensive to someone else.
    Are you genuinely offended, really, really offended, actually probably not.

    You are in fact just a cunt!

  4. To say I am permanently offended by all this fuckwokery would be a vast understatement!

    Guten morgen.

  5. They are a rabble.
    However in order to fall prey to their idiotic drivel you need to occupy the same digital playground.
    Stop away from those and they are just something to read about on this fine site.
    Rather regrettably it appears many youngsters have no idea that participation is voluntary and they should be free to make their own minds up.
    Switch phone off and read a book.

    But make sure to tell the Woke Stasi to Get Fucked as well.

    • Problem with today’s young uns the quest to be different, this is achieved by joining mass protests getting things pierced having “tats and looking speaking and acting like the majority of cunts their age. Viva la difference. Nothing really changes mores the pity

  6. How to suceed in being Woke;

    Perfect your open-mouth ‘permanently offended’ look.

    Lift your hands, open your eyes wide-‘HOW DARE YOU!

    Put your head in your hands and say ‘I am appalled ‘over and over again.

    Remember to keep shaking your head.

  7. Perhaps we could just feed the permanently offended to the starving of the world?
    Might be some namby pampy types complaining about it, but they just need to shut up for the sake of community harmony..

  8. I am offended by the 1% of the world who think the twisted drivel they spout and support is “normal”.
    Sorry kids – it ain’t.

  9. The media and permanently offended went nuts over the holy trinity missing those penalties (and spoiling their giant wokegasm party) and then getting racially abused.

    Went on an all out witch hunt, which included the police publicly boasting in the national and international media about arresting a 13 year old lad, for a misguided social media post. Was that really necessary? A bit of a chat would suffice surely, not fucking up a kid like that. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t carry a lot of resentment over the over the top treatment too. People on social media were calling for him to be executed. That’s fine though.

    Then, it was revealed that almost all of the abuse they’d received came from brown people in the middle East.

    Why then, did the media witch hunt suddenly stop?

    Answers on a postcard please to:

    All quiet about it now, eh Towers
    Only matters if whitey does it contest
    Owen Jones’s Gaping Ringpiece
    Cunt Road

      • The MSM and social media mongs are funny cunts…

        They are still upset about about Winston Churchill and in 2021 call him ‘racist’, even though he saved us all from Hitler and he died many years ago.

        Yet, they don’t see Gareth Wokegate as ‘racist’ for costing us a final and a trophy, by not allowing better and more experienced white players to take penalties in England’s biggest game since 1966, and for selecting three useless idiots. Simply because they had the ‘right’ woke skin colour.

        Funny, that….😉

    • That’s what the British police have sunk to? Actually bragging about ‘arresting’ a 13 year old kid for a Tweet?! While they also turn a blind eye to peaceful bombers and rapists? They are not fit for purpose.

      • Calls for a 13 year old lad to be executed for a social media gaffe? So, he won’t be getting the protection, luxury and star treatment offered up to those scum, Venables and Thompson or Maxine Carr then?

        This country is shit. It disgusts me at times.

  10. I only employ white men over forty so I don’t have to deal in real life with the cunts. Wait till inflation kicks in. That’ll give them something to moan about

  11. I’d send the woke cunts to Sentinel Island on an ‘enrichment outreach trip.’ They can see, first hand, how the dark key lives and treats others when no honky has had his evil influence on them.

    Now that, really will be a fucking ‘education’ for these cunts.

  12. What fun it is to pretend to be all wokey and progressive at, say, a barbeque, to ascertain who’s of a similar bent. Then, once they’re unmasked, you can proceed to unleash your traditional values and conservatism, spouting “hatred” (in the form of common sense) for a couple of hours, whilst getting more drunk. This splendid fun might culminate in a lady going running into the house in tears after you might’ve been overheard calling Lewis Hamilton a “hypocritial part-dark1e cunt” and pointing out that, for denying half his DNA, his entirely white mother should box his ears until they were as fat as his father’s lips.
    This definitely 𝘥𝘪𝘥 𝘯𝘰𝘵 happen, honest guv.

    • I wonder, did Lewis Hamilton’s dad hang about for his childhood, or did he magically disappear, just like Saint Eldridge Rashford’s old man did, and like so many of ‘them’ do?

      I am surprised Rashcunt senior hasn’t surfaced yet, for a tabloid pay day and a tell his life story deal for cash and chiggun.

      Unless he’s in jail, of course…😉

  13. You can’t really blame these dumb kids. They live in a media saturated world instantly accessible 24/7. Saying “go read a book” is pointless……have you been in a public library recently? It’s full of computers and DVDs, the books belong back in the 70s untouched by anybody under 50. The wokies have control of the media and the education system, the source of all ideas just like the Church hundreds of years ago.
    What’s the answer? I wish I fucking knew but it ain’t looking good and that’s for sure.

    • “What’s the answer? I wish I fucking knew”


    • I got into a bit of a row the other day talking to a dozy mare at my work – in her early 30’s I would say – because we are being subjected to yet more diversity training at a time when half the staff are absent due to the marvellous NHS app. I said that anyone who supported BLM was in favour of defunding the police and closing prisons, and she said -is that right though? with the head on one side like these patronising cunts always do. I said it was right, it’s not as if they have been quiet about that. I then said all this forced diversity crap is getting peoples’ backs up and assumes people have a problem in the first place. I said the trouble is, you are not old enough to remember the National Front like I am, I went to a big comprehensive in the middle of a council estate and the NF used to hang about outside the school trying to recruit people, and I can see all that happening again, the stupid cunt just flounced off in the end like they always do.

  14. Hi DA. No problem like this woman said in her article what many here have been saying for some time , just with more eloquently. Thought folks my like to read it.

  15. I like to use the public access computer at the library and leave the last search showing, ‘how to remove semen from a computer keyboard’….

  16. Thing is, it isn’t kids who are always offended. The most ‘outraged’ and ‘offended’ are usually well past their early 20s. Usually Guardian reading hipster cunts who rot their brains eating tofu and vegan cheese. Also, the most easily offended are white middle class adults who are old enough to know better. The sort of shitheads that go to ‘Glasto’, have holes in their trousers, wear Chicken Floyd George and Che T-Shirts and listen to Mumford and Cunts. They are also easy to spot. Male cunts that look like Moby (crappy 90s superstar DJ twat), and female cunts: some monstrous looking tart with luminous coloured hair, Janet Street Porter specs, Hogwarts T-Shirt and piercings. Oh, and they think Jodie Whittakunt is the ‘definitive’ Doctor Who and while they are offended about everything else, they love and revel in the bloodshed and peedotastic Game of Thrones.

    That about sums these cunts up, I would say….

  17. I have a technical question for Admins along the same lines which I’ve asked before but never got an answer (the cunts!)
    Q- Is it possible to “un-cunt” someone who’s been previously designated a cunt and has such a thing ever happened? Or is it a case of once a cunt always a cunt, no redemption, no way back, a cunt they remain?

    Interesting question and one we’ll have to think about. – DA

    • Well, in the late 80s, I thought Phil Collins was a cunt. But my attitude towards him has mellowed in recent years. After all, he called the Gallagher Brothers a pair of horrible cunts and Oasis shite (true), and he also recently referred to a patronising and smug Paul McCartney as a ‘cunt’ and ‘a fucking fuck’. So, nice one, Phil.

      Oh, and ‘Mama’ was a top record.

      • Neil Oliver was nominated a few years back, yet now he’s just about the only person in the People’s Republic of Jockland who dares to speak up against the bullshit.
        Definitely deserves uncunting…

    • Perhaps it is time for us (with all due deference to Admin) to set out some formal criteria for the designation of ‘cunt’. Which qualities are essential (naked greed, ambition, corruption, incompetence, attention-seeking, whining, the normalisation of the obscene) and which merely supplementary?

      This might be worthwhile as a timesaver for Admin, when considering nominations.
      A comment such as “Not A Cunt – being a pushbiker is on its own insufficient grounds for cunting” (eg) appended to the nomination for 24 hours before binning it would be helpful, i think.

  18. The further a person drifts from reality the more the truth will offend them.

  19. Guardian columnists get very ratty when they see people writing articles like this, and are liable to label them ‘cunts’ or ‘pricks’ in print, baring the true nastiness of the middle-class radical leftist.

    It doesnt take a lot these days.

  20. De-Cunting is a good idea.
    If by 20 if your not a Socialist you have no heart, if by 40 your not a Conservative you have no brains.

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