Emmanuel Macron (10) – Covid Assport

Emmanuel Macaroon, aka Budget Blair, aka Poundland Napoleon, deserves a cunting.

This odious little shitweasel has announced that from early August all French people will be required to have ‘Covid passes’ in order to use public transport, go shopping or do practically anything else.

Yes, fuck medical freedom and the right to choose – if you want to live a normal life and do even the most basic of activities in France now you need to have the brand new, experimental drug or else.

If one needed any more evidence that France was going down the shitter, this is it.

Macron Declares Covid Pass Warning to France

Nominated by: General Tso’s Chiggun

90 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron (10) – Covid Assport

  1. He is a cunt but very generous. He keeps sending us new peacefuls to look after. Lovely man.

  2. Macron is another little shortarse like London’s Sadiq Khan – short on talent and intelligent, but big on arrogance. Two little men – in every sense of the word.

  3. Yeah, the granny shagger ain’t that dumb……he dumps his Islamic shite on us and we bung him millions for the privelege.
    The more he sends the more we pay him. Somebody’s fucking up somewhere and it don’t look like this cunt to me.

  4. A definite NO to Covid passes.

    Experimental drug… yawn.

    Update on WP filter – After a discussion heinz and gristle will be removed soon. Rest have various reasons for staying in place. Usually related to past issues. Thanks – DA

    • Considering it still isn’t technically out of trials I don’t think that is an unfair description .And you’re certainly not going to convince me otherwise by pulling the whole ‘condescending twat’ routine again.

      Rules etc – DA

      • Still playing the ‘thin skinned twat’ role, I see. 😂👍

        Again rules etc. Goes both ways. – DA

      • Right, on that basis we can dismiss all information about absolutely everything. Unless it fits a narrative we follow. Dismissing all information within what is deemed ‘the mainstream’ does not make you (not you personally, a general ‘you’) a sceptic, it makes you ignorant. The BBC lie (by ommision, mostly), for example, but not every time.

        I don’t believe everything I read either, not by a long fucking stretch, but on balance, I believe most of that link, I have to say. Certainly over some nutter on Bitchute/YouTube (not saying you do btw) telling me it’s not a vaccine but population control (a death injection). With no evidence whatsoever to back these mental claims up.

        Personally, I think we should be celebrating honky scientists’ great achievement in producing a life saving bunch of vaccines in record time, due to a global emergency. The numbers speak for themselves with the western vaccines. They work extremely well.

        I don’t think this is some kind of sinister plot. Makes no sense to me to even think that (again, not saying you do, but I hear a lot of mentals claiming this though…and I’m done with that argument, to be honest).

        Anyway, that’s the last I’m saying on this, unless there is tangible evidence that the vaccines do not help, or that this is some Davos plot to get rid of 5 billion of us.

      • I was just shit stirring CB

        You make very good points and to be fair, you could be bang on the money mate.
        I’ve never been or considered myself a conspiracy theorist in my life but the last couple of years with covid and Biden for example have made me question reality more than at any other time in my life.
        Maybe it’s my age or maybe I’m losing the plot, who knows, but I am convinced (in my newly found and possibly conspiratorial mind) that this world is well and truly fucked up and seems to be getting worse.

        Like most cunters on this fantastic site, you are usually someone I more often than not agree with (especially on football or wokeball as it is probably due to be renamed) but the covid narrative and resulting fallout has certainly poked the bear and genuinely divided opinion on here.

      • No worries HJ. Not may posts of yours I disagree with too.

        We can’t all agree on absolutely everything. World would be a boring place if we all did.

      • Apologies Admin, I’m just trying to highlight to Ruff that the way he chooses to speak to people can often detract from the at times very valid points that he makes.

      • Better than being a self-righteous wannabe intellectual type RTC. 🙂

    • Thanks DA. The mind boggles as to why jüdgemént and excéedîngly would remain trigger words.

      I think 95% of them relate to old trolls/spam accounts. Spam doesn’t tend to get posted on new articles they bombard ones from years ago with stuff we can see. – DA

      • @DA:

        Right. Craig Murray had to close new posts on my Blair Miles (=An Apology) thread for that very reason. Might you consider simply drawing a line under very old threads – they’d still be available for view of course?

    • I’m genuinely interested to know why you don’t define it as experimental, given they are still in the trial phase until 2023 and approved only under emergency circumstances, and using a technology that hasn’t really been field tested in the case of the mRNA ones.

      Now, ‘fact checkers’ say they passed clinical trials, but that’s an obfuscation of the truth. They have trialled for short term, but have not completed long term testing.

      That, in my mind, means they are stilll experimental – if they failed long term testing they would not go to market, hence the need to experiment first on test subjects.

      • Still trying to resolve the oxymoronic Reuters & Factcheckers in the same sentence …laugh I thought they’d never dry!

      • It links to numerous sources, it is not just an opinion piece (whch is why I found the information within it hard to just dismiss). Please tell me which source(s) are invalid within it. Then you can let me know which ones to trust.

    • They aren’t actually drugs, experimental or not.

      So your yawn is indeed justified RTC 😂

    • I’m generally open to evidence on the matter Cunty. Reason I say the vaccines are experimental is simply because they’re technically still in the trial stage and nothing in the way of long term testing has really been done. Of course though, it’s open to interpretation.

      • What would you like ‘long term’ to mean? They’ve been going since November last, as I recall, and the results so far indicate that they’re doing exactly what was intended.

      • Well, as far as I know the longer term effects of vaccines (say, over a period of at least a few years) and how they affect people further down the line are usually studied as well. Obviously that hasn’t really been possible on this occasion but that’s the sort of thing I’m on about when I use terminology like ‘experimental.’

  5. I hope old ‘Macroni Cheese’ hasn’t given his Mrs Covid. Surely he must know OAPs are high risk, so a shag is out of the question. Then again though, he is French…😉

    • Norman@ – I believe the mummification process has made Madame Macron immune.

    • Probably, as Duckie Dommie Grieve lives in France he pops over to be Mini-Macron’s bitch and power bottom every week. Ooh la, laa.

  6. Little Napoleon rolling back on vaxports after continued rioting.
    Pretty much zero MSM coverage.

  7. All about controlling the masses ……all for our own good of course. The elites know best but the rules don’t apply to them. I seem to remember the granny shagger down in Cornwall, hobknobbing with the Jellyfish and Uncle Joe, not a face mask or social distancing in sight. Wasn’t Hancock down there shagging that bird in some hotel as I remember? Cunts.
    I note they are going to ban the consumption of alcohol on beaches. What the fuck has that got to do with the Chinky Plague?

    • And let us not forger the 50,000 odd UEFA officials, sponsors, VIPs and other assorted cunts from abroad being allowed to enter England without bothering with little things such as jabs, PCR testing, covid passport and10 day self isolation. But were all allowed to attend the Euro2020 semi-finals and finals under BlowJob’s watch!

    • Drinking on beaches upsets the w**s jumping out of their dinghies. We all know their welfare (including feelings, sexual proclivities, desires etc) is paramount.

      Someone tried and failed to get around the WP filter – DA

      • I didn’t even really try, I just couldn’t be bothered to think of an alternative.

  8. Vax doesn’t stop you getting or transmitting. That fact alone renders the passport idea completely irrelevant.

    This is about control, nothing else.

    It has to be resisted, with force if necessary, because it will rapidly morph into the same totalitarian technocratic bullshit that China uses to subjugate its citizens.

    • You are quite right Chunky, the ‘pass’ is bollocks.

      But the evidence is that the vaccine does reduce risk of infection and transmission so if you are looking to reduce risk further by eliminating anyone unvaccinated then you could argue it is justified in certain situations (Care homes for example)

  9. Violation of Nuremberg laws. This is coercion and illegal. Europeans never have understood freedom or democracy. The cunts have a history of nazism,fascism, communism and dictatorships. Democracy is pretty much the preserve of the English speaking world.
    I’m not surprised by this little cunts swineish odious behaviour. We should be in for some entertaining tv watching the French riot.

  10. Apparently they’ve now produced a vaccine specifically for the Indian variant called the Punjab….

  11. His mum substitute/wife probably organised all this and threatened to apply the male chastity belt if he refused.

    “Mon dieu, je ne voudrais pas mon babie carrote et petites pois dans ze clamp encore!”

  12. Do the French have to have covid passports as they invade southern England in smaller boats than Dunkirk.

    • Very cynical. These poor souls have crossed 1000s of miles, paid 1000s of Euros to escape war torn France.
      Fuck me, if even the dregs of the planet wont live there who will? Apart from a few smug remoaning cunts who have places in the Dordogne of course.

      • They should all be treated as French citizens without documentation. Its not hard. The tory party is never going to do anything.

      • God you’ve just reminded me how much I hate that fucker Dick Strawbridge and his ice cream headed munter in their escapist shateau. I hope we can squeeze some 88mmm field artillery pieces into the hold of The Black Pig come the day.

    • Sleepy Biden: Come on maan, let me in.
      G7 security: Where’s your passport?
      Sleepy Biden: I showed it when I arrived here in…erm… when I got off the… erm…the metal flying thing…
      G7 security: Name?
      Sleepy Biden: …uhh, well I…
      G7 security: Sir, do you know where you are?
      Sleepy Biden: Huh?
      G7 security: What year is it?
      Sleepy Biden: ….uhhh….
      G7 security: Who’s the President?
      Sleepy Biden: Ah, I know this one! Some darkie bitch with a horrible voice and an annoying laugh.

  13. Nothing like our tough, decisive PM who was clear about not introducing a vaccine passport if you wanted to go anywhere or do anything. Unless, of course, you wanted to go anywhere or do anything.

  14. Before I went for the jab I was told that I might experience some pain in my arm around the injection site but I was given two jabs, both in the upper leg and now my Pfizer hurting….

  15. His gendarmes are going to have their hands full I’ll say that.
    Juggling baguettes with petrol bombs.

    • I’d like to see an angry mob put him in a trebuchet and launch him out to sea.

      • With any luck he’ll slam straight into the cliffs of dover and leave a garlic shaped wile coyote hole in it. The smelly cunt.

  16. Although I don’t agree with the Covid pass or whatever they want to call it, giving the French people a kick up the arse is no bad thing. The UK uptake has been pretty good up to now unlike the French, Boris must be relieved that we are 88% it’s dose and 70% second, I doubt the government could have ever believed it could go so well.

    • That’s maybe because the white British public are fucking stupid.

      Good on the French citizens for all not queuing up for an injection they don’t want and don’t wish to be intimidated into taking either.

      If only enough young and healthy people in the UK had said no then these callous bastards who are in charge wouldn’t be able to bribe, intimidate and threaten the entire population with this.

      It’s totally fucking wrong in every way.
      Take as many injections as you want but leave the rest of the population alone to choose for themselves.

      • You could also say the great British public have got it right, you may not trust the government but I do have trust in the regulators.
        All the negativity appears to based on how quickly the vaccine was produced, this is based on nothing more than speculation whereas the processes in making the vaccine and the trials have been thorough scrutinised by people who actually know what they are doing.
        Perhaps it is the French public who are the stupid ones.

      • @Sick of It.

        I usually agree with most of your posts (except the covid stuff) and if you think this has all happened by chance then that’s your opinion mate which you’re fully entitled to.

        However to go from a virus to mandatory vaccines and health passports within 18 months is enough for me to smell a huge fucking rat.

        It is tyranny through the backdoor based on a highly dubious health crisis and it should quite rightly be resisted and fair play to the frogs on this.
        Problem is that far too many members of the UK population are far too caught up in Love Island to bother to think critically while society is torn to shreds around them.

      • I take your point Herman and I agree it is personal choice on the vaccine, it is something we have never experienced before so I can understand why people are worried. The government can’t put out the message ‘there is a vaccine available, take it or leave it’, I wouldn’t work so they have to encourage in any way they can.
        I don’t know what message the Frog government originally put out but we have seen the French in action before, big stick, big riots, big water cannons.

        I think ISAC contributors will always be split on this subject, it is always healthy to have a degree of mistrust of a government and its policies and I am not swayed by Boris or Hancock (RIP) but I do have respect for the science and regulators.

        I have had the vaccine but unless the government or NHS send me an unsolicited certificate in the post I won’t be applying for one, not a chance. I don’t have the App, never had a test, my only interaction with the system was making the appointment for the two jabs.

        PS, never seen Love Island 😉

  17. On related news, 145 million of our taxpayers money has been ringfenced in a scheme to hand £100 each to high street shoppers.
    But only “vaccinated” ones – Health Minister Robin Swann states he would consider supporting linking the high street voucher scheme to people being fully “vaccinated”.
    Why would they need to bribe one section of society to take an experimental chemical soup and illegally discriminate against another section of society which does not want to risk it?
    The UK is more like 1930’s Germany every day.

    • £100? There are a lot of stupid cunts who would get double vakzined for nothing! Ha, ha, ha.

  18. I am a Jehovah’s Witness and have religious objections to the jab. I am protected under Article 9 of the Human Rights Act so what the fuck are they going to do about that? I’m going round to Downing Street on Sunday morning and stick a copy of The Watchtower up the cunt’s arse.

    • Lol, no one expects the watchtower.

      I used to play table tennis with a bloke who left the Jehovah mob, he was hounded by the clan, in the end he had to resort to physical violence to confirm his resignation 😂

      • Jehovah witness Mafia Just when you think its over but Its never over until its Jehovah…

        Fucking odious little stuck up cunts I tell ya sick the hounds on them

  19. Macron elected (probably illegally) as a “political outsider” 😂😂😂
    Yeah of course he is.

    I did find it highly amusing to see a guillotine wheeled out at the recent French protests with Macron’s name on the chopping blade.

    Any politician anywhere in the world in favour of enforcing vaccine passports on the population fully deserves the guillotine in my opinion.
    And drawn and quartering as well.

    Vaccine passports is a fucking egregious idea and needs consigning to the rubbish bin of terrible ill thought out plans.

  20. I asked the nurse administering the jab ,”Will I be able to pay the piano if I get this?” She said, ” Why yes of course!” I said ,”Good! I’ve always wanted to play the piano.”

  21. The EU have been h0rny for a vaccine passport before the pandemic. Here is a quote from the EU website:

    “Among many activities, the Commission is also planning to explore options for the development of a common EU citizens´ vaccination card/passport, funded by the EU Health Programme, to address the challenge of insufficient vaccine coverage caused by cross-border movement of people within the EU. ”
    14th Dec 2018


    The EU say it is all for EU citizens’ benefit. The citizen will no doubt be thrilled by the prospect of the EU

    “Introducing routine checks of vaccination status and regular opportunities to vaccinate across different stages of life, for example in schools and workplaces”


    • What they haven’t mentioned is how they will tell BoJo to fucking pay for it all and he’ll roll over to have his balls tickled.

      • The medical profession has been pushing yearly flu vaccines for years maybe the last 15 or so.(long before covid)
        Mostly to people aged 60 or more.
        My mother is 84 and has refused this every year her doctor has asked. (she will not take the covid jab also)
        It seems to be something that’s wanted
        I do not like the division this will cause with the restrictions it’s inevitably going have on people who just don’t want to take the vaccine .
        Will you be shunned by the vaccines takers
        Will they cast that look as you try and go about your business
        Very dangerous times await and all needlessly so

      • Well I won’t. It’s a personal choice. I think there are some though, that no matter what evidence is presented to them (or indeed what changes are made to the vaccines), will never take them. They’re just being pig headed about it all.

        We have posters here saying it’s pointless taking the vaccines because it’s still possible to catch the virus afterwards. Yes, that happens with many vaccines. The point is (and this is now no longer up for debate!) the numbers tell us that the chances of you catching the virus are reduced massively.

        More importantly, and the real reason for taking a (western) vaccination, the chances of death or serious illness becomes more or less zero.

        I’m getting fucked off quite honestly with posts saying they don’t work and that those taking the jabs are idiots.

        It’s a personal choice, the numbers of vaccinated means we should be opening up. Once this is a global thing (every cunt on the planet who wants the vaccine has had it) then everything (including travel without a ‘vaccine passport’) should be allowed. But I won’t be making those decisions, sorry.

        No cunt dies of covid after both jabs. The cases of those that have are those who would’ve croaked if they’d caught a cold. Or died of other causes, they just had asymptomatic covid at the time.

        I predict 100,000+ cases a day if we get back to normality, but the only cunts dying will be the non vaccinated and those who would’ve died from a common cold or died of something else. The vast majority won’t notice as much as a sniff. I’m not interested in the number of people with covid, I’m interested in the numbers of those who had both jabs and either need hospital treatment or die (and why they died, of course). Early data suggests pretty much no cunt dies of covid after two jabs.

        And you can’t keep locking down too. It will eventually weaken immune systems. A cold virus would probably kill those on Sentinel island as the tribe has no immunity due to isolation.

        So for me, open up asap and let the fuckers take their chances and compare deaths from the flu to covid (for the vaccinated). My guess is many more will die per annum from the flu in 2022 and we’re not shitting our pants about that.

        Sad thing is, some countries will never get over this and are pushing for the impossible (for the foreseeable future at least) dream of ‘zero covid’. Oz seem to be trying for that. At all costs.

        Absolute insanity. Not going to happen.

        It’s here to stay, but we can reduce it to something less dangerous than the common cold in my opinion.

      • Speaking personally, the answer is “no”. It’s none of my business whether cunts are vaccinated or not.

    • “Among many activities…”

      I’d LOVE to know what they get up to in the basement of the Berlaymont Bunker.
      Probably a tunnel direct to Charleroi, the diddling sniffers.

    • I hope I wasn’t been to serious with the division it will create RTC
      If for instance you were running a business and that business requires a valid covid cert for entry, then it becomes your business
      This seems to be happening in small increments in other countries
      This will only increase across the framework , where restrictions can impact your local life .

      • I was speaking personally. In the unlikely event that I was running a business that required by law for people to have a valid Covid cert for entry, I still wouldn’t shun unvaccinated cunts or “cast that look” as they try to go about their business. Why would I? Personally I believe Covid passports are impractical, unworkable and totally unnecessary – unless, like a travel passport, they are required by a foreign country for entry.

      • Just the reply symbol appears on the bottom of a post
        I didn’t notice it on the top
        So for all intents and purposes , that’s what I got wrong
        Good night and to the ship you sail on

  22. I’d like to suggest a Private Eye/Brillo Pad type standing joke involving this miserable, sour-faced little cuck, along the lines of constantly reposting the photo of him posing with a large, gesticulating bleck man. Fucking cunt.

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