Jonathan Pie (2) and the White Working Class

A nomination for satirist/ salty establishment puppet Jonathan Pie.

He fancies himself as a bit of a Chris Morris but has nothing to say that challenges any orthodoxy of anything.

His most recent video is a rant linking the loutishness in London with the racist abuse directed at the three players who failed to score penalties. Since then it has emerged that most of the actual racist abuse was posted by foreign trolls. This didnt stop Pie having a big rant and a sneer at the English working class.

Pie is for the dweebish petot-bourgeios crowd of rootless ‘nowhere men’ and dumb-as-fuck students who clap like seals to David Mitchell’s panel show rantings and watch QI for conversation fodder down the pub.

They think they’re part of an intelligentsia but really just thick little lefty bugmen. The same tiresome sort of weakling who worships the odious Stewart Lee and now irrelevant Charlie Brooker. None of them would last 5 seconds against the football fans they despise, or against their mentally unstable fat girlfriends who are frustrated that they’ve settled for a beta male.

Pie and his bugman chums should remain in the coffee shop where it’s safe and pretend to be feminist allies, the creepy little fuckers.

Priceless Football Rant

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

51 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie (2) and the White Working Class

  1. I was only thinking this morning listening to Radio 4 Extra’s 0800 hrs repeat of a 1959 Goon Show (this one took the piss out of the the current Quatermas series), as the announcement made his customary sermon about “reflecting langauge and attitudes of 60 years ago), who the fuck would want to listen to the “comics” of 2021 in 2081?. You have the oldest undergraduates in the business Punt & Dennis with their never ending Now Show – Trump bad, Biden good, Boris bad, Dame Keir good, Brexit is for the ignorant. You have squealing Australian lesbian “stand-ups” a poor man who has to speak through a speech synsethiser, you have painful right-on “domestic fami-lee comedy etc etc.

    This cunt Pie sounds as if he would fit into the woke world of BBC radio comedy like a pig taking to shit.

    • You’re spot on there. Imagine the current 20 something trying to impress their grandchildren in 60 years time by playing recordings of BBC comedy circa 2020. The kids will thinki ‘ this is shit’.

      • I reckon HIGNFY will still be going, series 180, with Hislop and Paul Merton as automatons and Michael Heseltine with his head a jar still crying about Brexit.

      • In 60 years time there won’t be anything that resembles the UK in 2021. You wont get British channels on TV and anything from when Britain was great will be banned and a distant memory. Just glad I wont be here.

  2. Jonathan Pie is as funny as cancer in a child, is more woke than Gareth Southgate and suffers from terminal TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

    And he’s a massive cunt.

  3. “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that,an’ chuck him out the brute!
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot”

  4. Never heard of the cunt, in recent times my use of any media source is limited to news headlines and the weather.

    I’m 55 years old and I’ve heard enough bullshit to last the rest of my days even if I managed to live another 55 years.

    A couple of years ago I’d of have gone and looked the cunt up and decided if he was a cunt for myself but I probably have 20 years left and I’m not wasting a moment of it on some spunk stain.

    ISAC does the work so I don’t have too.

    • Always us isnt it?
      Always the white working class that get shit on, sneered at,
      Unless they have a war!
      They like us then.
      Never heard of Johnny Pie the little cunt,
      But hes named after my favourite meal,
      The sneering twat should be forced to change it to crossiant or something…

      • Didn’t you know it’s ok to sneer at the working classes now? Because they dared to have an opinion that wasn’t forced on them by the now-moribund unions? Because they wanted to stand up for what they believe in? Because they didn’t vote for Magic Grandpa? The supercilious carping of the metropolitan “socialist” elite is fucking music to my ears. Play on!

      • MNC@ – Yep, canal needs digging? House needs building? Bosch need a thrashing? Why, simply give the working class a shout!
        But don’t invite those racist gammons to the victory soiree at the Ivy – they nay have lice!
        Well they can bollocks when the moonmen invade!
        The opinion of Jonathon Piles interests me as much as the olympics.

  5. Never heard of him either. But he sounds and looks like a cunt of the highest pedigree.

  6. Wimmin comics are never funny. Well Absolutely Fabulous was pretty good but only because they made arses of themselves.
    Put Benny Hill on that should send the lefties into orbit.

    • People whose opinions parrot what the media and twitter want them to think, are suckers for the latest fashionable gadgers and trends, and who live in little flats in cities, work white-collar, insecure jobs in cubicles and vote lib dem.
      They usually start sentences with ‘sssoo’.

  7. I suspect this cunt appeared on my laptop YouTube caper without me asking for it.
    All I remember is a great deal of terrible swearing then Mrs Terry taking the laptop off me and putting it under the stairs for a bit.
    Fuck me dead this fucker needs dragging through a rose garden then a good salt bath.
    Followed by Oven with Trump inauguration playing in background.

  8. Jonathan Pie is a comedy character, like Alan Partridge and Alf Garnett, each gives pleasure to their own “circle Jerks”, to mention this cunt in the same breath as Chris Morris is fucking treason, could you imagine this cunt making anything as sublime as Brasseye!!!

  9. I assume this is comedy, I bet no one is cancelling him unlike Andrew Lawrence who was dropped by his agent and a number venues said they were cancelling his shows for some tweets about the black guys missing penalties, nothing offensive, just close to the bone.

    • Yeah cancelled for telling a joke.
      A joke ffs.

      White men can’t jump – lets make a movie called that.

      Black men can’t take penalties (joke) –
      Lets cancel this person and attempt to ruin his livelihood.

      Woke logic at its finest.

      • What is ridiculous is that comedy venues are cancelling him, after booking him knowing his humour and the audience knowing what to expect.
        It’s almost like they are worried about not showing they are offended even if they aren’t really. 😂

    • Andrew Lawrence hasn’t been cancelled, he’s still doing videos, Dr Gideon Micropenis is my favourite!

  10. No. He’s more complicated and nuanced than that. He has repeatedly attacked wokery. He was rabidly anti-Brexit, but he doesn’t take all his opinions from the same tabloid. I sympathise with him. I have opinions which are absolutely mainstream in ISAC, alongside opinions on entirely separate issues which are very much in the ISAC minority. Pie does not buy the all-in-one package of Left views – I think he can be excused for not buying the Right bundle either.

    This implies an open mind.

    Pie on a woke own-goal:

  11. He’s Ok on some topics, others not.

    I personally don’t find many comedians funny anymore since Brexit.

  12. There are no comedians today, those today that portray themselves as such just spew out politically correct unfunny shite and should be charged with misrepresentation. They are about as funny as a massive kick in the bollocks. Real non pc comedy died at the end of the 80’s, early 90’s.

  13. I see the link in the nom takes us to a site where they want to sell tickets to see Jonathan Pie Live.
    No, I don’t want, but I’ll pay to see him put up against a wall and shot.

  14. I remember a work colleague telling me how funny this bloke was. I then watched a few of his videos.

    About as funny as a burning orphanage.

    Just don’t get the fuss at all.

  15. I cunted him a few years ago when it was 95% Brexit and Trump. Yes, he occassioanslly mithers about somebody on the Left but don’t be gulled; his main targets are Trump and Brexit. Six months after Trump was last in power and five years after we voted to escape the Reich and he’s still alluding to them every now and then.

    The first time you watch it, it’s funny but structurally and subject-wise, he’s a one-trick pony and a champagne socialist, bolshevik bore.

    • Couldn’t agree more Captain.

      I’ve watched quite a lot of his videos over the years on YouTube.

      The first one I seen was a hysterical rant after Trump was elected back in 2016 which I found quite funny.

      I’ve since found him to be nothing more than a repetitive bore who is actually not funny in the least.
      I haven’t watched much of him of late but I’d be interested to know if he’s posted any videos pretending to voice alarm at the semi concious fuckwit who was recently elected to the Whitehouse or is he too busy wiping jizz off himself since Trump has been ousted.
      A truly sneering piece of hypocrisy ridden shit in my opinion.

    • Sorry that was supposed to link to the hammer joke but instead links to Google search.

  16. Never heard of the cunt until now, just a worthless gobshite cunt trying to drum up a bit of popularity by jumping on the latest bandwagon.
    Failed you useless flyspec, footballers will get boo,ed for taking the knee in this country because no one here gives a fuck about St George the junkir criminal and if you miss penalties in the world Cup your going to get a rocket nomatter your colour, the general consensus with St Rashford was if he was practising kicking a ball that the cunt is payed a fortune to do I hasten to add, instead of campaigning for school dinners and other bollocks he may of actually scored a fucking goal.
    Trying to become sports personality of the year is affecting his ball kicking, mind you it can’t be to hard to get, he only has the other arse clown Hamilton as competition….. And he has as much personality as a fucking bag of wet mice….

  17. It’s a shame because he used to be really good. He has become exactly what he has so often criticised.

    • Huh DA? I was on about the decline of Pie’s content over the last couple of years.

      Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll remove it. – DA.

  18. Never heard of this cunt. Looks like his face as been on fire and put out with a coal shovel.

  19. Jonathan Pie is a smug unfunny cunt . I used to watch him on RT NEWS the Kremlin’s Propaganda Channel. He reminds me of a show off child trying to impress anyone that will watch him. Saying fuck as many times as possible within a sentence aint funny.

  20. Some of his stuff is good quality and extremely funny, some not so good.

    Personally, don’t think he warrants a cunting, at times his thoughts and anger mirrored my own, and saved me having to lose it.

  21. One fundamental difference between Chris Morris and this cunt, and that is talent. Or lack of it in the subject’s case.

  22. Imagine being that untalented you just have to rant the latest leftist unfounded unfactual rhetorical drivel ideas with a few swear words and it actually becomes popular.

    And imagine being that easily entertained and brainwashed you subscribe the shit and buy tickets to it.

    I saw somewhere that over 99% of the racist stuff was posted from abroad. Big egg on your face moment for many which was why they had to fervently hunt down the 4 posters from the UK and arrest them. One was an uppity estate agent, the kind of twat that sits and drinks with the likes of pie, not a working class person whatsoever.

    The news were equally biased, covering up the fact that the rashford mural was defaced with the words ‘shit penalty fucking wanker’ by posting images of it covered and making no effort to seperate it from the racial abuse rhetoric so everyone assumed there was racism graffitied on the mural . Thats falsely inflammatory. its irresponsible.

    I hate the fact that these people arent made to look like stupid kneejerk hysterical little tarts. Where was the ‘fact check’ widely published that showed 99% of the posts were from abroad? Will we now endure more take the knee bullshit?

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