Smart Chargers

Smart Chargers (Smart Meters raison d’etre).

Smart Meters have been nominated before but, bad as they are, they are just the thin end of the nasty fat wedge that is climate change bollox.

Luckily, smart meters per se are not mandatory. But, due to a pernicious new piece of legislation, smart chargers will be mandatory if you install a charger for an electric car. These will work with smart meters to only charge an electric car when the grid has excess capacity (let’s hope there’s not a big take up of electric cars then!). Also, they will take charge out of a charged car battery to supplement the grid if necessary (this “benefit” has not been widely publicised by Mr Gummidge, surprisingly).

Imagine, you get home late from a busy day at work and plug your electric car into charge (at peak time because that’s how it works out with your job) because you are relying on it for an important meeting that you are going to leave home early for tomorrow in the small hours to beat the traffic on a 100 mile journey. Jump in your car the next day and it’s got less charge than it started out with as the smart charger has decreed that it’s getting it’s juice back between 5 & 8 am (because, as they said on The Fast Show: “computer says no”).

What a cunt!

It looks like the key to avoiding having your electricity supply throttled is to avoid getting an electric car. I should manage that OK – I shall be hanging onto my smelly old diesel as long as I can find something to put in the tank – maybe JP-1A, there doesn’t seem to be any plan to ban that anytime soon as the Elite’s private jets run on it) 😁

Electric Car New Charging Rules

Nominated by: mikdys

75 thoughts on “Smart Chargers

  1. I just read in today’s Sunday Times that an electric mini costs 26,000 quid!

    Two things particularly bother me about the fanatical zeal for electric cars…
    1/ aren’t batteries full of nasty chemicals and metals mined by child labour in the Congo?
    2/ wouldn’t the weight of the battery make these cars heavier and cause damage to the roads?

    I don’t know if #2 is the case. Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge than I could explain if I’m wrong or not.

    Thought #35…

    • My Volvo estate is 21 years old.
      Electric cars will be in the scrap yard at less than half that.
      “Green” my arse…

      • Thats it, my Jeep is 26 years old. 4.0 petrol will do 300k. If I can stop the salt rotting it away it should last me another 20 years. Thats greener than any electric car cunt.

      • I brought my Toyota Land cruiser HJ60 4.0 diesel 26 years ago.

        It is now 33 years old and doesn’t show any signs of giving up yet at over 300k.

        Sweet as a nut still, burns no oil at all. Probably the body is more patchwork than original, and a few tins of P40 are hiding in there somewhere!

        Fuck this electric cobblers. It won’t worry me as I will be probably dead by 2030.

        If you run a pre-common rail direct injection diesel, used 32 weight hydraulic oil filtered makes an excellent fuel. Bit smoky on start up in winter, but you can thin it down to suit your budget.

      • I am not a particularly avid F1 fan but am bemused by the modern extremely complicated cars. They were introduced to show that F1 cares for the planet (!) and were meant to be more fuel efficient yet they still have a 100kg fuel allowance which is the same as the old cars.
        It was especially amusing to see Verstappen’s car left untouched for the best part of a quarter of an hour after Hamilton sent him off track. Apparently, technicians had to be summoned from Red Bull to ensure that the electrical systems and battery were down and couldn’t kill any of the marshalls.
        I bet the tv companies loved that situation.

    • Correct on both points – longer range electric cars have batteries that weigh almost as much as the car itself (.75 tonne in a Tesla IIRC).

      • You can use cooking oil in deisel engines as long as it is thinned down with a few drops of kerosene.

        Waste oil from the chippy needs to be filtered to get the crispy bit out, but otherwise also fine.

    • Then there is the disposal of the batteries, most which will likely end up fucked prematurely due to the need to continually fast charge avoiding expensive tarrif times they will screw everyone with.

      Remember supermarket plastic carrier bags were a revelation and now after corporate cunts introducing them, we are gonna get penalised for their mistakes.

      These multinational company cunts are mostly responsible for everything thats fucked up by their products. The cunts always shift the blame onto the bad consoomer as they change gears to fuck us all with a substitute product to rectify our bad behaviour always portraying themselves as saviours of humanity through their clever innovation.

      The word that should set any cunts alarm bells is ‘smart’. Nothing smart about any ‘smart’ product. Smart meters to meter your energy will soon be able to limit supply and smart phones currently have the facility to meter your freedom and limit it whenever they send a message telling you.

      Who would have believed a couple of decades ago that in 2020, your mobile phone would have software installed that would tell you that you are infected with a disease and must stay in your house and cut yourself off from the world despite you feeling fit & healthy and displaying no symptoms?

      I heard numerous stories about cunts clown like behaviour on receiving ‘the ping’™ such as cunts running out the supermarket leaving their shopping trolley full of goods to rush home as fast as possible.

      Only dumb people will believe the shit government feed them through a smart device. It’s sheer behavioural science techniques people readily accept having been brainwashed into such a state of fear & vulnerability by them.

      When did the government ever before give two fucks about your health? All of a sudden, they want to save us from a virus manufactured in a laboratory and climate change manufactured by clowns. Both exaggerated to create fear & hysteria driven by media in order people believe government intervention will be our only saviour.

      • In my book, smart means “suffering pain, discomfort.”

        All this stuff re electric cars is a nightmare, as pointed out. Heavy metal batteries, mined by slave labour in the 3rd world, the likelihood of National Grid collapsing, Russia cutting off gas supply and, of course, most of our power stations about due for decommissioning.
        What an enormous pile of wankpuffinery…

      • Yes , when this all turns out to be true we’ll hear politicians cry ‘ Lessons will be learnt’.
        FFS , how many scientists are in Parliament?

  2. When the cunts come for my gas boiler, im getting an oil fired one. The tory green party can stick their pointless and ruinously expensive “carbon neutral” right up their corrupt arses. Cunts

    • You can buy one up to a certain date (not sure when it is – 2030 or summat?). You can’t buy them after then, that’s all, but you can still use your old gas boiler.

      There will be a huge demand for them in the final months before the deadline. Fitters will be charging a fortune too.

      I’d be looking at putting in a top of the range (so it lasts longer) gas boiler/full central heating set up, just before the deadline – but ordering it all a year or two before fitting it. I’ll get two boilers lol.

      Should last until 2060-2070 easy, by which time I’d probably be gone.

      Mind you, some sneaky cunt MP might try taking them out of homes or make you pay a fucking fortune for using one in the build up, so I’d hold back until one or two years before the deadline.

      • They’ll switch the gas off. An oil boiler comes with a tank. The cunts Carnt ban oil.

      • This countdown to 2030 and the end of new gas boiler installations, reminds me of the Millennium Bug back in 1999.

        In 1998 during my time working for an IT company, we told our customers to be aware of the MB come the stroke of midnight on 1st January 2000, and that you’d better get ready for it by making sure your commercial software is date compatible.

        We had next to fuck all in terms of response, with customers burying their heads in the sand thinking we were trying to scam them with our MB Fix Plan.

        But as the MB became big news headlines in 1999, some of those very same customers started panicking and got in touch with us. Of course our savvy bosses had doubled the IT Out Of Hours Support rates by July 1999 and quadrupled them come December.

        And I, along with my IT saddos on 4th line Support, were earning a small fortune during December, and come December 31st/Jan 1st we earnt £2150 each in OOH overtime just for that one night!

        No doubt the same will happen with the run up to 2030 and plumbers, fitters and other boiler-related cunts charging similar small fortunes to cunts who leave it to the very last minute.

  3. A massive fucking con designed to push up leccy prices and fill the pockets of foreign (especially French) energy companies and take the filthy working class off the road. Get yourself one of those electric scooters before the prices start going through the roof…..that’s the personal transportation of the future for trash like us.
    Oh, call me Mr Pedantic but “computer says no” was Little Britain not the Fast Show. I just wanted to be the first clever fucker to point that out. I’m well pleased with myself now.

  4. Sound’s very cuntish to me Mikdy. So can only have a charging point if you have a smart meter, which will only work when spare capacity!

    Truly the fucking idiots are running the show more and more. Good cunting mate.

  5. Fuck smart meters and leccy cars.
    A government that cant do anything about illegal immigration is going to change the face of transportation?
    Good luck with that.
    And a police force that cant attend crime is going to enforce it?
    When they give me a 3 ton bumper car to replace my diesel I’ll think about it.

    On a farmers field yesterday with missus and dog,
    3 traction engines and vintage Landrover there,
    One a restored WW2 with Rolls Royce engine,
    What happens to them in the green Revolution?

    • You can’t run an engine without fuel. Yeah, there will be oil based fuel for all these vintage vehicles but only the rich will be able to afford it. Seeing some old car trundling along the road will almost be like seeing a Spitfire overhead now……a wonder of the past. These cunts intend to put us in our place and they mean business.

      • Thanks for correcting my TV viewing memories 😁

        As for future fuel supplies my theory is that diesel is going to be around for a long time into the future. Trucks are going to need it – what would be the point of a £500,000 10 tonne truck with they payload reduced to 1 tonne because it’s lugging about 9 tonnes of batteries?!

        Having said this I read the other day that the latest idea from these fuckwits is to electrify the inside lanes of motorways so trucks can pick up their power in the same way an electric tram does. No mention of “smart motorways” where the inside lane is now used as a hard shoulder. You really couldn’t make this shite up!

      • The cunts are gonna try making our cars & motorcycles all sick via a virus that will be an ingredient of a new petrol this year.

        This new climate change friendly recipe that has a percentage of additive that will destroy components from the fuel tank all the way through to the engine.

        Seems that rubber, plastic and even copper & steel pipes will be susceptible through corrosion. Of course most manufacturers conveniently stopped using metal fuel lines and have used plastic for a couple of decades.

        Next thing they will be forcing brake fluid manufacturers to add shit to the fluid to rot the cars brake system components to cause leaks and failure….

        ‘Man dies from climate change after driving car brakes failed’….
        ‘government must act to remove cars from road whose brakes are affected by climate change’….

        ‘government makes it unlawful to drive cars with dangerous hydraulic brakes in a bid to shift motorists to electric cars with safe, clean & green electric braking systems’ ….

        The motorist always been a piss easy target right from the minute you get a loicence. A loicence/ invitation for them to take the piss. The cunts were so inept at maintaining our road network that Tony reclassified the road tax to VED to silence the public from ever saying “I pay my road tax so fix the roads”. The VED was of course dreamt up by BLiar & EU cunts in order to flood the UK with nice EU manufacturers cars claimed to have great MPG & low emission to fuck the sales of Japanese/ Asian manufacturers.

        If we are to be taxed on emissions relative to amount of fuel our cars engines burn, it should be applied at the point we pay for the fuel / true amount we actually use. Not based on manufacturers lies that a car will do X amount of MPG / emit X amount of CO2 emitted. Of course they rape our wallets at the pump already with taxes on every litre.

        All this green shit has virtually nil effect on the environment. It’s a sheer wealth transfer normalised by bullshit on TV to make people believe these changes / financial impacts will reverse what they tell you is happening due to ‘climate change’. Lying greedy cunts.

  6. Don’t the fucking batteries on these things only last a few years and cost so much to replace you need to buy a new car quite soon, as your ‘old’ car also becomes practically worthless for part ex?

    And the materials needed are not given to the motor companies by some kindly environmental unicorn, but mined by African kids, doing all kinds of damage to the local water supply, animal habitats and pollution levels.

    Fuck the little dark keys though, some prick in Islington gets to feel smug, virtuous and superior about themselves at a dinner party.

    Oh, and try charging one if you don’t have your own large garage or parking area off the street.

    They’re pissing in the wind with this, but like with mass importation of third world savages, they’ll ignore the facts until it’s too fucking late.

    We are run by idiots and cowards.

    • Are private jets going to be electric?
      In fact all commercial airlines and aviation should be subject to green nazi law!
      Its a crock of shite.
      Solar powered submarine?
      Windmills fitted to tanks?
      Milkfloats converted into ambulance?

      • The internet uses more power than the entire pre COVID airline industry. I don’t think the cunts have thought this through

    • Note that BLM aren’t giving a fuck about the black kids in the Congo while western governments are pushing electric car sales?

      Greta Thunberg also silent on the theft of these children’s childhoods too as she preaches in the western world countries that fossil fuel is bad? Greta is clearly a racist wee cunt who doesn’t give a fuck about the kids in the Congo.

      • Western liberals have never been too bothered with brown or black people in poor countries unless they can use them to make themselves look like decent humans,, as deep down they know they are vapid cunts. Have a big singathon one year then blow them up the next.

  7. I’ve actually come up with an alternative plan which I’m sure will interest the Govt. It involves everyone ( except celebrities and Govt.officials) being given a horse and cat when they trade in their conventional vehicle.

    Just think of the benefits to the environment ….lots of lovely horse shit to fertilise the vegetable patches where we grow our subsistence crops.Plenty of horsehair to fashion blankets to keep us warm in our unheated huts.An end to polluting conventional roads…a rutted track will be enough for any horse and cart ( of course the existing roads will still need to be maintained for Official Cars).

    Then there’s the boost to the economy…lots of extra jobs for farriers and cartwrights.Huge savings on Emergency Services because by the time they get to you,you’ll hopefully already be dead.A new windfall tax on horses ( this may be difficult to collect considering that so many horse-dealers are those cheeky “traveller types”).

    Wake up and smell the coffee,Sheeple…together our small sacrifices can save the World…I bet the Chinese,Indians etc. have already used industrial espionage to steal my idea…we must move quickly in our race back to the Middle Ages if we are to justify Johnson’s proud boast that we lead the World in Green technology ( don’t forget that our Glorious Leader has already proved he knows how to set the bar high with his”world-beating” track and trace system).

    PS..I’m also hoping that Fray Bentos will introduce a new line of tinned Equine Pies to take advantage of the glut of horsemeat.

    • Should be “horse and cart” instead of “horse and cat”…although, thinking about it, perhaps a cat would make a tasty and nutritious alternative to a cart when the wheels come off your wagon and you have no food.

      • I’ve heard of animal cruelty, but getting poor Tiddles to pull a cart takes the (cat) biscuit.

      • I’m going to wrap the cat in cling-film and fuck it.


      • Morning Dick.
        Under your plan if ive 2 heavy horse and cart I can continue working as almost normal.
        Maybe better?
        No costly garage bills,
        Just outlay for stables and im up and running!
        Quite looking forward too it.
        Consider me signed up!👍

      • Only thing about horses is that they shit a lot. And they fucking stink. And cost a lot of food and vet bills.

        If we can teach them to do that gay dancing shite (dressage) and stay calm in riots then surely we can teach them how to take a fucking bath and order a KFC delivery?

      • The coal-man used to use a single heavy horse when I was a kid.

        Providing you have got stabling it’s probably quite a useful setup for local work.

        Biggest problem is all the braindead cunts on the road nowadays.

      • I might get a donkey, but NOT one that reeks of mouthwash, or speaks in a NED Gorbals voice…

    • You’ll always have food Sir Fiddler. You can take your shotgun out and bag some rabbits, squirrels, pigeons etc.

      Let’s hope you’ve got some ammo left when the Peacefuls come to get you.

      • All guns will have been taken off the Unwoke Class,Freddie…I’ll have to resort to clubbing ickle-wickle baby deer with a pickaxe shank…ah,well, that’s my preferred method already so it isn’t all bad.

      • ‘when they come for my gun theyll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers’

        General Cuntster.

      • This government is restricting shotgun calibre to .410 by 2025.

        By 2030 you can have just a Gat-gun providing you have a firearms certificate.

        You can however possess a kitchen knife up to a 14” blade in public by 2023.

        If you live in Brixton or Dulwich there will be a special exception to allow a two foot blade.

        If you are of a darker hue, you can apply to Dame Dick, for an unrestricted machete permit.

        Guns are so last century.

        Chiggun shops and blades are the future.

    • The only thing Mophead track and test system beat other world countries on was the amount of taxpayers money he gave to the Serco cunts to run the scam.

      Don’t worry Sir Nicholas, we will make that bad public repay you the money you claimed you would lose after leaving the EU…. ‘Well done Boris, you are now allowed to call your sprog Wilfred Nicholas after me & gramps’.

      As Sir Nic stated on his wiki, he compared Brexiteers to ‘a growling Alsatian that must be kicked really hard in the balls’. I’d boot that piece of shits balls up his back given the opportunity.

    • Findus got into the horsemeat game a few years ago, with the help of our friends in the EU.

      Remainers worry abnout chlorine on chickens but not their salad, or horsemeat in their lasagna.

  8. Top cunting.

    “Ooh look darling, I’m busy charging the hatchback up to 100 percent with electricity which I’m told is generated by that huge wind turbine that never seems to spin over in that field. Aren’t we wonderful people. Now lets pop to Waitrose for our smart shop and just hope the battery doesn’t suddenly pack in when it gets lower than 50 percent leaving us stranded on dual carriageway!”

    Electric cars, smart meters, smart chargers and the like are a crock of fucking shit.

    Contradiction and hypocrisy surrounds the concept of these things in their entirety.

    Meanwhile in China….

    • Meanwhile in China, millions of cheap affordable ‘smart phones’ are being churned out weekly to ensure the masses can afford a device in order they can receive their behaviour instructions from government.

      I worked for a UK manufacturers years ago that saw 3 phones being produced by each production line every 50 seconds and they had 28 lines producing different models. Just imagine the productivity scale in China across hundreds of factories.

  9. Two billionaires recently went into space/almost space in their own rockets…or should that be cock-et 🤔.

    Anyway, the environmental cost of the fuel needed to get them there on top of the building and testing of said rockets. All just because they can. It’s just a vanity project or mid-life crisis thing for billionaires.

    Taking all of that into account, you would that the likes of XR and Great Thunderbird would be publicly criticising it as a terrible thing….

    ….silence but for the tumble weeds blowing across.🤔

    But people doing their weekly shop in the car, or doing their daily commute of 30 mins are made to feel like Pol Pot or someone.

    I think this is going to be another one of those government schemes that will be abandoned eventually. There isn’t the infrastructure to support the number of cars that would need charging.

    They haven’t decided how to properly dispose of the batteries when they reach the end of their life.
    (Hint – they’ll be dumped in a poverty stricken, developing country like the Philippines, where they slowly leach toxic chemicals into the soil and the water table. That’s ok though, because for Tarquin and Jocasta, out of sight = out of mind.)

  10. Smart meters are a cunt. Mandatory installation “for free” made me think it was the power companies way of cutting the cost of the otherwise unemployable and now unemployed meter readers, callous but expected. But wait there’s more, now the excess power exported by most houses in sunny West Oz is recompensed at peak and much lower off peak rates, off peak being most and the sunniest part of the day. Cheeky cunts.

  11. I still knock about in the old Mk2 1600, built in 1979, that ain’t going to change, no cunt will ruin my motoring experience, electric cars are one of the biggest swindles in history, after religion of course!!!

      • The wimminz situation will get worse too as Boris has started donating hundreds of millions of our cash to global education organisations targeting education of wimminz in the likes of Africa. Start by educating the cunts to shut their legs or about contraception first. Explain to them that most of the shags they get from fellow villagers is actually rape.

        Maybe he’s just being creative and insightful ensuring in years to come we have an influx of not only make, but also female architects and wannabe doctors avoiding compensation claims based on inequality.

  12. If the British government are organising it then there’s nowt to worry about.
    Once they’ve profited handsomely from a Honda or Tesla contract they’ll just fuck off to the Bahamas.
    The hopeless cunts couldn’t arrange a pissup in a brewery so the fallout from this idiotic shit should be tremendous.
    Electric fucking cars?

    • Oh and it’s fair to say the electricity grid will completely collapse without gigantic investment and overhaul if they carry on with this panto.
      The thick thieving vermin.

      • Handful of Duracell D batteries and a shiny new Nissan Greta.
        Welcome to the future!
        The futures bright
        The futures green….

  13. just read in the Telegraph that bill payers will subsidize the installation of public charging points for electric cars, regardless of whether you own one or not!

    The article is behind a paywall, but here’s an extract:-

    “Households face higher energy bills to cover the cost of expanding access to electric car chargers, as Britain races towards a ban on petrol and diesel engines in 2030.

    The energy regulator is exploring plans under which companies building public charging points will no longer pay some of the costs of connecting to the grid.

    Instead, the network companies that provide the connections will be able to recoup those costs from customers via their regular electricity bills.

    It is hoped that moving some of those charges on to bill-payers could encourage more charging points to be built in areas such as workplaces and car parks.

    Ofgem believes the costs will be relatively small, about £380m over 17 years, which works out at about £22m per year.”

    What a fucking liberty!

  14. Boris has got bored with leccy, it’s now Hydrogen, clean and green. 👍

    Electric cars will be phased out by 2051 😂, uneconomical and unreliable.

    No new build house with gas after 2025, I wonder if that will be a real deadline, projects started in 2023 could last 3 years if they are fairly large.

    Replacement gas boilers allowed up to 2035, I think I will be on gas until my gas runs out 😂

    The plan will be to get as many people off the roads as possible, reduce the number by 50% the rest mostly running electric or maybe H2, cities all on green public transport, electric taxis

    Brave new world is coming, resistance is futile!!

    • Next thing they will introduce the following:-

      Window tax – windows not good for the environment, expect a 20% tax per window

      Door tax – ditto. 10% tax per door

      Room tax – too many rooms in your house, bad for the planet. 25% tax per room

      Roof tax – any kind of roof other than solar panels, bad. 40% tax.

      Wall tax – bad. 5% tax per wall.

      Government recommends new-build homes to come with no windows, 2 doors, a solar panelled roof and walls and just 2 rooms by 2050, by order of St Greta of Icebergs

      • Techno@ – It’s not that long since they got rid of the window tax!
        The thieving fkers..

      • It won’t be long before new build will have to have external shutters on windows, windows no larger than 1.5 square metre 😂
        Detached houses will be banned to reduce the number of external walls

    • With just a little more effort they can get the country to resemble 60’s Russia with the poor having, basically, fuck all. If really lucky some people could be driving those marvels of technological advancement, the Lada, Trabant and Moskvich. Of course they had to move out of the way for those all-important party apparatchiks driving their Volgas and Zils in the party-only lanes.

  15. Dark?
    No wind?
    Get walking plebeian, and move your arse when the private jet shuttle sweeps by to Richland-On-Sea gated airport – turn your face upwards, there may be crumbs thrown!
    We have thousands of miles of rivers, the industrial revolution was powered by water wheels and electrical power in the workplace was also powered by this.
    Why the hell not use cheap, proven, reliable low maintenance technology for electricity production?
    Ah, forgot – no levels of green business to bribe and pay off, and as our “Prime Minister” can barely seem to remember or care where he had his cock last night I do not have any confidence in the most disastrous twat to ever sully Downing Street getting his name right, let alone a single policy – daft lad clearly doesn’t realise the expense and logistics involved in a proposal like this.
    We have a “Government” with no leadership, no clue, no direction, no plan and it seems they are just making policy up off the cuff by the day as they count their ill gotten gains and tighten the stranglehold on our freedom and liberty.
    Cars are a sensitive subject at the moment – I have just spent money on a new hunmobile (nearly had to call DCI for a quick blast to restart my black and icy heart when I cut through the welds on the wallet!), a BMW 3 something nonsense sport thingy, there are too many things on it like traction, brake and steering stuff I don’t need and in all probability the musical machine at the front will be too loud – bah! (And I don’t need telling when to put the lights and wipers on Fritz!).
    To add insult to injury I only got a 25% discount – I could be thrown out of Yorkshire for behaviour like this!

  16. I’m old enough to remember when diesel cars were being punted as a ‘greener’ alternative.
    This is just another plot to do the masses down while the rich and famous fire themselves around the place in gas-guzzling jets.
    Fuck the lot of ’em.

  17. A fleet manager recently inquired about switching to electric vehicles for the company.
    He was told by the sales rep that yes they can supply but said ,we will not take them back as trade ins .
    A shiny new fleet of add blue diesels was immediately ordered
    It’s going up in flames this shithouse that’s being created for feel good factor

  18. Some good comments today. Ive learned a lot about the subject from contributors.

    Electric Cars ? Not now, not for me.

  19. A Nissan Leaf weights 1580 to 1731 kg (depending on the model).
    A Ford B-Max (125HP) weights 1750 kg due to its sliding doors being reinforced because of no B-pillar. So not much difference in weight.

    For a real comparison the electrician John Ward has done a full analysis of where the power capacity could come from and how it’s used:

    I think they place too much cost on the individual to upgrade their home wiring to provide an EV charging point at home. Personally I don’t want an electric box of shite due to their unreliability in cold weather.

    • Here’s some more metrics:

      Tesla model s 85kwh battery weight is 1,200 lbs (1/2 ton). This gives a range approaching 300 miles.

      My diesel car would burn 27 litres of fuel in 300 miles. 27 litres of diesel weighs
      48 lbs. Therefore, I contend the Tesla is 1,152 lbs of dead weight to do the same job.

      The fuel density of BECs is a (bad) joke!

  20. Working in the shop, I meet lots of different customers. One customer in particular, he fixes cars that have stopped working at the roadside. A RAC, AA, etc type person. I don’t know the proper technical name for them.
    He told me whenever on a job that involves an electric car, they dare not touch them at all for some reason, (too dangerous? Too complicated?) but will tow it home with the driver at least.

    • Spoons@ – They normally get electric cars back to life by driving a big diesel truck with a big diesel generator on it.
      Beyond farce.

  21. Doesn’t surprise me at all, gov have told AA and RAC to offer unlimited break down recoveries to electric car owners, and when enough muppets I mean people have one and they have got rid of others options, tax holy fuck out of lekky cars.
    Sorry I’m going to run my aging Merc E55 Amg until you can no longer buy petrol and keep the lecky for bedroom toys….

    • LPG might be an option when / if the petrol supply ever ends.

      I’ve currently got a 6 pot BM that I’m toying with lpg’ing as every penny tax I give these cunts causes me pain and early 20’s in the mpg doesn’t help. I’m not using it just now while I wait the NHS opening but I imagine the range anxiety electric car owners suffer is like the anxiety I suffered when the computer shows mpg or when my credit card statement arrived full of BP transactions.

  22. Im not too worried as the modern tory party are fuckwits and short-termists who struggled to get Brexit over the line and are dirhering over HS2 and Hinckley, and almost gave a telecomms contract to the fucking dinks

    They’ve completely failed to repair the damage done by Blair to the civil service, education and justice system.after 11 years in power.

    Watch the date get pushed back further and further until quietly abandoned after billions wasted on consultations and fact finding missions.

    As my generation used to say, it’s completely fucking gay.

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