Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco

A lot of beards there… fair few twinks too.

A nomination the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco for releasing their ‘joke’ song ‘we’ll convert your children’ to wind up the right. Well it worked, so well they’ve had death threats, been doxxed and had to close their office.

Then I saw that the peaceful community has been sharing it around. I can’t help but think of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and Charlie Hebdo office attacks.

They say multculturalism and intersectionalism are unworkable and doomed philosophies and I’m sure things like this are bound to help, especially as at least 4 of the choir are alleged sex offenders.

Nominated by – Cuntamus Prime

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45 thoughts on “Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco

  1. Interesting how the opposition to this is coming from “the far right.” Oh no, not those cunts again. Most people just call them “normal” but, whatever….. as the Yanks say.

  2. OT a bit, but I was watching a bit of a gay sport in that Olympics. Synchronised diving.

    The commentator kept moaning about British girls’ ‘entry’ and too much ‘splashback’. Apparently, if they create less splash on entry they get higher marks.

    I found it completely unfair, as our girls had big arses compared to the other girls. The bat munching lasses had arses like I had when I was six.

    Why doesn’t the commentator say what every cunt is thinking?

    “They’re good at diving, but with arses like that, they’ll find it difficult not to create a splash like Diane Abbott bombing the local leisure centre baths.”

    But these idiots? Meh. They’ve annoyed the peacefuls and God will deal with the degenerates later anyway.


    • And of course, I wasn’t watching a sport I’m not interested in for several hours, just to ogle lasses’ arses in their revealing, almost g-string esque swimming costumes.

  3. Has wee Owen Jones not commented on this yet? Being an arsehole acrobat himself and giving himself any excuse to dribble on about the ‘far right’.

    I really can’t see what the pecadilloes of these deviants gives them some right to think they are special. Fuck off.

    • I sometimes wonder if a fruit would fancy a woman’s arse if that’s the only part of her that’s showing.

  4. They call “converting your children” satirical in order to “wind up” the normals. And then come over all surprised when they provoke the kind of response they were looking for!

    As soon as they get some shit thrown their way, they bleat hate crime at all the hurty comments. Oh its fine to subject children to a different way of life and expect people to tolerate that; but when the shoe is on the other foot they fucking cry, moan and bleat!

    Cunts & Assholes

  5. If these choir men and choir boys are Catholic, can’t they just cut out the middle man by avoiding their priest and molest themselves?

    • I blame a lot of it on that Jack Killian cunt aka The Midnight Caller, indoctrinating the people using his privileged platform as local radio host.

  6. I just deleted my initial response as it may well of crossed all sorts of lines.

    The members of this choir knew full well what they were doing and the implications of the lyrics.

    Tolerance must be the must corrupted word in the world right now. The things we are all told to tolerate seem to be the very things we once wisely rejected as a society.

  7. For the first time in pink history – they DON’T like it up ’em! 😀
    They knew exactly what they were doing, and it is disgusting, any abuse they get is richly deserved – I know plenty of homosexuals, and none of them feel the need to pull rank stunts like this.
    And if any soyflake wants to call me “far right” for being revolted crack on – you little fascist nazi racist bastards (as I have taken to loudly calling them – the look of outraged horror and and anger on their pwecious little faces is priceless).

  8. This is what happens when faggots take the mincing to far,the world may be more tolerant of these arse clowns nowadays, but only if they keep their shit stabbing ways to themselves.
    They need to realise when they don’t keep it to themselves they get death threats and to be honest I don’t really see a problem with this
    Keep it to yourselves you mincing cunts and you won’t get threats….

  9. They’ve got lovely voices.
    Shame theyll burn in the pit of damnation for all eternity.
    My White Knights of the Order of st George KKK youth choir has also released a ‘joke” song!

    ‘were going to gas all sodomites and tuppencelickers’.

    Still laughing San Francisco?

    • Me too. Presumably you mean about Prince Harry’s entirely deserved 18 million quid for a four book deal, every word of which he’s definitely written himself?

      • I’d be faintly surprised to discover that this whining self-indulgent tosser can even read, never mind write.

      • Morning, Mr Cunt-Engine

        I’ve had some harsh things to say about Prince Harry in the past…and I’m starting to regret them. He is proving himself to be a Cunt of the Highest Order who is willing to chuck his own family under the bus for the sake of a few quid…I admire that in the man.
        Bash on,Harry….stick it to the parasitic Windsor clan who stole you from your real father and forced you to grow up in such intolerable conditions

        PS…..I’d drop a few hints that the Queen Mother touched you “down below”…that should boost sales

      • I daresay that a youthful Harry would have gladly accepted a gobble (dressed up in his Nazi finery) from the Queen Mother. Doubtless the incest and age thing wouldn’t have bothered him, but the thought of those 110-year-old brown teeth round the royal ginger helmet would have made his ennobled winkle as limp as an empty glove.
        Either that, or the worry that his bell would be speared by an errant fish bone caught in the old witch’s throat when the lad was balls-deep.

  10. I wonder why nobody has thought of a tranny “girl group”, a sort of bent equivalent of the Spice Girls? There’s got to be a shitload of money to be made there surely?

  11. Fucking hell, I keep coming up with these mental ideas and some cunt has already done it!
    Sporty is definitely packing something in her pants there.
    Fucking disgusting.

  12. I’m willing to believe that this song is meant to be satirical and was released as a joke to wind people up, but they must be naive to think there wouldn’t be such a backlash. Anyone these days who’s found to have made a joke half a lifetime ago which someone decides to interpret as offensive can suddenly find themselves out of a job. Remember Gerald Ratner? His attempts to make people laugh cost him quite a bit. Jokes just aren’t funny any more.

  13. Didn’t they castrate male singers in the ancient times? Let’s bring that requirement back. Problem solved.

  14. You can bet everyone of these cunts has *GAY* as the entire focus of their personality, not content to leave it as a preference for the bedroom, they need attend the all gay choir, speak with a lisp and demonstrate every other stereotypical gay trait at every opportunity.

    The fact that a fair few of them are on the sex offenders register takes the biscuit though, it might have been tongue in cheek for some, but some of these cunts were serious, possibly bragging.

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