Tom Hanks (2)

Tom Hanks? isn’t that a euphamism?

Does anyone actually like Tom Hanks? Since he won an Oscar he only appears in the most Tom Hanksien of films.

You know the sort, bland Oscar bait piles of dross that they want you to think it’s like putting on a pair of cozy slippers when in reality they’re just shit.

Don’t get me started on the pile of shit that was Forrest Gump. Watch it again, you obey orders all your life and you get to go to space! You actually think and don’t blindly follow orders you end up with AIDS, miserable and dead.

I liked Big though.

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60 thoughts on “Tom Hanks (2)

  1. I think Wilson liked for a bit but even he had to fuck off in the end even if it meant certain drowning

  2. Can’t say Tom Hanks has ever bothered me in particular, but he’s got a Trabant so he’s probably a goddamn communist cunt!!!

  3. My thoughts on Tom Hanks: His wife has huge tits. He’s adored by Hollywoke so he obviously falls in line like a good boy. I like his films overall. My faves are The Wonders, The Circle, The Burbs, and The Terminal. Road to Perdition was too out of character for him. Shame on him for appearing in the Carly Rey Jepson video. His wife has huge tits.

    • Road to perdition excellent film probably his best because of Paul Newman , proper storytelling

      • Road To Perdition was good aoart from Hanks who was miscast. You can’t have a frumpy, dour wimp like him playing a gangster. He’s so dull he pulled faces when Gervais crucified the Hollywood pricks.

        The boat one with the Somalian cunts was good but went a bit woke. He makes insipid cack like that aeroplane one or the prison one where the “poor black prisoner’ releases all those insects from his cake-hole.

    • I liked The Money Pit. That being said it is strange that a man who likes to portray US virtues is part and parcel of a group that seems to spend most of its time undermining them. I honestly don’t know.

  4. One wonders how likely it is that Mr Hanks has ever enjoyed the under-ripe fruits of Jeffrey Epstein’s labour?

    You can speculate, but you can’t accuse him of doing so as a fact. I’d also prefer no Isaac Kappy/frazzledrip stuff in here. Yes I know about both. – DA

    • Indeed DA, I’m merely speculating, of course – perish the thought making any direct statements!
      At this juncture though, I’m assuming that every important man in Hollywood (with the possible exception of Brad Pitt) is a serial abuser of vulnerable yoing people, both over and under-age.

      • Finest actor of his generation.
        Ive enjoyed everything hes ever done.
        Wouldn’t let him babysit though.

  5. Hanks did three films I like and where he was quite good.

    One was Apollo 13. Then there was the one where he portrays some hapless Eastern European stuck in an airport terminal. Finally, the excellent recent Clint Cuntwood film where he portrayed Captain Silly Sullenberger.

    The rest has been the usual Hollywood pap.

  6. All I know is that he has a stupid surname as do Jeremy Irons, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Timothy Bottoms

    • Tom Cruise: I got a noo film to promode. Lemme find an athlete who’s rully popular to advurrtize it.
      Lacky: Harry Kane?
      Tom Cruise: Too white.
      Lacky: Djokovic?
      Tom Cruise: Not woke enough. We need a thick, woke, camp cunt who will accept a reacharound from a terribly heterosexual guy like me.
      Lacky: We’re heading to Silverstone right now.

  7. Tom Hanks?
    Something about that Man I just don’t like.
    Nothing tangible, just a weird feeling.

    • A sort of “beach holiday in Cambodia” vibe, Mr Fox?
      🎵D’ya wanna be in my gang?🎶

      • Indeed – I’m tiptoeing through the tulips on this one…

        You can state opinions and your view. IE “I think Tom Hanks fucks kids” you just can’t say “Tom Hanks fucks kids I have proof”. Opinion vs factual statement. – DA

      • Oh right, glad that’s clarified!
        Right, well, here goes then:
        I 𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓿𝓮 that Tom Hanks bummed that kid who played his younger self in “Big”.

  8. Philadelphia……puke inducing film. Pure Hollywoke before anybody had even thought of the term.
    Burn it.

    • Also Castaway. Just the end really sums up how cuntish women can be! Didn’t even offer him a blowjob for all his hassle for getting home. Cunts!

    • Nah it was a pile of ‘court history’ wank. Spielboig btw is a memebr of the MegDonors Group which was spawned out of the Sunbourne Institute aka the Holocaust Builders (not shitting you, that’s what they called themselves) who gathered funds to provide relief to victims of the holocaust but funneled it straight to David Ben Gurion, Stern gang, Irgun et al, they didn’t care, to finance the Naqba massacres and all that followed.
      Major financiers of Epstein incidentally through the conduit of Les Wexner about whom……….

  9. I think Spielberg and Hanks might like little boys a little to much. Virtue signallers usually have much to hide. Usually they are the worst people in the world. Just saying.

  10. Hanks has always been an up himself arsehole. But the crowning turd in his ‘legacy’ is still that pile of crap that made out the Septics did the business at Normandy single handed. That Band of Brothers was fucking shit as well. And the last decent thing Hanks’s pal Steven Speilcunt did was Jaws in 1975. E.T was shite, syrup in cinematic form. A few Daleks exterminating here and there would have livened it up.

    I watched that Polar Express with my niece a couple of Christmases ago. And it was just CGI animation and Tom Hanks shouting very loudly as every character in it. Even my niece (who was 8 at the time) said ‘Doesn’t he shout a lot?’ I was tempted to say ‘That’s because he’s a cunt’. But I would never swear in front of the kid….

  11. Interesting that Hanks’ Co-Star in Splash, Daryl Hannah, has helped cause the (latest) split between Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Neil Young left his longstanding wife for Hannah, and David Crosby publicly called her a poisonous gold digger, or words to that effect🤣. Around the same time, Nash also left his (rather milfmongous) Mrs to shack up with a much younger and publicity hungry Joni Mitchell wannabe. Croz also condemned Nash for being a dirty old philanderer. So, Crosby has now been frozen out by the other three for calling out two of his CSNY bandmates as slag chasing cheating viagra popping pathetic old cunts. And, he’s right. You’ve got to love the Croz.😉

    • Croz is a crazy motherfucker! He just says what is on his mind and it’s usually shocking. Nash is a bellend, Stills is okay, Neil is a genius.

      • ” Neil is a genius”

        Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
        Well I heard ol’ Neil put her down
        Well I hope Neil Young will remember
        A southern man don’t need him around anyhow

        Neil Young can suck my syphy stump!

  12. Is he slowly transitioning to Salaman Rushdie?
    Anyone who signs their name THanks is a cunt.

  13. For Tom Hanks read all the rest of the Hollywood ‘stars’. Waiting around to be offered their next opportunity to make a few more million dollars, the next boring blockbuster their adoring fans are only too willing to shell out for. And if that’s what they want, then fine, they pay money to have their intelligence insulted and love every minute of it. And everybody’s happy.

    • Has there ever been an actress with a bigger difference betwixt their physical beauty and their utter batshit craziness?
      By god, I’d spitefuck her until were both bloodied and crying.

      • Now that is poetry Tom

        Cut, pasted and archived to my indexed catalogue of IsAC classics.

  14. Just taken a look at a few pictures and his old lady’s knockers are fucking huge.
    I wonder if anyone else has noticed…

    Can any ISaC reader confirm this? – DA

  15. Hanks plays the role in everyday life
    He took the mantra of representing Hollywood all on himself (gobshite)
    He is now trapped in this persona
    I’m sure when he looks in the mirror the face that reflects is not that of him
    Like all make believe shit that Hollywood produces bar the odd exception.
    He will continue with the facade and never reveal who he really is
    A boy film star and has remained one

  16. I thought he was good in ‘Sully’. The script from the flight deck was the actual dialogue from the Cockpit Voice Recorder. It was actually as good as the book, if not better, which is unusual. Sully, now there was a bloke at tje top of his game.

  17. Hanks is a shit actor, but gets a pass from me as he’s publicly stated his support for Villa on many occasions.

  18. Bachelor Party. One of the most un-pc yank comedy films ever made.
    Bet Tom leaves that off his CV nowadays…

  19. I enjoyed Captain Pip and Catch Me If You Can. Apollo 13 and Big were good as well but he has done a fair amount of bland wank with his new best chum Spielberg who has been knocking out dull biopics fand historical dramas or the past 15 years.

  20. Forrest Gump and Castaway are extremely overrated. The only films of his I like are the Toy Story franchise.

    • Seriously? How old are you? For shame, General, for shame.

      I liked Splash but not because Hanks was in it. If anyone deserved a ‘splash’, Daryl Hannah certainly did.

  21. There’s definitely evil shit going on in showbiz as there always has been. This is a selection of the people who flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private plane…

    Jeffrey Jones (the head teacher from Ferris Bueller) is on there and he was CONVICTED of owning child images. Yes the cunt was back at work making motion pictures in no time. That says it all, for me.

    And Hanks is on the list. Hmm…

  22. For me, Hanks has always been one of those inoffensive Hollywood slebs. Stays middle of the road, rarely if ever controversial and isn’t too over the top with the ‘I’m a loaded superstar and you’re not’ ego.

    That all changed when he got the ‘rona and felt the need tweet updates on his condition and self isolation duties. Yeah, sorry you got it and all, but that really wasn’t newsworthy. Bleating about something many others have suffered from with some losing their lives does not make you special, Tom. So in the words of Regan, shut it.

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