Martyn Smith

Apologies for the image quality, it’s quite hard to find a good picture of the cunt.

A cunting for the despicable motherfucking cunt who is, and I’d rather type, ‘Was’, Martyn Smith.

Who? This Gold-Plated Cunt stabbed two paramedics who attended his house following a call to check on his welfare.

He stabbed one in the chest and the other in the back as he ‘Exited’ the building. Fortunately, the police were also in attendance and arrested the cunt, and, also caught the attack on their bodycams.

It is a sobering watch as the poor bastards attend what should be a routine call and are confronted with this. Also, the sentence handed out for stabbing two of my green colleagues? NINE fucking years. Yeah, that told him….

Nominated by – DCI Gene Cunt

42 thoughts on “Martyn Smith

    • Stabbing people who had every intention of helping him?
      Id stick that blade up his ducky little arse the puddled twat.
      HEMP. 10ft lenth.

  1. I’d laugh if the cunt got stabbed in prison, and the emergency services were somewhat “delayed”

    But then of course the cunt would sue for compo due to lack of care. That’s how this fucked up justice system works these days.

  2. I am very uncompromising on this – attacks on medical staff should carry a full life sentence.
    I would NOT recommend taking them round the back and giving them a fucking biblical hiding before the coppers come.
    Not at all. 😀

    • “I would NOT recommend taking them round the back and giving them a fucking biblical hiding before the coppers come”

      Oh, for the good old days, Vern…

      • DCI@ – We would never advocate being caught, for anything we never did officer! 😀👍

    • Death penalty.

      This sort of scum is unlikely to contribute to society positively.

      Upon release from the slammer in 4 years time this cunt will inflict further misery upon some poor soul.

      If this idiot does have mental issues, a length of rope and a few weights will cure it.

  3. Smith is indeed a Cunt who should in future be refused attention from any Emergency Service but The Courts who hand down such lenient sentences aren’t much better.

  4. We have body cams, coming. If somebody told me, years ago, that paramedics would be wearing body cams, one day, I’d have laughed at them. I’m not laughing any more.

    • The way things are going on in most of our big metro towns and cities we’ll all be needing to wear body cams!

    • Indeed. If somebody had told me that one day hospitals would need security guards I would have said …….

      “Why? Is some cunt going to start nicking bandages?”

      “No, they are going to be assaulting hospital staff.”

      “Why the fuck would they want to do that?”

      “Because they can.”

      • Well done FF “Because they can” the reason for most of the cuntish behaviour today

  5. I am against the death penalty except for murder, rape, assault or theft. I remember the good old days of the ‘hang ’em and flog ’em’ brigade, a fine British tradition. Where the fuck did it go? This cunt needs butchering with a rusty razor.

  6. Why’s this cracker culturally-appropriating a stabber? Is he identifying as a rudeboy teenager or an aggressive Albanian?

    • CM@ – If he identified as a 14 year old Afghan boy he would receive £100,000 compensation for Tommy Robinson saying mean things about him.
      Like the other little cunt just has.

      • *Tommy Robinson was only stating true facts😉

        That little cunt had been bullying girls👎

        If I was in charge of the Queens honours list, Tommy Robinson would be too if the list for a Knighthood, closely followed by Nigel Farage😀

  7. His job in prison should be processing toxic medical waste.
    (Laundering Annaliese Dodds knickers by hand).
    No greater cruelty could Man inflict..
    Joking aside though – what kind of evil maniac wants to hurt someone there to help them?

  8. Should automatically be denied treatment on the NHS for life.

    If up to me though, I’d have the cunt executed in front of his crying children, but people’s feelings might get hurted wurted.

    • Cuntybollocks@ – Agreed, we can’t have people upset – give the kids an ice cream to eat as sentencing is being carried out (no sauce or hundreds and thousands though – the little bleeders are fat enough and I’m not made of money!)

  9. I think we need to take into account the fact that this ‘gentleman’ is obviously as mad as a box of unhinged frogs, so perhaps a little leniency is in order.
    I’d find a very dark, very secure room in some remote place, lock him in, and feed him bread and water through a hatch once a day, hoping that he lived for a hundred years.

    Or to put it more succinctly, hanging’s too good for the cunt…

  10. Sad dick can’t stated it’s all part n parcel of living in a big city. Or words to that effect. So get over it.

    This country is finished, its infested with vermin either imported from overseas or home grown. The ‘government’ does nothing to stop it. In fact it encourages it. Meanwhile the rest of the populace stare at the idiot lantern and cower behind the sofa scared to leave the house.

    Protests in Australia against the lockdown. Actually reported on the fucking BBC, but methinks only done to get some gobshite Aussie politician on air using typical antipodean language in calling the protesters covid spreading dingbats.. Didn’t do that with BLM did they…

    Time to tool up. Trouble is coming.

  11. How else can you characterise it other than attempted murder? The sentence is pathetic. Imagine if this lunatic had stabbed an MP or a Royal; I bet he would have been put away for longer.

    • Two tier system operating in the UK.

      One for the rich and famous, another for everyone else.

      Have told my 16 year old son I don’t care what job he ends up doing so long as it isn’t in the legal profession.

      Fucking wankers the lot of them.

  12. Off topic a bit

    The NHS has to treat so many weak willed cunts who simply don’t give a fuck about improving themselves.

    Fat cunts who want to lose weight but still enjoy eating chips, pies, pasties etc. Just exercise and stop eating so fucking much. In Japan, people over 45 have their waistlines measured, and if over a certain number (different for men and women) a tax is paid to the government. With 60% in the U.K. compared to only 4% of Japanese, Chancellor would rake in a fucking fortune.

    People who say they want to give up smoking yet not prepared to stop smoking. Cunts.

    People who regularly go out and get pissed, and into fights, expecting the NHS to patch them up afterwards. In Japan, cunts like this are rounded up in vans, taken to the cells where they spend the night, and in the morning presented with a bill for £1000 for the time and trouble they have caused. Why can’t we do that here?

    If I had my way, anyone who wastes the NHS’s time more than say twice, they are automatically cut off from accessing any NHS services either indefinitely or for a period of time, say 5 years.

    Get rid of those who are not serious about their health, the ticking time wasters, those who are rude or assault the staff, those who regularly miss appointments and those who want tattoo removals or sex changes.

    And the fucking immigrants and health tourists who don’t fucking pay for anything.

    This country is finished.

    • Bang on. Regular callers, short of breath, COPD, house stinks of ciggie smoke when you get there, and, fat cunts, diabetic, but with a fucking house full of sweets. You’ve got my vote for Health Secretary, Willie.

    • Not every time. If it’s the first time we’ve attended the premises, then, no. It was a third-party caller, I believe, not him. We do have Red Flags for abusive pts, and some we’ll wait for the police to go in with us.

  13. Simple solution, hang the cunt, let the fucker swing. That will be the best solution. Alas in this pathetic woke society that the UK has become this will never happen. The CUNT will be housed in one of HMP,s establishments, at the cost of the taxpayer and then let out having served half the sentence. I hope they incarcerate the fucker in a wing where there are hard nosed bank robbers who will hopefully carve the cunt up.

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