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News is breaking that the Duke and Duchess of Netflix could be getting an award for their *a-hem* ‘bombshell’ interview with arch race-baiter Oprah ‘Wrighty in a wig’ Winfrey.
Crikey, the two-hour sob and whinge fest has only gotten itself a nomination for a bloody EMMY award in the (wait for it!) ‘Outstanding Hosted Non-fiction’ category. No, you read it right first time; that’s ‘NON-FICTION’ category!

Now in case any of you out there in IsACland aren’t aware, the EMMYs are handed out Stateside for ‘the achievement of excellence in the television industry’.
Bwa ha ha ha ha! Non-fiction; no fucking shit Sherlock!

You sometimes have to wonder whether our cousins across the pond are losing the plot. An award for a poorly-researched piece of schlock that’s been shown to be riddled with deceit and falsehoods which were left unchallenged throughout? You’ve got to be kidding.
Excellence my arse. The Emmys, just like the Oscars, have become nothing more than a sad joke.

Special Emmy for Harry and Meghan

Nominated by: Ron Knee

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  1. I’d like to be able to go a single day without seeing a picture of the pair of them. They seem incapable of staying out of the public eye to get the privacy they claim to want.

  2. Slightly off topic from the Emmys, but still related to the Cunties, is that in today’s Telegraph it has been reported that Dipshit Harry has negotiated a 4-book publishing deal worth up to £29m, and he insists ALL proceeds will go to charity. But whether that includes some or all of his £29m is moot.

    The link is paywalled, but here’s a snippet

    “Prince Harry is said to have overseen the bidding process, instructing publishers to start at £18 million. It is thought the final figure for the deal with Penguin Random House could be as high as £29 million.

    All proceeds from the Duke’s book, due to go on sale in late 2022 – the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – will go to charity.

    A spokesperson for the Sussexes claimed the reports were “false” and insisted that only one memoir was planned by the Duke.

    They did not immediately respond to further questions about whether the deal might include other books. ”

    …and these cunts have the afront to tell me and millions of other plebs how to live our fucking lives for the better of the planet and humankind!

    Go Fuck and multiply!

    • MEghan and her hairy ginger dildo will now litter the remaindered baskets in W H Smith in open competition with Sir Marcus, whose self-help advice is as welcome as cold sick.

      • I can’t wait to see Penguin Random House get their asses burned on this deal. No one is buying the books of these two professional grievance-mongers Migraine’s children’s book has bombed. More pap destined for remainder book shops only to be discounted to 99p (for 10 copies)

    • I doubt he has enough experience to put into 4 books! I expect they will string it out like this

      Book 1 All about being raised as a baby Royal ‘Wah, wah, wah’
      Book 2 Being a young Prince, death of Diana ‘Wah, wah, wah’
      Book 3 The party and Army years ‘Rah, rah, rah’
      Book 4 Meeting Megain, becoming a father, escaping the firm ‘Wah, wah, wah’

      • I wonder if he’ll mention the fancy dress party where he was wearing a Nazi armband!?

      • You wonder which book is going to selll more copies, Prince Harry’s 4 ghost written books or the Tom Bowyer book on Megain which was due to be released in the summer of next year but will now be on sale in March. Apparently Tom didn’t have to do a lot of research as everyone who has met Megain has been ringing up to dish the dirt. It is likely to include stories about throwing cups of tea at staff, ill fitting wedding dresses, nastiness to bridesmaids, and demanding sole use of government house in Australia whilst on their trip down there in 2018.

    • Yes, I heard he’s good a deal for four books.

      Will little Archie be lending the Duke of Hewitt his crayons to colour them in?

  3. Aren’t they doing well!

    Last week given an award (plus £500) for their “enlightened decision” to only have two parasites, and now this great honour!

    Where will it all end? Not tragically in a tunnel, I hope… 😃

  4. According to the press today, the Bastard Prince has 4 more books in the pipeline, and one will not be published until after HM The Queen is deceased, so you an be sure it is more fantasy and downright lies. The old cunt he is mafrried to is also going to write a “wellness” book, which I am sure, will be of great benefit to all the halfwits who read it.

    God knows what awards they will win for that -perhaps that little pansy Scobie, the vaseline-arsed little creep who helps them with their literary endeavours, will donate his sex toys as to melt down to make a statue.

    • There’s definitely something odd about that smary little cunt Scobie. It looks as though he sees greasing up to the Markles as his meal ticket.

  5. The Plot for Escape from New York was more believable than the Horse Shit those pair spun for the benefit of the tasteless creature who still cannot buy a Expensive handbag in Europe. Ha Ha, I bet she buys all her designer gear from the Lucky Lucky men.!!

    • I’d put real money on the ‘interview’ winning an Emmy. Showbiz award ceremonies these days are nothing more than the chance for a bunch of smarmy ‘woke’ cunts to show how ‘progressive’ they are.
      What could be more appropriate than giving an award to Wrighty in a wig and Ginge and Cringe, the Emperor and Empress of Wokeism?

      • He’s unquestionably a raving poofter – perhaps he helps Hewitt recreate his public school days……

  6. Believe it or not this pair of shysters are incredibly popular among the wokie young of America and that, let’s face it, is where the big money is. They may be regarded as total cunts in this country but they don’t care. (when I say “they” I really mean “she” …….the ginger pet monkey doesn’t really come into it) If Paddy Power is taking bets on the Emmys i’d get a big wedge on her winning this thing, something she could never have dreamed of as an actress. The day Sparkletits got her claws into that idiot was the day she won the lottery…….times a thousand.

    • I see a loads of comments in the Daily Mail from US people calling her ‘Princess Meghan’ and generally sticking up for her. Luckily the popular/best comments are from Brits slagging them off.

      • Sounds like another Princess Di all over again – universally despised in the UK (prior to her little accident); but loved in the States.

        Always quite amusing to hear Americans enthuse about royalty and calling Sparkletits “Princess”, even though they’re a fucking republic!

      • What do you expect from someone who left Elton with a D grade in Geography and a B in art (because he cheated and was helped by his art master).

        Even Benny in Crossroads got a B in Geography. The Half-Wit must be truly dim.

      • Wonder how the Yanks are gonna feel when they realise that the latest Hewitt sprog, who is technically American, will become a real princess when the Queen pops her clogs – unless of course, old Queenie gets her shit together and takes away all their titles first.

      • @Tiredofthisshit

        Rumour has it that as soon as Charles becomes King, he’ll be changing the rules so little Archie will not be a Prince/Princess at all. Apparently Harry & the Megalodon got wind of Charles’ plan and are outraged. All I can say is ‘ha ha’ like the little chap off The Simpsons.

    • “Believe it or not this pair of shysters are incredibly popular among the wokie young of America ”

      I always find it perplexing how people have glaring double standards – the people who love Hewitt & Mrs Hewitt are the self same people who otherwise despise Royalty, the very wealthy and privileged existence. It’s the same as left wing luvvies and millenial shit who hate titles, wealthy businessmen and lawyers, yet love Starmer and Mandelson and those other pseudo-Tories who clutter ze party up.

      The truth is Hewitt and Starmer are two cheeks of the same arse – they are both opportunistic, and everything they do has an ulterior motive. I read the other day that, though Starmer is not Jewish, he is bringing his son and daughter up Kosher. If those poor kids decide not to embrace Judaism in particular, or Christianity in general, that poor lad has had an entirely unnecessary operation for nothing. But he THINKS it looks good. I suspect it is only a matter of time before Mr. Hewitt blacks up and starts talking sambospeak -innit.#

      Come home Harry, and become a Starmer Charmer.

  7. If a nonentity who stood by doing nothing to help while filming the death of one of her bredren can get a Pulitzer for outstanding journalism or whatever, why not?
    By Yankeedoodle standards it was hard hitting and probing. And scripted, of course.

  8. Never ending dribble of pointless crap; this stream of puke generates very significant amounts of money for those involved so no sign of an end in the near future. Just have to blank out the constant burble of adoration of the house of Sussex. Going to end in tears this crap usually does. Those UNO turbos are right nippy.

  9. I beg of you Yasur end the Markle-Hewitt’s as you did Princesslapper Sloane, and or just end it all (but the day after so we may enjoy their demise).

  10. My heart goes out to this lovely couple.

    All they wanted was privacy and here they are being given awards and yet more publicity.

    Poor cunts can’t seem to avoid the adulation and public glare they loathe so much.

    • Looks like a rather large ‘money shot’ has been deposited on her.

      ‘Money’ being wholly appropriate where Sparkletits is concerned.

  11. I don’t get what the obsession is with this dysfunctional royal family of cunts. The queen herself seems like a nice enough lady from a different time, who conducts herself like a proper royal but other than her it’s a total shit show at public expense. The Hewits of Hollywood can get their millions if someone is willing to gamble that there is a market for their bullshit story, I don’t give a shit. I’m just glad they are not on the public dole anymore.
    The title of each book from these ex royals should be “Why I’m a Cunt Vol #___”.

  12. Why does anyone listen to these cunts any more?

    If our MSM stopped reporting on them – using the excuse that they may be sued – the greedy self obsessed fuckers would become irrelevant

    Don’t buy their books, don’t watch their “programmes”

    There are more important things in life than these two cunts

    Have a good day, fellow cunters

  13. This pair of freeloading shits make me sick with their pathetic one track pony act, (racism) “the Royal Family made me feel uncomfortable because I’m a filthy shitty J1gger B00” , and “I’ll never forgive my grandparents because they conspired to murder my mother and leave me with long lasting ( mental health) issues “ Even though 1. I was a kid at the time and didn’t have a clue what was going on….
    and my elder brother ( who together with his adorable sweet fragrant wife) just got on with their lives because they know how to behave and have some semblance of diginity).
    I am by no means the first kid whose mother has died suddenly. . You don’t hear the illegitimate offspring of thousands of council-house scratters and low-lives complaining that they have suffered permanent damage because their slutty mother ended up shagging a Dark key.

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