Joy Reid

Joy Reid is a US political commentator on MNSBC. She’s also a reptile.

There is, at last, a push back in the USA against the teaching of critical race theory in US schools. Whether or not this will turn the tide only time will tell. Eventually, I think it will – but it’s going to be an uphill struggle both in the US and here.

Many parents have been attending meetings at their children’s schools in the US and many have vehemently protested the teaching of critical race theory saying that it fosters hate, division and racism.

Many of these parents have been quite emotional and a number of videos of these events have gone viral. At a meeting in London County, Virginia, one Chinese parent who lived through the Cultural Revolution said that what is happening now reminds her of those dark days.

The response of the school was to close the meeting and to call the police to arrest the parents – thereby reinforcing the comments of the Chinese parent.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid played a clip on her show of one these parents who said – ‘Just because I do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean I’m a racist, damn it!’

Reid’s response? She laughed and said ‘Actually, it does’.

Where is this going to end. Deny you’re a racist – then you’re a racist. Best to accept that you are a racist and be purged.

Joy Reid represents the very worse type of woke broadcaster and stands proxy for the rest of them, Emily Witless included.

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  1. It teaches white kids to be ashamed of the skin they were born in, and that all the bad things that dark keys do are all the fault of the honkies.

    It’s psychological torture of white children. East Asian kids are also being targeted. Probably due to their low crime rates and high IQs. Jealousy, like with the honkies. And 4 be 2s too. BLM/CRT cunts aren’t keen on them either if you read their guff, although a few 4 be 2s are at the front of this shit (just commies I suppose). And they’re hurting their own. Clever and hard working types are the targets.. Hmmm. I can see a pattern here.

    Well fuckers, whiteys invented all those useful things like modern medicine, electricity in the home, all modern transport, computers, the internet, space travel, washing machines, fridges, modern farming and food production methods all all kinds of sheet. Despite all our faults, our countries are safer, wealthier and less corrupt than say, oh I dunno, all those fucking dark key countries.

    Idiots like this just need to keep it up, because plenty of people who weren’t racist, will be now because of idiots like her.

    And when enough of them are, they’ll be deporting cunts like this to some African shithole.

    • A faultless summary C.B.

      Can I first add this rider:
      Defining terms – (no CB I’m not being peecee here and I did reply to your JibJabs comment 👍) I mean for the avoidance of any confusion when discussion veers to this subject generally we’ve got to recognise the difference between a “jew” and an “Israeli” or a “Zionist” or a “Semite” or the Israeli state’, they’re all very different and specific things but many jews deliberately transpose one for the other to suit a particular discursive end. They are NOT interchangeable. But that’s the trick, they offer any number of pegs to hang your opinion on and all of them will be wrong as they define. Criticise their annexation policy or their wholesale theft of US military tech or its subsequent sale to China or dog forbid WW1 or 2 and you’re instantly an “anti-Semite”… banned… de-platformed… non personned.

      ” And 4 be 2s too. BLM/CRT cunts aren’t keen on them either if you read their guff…”

      The guff might say that but BLM get a huge part of their funding, media and logisitacal suport from….. yep, hardcore zionist billionaires Soros in particular who housed their offices f.o.c. in one of his buildings in Canada. (why would he do that?)

      “…although a few 4 be 2s are at the front of this shit”

      Oh and how…a few you say? honestly you have no idea how omnipresent they are. Of the 16 top posts in Mumbley Joe’s cabinet 14 are observant Zionist jews, I think Trump had 11. But it goes far deeper than just ‘commies’ and way beyond the controlled left/right paradigm (hate that word) The origins of this go much further back than that CB, we’re talking about a doctrinal biblical hatred that stretches back 5,800 years.
      From Sefaria online / Chabad

      Mitvah 604 –

      “Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt.”

      “It is from the roots of this commandment [that it is] to put into our hearts that anyone who distresses Israel is despised in front of God, blessed be He; and that according to his evil and his great deceptive damage, will be his downfall and bad [occurrences], as you find with Amalek: That due to [the fact that] he committed a great evil to Israel – that he began to harm them – blessed be He, commanded us to ‘destroy his memory from the earth’ and root it out after him, until its end (see Sefer HaMitzvot LaRambam, Mitzvot Ase 189)”

      “in order to not forget the thing, lest the enmity be weakened and be removed from the hearts over the length of time.”

      “But the reason for remembering what Amalek did, is only that the hatred in our hearts not be forgotten.”

      “To blot out his seed from the world: That we were commanded to blot out the seed of Amalek and to destroy his memory from the world – male and female, old and young. And about this is it stated (Deuteronomy 25:19), “you shall blot out the memory (zekher) of Amalek” – as all are included in “the memory.”

      Nice… But who is this Amalek of which you speak Chops you mad cunt?
      Well its…You, me, we… are deemed to be that “Amalek” basically Amalek encompasses the whole white Western Christian people of Earth. The aim is a vestigial population of subservient Noahide slaves. The ducks are being arranged in plain sight.
      Hugely complex subject, difficult reading and with no ‘shallow end’ but yer man Christopher Jon Bjerknes and Adam Green at Know More News are the Jedi level fellahs on this. CJB is a prolific author (banned pretty much everywhere) a bit of a ‘sperg but every single reference he quotes checks true and this thesis has been vindicated by… well… historical and CURRENT fact. Why did Trump (the false Moshiac?) move the US Embassy to Jerusalem? It wasn’t for the view.

      • I always suspected that Kissinger was a total cunt that should never have directed policy in the good old USA
        He’s still alive ,the turtle fetus bat blooded drinking cunt
        You would get sick of there never ending shit
        It must truly kill them that they have to die one day

      • Mecuntry – “I always suspected that Kissinger was a total cunt that should never have directed policy in the good old USA”

        Your suspicions are wholly justified. This hideous 2nd tier, treacherous troll is probably one of the most duplicitous, malintentioned, shit stirring, lethal slabs of flab that ever blighted this planet. The blood of Tens/Hundreds of millions of lives are literally on this bastard’s hands.

        “He’s still alive…”
        Yeah but chin up MeCuntry at least that bacon dodger Sheldon Adleson has gone to meet his maker.

        What did Sheldon say when he arrived in hell?
        “Hi Dad… I’m home!…”

        the turtle fetus bat blooded drinking cunt
        You would get sick of there never ending shit
        It must truly kill them that they have to die one day

  2. Those wigs are so practical. They warn you who to avoid at a distance. They’re like a neon sign saying, ‘Difficult, chippy woman who will play the Race Card at every opportunity’.

  3. No wonder ammunition is hard to come by and is priced so high these days. People are prepping.

  4. Keep it up luv and you’ll be nowt but a wind chime.
    These armchair fascists need obliterating at once.
    Without white Europeans everything that the world depends on wouldn’t exist.
    Thus the hatred and sickening bullshit.
    Fling the jealous bitter cunts into oven.

    • Exactly, it was white people that make the countries & cities they flock too attractive (aside the benefits). Imagine for example Bristol and what it would be like today without Edward Coulson?

      If white man hadnt been innovators and instead sat around all day inbetween shagging the local women and waiting on young daughter coming back from the bison piss filled pond, we would be the same shithole as most of Africa.

      Maybe once our landscape is reduced to the level of their former homeland, they will stop coming to this shithole and stay home. Stopping benefits would be a quicker process. They just don’t like us living the way we do and that’s why they are trying to make us the kind of shithole they like living in, instead of integrating.

  5. The majority have let the race baiters/chip on shoulder brigade take the initiative.
    White racism is a given, any dissent is racist.
    The media under-report instances of black criminality. Constantly.
    Taking the knee is virtuous and any doubts expressed are racist.
    Children are being brainwashed on this (and other issues), any concern is racist.
    Any criticism of such as St Marcus or that odious little cunt Hamilton is racist.

    All this is borne of an inherent, and well deserved, inferiority complex by the race that has contributed the least to mankind’s endeavours.


    • “The majority have let the race baiters/chip on shoulder brigade take the initiative.”

      …because they have not been given the idealogical underpinning it takes to put these cunts in their place.They no longer have the theoretical base, the metapolitical horsepower or the idealogical bus fare to take them on. How has this happened? Easy…

      Post WW2 the right/conservative element became rapidly identified as being fellow travellers with the enemy they’d just defeated. They shit a brick and blubbed no no no… look we embrace mass inward migration from the colonies, we agree with colonial secession etc anything you want but please don’t associate us with the Nazis blub blub… They ejected all their ‘radical’ right wing thinkers and theorists on command and in so doing surrendered their weapons and hobbled their own idealogical horse.
      The left however has never abandoned its ‘radicals’, they may have drifted into the background as the true horror of Soviet state socialism and its drift into Asia became known but they were never expunged or discredited, rather they became the venerated elder statesmen and founding fathers, the “keepers of the flame” The Grima Wormtongues able to constantly feed into the mainstream labour party policy and dialectic.

  6. Just looking at the header pic makes you want to say CUNT 😂

    I am not a racist, oh yes you are, oh no I am not……

    All these cunts want to do is blackwash kids brains, and then confuse the cunts with gender dysphoria, the little cunts will come of school as basket cases.

    PS, Islam and it followers are a pain in the fucking arse even in Islamic countries – Fact!

    • Correct, the cunts can’t even get along over there. Yet we are expected to believe they will integrate with us when they get here?

      Here’s how it works. A few arrive and settle and they lobby your council for a place to carry out peaceful religion worshipping. The council give them one which then attracts more to come to that area (build it and they WILL come).

      As congregation numbers increase, the cunts who couldn’t get along back in the homeland start stabbing each other in the back here. Then they go lobby the council for another house for peaceful religion worshipping (Mr councillor, we is tribal peepoo and dis sometime happen) which your council does as its not wanting to be accused as being waaaaaaaaycist and ending up in the media spotlight.

      The cunts who descended on my town and repurposed a flat roof pub were fighting among themselves long time before they actually pissed off our community and started receiving backlash. The backlash from the town folks was actually the only thing that united these cunts and stopped internal fueding.

      Never a truer saying applies than ‘They’d cause a fight in an empty fucking house’ or in my area, a small flat roof pub the size of a house.

  7. Id debate race issues while using those tentacles on her nut to fashion a make shift noose.
    Thats the with us whiteys.
    Problem solving.
    We could being some food an ale, nice picnic,
    Nowt brings people together like a lynching.😀

    • She is a black Rapunzel, Miserable. Her baby father used her hair to do a runner from the 3rd floor when she asked for child support.

      • I bet she’s had the mutilation (fgm) done. Maybe if they stopped hacking up their kid’s minutes, their men wouldn’t seek western women who can feel and display a sense of pleasure & arousal during sex.

        We fuck for pleasure & purpose of reproduction, they fuck to ease the boredom and it looks more like rape than lovemaking.

      • Bob@
        I once bought a bag of liquorice allsorts,
        And on closer inspection it was a bag of Africunt clits and foreskins!!
        What about that?
        I took the half eaten bag back and got a refund.
        £1.50p the cheeky bastards charged me as well.

  8. The media in America are absolutely astonishing, they don’t even pretend to be impartial. It’s out and out leftie commie crap and downright fucking lies. What did that bitch say? Something about Republicans picking on “transgender youth who just wanna play sports.” No bitch, they wanna play against girls so they can win because they are too weak to compete with males. They also want to be in their changing rooms so they can get an eyeful. They are fucked up and so are you bitch. I imagine if a son of hers came home and said he wanted to be a poof she’d beat the fucking shit out of him.

  9. The trouble is everything has become fluid. Definition has become fluid, if you are not a racist they redefine the meaning of the word to include you.

    The word news is also fluid. When watching news shows you have to be aware it’s not news, it’s opinion pieces built around talking points.

    I watched a thing about words being magical and being powerful once and it seemed like bollocks but turns out it’s true.

    Words can change a man into a woman, words can have you cancelled, words can define you in particular how your words are interpreted by those seeking to be offended on behalf of anyone else in the rush to virtue signal.

    I believe in the power of words, hence I believe established definitions should not be kicked aside for the sake of justifying false narratives.

    Definition of racist? I believe it’s just a single word now ‘White’.

    I didn’t decide to be racist they decided I must be because of my skin colour. My question is do they expect me to lay down and accept it? I don’t, I despise the woke liberal cunts who seem to believe 1984 was an ideal not a warning. Fuck them, I see past the symptoms, I see the disease.


    • A fucking 10 ticky post SixD

      “Words can change a man into a woman, words can have you cancelled, words can define you in particular how your words are interpreted by those seeking to be offended.”

      They say its “political correctness gorn maaaad…” Nope, it’s political correction working exactly as it was designed to.

      • What happened to sticks and stones
        I’m not from this planet anymore. I can’t recognize anything

  10. Looking at the clip, the woman put herself straight into the hands of cunts like Reid by saying ‘I’m not racist’.
    There was no need to even say that, people have a right to question what is taught in schools especially on controversial subjects like race, religion and LGBT issues.

    I wouldn’t want my grandchildren being subjected to any of the above and I don’t have to fucking justify it to race baiters, trannies and religious nuts.

    Maths, English and Science, the rest are just trimmings.

    • Agree Sicky.
      The word ‘racist’ has become the worst thing you can be called.
      It used to be ‘commie’ in 50s America
      ‘jew lover’ in 30s Germany
      ‘Witch’ in 16th century England.
      Its just a bait word.
      The way round it is to claim it first!
      They don’t know how to react as they tend not to have a plan B.
      Say “as a racist I object”
      Or “Im racist, like you”
      Throws them off their game…

    • Exactly Sick of it .
      School is about learning giving one a rounded knowledge base from which to enter the world as an adult
      Unfortunately it’s hijacked by interfering doctrines of shitology
      We will have to fix this at some point in the future and even then some cunt will come up with the idea of woke studies of the early part of the 21st century ,being a university worthy subject to do a thesis .
      They will probably appear on Mastermind as their chosen subject.
      Cunt off from our mind , you ,they ,fluid ,whathefuckever you have nothing to offer only infantile rant

    • You should see the Scottish education curriculum in relation to sex education in schools. It’s been put in place by quite frankly a bunch of weirdo and perverted cunts under the eyes of the SNP & it’s government.
      The worrying thing is that parents don’t have a clue to any of it, yet they will wonder how their child leaves school with little academic qualifications. Of course the school will blame your child’s behaviour or lack of ability
      Meanwhile, the Scottish government rub their hands with glee at the university places it can now sell to the highest Chinese bidders as your kids didn’t meet the entry requirements.

      The curriculum can be found here and there is a drop bar menu where on selecting’levels’ you can see what is acceptable to be taught to what age groups. Older teachers ignore it & fight back however new graduate teachers are falling over themselves to incorporate every aspect they can.

      Here is a link for anyone interested in what kids are being fed in Scotland and probably a similar system exists in other parts of UK…

      • It’s not just the UK
        It’s all and everywhere in the so called western world
        Kids rule OK
        The rest of the not so western world ,are laughing loudly

  11. It is quite difficult to escape CRT in American schools these days. The teaching unions are very powerful and they are all run by commies. The private schools are often the worst of the lot. Rich, white libtard parents are all for this CRT shit. After all, they know lots of BAMES…….their maid, their housekeeper, their gardener, their chauffeur etc etc.
    You can bet your life they don’t pay them a red cent over the minimum wage and are probably part of some tax scam.
    Fucking cunts.

    • “It is quite difficult to escape CRT in American schools these days.”
      …and impossible in the mass media’s output.

      “…The private schools are often the worst of the lot.”
      Agreed, I went to an old school trad private grammar in the 70’s and it was an excellent education. There were two foreign students in the whole school. Five years ago and took my lad along for his enrolment/entry exams. Fuck me sideways, walked into our old assembly hall to be greeted with a sea of foreign faces assembled before the pipe organed stage. “Son, this is not for you.”

      We left…

  12. Cunts like Reid and her ilk love racism. They want people to be racist, they want to keep racism alive, and they don’t want racism to ever die out. Racism defines them and they love playing the victim and pulling the race card.

    All this shit about those who deny being racists are racists proves it beyond doubt that they want people to be racist, so they can feel sorry for themselves and pursue a hate campaign and start a race war against whites. They simply hate white people and are using this to prolong their vindictive vendetta. It is no different to how the Nazi Party stirred up hatred against the Jews. No different at all. Let us hope that there are no special camps for white people in a few years time.

    If there were no racists or racism in this world, cunts like Reid and BLM would invent it or encourage it, and all for their own hateful ends. That disgusting Sasha Johnson cunt was a dab hand at this sort of shit stirring venom. Still, karma came a visitin. So there is hope it might happen again…😉

    • Is Slasha out of hospital yet?

      It’s gone strangely quiet?

      Maybe she’s a cabbage now. To be fair, she was a cabbage before she was shot.

      • The latest report I can find about Slasha is 3 weeks old but no mention of her condition. Not a story you see, it contradicts the narrative. Black kills black not a story at all….ask Suckdick. All part of living in a big city.

      • The thing with cunts like Reid and Johnson is they have a racism fetish, they are obsessed with it. They find it in everything. Packets of microwave rice, cartoons, street names, fictional TV characters, cheese (fucking cheese!🤣), and now they find it in people who have never been racist in their lives and rightfully deny that they are racists. They want it, they need it, they love it. The demise of Chiggen Floyd George by a white cozzer was manna to these cunts. It was just the excuse they both needed and wanted. Cunts.

      • Last stuff you’ll find is the rozzers saying she has ‘profound life changing injuries’ and the media saying she’s had two ops to relieve pressure on her brain. Also,that she’s still in a critical condition. That was about a month ago.

        I’m guessing the family don’t want her condition made public, perhaps they can predict an avalanche of tweets etc., not being, well, entirely on her side, shall we say.

        My guess?


        That is all.

      • “Last stuff you’ll find is the rozzers saying she has ‘profound life changing injuries’ and the media saying she’s had two ops to relieve pressure on her brain. Also,that she’s still in a critical condition. That was about a month ago. ”

        As a Services Manager it’s about now I’d have put in a reccy to the hospital’s maintenance team fit a pre-pay leccy meter to her life support supply. You want her, you pay for her, there’s a post office on the corner, here’s the meter dongle, chop chop coz you’ve got 0.25 kW/hrs left and she’s got an MRI scan in 15mins, big fuck off machine that, 3phase an’all, don’t want it to knock out mod scan do we? …. still here?

    • Agreed Norman. There is no institutionalized racism but there is institutionalized white guilt. Race grifters like Joy Reid must have thought all their Christmases had come at once when The Donald was elected, here was the personification of white supremacy, a bogey man to pin every slight and injustice onto.

      • Bang on the money 👍 He was the perfect place man, the ‘bait ‘n switch’ Judas goat that lead the idiot Trumpanzee and ‘Q’tard right to the cliff edge.

  13. MNSBC is broadcast from Pyongyang. Total communists, we up America otherwise we are all fucked.

  14. Now that everyone and everything is racist i’ll let others decide if i’m one or not. I really couldnt give a fuck.

    People like Joy ride are ten-a-penny and born in vats. Not sure if her foetus had as much alcohol injected as Dawn Butler or Dianne Abbott.

    A fucking dangerous cunt and quick to look the other way when Biden starts blowing up ‘people of color’ in far away lands.

    • “A fucking dangerous cunt and quick to look the other way when Biden starts blowing up ‘people of color’ in far away lands.”

      Biden does as the MIC dictates thus Syria has been under weekly attack by Israel since Joe took office and in fact going back to the December. Trump only gave them 95% compliance, they needed 100% so he had to go.

    • You’re right about her being dangerous, a low iq and easy access to guns often ends badly. Look at Liberia, Haiti, most American cities….. the list goes on and on. For decades an iq test has been regarded as the best objective measure of intelligenge, as an earlier post notes certain groups score significantly higher than average. Conversely some groups and ethnicities display markedly lower iq test scores than the worldwide average. For legal reasons we’ll have to leave it there, do your own research before all scientific papers on the subject are burnt on the internet bonfire for promoting hate-think.

  15. Sciennce is a big problem behind racism. In the Roman Empire there wasn’t any real focus or interest in race. It just wasnt there. In all the Histories (not that I’ve read them) but I am sure it wasnt about race. I know there’s no mention of one race being superior to another in the Caeser’s works. He was just interested in their culture, fighting abilities.
    Speaking of Caeser I suppose Cleopatra as an Egyotian would be classed as a dark key nowadays. But she was beloved by Caeser and Mark Anthony in her time. It wasn’t race back then it was power.
    They weren’t interested in the race thing.
    In the Roman Empire they went out not really to subjugate different races but to make everybody Roman.
    No the whoke thing was fucked by rationalist science in the 17th18th centuries. When there was the movement to categorise different races.the scientific method applied to Man. Darwin is guilty here or rather Darwiism. Darwin misinterpreted.
    That’s where I come from.
    To use Miserable’ very useful phrase. The Roman Empire didnt ‘micro-scrutinise’ everything like we do now.
    The sickness come from a too comfortable lifestyle and boredom.
    All this focus on race and colour is reall a form of navel-gazing.
    In the great gladitorial battle between the black man (eithiopian?) and Spartacus there was no real distinction. We bring to it a black man fighting a white man. But back then it was just two men fighting.

    • Easy on praising the romans Miles!
      Your in the arena after Spartacus an the black lad,
      And your fighting a lion 🦁

      • Remember the RC Church is simply the Roman Empire under a different name, and Miles’ support becomes clearer. Seriously. The Roman Empire never died, it was just asset-stripped by the Goths – whom it then assimilated…

      • Just been thinking Miserable Capt M accused me of being Mr Fiddler’s sock puppet once.
        If Mr Fiddler ever gets in trouble with Admin for any reason would you be prepared to stand up for him like Antoninus does for Spartacus.




        That would be a moving moment.

      • There is a quote from you know who where he says some (something like) ‘The Roman Empire never died…it exists to this hour’.

        Probably in The Everlasting Man.

      • I would have fought heroically Miserable.

        ‘PUT ‘EM UP ‘PUT ‘EM UP’

      • Philip K. Dick. “The Empire never ended.” Valis.

        Roman imperialism, foreign religion – fuck them.

      • The Church of England you would agree RT is the most English of English institutions. The epitome of what it is to be English. Fair, balanced, tolerant. Not to mention cultured. Not to mention high tea and cucumber sandwiches.
        But the polite culturedness, and fairness of the prelates of the CofE trace their origins back to 1st century Palestine.
        How could a religion or culture so foreign become so part of what it is to be English?

      • “Easy on praising the romans Miles!”

        “Nail ’em up I say… nail some sense into ’em… wunnerfull race the Romans…”

    • Sorry Miles but quite apart from the grammatical mistakes, the grotesque examples of non sequitur:and the out-and-out Cobblers’¹ Awls in your errant (but not wholly arrant) contribution, I feel it necessary to point out that:

      ☛ it’s Caesar and not Caeser. That may be a popular brand of cat food, but it’s also a clanger

      ☛ it’s normally spelled “science” and not “Sciennce”

      ☛ (ditto) “Egyptian” and not “Egyotian”

      ☛ generally, its “woke” and not “whoke”

      ¹ how many cobblers and how many awls?

      • Whoke was whole not woke.

        Very lazy.

        I need new reading glasses.

        But but the predictive text said Caeser was ok. But I thought it didnt look right.

        Cobblers to it.

      • Also salient, but unimportant:

        ☛ Although the <a href="“Jack Whomes case remains very interesting, I don’t think Mr Whomes would like to be known as a Conan Doyle creation, cf the Whokey Cokies

        The Bangles was largely a “one hit wonder”

        ☛ your pointed obsession with Mr Fiddler and his putative associated “sock puppet” does not derive any benefit or enlargement of meaning from your bizarre usage of capital letters. Indeed, I am a touch lost there as to your specific meaning altogether; it seems a bit gay to me.

    • Yes the-categories of the human species was the first step in division
      Caucasian, Negriod, Mongoloid
      Before that it was ,how can you benefit me
      It was business in the Roman times

      • All fine words but nevetheless we are staring down the barrel of state assisted ethnic replacement and I don’t want to bequeath that to my boys regardless of who’s slated to be our replacement.

  16. If the Chinese wanted to take over the world they’d get rid of the only man standing up to them with a “ pandemic” that only kills people over 80 and fatties. Then you’d destroy your enemy from within with “racism” while buying up all the choke points of world trade like Suez and Panama while everyone was wondering who voted for a senile, corrupt count sitting , dribbling in the White House

  17. The big problem with idiots like this is that you cannot really properly define racism. Some of them try, but do it to fit their own narrative.

    And is it always a bad thing? Hear me out.

    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you are a particular race and another race in your country has control of all the power and best jobs. They then employ a system of slavery on your people and nothing is done if they rape or beat your people on the street. And it’s all of them doing it to your people.

    Would you then hate all those of that race oppressing you? Of course you fucking would!

    So then, you would be hating people of another race, but it would be based on personal grievances, not on blind and unprovoked hatred.

    Would this make you racist?

    Yes, I think so.

    For me, racism is hating those of another race (not belief!) due to their skin colour/racial features. The level of ‘hate’ may go from a slight distrust, to wanting them wiped out. It may be based on nothing, all the way up to a huge amount of personal grievance. Observing trends and patterns comes into play too, as well as perhaps being misguided at times by those within ‘the extreme right’ or the media/academia as a whole.

    It’s a sliding scale based on experience, cultural norms (what your elders tell you) and observation in my opinion.

    But if, as many say, racism is just blindly hating somebody based purely on them not being of the same race and nothing else, the I would say that there are very few racists in the world.

    Some say it’s also thinking that racial differences exist under the same socio economic and cultural advantages.

    Well that makes me a racist too, because it’s obvious that there are racial differences. How many honkies get sickle cell? East Asians in some regions are more prone to liver and child bone cancers. Why do blacks excel at track events at the Olympic Games?Why do whites excel at swimming events. More controversially, IQ levels by race give differing outcomes by race, even allowing for socio economic differences. These are facts.

    Are facts racist? It would seem so.

    I think the real problem isn’t racism, it’s supremacism. There is little in the way of this from whites, despite what the media tells you (apart from a few lunatics). There is a lot of this though from other races. The Han Chinese and blacks in western countries (who support BLM/race baiting politicians and academics – not all blacks of course) would qualify. Their demeaning or outright hatred of other races is rampant in many cases.

    Yes, they are racists too. But everyone is I think, to some degree going off the many definitions. But it’s not always a ‘bad’ or unjustified reaction.

    Supremacism? Now that’s a different story.

    • I ticked that because it definitely deserves more than one.

      But it’s not always a ‘bad’ or unjustified reaction.

      I’d say it’s an absolutely natural and justified reaction in Darwinian terms. We are pack animals, or if you prefer, tribal. We didn’t get here by allowing other packs’ DNA to supersede our own. I’d go further. It’s hardwired. You may pretend it’s gone (perhaps because you prayed very hard to Wokedin), but it hasn’t, it won’t, and, no matter what race we are, we will always be stuck with it.

      In the Resource Wars (coming soon to a scarce resource near you), racism will be one of the qualities selecting for your survival…

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