John McAfee

Don’t install this. get a proper anti-virus.

Not the person per se (although he was insane) or even his bloated pile of shit software that slows down your computer and does fuck all. The guy posted some weird “I’ll never top myself” content days before apparently killing himself.

Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but when it takes you a few days to find a ‘suicide note’ hidden in… his pocket that’s a bit odd. Eccentric billionaire suicides in prison? Hmm not heard that one before *cough* Epstein *cough*.

Something seems odd about this and I don’t know why, besides the whole suicide note and claiming he would’t do that days before. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

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  1. John McAfee alleged he had Terabytes of incriminating data on some highly placed and influential people harvested from when he was a hacker.
    We live in a world of illusion.

    • If you read between the lines of the things he said over the past 10 years, he clearly knew some truly dark shit about the powerful people in this world. He was smart enough to never blurt those things out in public, but he knew the score. I sometimes wonder if he acted crazy to make the elites think he was harmless, an eccentric pervert, but he held a strong hand of cards, I reckon.

  2. The more I read about this fella, the more I am convinced that is the exact thing he would do. Not only to prove a point but to cause no end of controversy as he was a cunt.

  3. He came on RT after the FBI asked Apple to unlock the phone of some moose limb attacker. He said, give me the phone and me (sic) and my guys will have it unlocked. Three weeks later the FBI said they no longer needed Apple’s services. I want to believe that JM did the job. I like McAfee because he was a bit nuts and I use his (now sold-on) services because (1) they work for me and (2) he’s a fucking legend.

  4. There was a rumour doing the rounds that Donald Trump tried to hang himself.
    Wasn’t true, fake noose….

    • All I knew about him was he was a nut.
      Tinfoil as fuck,
      And couldn’t understand why a very wealthy man with everything to live for could top himself.
      But then I saw a picture of his missus Janice and it all became clear.

  5. Billions seem to A) Make you a colossal cunt B) Magnify the cunt that you already are.
    With that said I’m now working on my 2nd Billion. I gave up on the first.

    • He never had billions. He was worth about $100 million at one point then he lost a heap of that after the 2008-09 crash. This is part of the reason he became crazy. But he was no fool, he’d outsmart all of us keyboard warriors here, but he wouldn’t as he genuinely seemed to care about people, he was a true anarchist libertarian.

  6. I wonder if he could hack the offices of government and their CCTV cameras?

    Weren’t these incidents around the same time? I read somewhere that McAfee had set up a deadmans switch that would start servers spewing out stuff in the event he didn’t sign in. Is there more to come or was he tortured for passwords to halt data flow then killed off anyway?

    The footage on Hancock was apparently from around 6th May but I’m sure McAfee death & footage release were within days of each other.

    Someone of McAfee skills & capabilities that was sitting on terabytes of dirty data would be stupid not to have an insurance policy for the event anything happened to him.

    • Something really stinks about the wanksock footage. I reckon it’s a massive setup to move blame/responsibility to another fucking paid off shill.
      All a bunch of slimy fucking turds floating on top of the rat infested sewer.

    • I reckon that many of us truth-seekers are seen as a virus to be deleted by the “elite”.

  7. Fuck me. IsaC is getting more like fucking Spiveys website every day…..

    Sorry we’ll only allow BLM/Meghan Markle posts from now boss. – Grammar Police Admin Detective Librarian

    • Personally I have no idea what to think of this but one should always ask questions.

    • Sorry DA, it’s not the nom, it’s some of the replies, everything is a conspiracy. As for Markles and BLM, I’d be a happy man if I never heard of either again.

      No worries, we’re trying to limit both subjects to once a week at most as they’re beyond tiresome. Nothing I can do about people expressing their opinions freely in the comments unless they break the rules – DA

      • Gutstick@
        Ok, wheres the real Gutstick?
        Your obviously either a actor paid by the elites or a agent of SPECTRE.
        Your keeping the real one in a military hangar in New Mexico aren’t you?
        Cloning him?
        On to you lot, well spring the real one free,
        Truth will out!
        Howd you like your Kool Aid?

      • You’re not alone GJ. 🙄

        You’ll be delighted to know we have no more conspiracy based posts until at least the end of the weekend. Bar one that could turn into it (links a bit potentially to frazzledrip). If anyone is bored with similar content the answer is simple, nominate something interesting! We can only post what people suggest. – DA

      • @DA – I’ve been thinking of nominating ISAC Admin – for not putting Kweer Starmer on the Great Wall Of Cunts.

        After 14 cuntings and still no appearance, I can’t decide whether such an omission is due to conspiracy or simple apathy.

        Perhaps I’ll have a stab at it later tonight.

        I’d highly recommend about not pissing off the boss. It’s basically suicide. – DA

      • Sound advice, DA – best not get on the wrong side of ***** 😀

        I edited that for your own safety. I’m nice – DA

      • @ DA – I was referring to Springsteen (the boss). bizarre coincidence, if that’s what it is…

  8. A mate of mine hung himself after the fight against his inner demons took its toll.
    At least he went out swinging….

  9. This cloak and dagger shit is becoming really amateurish.
    Like the Russian assassins who were just visiting Salisbury Cathedral.
    James Bond they ain’t.
    For fuck’s sake, if you’re going to silence some cunt at least have a decent cover story.

    • Having just come back from Salisbury, I don’t know why they fucking bothered. Everyone looked like they’d been poisoned.

  10. My favourite conspiracy theory is the Georgi Markov poison tipped umbrella one. It doesn’t get much more James Bond than that.

    As for John McAfee, he was one of the last rich eccentrics, a bit like Howard Hughes Jr.

    • Clipped in the calf by a Bulgarian brolly dolly was he Harold?
      I remember it well – that umbrella cost me a tenner and they wouldn’t let me have it back! 😀

      • My favourite conspiracy is the shadowy elites that meet to drink blood under a pizza shop.
        No secret bases in Bavarian castles or extinct volcano,
        Pizza shop it is.
        Think Environmental health would put a stop to it?

    • Jaywick gets a bum deal. If it was full of sooties, and not 100% white working class, then you’d never hear the end of it.

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