Swiss Democracy Vs UK Democracy

Democracy in the UK.

Power to the people it most certainly is not. Wurzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally decide what is going to happen. Vote Brexit and get Net Fucking Zero instead.

It has to be said that UK democracy is anything but. It doesn’t have to be like this. Switzerland have a wonderful system of referendums letting the voters decide policy. I’ll repeat that to let it sink in – voters deciding policy. Can you imagine that? Your vote actually meaning something.

In a recent referendum, which included the following subjects, common sense prevailed as voters rejected climate change bollox, voted for a ban on burqas, and rejected the idea of a national electronic ID amongst other things.

Can we have democracy like this in the UK please Mr Gummidge – Aunt Sally won’t mind, honestly….

Swiss Democracy in Action

Nominated by: mikdys

69 thoughts on “Swiss Democracy Vs UK Democracy

  1. Harry Lime: In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed. They produced Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.

    • Sad to say, it was the Bavarians that gave the world the cuckoo clock.
      A decent win on euro millions, I’d be back in CH like William Tell’s arrow.
      They get a lot of voter participation; hold a referendum on a Sunday, it’s something to do, and they are efficient at it.
      Give blood in GB and you get tea and Rover assorted; do it in CH and you get air-dried meat.
      Do I bang the drum for Switzerland?
      Of course I do!! Europe without the Brussels sprouts. CH fought off the Habsburgs, it’ll see of the fucking cunts in Brussels.

      • 43% kirsch is excellent.
        OK, I admit the invented instant coffee…

        Spellcheck REALLY has a prob with the word “off”, as in “see off”…

    • Yes VF, democracy is indeed a “mirage of choice”

      Vote Tory, get Marxism

      Also Switzerland has more firearms per head than the “good ole US ofA”, the cunts know this fact!!!

  2. The greater the democracy the greater the chaos. Government is too complex to turn over every decision to a plebiscite. Nothing would get done. Even in the Swiss model of direct voter participation, which I agree sounds good, there is significant voter burn out with most voters not bothering as they are bored of constantly having to vote. The fewer the people that vote the less representative the decision.

    Our system is probably the best compromise – as long as the politicians listen to the electorate. I agree that’s the nub of the problem – they often don’t listen. But if they realise they are at risk of getting voted out, perhaps they’ll listen.

    • Agree with you there, Marvellous, Mechnical Cunting Machine. The drawback we have in the UK, currently, is that there is no credible opposition.

      We have opposition parties with nutty fucks like Layla Moron, Diane ‘ Gibs Muh Dat Chiggun’ Abbot, Angela ‘Tits’ Rayner, Jess ‘Rancid Haddock’ Phillips and Jonathan ‘Poison Hobbit’ Ashworth. You simply couldn’t imagine more unsuitable representatives of the electorate.

    • Perhaps we could have 2 referenda per year on the hot topics of the day,as decided by The Sun.
      Anything to shake the greasy cunts in politics right up is a winner for me.

    • Listen to the voters, alien concept to British politicians which is why all I do in the voting booth is write “None of these fucktards” on the ballot paper. Immigration out of control for 30 odd years pointless wars that cost billions plus the human price. In Afghanistan the taliban will be back in charge in a couple of months. Iraq is a toilet likewise Libya. U.K. gives millions to other countries in aid especially Pakistan what the fuck for? Always prided myself on staying in touch with U.K. politics and would carefully consider my vote basically spent the last 40 years as a mug. Fuck them all,

  3. Lewis Hamilton lives in Switzerland for tax avoidance purposes.
    The Swiss have suffered enough.

    • I thought the odious little cunt lived in Monaco? Tax dodger – which, I believe, is why he hasn’t got the knighthood he thinks he deserves. I will lobby for his knighthood as long as he has a serious F! crash first.

      • Poor Lewis, got a bit of abuse after trying to put Vestappen in the morgue, not much on MSM here because I guess most of it came from Dutchland.

      • Excellent news DA!

        Could you also publish a list of the words you eventually unban, save us wasting time trying to avoid them in future. Thanks.

        We’re currently debating it a bit, but we can do that later in a comment. – DA

      • Afternoon RTC, yes I have seen a few things, but nothing on the scale of the three penalteers 😂

        Verstappen was pissed off at him celebrating while he was in hospital, the sanction he got was only the second least race penalty the stewards could award, but I guess that’s where black privilege comes in useful 😉

      • LC@ – Hamilton went to Luins in Switzerland for tax avoidance purposes, “lives” in Monaco and used the Isle Of Man to avoid paying 16.5 million tax.
        Class act.

  4. Switzerland has a written constitution. There is absolutely no way any politicians or thinkers in this country could be trusted to come up with one. It would be full of the latest bullshit like trans and climate change. Its a good idea to wish for, but it would be far worse than your worst nightmare if you let the cunts loose on it.

    • It’s shocking that the UK doesn’t have a written constitution, we have been all over the power of the pen and paper over the centuries. I live in Scottishlandshire and one of the things that would make me vote for independence is if a constitution was drafted and redrafted until it was watertight righteous and just, but Sturgeon would never go for that as she thinks we are all drunken plebs who’d be happy to live in her Stasi nanny state shithole.

  5. More referenda? What, like the way the Brexit and Jock ones turned out? They really worked didnt they.
    Consider a burqua referendum. Overwhelmingly against the wearing recorded in a free vote on Thursday. By Friday the result would be taken to court, voters smeared as racists and a few 100 thousand cunts marching in London.
    We are not the Swiss.

  6. U.S. president’s plane ‐ Air Force One.
    Swiss president’s plane ‐ Tobler One…

    • Toblerone is said, on account of its triangularity, to be somewhat macconique / freirmauerische…

  7. We are royally fucked in Britain. How long before it all breaks down? Migrant raping your women,see cologne for a taster, riots,looting,parliament on fire….it can happen cunters and maybe in a perverse way it needs to in order to shake these lying,devious,greedy cunts up.

    • And you won’t be able to escape as you won’t have a fucking car – only the rich and privileged will have a leccy car.

      • Never thought of that angle. They outlaw petrol and diesel cars, make electric cars expensive as fuck so that only “they” can afford them and when Europe becomes a hellscape, you can’t flee to safe havens (not that they will exist either). We’ll all be monitored 24/7 (that’s already underway) and stay at home most of the time and any travel has to be granted by government permission in advance as they do in Russia presently.

        The future is going to be very banal if not very violent.

  8. This would be great if the options on the ballot paper could be, for example:

    Should we introduce mental levels of taxation to pay for the PM’s insane programme of green bollocks?

    1. Yes


    2. Fuck Off, cunts X

  9. Switzerland, cuckoo clocks, swiss army knives, yodelling,
    They have us fuckin muesli and in retaliation we gave them Phil Collins.
    Just because they ducked WW2 doesn’t mean theyre cowards just that theyre a bit gay.
    Bunch of bankers.

    • Come on MNC, get your collective nouns right.

      Wunch of bankers, not bunch of bankers.

    • Not forgetting Swiss Toni from the Fast Show and the Swiss Family Robinson.

  10. Visiting a Swiss city was an upsetting revelation for me. No street litter, no excessive noise after 10, predominantly white and a calm atmosphere permeating everywhere. Coming back home I felt like I had just been evicted from another superior civilisation.

    As for democracy. Pfft. We’ve never had it in the UK. Total sham. Votes mean nothing against party political machinery, ‘The City’, aristocrats, and the ruling class generally, all of which compromise your future PM before you’ve even fucking heard of him!

    Democracy as far as I’m concerned is just a buffer between the public and ruling class. It gives them space not to have to interact or show their faces, as they use political puppets instead, and also a time buffer to allow them time to figure out how to subvert the public more permanently.. which we are now seeing play out.

    • I spent a weekend in Basel about 10 years ago, I was surprised at the amount of Graffiti, I thought would be chav free but sadly not, mind you it is a border city so I guess that might explain it

      • Fully restored 😂😂

        I think I am getting heat stroke, fucking global warming, why didn’t we listen to Greta.
        Just back from Aldi, the good citizens in my area were fully masked, me too, the exception were three young (19/20 ish) birds in summer gear. Great having the mask they couldn’t see me doing the Les Dawson pout 😂👍👙

        Masks should be mandatory for dirty old lecherous cunts.

      • Its like the surface of the sun here☹️
        Its disgusting.
        Even the Foreign legion wouldn’t willingly go out in this heat.
        I blame the foreigners.

      • Cuntstable Cuntbubble swears by them, especially in the lingerie department of M&S.

      • Switzerland is not without it’s w*g problems like the rest of Europe. Every big city has it’s “integration problems” especially Geneva. On mainland Europe they tend to mark their territory with graffiti, as noted above, which is a helpful guide. If you see it don’t try and translate it just get the fuck out of there. I bet they didn’t have a referendum on that.

      • I can just see the scenario, a M&S security guard ‘take off that mask Mr Cuntstable, I can hear your leering underneath’ 😂

      • Mis, if it wasn’t for China, India and the US we would be 2 degrees cooler, you are right, blame the foreigners.

    • TBCC@ – that sounds like Germany before islam. Our kid was stationed there with the army – no littering, no jaywalking, no anti social behaviour, no excessive or unreasonable noise.
      And strictly enforced.
      Vile filthy shithole with uncontrolled crime and Women not safe to walk the streets – if only I could work out what happened to bring this change..

  11. Due to current economic circumstances I’ve been forced to take a job as a cuckoo in a large cuckoo clock.
    It’s not great but it gets me out of the house….

  12. Doesn’t sound too popular an idea then, here at least.

    Oh well, here’s to: electric cars, overhead wires on the motorways to run electric trucks, more “green taxes”, vastly increased fuel tax, gas boilers banned, and that old chesnut “unfettered immigration” and all the whole good old China will carry on burning the planet up regardless. 👍

  13. My sister lives there.

    Was invited and went over in February last year, my son skiing for the first time.

    The most expensive place by fucking miles that I have ever been to.

    Three bread and soups, three glasses of wine and three coffees- around £100. One lift pass to the top of the mountain and back down again £50 per person. One course lunch at the top for 5 people around £150.

    Supermarket prices on average 5-6 times UK prices.

    Mind you, minimum salary Switzerland equates to around £40k for a 40 hour week. Great idea- as it keeps out the scum they don’t want as they cant afford the food.

    I woulds like the peoples of this country to be given the chance to vote on certain items here, but most in this country thick as shit, and reckon we are outnumbered now anyway,

    • I lived in Switzerland for four years at the start of this century. It was expensive then but the exchange rate was still about GBP/CHF 2.50. Now it’s GBP/CHF 1.30 which means it’s really expensive.

      One of the companies I worked on employed a filing clerk at CHF 70k per year!

      • When I first landed in CH, I think exchange was about 4.25/£.
        It’s a work haed/play hard system, but, as when my ex phoned their embassy in London about immigrating, their response was “So long as you’re not coming to sponge, that’s fine!. “
        A shame that GB is now so bloody WET, I just want to pick it up, and wring it out…

  14. I’ve been saying since I was a lad that referendum politics was the answer. With the system we have now, you either vote for the right-wingers or you vote for the left-wingers, or you vote for someone you know isn’t going to win. And with the inevitable extremists on either side, you’re voting for a package made up of things you agree with and also things you don’t.
    Politicians wouldn’t be there to decide policy, they would be there to implement it. And those who found that too difficult could opt for a different career.

  15. Communists run England now.AKA the SAGE and Onion party.Doris has no spine.The loony left are woke.We are all screwed

    • Am convinced that Doris must’ve washed ashore like one of those jellyfish colonies.

  16. Another thing to consider, is the intelligence level of a worrying amount of the UK population. People who believe that His Holy Saintliness Marcus Rashford actually physically feeds children ( I’m not fucking kidding ). Or believe in man made climate change or that swathes of forgotten black men stormed the Normandy beaches etc etc etc. Would you want them voting on policy? It’s bad enough they can vote in elections. At least politicians are largely just lying, corrupt, sneaky fuckers as opposed to downright thick. Flabbot being the obvious exception because she’s all of the above.

    • Britain is a nation of mongs these days. It was bad in the 90s, but the last few years have seen a massive upswing in out-in-the-open spastics who won’t shut the fuck up and wake the fuck up. This decade will be like no other in history.

    • One thing that was quite heartening in a recent vox pop was that many people have no realisation of who Rear Stormer is…

  17. The Swiss also don’t have a migrant problem, largely because they pay people decent wages to do shit jobs. Naturally it means higher prices, like £9 for a coffee or £13 for a beer. But the person serving it to you is getting a decent wage and can actually keep a family off it. The tax burden is also lower, as more people are in work and less migrant spongers showing up, means no leeching from the system.

    That, and Nazi gold of course.

    • Even cradle-Swiss don’t get much out of their dole system. Beyond about a year, and you are cut off…

  18. I’m waiting for one of Blair’s disciples to tell us that “technology” (= digital systems) could actually be applied to enhancing democracy as well as automating human jobs and conducting wall to wall surveillance of every aspect of civilian life. That you wouldn’t actually have to buy the latest singing, dancing, masturbating electronic box or its virus-lite apps in order to participate in a referendum, or tell your rulers to fuck off when appropriate. That in point of fact all it would need would be some rather simple software bolted onto existing authentication procedures…

    I’ll be waiting a damn long time, though. That really would derail the political gravy train.

    I have to say, though, that the thought of some of my neighbours and acquaintances having any say at all in national policy is a frightening one. Also, the process of weeding out the mental cunts would be open to accusations of political antilunatism so I guess we’ll just have to struggle on with what we’ve got.

    • I reckon there will be some 2nd hand, slightly soiled Dominion machines available soon…
      Complete with Marxist software bundled in.

  19. Sounds idealic to me. I feel like im going mental repeated the same time over and over. This shit would sort it, referendum on Tony Blair first to swing.

  20. It’s all a bile of cunt
    Who’s kidding who
    Some Globalists guidance of behaviors
    After all aren’t they the same cunts that got us to this point
    It’s a shitfest ,that our normality is questionable
    Fuck off and guide the do good cunts ,that have made fuckwits saints
    Illogical, irrational thinking is the insanity we endure taking the joy from what’s left of our soul on a daily basis
    Chip by chip , we must obey and comply
    Fuck em for they know fuck all

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