Gary Lineker (16)

Do I need to actually add a caption to this?

Its just been revealed the Linekunt took a 400 grand pay cut. Goodness me the crispy old cunt must really be on the breadline now, Tuesday’s report showed he earned £1.36m in the 2020/21 financial year, down from £1.75m.

It really must be a struggle making ends meet for the jug eared arse.

To think mine, yours, our license fee goes on paying “stars” such as this, this much money on a public broadcasting service boils my piss.

Not to mention Zoe “i only got jobs because of my Daddy” Ball on over £1m as well.

Fuck Al-Beebira, fuck the Linekunt…the only thing that can stay thats associated with him is a bag of Walkers.

Prawn cocktail or roast chicken preferably.

Fuck off FA Cup tabs.

Nominated by: GeneralZod 

41 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (16)

  1. He is paid by the commercial arm of the BBC-he also has other companies ( set up for “tax management”) that are paid by commercial enterprises.

    I would not resent any of this, if he stuck to fucking football-all this faux SJW shit us so transparent.

    He is the epitome of CUNT👎

    • Anyone else would get done for IR35 issues. Not our Gary, he is special. Gets an exception as he speaks out about how pro immigrant he is.

  2. You can tell a lot about a man from the company he keeps.

    Linekunt has managed to work his way through two wives, none of whom are anywhere near the scene anymore.

    I suspect the prick is as utterly insufferable in his private life as is his TV and media persona.

    Still, the Al Ja Beeba loves him. Someone has to.

  3. Anybody with a brain would take his piss easy money, be grateful and keep his mouth shut about things he knows fuck all about.
    Not this cunt. He thinks his money makes him morally superior to the rest of us and gives him the right to pontificate. All those years mixing with the poshboys at the BBC hasn’t helped…….I bet he thinks he’s one of them. Little does he know they laugh at him behind his back. I mean, what kind of school did he go to and his middle name is Winston? How terribly, terribly proletarian.

  4. Lineker may well be a Cunt-Extraordinaire but the thought of him being replaced by that appalling old trout,Emma Hayes,or one of those barely comprehensible Sooties doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Is Frank Bough still available?..he’d sharp whip them into shape.

    • Fuck me, Dick, erudite, as usual. Imagine that vile old windbag spouting forth her uneducated shite ‘Opinions’ on Match Of The Day. Same goes for the rest of her wimmin colleagues. Lineker may be a goat-jugged, moralising cunt, but at least the cunt’s played the game at the highest possible level so his views and observations are valid on football. Still a slimy cunt, though.

      Morning, Dick, and everyone.

      • I daresay in extremis they would get Clare Balding to black up. Yesterday the BBC announced their long running Wireless 4 “comedy”quiz Just A Minute (or The Paul Merton Show) which has run for 54 fucking years isn’t bring buried with it’s presenter Nicholas Parsons, who introduced it from the start till Jan 2020, but will from now on be introduced by Sue “Dykie” Perkins – who seems to think those black horn rimmed specs makes her lock clever, though she is in fact as dim as a glow-worms armpit.

      • Morning,DCI

        Hayes is almost as bad as Claire Balding…at least he seems to have disappeared…probably in training to fight Tyson Fury in a 36 round ,bare-knuckle,below-the-belt-biting encouraged, Battle Of The Big -Boys Bout…I don’t hold out much hope for Tyson,tbh…I’ll be surprised if he lasts the first round before Claire cock-slaps him into a coma.

    • Even ITV took her off commentary duties after the debacle of her trying it (they let her do it twice, the mad cunts!). She fucking never shut up. And made people turn off what was a classic match. Not even kidding, she made it unwatchable. The real commentator couldn’t get a fucking word in. Constantly googling useless stats and gobbing off as though they were her own. Guardian et al fell for it though.

      I’d rather they brought back David Icke to tell us the German number 6 is really an illumiati space lizard, and that if the striker can summon the energy of a ‘Godhead’, perhaps through Mr Icke’s turquoise shell suit, then maybe they’ve got a chance.

  5. Speaking of football cunts the US Wimminz “sakker” team played their first game at the Olympics on Tuesday. Three of them stood for the National Anthem the rest took the BLM knee.
    They lost 0-3 to Sweden so fuck them!

    • Hopefully the Swedes didn’t take the knee, but ignored the cunts. Those bints who ignored the national anthem – especially in the hugely patriotic US of A – should be banned for representing their country!

      As for the resounding defeat, no doubt they will blame the Swedes for white privilege, innit

      Chiggun all round!

      • God bless the Swedes. I didn’t see it but sincerely hope they didn’t kneel. The 3 Americans who didn’t kneel should get medals,the rest deported to Algeria.

      • When I think of a Swedish ladies football team, I imagine myself as the coach of 11 hot blonde birds in a porno. (Dressing room scene) “You know what? Nobody likes a hard tackle from behind…except you lot.” (cue 70s porn music right I’ve got the ‘orn now).

        The reality is probably a bunch of Fatima Whitbread/Claire Balding lookalikes who could kick the shit out of you at any moment for anything deemed ‘sexist’ (being male qualifies).

  6. Linekunt is a protected species at the beeb. Fuck knows why.
    What does he do that nobody else can? He’s wooden, sees himself as some sort of comedian, has an (allegedly) dubious past regarding women, a seemingly not entirely honest relationship with HMRC and is one of the most unpopular men in Britain. Yet the beeb regard him as a star performer. We’re constantly reminded that he is, in fact, not a bbc employee, so why keep him and why on so much of our money? Mr Fiddler is right though. The alternative when he does go will be ghastly. It most certainly won’t be a seasoned professional white male replacement. Black, wimminz or more Linekunt. What a fucking choice!

    • Linekunt’s replacement will be that Alex Scott bitch. She’s the big BBC favourite right now.
      By then we’ll all be saying, well at least it’s not some hairy slag wearing a hijab.

      • She’s the best of a bad lot. And to be honest she’s easy on the eye, and talks about the same amount of pointless drivel as the more seasoned male pundit cunts.

        And yes, I would love to take her up the penalty box!

      • It’s the fact that she’s spouting shite about something she’s never done, I find most offensive. She’s NEVER played at the top level, ie, any mens league, yet we’re supposed to take her seriously? It’s a bit like me critiquing a HEMS doctors intubation technique.

        ‘I like the way you held the laryngoscope, but the bougie technique was a bit off par, doc’…

        For fuck’s sake.

      • She’s thick as fuck though. And says ‘actually’ a lot.

        “He’s actually played well, actually, and scored all them goals and went to the top of the goalscorer charts.”

        Still, I’ve heard continuity announcers with the ‘nain nah nee nain’/’blud fam’ accents, so why not Alex Scott?

        Just have done with it and get some cunt from an isolated African tribe on, who uses ‘clicks and pops’ for a language.

      • Well she’d certainly be better to look at but she’d bore every fucker to death about her 1569 England caps.

      • Apparently, according to Lineker, if you have a problem with Alex Scott, then you are part of the problem.


  7. He knows he is universally despised by all and sundry. But he retaliates with that incredibly irritating smug grin of his, which he has probably patented and copyrighted in order to squeeze a few more quid out of people.

    We have an ISAC Wall of Cunts, but what we really need is something even better: a Champions League Wall of Cunts, for cunts who go above and beyond absolute cuntishness, And this cunt would be my instant 1st choice!

    Oxford English Dictionary.- “Cunt”: Gary Fucking Lineker

    • Good Idea, maybe a poll. Linekunt would be up there as would, in my opinion Claudia Winkelcunt, Vanessa Cunt, etc.

  8. I don’t get his “never been booked” thing. He was a right fouling cunt in the 80s it’s just that refs at the time were more lenient.

      • His lack of bookings was due to the fact that refs didn’t want to go near him because of the smell of shit emanating from his shorts.

      • Did Linekunt ever make a tackle ? Most of his goals were scored inside the 6 yard box. Goal hanging cunt. He only scored so many England goals because the likes of Waddle, Barnes and Beardsley put it on a plate for him. Glad he didn’t surpass Bobby Charlton’s record as most of his goals were probably scored from outside the box. Finished his England career by failing to help England qualify for USA ’94 and his last minute as an England player was being subbed because he was past it.

      • Plus him being the golden child left that arsenal striker (Alan smith or something) warming the bench half the time after Lineker was well past it then fucked off to Japan.

  9. He thoroughly deserves the ultimate IsAC accolade of National Cunt. Truly one of the most insufferable cunts in the country.
    Is that story about him shitting himself on the pitch actually true by the way? I always thought itwas an urban legend. Fucking hilarious if true!

  10. Nominated only 16 times on ISAC website. It feels like far more. He’s a can of can’t and no mistake.
    Morning, General Zod. 🙂 Morning all. 🙂

  11. A truly degenerate little turd and megacunt of galactic proportions. I’d love to watch this wokeflake cockrag trying to escape from Unkle Terry’s oven while I slowly turned the dial up to 100000000……


    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse:

    Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker is to front a new ITV cash giveaway gameshow entitled Sitting on a Fortune, it was confirmed on Thursday.

    Yes, he is, isn’t he.


    • Working prime time on the BBC’s traditional ‘rival’ channel. Taking viewers/potential customers away from the BBC?

      Signing a contract with the rival would’ve meant the end of you on the channel once upon a time.

      Not him though. Is there any fucking channel he won’t be on now?

      He must have secret vids of the BBC bigwigs sucking off donkeys or summat.

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