Hunter Biden’s “art”

This spawn of a cunt is a case study of a pathetic, fucked up, spoiled politikid who has refused to become a man.

With daddy covering his sorry ass his whole life, he has had no incentive to grow up and take any adult responsibility. His daddy is obviously as good a dad as he is president.

Now Hunter is a pawn for funnelling money to his daddy Joe “Big Guy” Biden. Turns out he paints artwork that admittedly is worthy of a decent hotel room wall. However, art that would normally cost about the same as the frame and glass is being sold for up to $500,000.00!

Any idiot will instantly see what is going on here. The content of his laptop he neglected might be worth that but not his artwork. This tactic is just like Hillary Clinton filtering her pay offs through her family foundation (allegedly – NA). Those payments dried up the day after the 2016 election for some reason.

The list of reasons Hunter is a chrome plated cunt is quite long but this proves he is unrepentant in his choice to be a tool of alleged corruption under his daddy’s protection. A sad piece of human garbage. That whole family is nothing but losers with old Joe setting the tone for that legacy to continue unchanged for generations to come.

In opinion most of his art looks like something growing in a petri dish.

Hunter’s art raises ethical concerns

(Additional link provided by Night Admin because he hates the Biden clan too – NA)

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54 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s “art”

  1. If you want to see how controlled Wikipedia is, check out Hunter Biden’s page there, “whitewashing” isn’t strong enough a word…

    And try to watch this Hunter Biden “interview” on chat show bellend, Jimmy Kimmel…

    Hunter Biden is a full-spectrum degenerate and he gets presented as a tragic victim who is “on a journey like the rest of us” like he is 1990s Robert Downey Jnr or something.

    America has fallen, no one on the left or right can disagree with that now.

    • I read in the Telegraph that Wiki has gone the way of most MSM, and is now being “managed” by Lefty/Woke volunteers all too keen to erase shit they don’t like, while embellishing stuff that might be deemed negative to their narrative.

      • The “9/11 conspiracy theories” page used to be waaaaay different ten years ago than what it is now. It used to just lay out the creepy facts of what happened before, during and after 9/11 and you were left to draw your own conclusions, but now everything has a preface and postscript reminding you that this is a “conspiracy theory” that holds no water, ie. only weirdos in their basement eating Pop Tarts believe this nonsense. “IT WAS BIN LADEN FROM CAVE, YOU TINFOIL LOSERS!!!”

        Never ever trust a Wiki article on anyone or anything with even a whiff of controversy as it will have been written by shills and
        gatekeepers. Someone needs to start a superior version of Wikipedia and YouTube that just lets the truth be told because the whitewashing, brainwashing and handwashing these days is off the charts.

      • “Never ever trust a Wiki article on anyone or anything with even a whiff of controversy as it will have been written by shills and gatekeepers.”

        …in concert with and under the direction of the I.D.F.’s Unit 8200 and the A.D.L. of B’nai brith.

        “Someone needs to start a superior version of Wikipedia and YouTube that just lets the truth be told…”

        Youtube is useless for anything other than faggoty make-overs, shitty kitty vids, watching fat hyperactive incel gamers or the odd usefull instructional on how to strip a pre-unit BSA gearbox.

        BRAND NEW TUBE is attempting to be that platform…
        …they will NOT censor. What that means is that there are inevitably a tranche of flat Earthers, hollow Mooners but not many ‘Q’Tards thank fuck.
        Parler, Gab, D-Live all compromised by the ‘left handed eskimos’, Bitchute held out longer than most but has now been fully ‘smurfed’ by those we do not speak of, those who cannot be named!

        because the whitewashing, brainwashing and handwashing these days is off the charts.

        But despite the remorseless suppression of the truth and it’s attndant inconvenient facts, Yewtube’s CEO Susan Diane Wojcicki (smurf) has just given a “Freedom of Expression Award”… to HERSELF!!!

        Clicked link and scrolled down. First post Hitler, second post zombie apocalypse, then covid vaccines are the apocalypse/genocide, Judy Mikovitz. I think I’ll give it a miss. – DA

  2. He (allegedly) used his naughty paintbrush to splash some magnolia onto the faces of several unfortunate 12 year old chinese girls.
    Amazing that both the President and his worthless son have an alleged interest in underaged girls, the pair of dorty feckers.

  3. Different cunting but how long after his “adventures of a ginger loon” book is released will Harry Halfwitt Hewitt face the Royal music ? To continually besmirch your family there’s got to be comeback somewhere along the line

  4. It looks like the consequence of a long night on cheap gin and stale crisps.
    Or should that be a briefcase full of Ukrainian Prang and stale crisps.
    Bleugh! $Half a million, please.

  5. Art critic (critiquing Hunter “masterpiece”) – “No doubt you are attempting to portray the pent up frustrations of modern society”?

    Hunter – “No. I was just trying to paint a fanny”.

  6. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but Hunter Biden is dodgy as fuck and it’s all silence from the media about his antics hmm.

    If one of trumps kids did what he had done it’d be in the news for months.

    • Just wondering how Donald Jr managed to buy a $9.2M Florida mansion. Maybe selling those $500 videos (on behalf of Daddy’s return to the WH) helped. Lotta videos….

      None, repeat, none of these cunts are innocent or clean. They don’t rise to the top by being honest, decent or truthful.

      • Trump and his family are shady, but the Clintons, Bushes, Bidens are just unreal with their careers in corruption and decades of degeneracy. Trump and Don Jnr are least funny and entertaining and drop truth bombs on live TV. It’s all theater, it has been theatre for a long time, “freakshow” is maybe more accurate.

    • Well, the media don’t really go after anyone in politics anymore. Hunter Biden is a first-rate degenerate, he’s dragged the country into the gutter and down the sewer, but he gets presented as the “tragic victim of drugs” who is now “on a journey like the rest of us”. It’s not even funny anymore, it’s just vile.

      • George Carlin said ‘when you are born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America you get a front row seat’
        Seems about right.

  7. Talking of “alleged” Peter-Files, a 31 year old Everton foottballerist has been suspended after being arrested for “extra curricular” activities. ALLEGEDLY
    31 eh? who could that be then?

    According to Evertons stats, there are 2x players of that age in the first team/squad:

    Fabian Delpth (Black)
    Guilfi Siguirdsen (spp.) (White)

    Gentlemen: Place-your-bets……

    • Fabian “I’m villa till I die or until I get a better contract to play 20 minutes a season” Delph? Surely not he has integrity.

      • Fabian Of The Yard was a 1950s TV series. (Bruce Seaton played him – yes, I am that fucking old!)

        Given everything gets recommissioned these days perhaps they are thinking of Fabian IN The Yard.

  8. The Bidens are as bent as fuck, the whole fucking lot of them, even worse than the Clintons. However they do have the advantage of an ultra compliant media corps who think the sun shines out of their bent arses.
    I hope Hunter bumps into Sparkletits and gives her a good shagging while Harry the cuckold films it on his phone. That scenario has a definite appeal to me…. but then i’m a bit of a cunt.

    • I’d have to disagree that the Bidens are worse than the Clintons.
      Take a look at
      May make you reconsider your comparison.
      I’m in no way saying the Bidens aren’t as bent as a corkscrew, but I think the body count may be lower.
      Seriously, if you’ve never run across the aforementioned site, it’s a fascinating read.

  9. Given that Maricopa County and a number of other Counties and States are uncovering more and more evidence of the communist coup in America I imagine Hunter and Daddy will need that cash for when they are on the run.
    The move to decertify is gathering pace.

    Vernon, if you want to resubmit your FOI nomination in a way that won’t get us done for libel, please feel free. It wasn’t bad, it was just that we didn’t want to get sued. – DA

    • DA@ – no worries, having difficulty grabbing the various FOI responses as they are jpeg images with no way I can think of linking them for evidential purposes – I shall scratch my head and come up with something, the evidence needs to be displayed in the nom.
      (Avoids legal action that way!😀👍)

  10. I will be very interested to learn how Snifer Biden and his cohorts commemorate 9/11 in a couple of months time given that the cunts that did the dirty were “not white” and “not American” and “not Democrats”

    As for Hunter – he is a cunt, but he is connected, just like Chelsea Clinton. They can do whatever the fuck they want knowing full well they’ve got daddy to fall back on when big dollops of shit hit the fan!

    • I’ve been pondering what the 9/11 commemoration will be like in September. It’s a Saturday, so no excuses for being too busy. I envision the mother of all word-salads.

    • Can’t be named, unlike Cliff Richard who had helicopters over his hoose on live TV and Paul Gambaccini who was hauled oot his hoose at 5am and we all knew about it by midday. And it was all bollocks, good men dragged through the muddy pits of Hell.

  11. Our bedroom wall is covered with paintings like this. My 6 year old granddaughter churns them out.
    Half a mill a pop, eh?

  12. ““I don’t paint from emotion or feeling,” Biden said in the interview….

    Of course you don’t … because like your father you have none

  13. I’ve seen more creative artwork drawn in shit on the walls of a working mens’ club in Miles Platting than this cunt’s collection.

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