Foreign Aid (3) aka Ethiopia

Nothing changes.

How long before the soapdodger needs more funds and starts another LiveAid? Not for himself, of course.

‘Recent fighting in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has resulted in a famine that is now affecting more than 400,000 people, UN officials say.

In its first public meeting on the crisis, members of the UN Security Council warned that as many as 33,000 children were severely malnourished. Officials said that a further 1.8m people were on the brink of famine as a result of the eight-month conflict.’

I am sure the warlords could do with some more guns and pick-up trucks. It’s a good job this was selflessly sorted out 36 years ago. ‘Give us yer fookin money’ Did a lot of good didnt it? Well, somehow a scruffy, barely talented paddy got very rich. Allegedly.

All together now:-

Feed the wooorld, let them know it’s —–

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And from a slightly different angle, this from W.C. Boggs

Well, slap me sideways with a shitty stick. In the House of Commons vote yesterday to keep the foreign aid budget to 5%, all the opposition parties voted to reinstate the 7% – just as you would expect Ed Davey’s deviants and Starmers Charmers to do, but some Conservatives were of the same mind. Even though Britain is an economic basket case, we should still be throwing money at “poor” countries to continue their space programmes, and line the pockets of corrupt politicians (just like themselves):

MPs Vote for Cut in Foreign Aid

Among them you will notice Theresa May-not and Johnny Mercer. It is clear Theresa did it out of spite (“As Prime Minister, I had members ignore a three line whip”) – revenge is a dish best served cold, isn’t it, Theresa?. I bet Starmer was singing “Theresa jolly good fellow” in his best choir boy treble.

Johnny Mercer is a publicity whore, who would do a fan dance stark bollock naked in the middle of Trafalgar Square with a pair of wren feathers if there was the chance of a front page spread.

Among other old contemptibles was Andrew MItchell, the snobby roly-poly ex-Minister. Oh, and Jeremy Hunt, another ex minister who still thinks he matters.

Was their disloyalty, really due to genuine feelings, or just another – in the end, futile – attempt to destroy the government?. Who knows, but I hope puppet master Mandelson doesn’t advise Dame Keir to run with this one – it will only end badly, because I am sure most people believe that charity begins at home.


73 thoughts on “Foreign Aid (3) aka Ethiopia

  1. I have one simple message for the Ethiopians:

    Stop fucking. PUT THE DICK DOWN!

    • Surely we could drop some sterilising agents in their water supply? Anything just stop them procreating.

      • There’s a jab™ for that. Apparently they don’t like wearing rubber in Africa because it causes catastrophic inflammation of their skin

  2. The population of Africa in 1985 (live aid) was 550 million. Today its 1.2 billion with 40%, when poled, expressing a desire to come here and turn Europe into Africa. Fuck Africa and fuck Africans.

    • Yes, I just looked up Ethiopia population. 1985 40.6 million 2021 117.8 million. Fuck them all.

      • I’m putting on my tinfoil hat here and would suggest that as Ethiopia’s neighbours are rug pilots that Sir Bob is a Jesuit special agent on a mission to increase the botherfolk population in the area for more cannon fodder in the upcoming crusade. Wibble.

  3. Spoke to my next door neighbour yesterday. She has two kids who have been sent home from school at different times due to Chinky Flu regulations. The upshot is that she has not worked more than a week in the last month and is not paid if she doesn’t work. Perhaps Parliament should focus on her problems rather than agonising over how to waste taxpayers’ money on far flung lost causes.

  4. Fuck them.
    Look at the reasons behind this permanent shitfest – greed, corruption, tribal infighting, thousand year old suspicions and prejudices.
    Any sympathy I had for whining parasites is long, long gone – get off your arses, do some graft, sort yourselves out!
    Fuck them.

    • ‘What has Africa ever given us, eh, what have they ever given us?’
      ‘Well, there’s AIDS…’
      ‘Aright I’ll give you that, but other than AIDS, what has Africa ever given us?’
      ‘Er… a migrant crisis…’
      ‘Yeah ok, but other than AIDS and a migrant crisis, I ask you, what has Africa ever given us?’
      ‘Don’t forget terrorists…’

    • China is gonna put them to work over the next three decades. Another reason they are bailing out.

      Why are they all so fucking stabby when they come here yet they won’t stay and fight in their homeland?

      The so called persecuted by their evil government ((in order to get asylum) also leave their women and children behind? Surely these alleged evil people will execute their family when they call and find they’ve fled as a deterrent not to flee?

      Face the music for what you did you cunts? No they come here with no criminal recordand commit the same offences here and get off lightly.

  5. These opposition politicians are a bunch of cunts. Then again, so are the Conservative (in name only) MPs. I detest all politicians and anyone who puts themselves forward for election should be banned immediately. The local phone book and a pin would serve us better in choosing the next councillors and the MP. I repeat, bunches of cunts.

  6. The largest foreign recipient of British tax payers generosity is Pakistan.

    A country riddled with corruption, state sponsored Islamic terrorism, dirty beards and Peter Files.

    A country which is rewarding our generosity be getting into bed with China.

    The politicians and civil servants who support foreign aid are utter fools. The biggest fool was that virtue signalling twerp, Cameron, who enshrined the minimum commitment into law.


  7. The only cunts who want to give our money to foreign motherfuckers are tax dodgers like Linekunt and other rich libtard types who wouldn’t give you the shit out of their arses.
    Fuck these Africans. When they’re not fucking each other they are killing each other. If they’re starving let them chuck each other in the cooking pot like the good old days.

  8. I recall the Sigue Sigue Sputnik T shirts of the 80s – “Fleece the World”.

    How fucking right they were. St Bob of Gelded is a cuntus giganticus.

    • Talking of shite pop music, let our money go to an Ethiopian doo-wop group performing ‘Duke of Earl’. Might I suggest a name: The Ooga-Doogas.

      🎵Dook, Dook, Dook, Ooga-dook dook dook, ooga dook dook dook, ooga-dook, dook, dook….

      • Splendid – the Ooga Doogas featuring guests the Addis Ababa Onion Heads on clicks and whistles.

      • …also featuring NiDogu & The Nigerians:
        “🎵Ee-oo Ee-oo oo-Ee-oo Ee-oo, da Liar Rapēs To-night….:

        Friendly reminder. I really don’t like it when people use ASCII to get around the word filter. Thanks – DA

      • Friendly comment @ Admin:
        Point taken, but there’s surely a point where WordPress’s censorship of the language used amounts to censorship of the thoughts expressed? Is it not legitimate to use any means available in order to say what you mean?

        And could you please indicate which features of ASCII we are not to use? CS would probably like to know, unless it’s hacked an Admin account.

        As you can tell as a regular poster we allow and indeed encourage freedom of speech and opinion on here in accordance with the rules. Using ASCII to basically get around the word filter is annoying (for example nïgger). Although we’re reviewing the list of words that are banned (it’s really outdated) we still won’t allow blatant racial slurs as stated in them. We’re not censoring anyone, we’re trying to keep this site up. Thanks – DA

      • CS already knows, Komodo, and without the need to hack anything; it is not any kind of secret.

        What happened to your (remarkably sensible) vow to refrain from mentioning anything to do with Turkey and now here you are wantonly evoking a completely gratuitous comment?

        I’m not a hacker, but I do occasionally monitor¹ the site.

        ¹ no lizards are injured in the process

        Did you just refer to yourself in the third person? – DA

      • No, I referred to CS in the third person.

        He’s my dry cleaner’s best friend.

    • CS – summoned by bells? Or is the 24/7 watch conducted by one of your (uncountable) clerks?

      Hook, line and sinker.

  9. Why are we sending these cunts money. If news reports are correct most of them are currently in the English channel being welcomed by the UK border farce*….

    • JRC@ – And none of them look starving to me – illegal Channel crossings already higher than the entirety of last year as Priti “ten dinners” Patel talks more shit, makes more promises and does NOTHING.
      The UK is an international joke.

  10. Foreign “aid” should be stopped.
    I am sick of my taxes (39.97% tax & NI on wages, 30% on profits – thieving bastards!) going to parasites, criminals and terrorists.
    “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a Man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, beat the shit out of him, steal his fishing equipment and you can make 20 quid on Ebay”! 😀👍

    • Better still feed them to the fucking fish. We could start a campaign to get more flesh eating fish into African rivers.
      We could call it Piranha from Bwana.

    • Same here. I pay thousands and thousands in taxes and national insurance over the last couple of years. And where does that money go? To support these scumbags.

      But when I want something from the state I have to go through interviews and questionnaires and means testing and then get told to fuck off.

      • I experienced this personally after having paid in plenty for decades and never took anything out. I can tell you when NHS gets its finger out and resumes & completes my treatment, I will be going off the radar / self employed. I’m not funding this shitfest another penny.

        The local cunts will get their council tax (and I will make them earn every penny) and the tax at the petrol pump. I’m even looking at homebrew for when I’m able to drink alcohol again.

  11. I will never give a penny to foreign aid. I wouldn’t give these useless,needy,corrupt,immoral lowlife trash my piss in a bottle ,it’s too good for the cunts.
    As for the channel cunts a razor on a long pole dragged alone the side of a dingy works wonders followed by throwing them some bricks.

  12. I’m not sure it really matters anymore either way.
    The whole Europe and very certainly the UK will be transformed into an African shithole nation with a basket case economy within this century.
    Every politician knows it and doesn’t give a fuck.
    Nobody will lift a finger until it is far too late.
    Our near descendants will face a choice of a New Uganda or a New Hitler.

    • Oh and if they want Turkey can send 4 million more our way anytime they like.
      Good luck stopping that horde when a few dinghies is beyond the Border Farce.
      This country is finished.
      Pass the scotch.

      • It would have to be old Adolf then. The alternative would be even worse. Not much of a choice is it!?

    • UT@ – Not to worry Unkle Terry – I am strongly minded to build IAC Island a mile outside UK waters!
      There will be strict entry criteria..

  13. I expect public support for Foreign Aid is increasing as so many Brits now enjoy the same lifestyle ie lazing around and getting spoon fed at another’s expense. Parliament is currently occupied by like-minded filth that loves giving money to lazy fuckers. This country’s decline is steepening. Prepare to drown in liberal sewage. Fuck off, cunts.

  14. I thought that M.Ps were meant to represent their constituents views…I wonder just how many of the Tory MPs in particular could honestly say they believed that the majority of their constituents were against this temporary and minimal cut ?

    • They don’t represent their constituents any more it’s all virtue signalling cowardice.
      The cut should be permanent and big.

  15. So now we’ll see newer Toyota trucks with better machine gun rigs in the back as well as gold dental work for those riding in them?
    Money well spent.

  16. Apologies for going off nom but someone has set Macrons house on fire! 🤣🤣🤣
    Before you ask, I was home all last night!

    We have a Macron nomination already on the books. Funny though – DA

  17. I could not care less about shit hole Corrupt African countries. All I care about are my family and friends, if that makes me a selfish Cunt then so be it.

  18. With the amount of Ethiopian, Somali and Eritrean filth that currently infests every major town and city in the UK, and has done since Satan Blair’s time, surely that Equatorial craphole that is known as the dark continent will be empty by now?

    Oh, I forgot… The cunts breed like rabbits on angel dust.😒

    • The amount of money it costs us on hiv medications dispensed anonymously from clinics (they visit all the clinics to get extra to take and sell back home at 3 or 4 times the price) to this group of immigrants is a disgrace.

      Looking at what’s going on today with this Coronavirus and human behaviour, I’m thinking that the gay community were a massive psyop / scapegoat for the arrival of aids in the UK.

      Government rethoric had all gay people shitting themselves going around ‘acting as if they might have it’s and a testing frenzy also occured with it?

      Firstly, I wonder just how accurate those tests were. Secondly, is this a repeat exercise on a grander scale to cover up the government importing further disease through migration?

      We are a group of islands that should be expected to perform better against foreign borne diseases. It’s not like we are a poor third world country with no money or NHS.

      Ahh the ultimate psy-op being gay. – DA

      • BB@ – “Our” NHS is used to treat the world.
        Nobody in “Government” appears to have worked out this pachyderm in the lounge.

  19. The policy of Feed to Breed is no longer sustainable, Sterilisation, Sterilisation, Sterilisation, I should work for the UN or WHO 😂

  20. I know he’s having a well earned rest currently sunning himself in the Turks and Caicos but has any phoned St Marcus to let him know?

    Maybe BLiar could scramble his mates private jet to get him flown in to ‘the scene’ to advise with his nutritional expertise? Oh, best alert Jamie LOLiver too for his vast knowledge of menu planning.

    Gates, Schwab & jug eared Charlie and their little gangs want depopulation? The western world should stay out of this and leave them to it.

    All this reported malnutrition yet they have the energy to make cross med, cross Europe and the final cross channel journey?

    Also I used to notice (when I used to watch BBC) that all the old cunts sitting in the shade in the background during the filming to feed our imagination that these cunts were all fatties who clearly never missed a meal. Of course we weren’t meant to notice that as they sat under sack like clothing to hide their curves. Why weren’t they going about starkers / empty tits at the waist just like the rest of them?

    Clearly, the Geldof plan is a failure based on above quoted population numbers. Give the cunts Sky TV to stop them shagging. Show them fake programs about how rich & welcoming of diversity Argentina is and let’s see them go cross Atlantic instead.

  21. That’s globalisation! Do away with countries, and you do away with national responsibility.
    The only aid programme I’m happy with funding would be compulsory sterilisation. The only aid programme that isn’t on offer, apparently.

    430 ILLEGAL* migrants got to Dover on Monday.

    *This aspect always ignored by the MSM

  22. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘Foreign Aid’ is there to ‘help’ poor third worldy types because we’re all good and lovely. Basically, it’s a scam. Virtually all of the money is spent in the host country and is a form of corruption and patronage. This is how it works. You have a company that makes some shit that you can’t sell because a) it’s rubbish, b) it’s too expensive to sell or c) there’s no market for it. Fortunately you have a funny handshake type of arrangement, or mutually beneficial ‘gog friendship, or perhaps may have made some discreetly strategic ‘contributions’ to party funds. Lo and behold, suddenly all that shitty shit is bought for full price by das guberment and subsequently dumped in some third world shithole as ‘foreign aid’.
    Why do you think so many Tories voted to keep it? Because they love all the poor people? It’s a fucking scam.

    • I think you’re being slightly unfair. Under the Clinton model, not all the aid consists of palming off discounted shite on countries with corrupt governments. Quite a lot of it goes on cuddly-looking projects employing local or volunteer labour (where labour is actually needed) which cost very little in themselves. These can be very photogenic, which is their prime purpose. Where the surplus cash goes is of course (a) the foreign advisors embedded in the shithole government, who are acting for financial, telecom and energy interests back home, and who design the projects, often far from any area of expertise they may claim, and maximise the management costs. And (b) as bribes to the shithole government, its sisters and its cousins and its aunts, without which nothing will be allowed to succeed. And with which, come to that.

      One acolyte of Clinton’s who makes a pretty penny out of spraying foreign aid and other taxpayer streams at a number of shitholes, to no positive effect, is Miranda Blair. He set this up even before he left office, and continues to this day.

      • Are you suggesting that the Clintons paid for those children in Haiti? I thought they just stole them.

  23. Fucking waste ofmoney supporting Africa. Charity should begin at home.

  24. The peoples of Sub Saharan Africa have been around longer than those in Western Europe.
    One group has evolved whereas the other hasn’t.

  25. Africa and China will together fuck up this world, we have nearly had our time and caused more damage in the last 100 yrs than anything before us, the sooner mankind is erased from this planet the better, we are just a passing irritation to Mother Nature, like Pink Floyd says, she may take it back.!

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