The BAFTAs (3)

Watched a half-hour or so of this so-called prestigious awards show earlier tonight on the Beeb, as there was basically nothing else worth watching on prime time TV. Pretty drab show with monotonous nominations, until the ‘piece de resistance’ nom was announced – the ‘must-see moment’. It was apparently voted for by the public.

The programme host made a great play in deciding who, from the virtual audience, was going to announce the winner, eventually arriving at a nice white family who had to deliver the news that the Britain’s Got Talent performance by Diversity where they phucking took the knee on the show, was the winner.

Had to switch over to anything as my piss boiled and the danger of me throwing something through my TV rose as Ashley Banjo wallowed in his glory.

Nominated by: knobrot

And here’s some more, from Cuntstable Cuntbubble 

The Baftas.

Blacks and faintly talented Afros and shirtlifters.

Any straight white person of talent may as well pack it in and shelf stack. The only criteria applied now is how black/gay/preverted is it?
This is not diversity it is affirmative action where color or preversion trumps merit every time.

Drama – Save me too. Guess what colour?
Comedy – Big Narsty. As above.
Entertainment – the Ranganation. Unfunny shite with an Asian twist.
Entertainment Programme – Life and Rhymes. Benjamin Zephaniah. Shit poet who happens to be ? John Cooper Clark he aint.

If you can be arsed to go down the list it is mostly the same. Programmes no fucker watches but full of worthy macaroons. Let’s hope none get cancelled
like the last shitshow.

Black Luvvies Mostly


55 thoughts on “The BAFTAs (3)

  1. Was the Diversity act the thing that had a record number of complaints, and Ofcom did nowt? Just like p*ki grooming gangs and the like.

    • Now that you mention it LC, when Savid Javid was Home secretary he highlighted the fact that the grooming gangs came from the Pakistani “community”.
      As soon as he’s out of the way, a report found, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the Pakis are not responsible.

  2. These award ceremonies are always a self congratulatory, back slapping pile of steaming shit, with an extra order of shit. Wokism has, if it’s actually possible, made them even worse. I’ve never watched one, never will. Utter cunts, those that organise and those that attend.

  3. As a former BAFTA winner I find this nomination offensive 👺

    However every one of the other Bafta nominees, winners, crowd and audience are lgbtxyqtp and burn loot murder supporting vermin of the lowest order 😷

    Fuck off!

      • What with autograph hunters and despicable tabloid hacks looking for juicy gossip It would be wrong of me to say, CG. 🧐

        Surely a man like yourself, with so many influential friends in the know and a 50m drive will understand 😉

  4. This country loves its black little pets. Make a song, do a little dance or “star” in a film your in ,and woe betide anyone pointing out the fact that the talentless cunts are vastly over represented. It’s racism . Viewing blacks as a pet project is racist, demeaning and cuntish. Unfortunately the blacks lap it up because they are stupid and cannot see that most people laugh at this bullshit. Can’t wait for England to take the knee. Wankers. Come on Croatia!

      • I prefer Croatia. A great little country. No wokery there. The twats have joined the eu however so it’ll probably fall to the bullshit.

      • Scots are now taking the knee. Cowards. Come on Czech republic and Croatia. I hope both England and Scotland go out.

      • They’re going to take the knee vs England but ‘stand against racism’ in the other games.
        To the players…

        What is this fucking shit?

        Stop preaching and get on with the fucking game you cunts. Your opinions are not as important as you fucking think.

      • I’m becoming angrier by the minute thinking about these cunts. They don’t represent the majority so they deserve no support. They are actually against us. Remember these blm cunts were vandslising our war memorials last year and burning our flag. Again I hope Scotland and England get fucked royally by Croatia and Czech republic 🇭🇷🇨🇿

  5. Christ, how desperate would you have to be to watch the BAFTAs? Practically anything being broadcast at that time would have been preferable.

    • “Practically anything being broadcast at that time would have been preferable.”

      Hmmm. Radio 4? Must have been bad, then.


  6. BAFTA – Blek Assholes Fuck-all Talent Awards.

    As much of a shitfest as the Eurocunt Song Contest.

    • ☆ Black Actor/Actress Wanted ☆

      For any role, period drama, modern, comedy, sco-fi, documentary, horror, romantic comedy, adventure, fantasy.

      No experience or talent necessary.

  7. Because the cunts won’t stand up to the woke and award the gongs to those they believe deserve them. We can have the MOBOs without a problem. How about they put out a statement that talent overrides and all other criteria, talent should be the only criteria.

    Black, white, straight or gay if you won one of these tacky gongs you’d at least know it was due to recognition of your individual talent and not due to your skin colour.

    I just won an award, is it cos I is black?

  8. Seems to me that the British Academy (sic) of Film and Television need to redesign the BAFTA. The present design is not fit for purpose and is a relic of white colonial supremacy. I recommend a tasteful golden chiggin leg design with large dollar signs around the base.

    • Also, as Bleks despise anything that doesn’t have utility and are likely to throw it in the bin, I suggest a concealed compartment in the base which can be used to stash dope.

      • Fuck it-just give em’ a crack pipe and a vial if AIDS.
        Job done😀👍

  9. These awards shows are rigged and nigged.
    No reason to watch a damn one of ’em.
    It’s a box-ticking contest.
    Fuck that and fuck off.

  10. I tell who will win next year. The New Zealand equivalent of the BAFTA’s I mean. It will be the actor who plays an heroic Muslim in the film they are going to make about the Christchurch Mosque bombing.
    Jacinda Arden is going to be shown in a very favourable light the blurb says.
    What Am I saying? That’s who the gong will go to for the inclusive embrace of the Muslim community she showed when it happened.
    The casting director will be looking for ‘ a horsed faced actress who can exude compassion and virtue signal to the utter most heights’
    I suppose it will be exciting showing all the gory details.
    What about making a film of the Manchester Arena bombings. Or the Narval tusk one where 3 white people helped sudue Usman Khan. That would make an exciting film. Or the 7/11 Islamic outrage. Or all the others.

    • What kind of a door did you have in mind, or do you have unusually distended bollocks, Uncle?

      Trapping bollocks in a large bench vice perhaps, but in a door… ?

    • Sorry, Unkle, I should’ve engaged brain beforehand. You mean an oven door 💡

      Quite a risk in your line of work come to think of it

  11. These awards are now worthless and pointless. The votes and nominations are being rigged in favour of black artistes, so the BAFTAs etc are no more than a one race shindig like the MOBOs. And I thought they declared tokenism as offensive. Yet the twats convince themselves they’ve won on merit.
    Just end this self congratulatory shit anyway. They do well enough financially, is that not enough?

  12. Ashley Banjo – sounds like the thin thread that connects the Kojak’s roll neck to the shiny helmet. Look slike the type to have snapped his whilst pumelling a dry male arsehole.

  13. Cuntstable I don’t watch TV live but if I did I feel certain that I would agree with you. Like the rest of the media world obsessed by diverse talentless cunts I surmise that the Bafta’s is also. Load of woke snowflake talentless cunts that I would not want on my team. Cunts.

    • Here are the nominees for the Dirtiest, Scummiest Pervert Until He Plays The Gay/Mental ‘ealf/Stress/Confused Gender/Race Card:

      Noel ‘racist, innit’ Clarke
      John ‘it fell out’ Barrowcunt
      Kevin ‘pressure being a Hômo’ Spacey

  14. With due deference to the ancient Laws of Cuntology, and all due respect to a fellow member of the cunting community, what the fuck were you doing watching that steaming pile of shit in the first place? I’d rather wach Diane Abbot taking a dump, or ‘Michelle’ Obama jumping up and down in tight jogging pants. Get a grip man!

  15. “And the award for being the blackest and most racist goes to – let me just check my shortlist.. – all of them!”
    When are the MOWO (Music Of White Origin) awards?

  16. Did they give Sasha Johnson’s iron-lung the ” Best Performance By a Machine That Actually Wanted To Shit It’s Occupant Out Since Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair Attempted To Throw Itself Under a Bus”award?

    • And the award for, ahem, “stopping around” goes to… Sasha Johnson!
      But not the Fathers of any of her children..

      • I want to pull her life support machine off.Witch.Send her to the seven circles of Hell.

      • I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s only the machine, keeping her alive.
        We live in hope……..

  17. Haven’t seen an awards ceremony for years.All back slapping “luvvies”.Woke shite.I prefer to poke our my eyeballs using a rusty spoon rather than watching such dross.Bin please.

  18. Just put trees on the stage, then the nominees can just swing on and grab their awards.

    It’s patronising as fuck giving the dark keys awards just for being dark keys. Mind you, they don’t seem to be complaining about it, do they?

  19. If they gave baftas for all the murderers caught on CCTV cameras in london. 200 blacks a year would win best actor award.

  20. What chance have you got being a straight, white male in the luvvie business these days? Playing the odd criminal or “right wing terrorist” is about all you can hope for. Once they’ve made it legal you’ll have to be a real kiddy fiddler to play that part too.

  21. As its apparently now perfectly acceptable for historically White personages to be played by Thespians of colour(Anne Boleyn etc) Whitey must do the decent thing and return the compliment:
    1) Biopic of Usain Bolt? Vince Vaughn to play the great sprinter
    2) Martin Luther King? Mel Gibson would do a great job
    3) Nelson Mandela? Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson as his missus Winnie
    4) Pele= Paul Gascoigne in the starring role
    5) Chuck Berry and Little Richard,look no further than Eric Clapton and Paul Mcartney
    You know it makes sense

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