Spanish Equality Stamps

The Spanish post office issued a series of stamps to raise awareness of racial prejudice, but have themselves been accused of racism since the stamps are in various skin tone colours: the light brown ones are 1.60 euros, whilst the black ones are 0.70 euros. This has naturally caused ‘outrage’ as the stamps have been deemed as racist.
Moha Gerehou, an author who has written about racism in Spain, said that though these stamps were a good idea they unconsciously transmitted the idea that black lives were worth less than white.
“The campaign has an insurmountable underlying problem: what comes out from this is that black stamps have less value than white ones,” he tweeted.
“What is transmitted and what remains is a huge contradiction: a campaign to show the equal value of our lives puts into circulation stamps with an unequal value according to colour. The message is an absolute disaster. It is racist.”

I presume the Penny Black must be racist then.

Racist Stamps

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43 thoughts on “Spanish Equality Stamps

    • This is one of the reasons it took me so long to decide to settle here. You’ll think Sky TV really is shite when you see it on Alpha Centauri. The post is rubbish too 😳

  1. I did some work in Venezuela years ago, before it became a socialist hell-hole. There was a hierarchy. Light skin – top of the tree (Spanish descendants) – black, bottom of the pile (slaves).

  2. It makes no different how cheap the dark hued stamps are – they will just end up stolen at knifepoint.
    You can take the Man from the gutter..

  3. So Meggy Sparkle is worth Euro 1.60 and Idi Amin 70 cents. Nah, sounds wrong to me.

    Don’t you love it when wokeists in their desire to outwoke each other still get shit for not being woke enough. When will these fucks learn.

      • Marine Le Pen’s neice is the best thing about France.

        I could lick her all day ling and not get bored.

      • Links please Odin👍

        By the way, still awaiting my invitation to your garden party where u shall be sitting next to that Icelandic Minx, Bjork👍

  4. That is fucking hilarious.The penny Blue is worth more than any of them. Is that the George Floyd asphixiated stamp? What a bunch of mongs. Clown World. Fuck these thick cunts.

  5. Ffs is there no end to this fucking lunacy. Who the fuck thinks up these pointless empty gestures ? State paid for bureaucrats with too much tax payers money. Spain is a giant bankrupt satsuma in the sun. You’d think they’d spend their time and other’s money more sensibly.

  6. Spain is one of the worst countries in the world.

    If you tied a Spanish men’s hands behind his back he would not be able to talk. All Spanish men are closet homosexuals that dress their wives in scarves and shorts so thay can pretend they are pirates and their wife is the ships cabin boy!

    I hope Spain remains on the quarantine list forever and the whole country goes broke through lack of tourism and all Spanish people die of starvation or kill themselves!

    I hearby tender my resignation letter to the Spanish tourist board!

    Fuck off!

  7. Spainards of both sexes like donkey fellatio.
    Its what they season their food with.
    Donkey sauce.
    Didn’t know they had stamps.
    Assumed that not only were they illiterate but no friends to write too.
    I dont like spainards and if my daughter brought one home id shoot both of them with my crossbow.

    • fellatiio philately
      similar thing to me because we had it forced down our throats.
      Stamps from all over the world Miserable. They came in the thinnest rice paper. We even had the tweezers.
      It was my aunt that believed it was good and wholesome to take up this hobby. But I just wasn’t interested.
      I bet you weren’t either with what we might term your ‘proud parochialism’ you wouldn’t have been interested in stamps from around the world.
      You know I can’t think of any particular one stamp in those albums we filled.

      • Good evening Miles.
        Stamp collecting never captured my imagination,
        But id only ever allow British stamps in my house .
        I have children and wouldn’t trust foreign stamps around them.
        Maybe a Australian and American stamp?
        But only under supervision.

  8. This is why no one should take any notice of BLM, waste of time trying to show equality, fucking pointless.


  9. The mental cunts can take their African stamp collection and surrender to the first stern looking British chap to whisper Boo.

  10. I’m hoping the royal mail issue a Harry the half wit series dressed in nazi uniform. See the silvery moons and SJW twats have a stroke then.

    Fuck them all bar one, fuck him twice.

  11. For what its worth, my opinion is that the Spanish have got it bang on, dark key lives are worth less, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about a single one of them.

  12. Fucking idiots. They should stop fucking about and just put Chicken George’s head on it. The more expensive ones could have the thieving cunt wearing a crown or halo.

    • With his size lips, any stamp would probably be ‘self licking’ and only be available in size A4.

  13. I’m so ashamed that I can’t shit white turds. I’m so fucking racist my body has doomed me and my family to only create turds that are worthless and end up in the sewer. All my life I’ve had to live with this abhorrent nightmare.
    Fucking Cunts

    • Don’t let it go, Ron. A long hot summer, continuing Covid restrictions and no respite from woke drivel may well produce some life-affirming violence. Doris instructing football fans to be nice to the kneetakers won’t help his cause at all.
      Not that I would advocate any such thing.

  14. The time has come for the saner members of this World to say “go fuck yourselves”
    Boris the cunt supports knee taking aaaaaaargh fuck.

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