Overprotected GPs (2)

This is from personal experience and may not be widespread, but:


It seems you cant get a face to face at our doctors. For over a year now. They haven’t been giving jabs, so what, apart from being on the phone are they doing?
And why is it that you can get to see the nurses face to face for dressings etc but not the doctors?

Paramedics and hospital staff see people. As do shop workers, binmen, drivers and on and on. What is different about GPs?

Perhaps it’s the £100K+ pa that they get that makes them susceptible to infection?

Or is my doctors practice an exception?

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  1. No – all the cunting GPs are the same. My ones are useless fuckers at the best of times, but even fucking worse during the “pandemic”.

  2. When my old dad trained as a doctor in the 50s he was on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week with one Sunday afternoon off every three weeks.GPs made home visits day and night. Today female doctors that have cost a fortune to train can work part time. Work life balance is more life than work with a massive wage. If the cunts were paid per patient seen they’d soon get off their arse.

  3. Best to stay away from doctors and hospitals if you can mate.
    Especially round my way…….w*gs everywhere!

    • Back in the eighties I was an active PPL and was required to pass regular medicals with a CAA approved medical examiner. At the first one I attended the doctor asked me with which GP I was registered. In those days I was healthy and never visited a GP. I told the guy that I knew my wife had registered me with someone but I did not know who. His response; “That’s the idea mate, you want to keep away from us.”

  4. I have no problem with mine whatsoever.

    I have a feeling Kenneth Williams won’t care for this nom so be prepared for some boostafazoo 😀

    • You’re right there TBRILW, but clearly much of what has been posted on here is from a position of ‘not having the first fucking clue’.

      What people should consider is that it is not a case of GPs being on the golf course or some other Jackanory bollocks, but GPs are leaving the NHS in droves.

      Yes, that is right. There is a massive shortage and the number of patients are increasing all the time. GPs are fed up of the working conditions the government places on them. My wife is a part time GP and works three days for a practice. She is contracted (paid) from 09:00-17:30 (no breaks, not even a piss break as is the onslaught of patients queueing up to be seen) but works from around 08:30 to 19:00 on her three days and then works another 2 hours each evening to clear scripts and letters. Then on her two days off she spends most the days clearing more scripts and patients letters.

      I wonder if many on here would take a 3 day job, 8 1/2 hours per day, but would actually accept working around 50 hours a week, all hours over her paid 25.5 hours being unpaid.

      Yeh, fucking right.

      • Oh yes, little know fact – our beloved government has dictated to GP practices that they must provide services 12 hours a day minimum. Just like that, as Tommy Cooper would say.

        No notice, no grace period to give an opportunity for practices to recruit additional GPs and ‘resource up’ (if they could). Nope, just provide the 12 hour a day service to clear backlogs.

        Our government are bigger cunts than most people realise.

      • I know what Tommy Cooper would have said (and he did).

        Doctor. “We haven’t seen you in quite a while.”
        Cooper. “Sorry I haven’t been in, I’ve not been well.”

      • Glad you weighed in there, Paul. Because the absence of GPs and the impossibility of seeing one was concerning me too.
        All my life I’ve stayed away from medics if I can (and usually could) – my drugs bill amounts perhaps to 100 aspirin annually, but at my age seeing zero activity round our local clinic is getting rather worrying.

        As with teaching (or any largely practical career) there seems to be a crippling weight of admin shit loaded onto the job. This is designed to make managers’ lives easier, as if they weren’t easy enough and well-enough paid already. As though hierarchical overadministration had not adequately fucked the NHS, (the BBC, the you name it,) already.

        First against the wall – the top three management levels in any organisation you care to mention.

      • I often wonder how much of a time waster repeat prescriptions are, even though they are mostly churned out at the touch of a button. Maybe it’s the pharmacists stopping any improvement.
        In Switzerland, GP would post me a repeat, I’d lodge it with my local chemist’s, and it was valid for 6 months. Much easier for medics.

      • Why won’t they help a retired full-time hospital consultant with an intermittent alcohol problem.?
        What’s the fucking big deal with benzodiazepines ?
        They are fine if used appropriately …and cheap.
        Surgical senior registrars used to be on them all the time”in my day”No-one came to any harm.
        Also today’s hospital doctors would shit themselves if they knew that junior doctors had 2-3 pints in the drs’ mess at lunchtime.
        It was quite commonplace for medical house officers on call at night to get one of the porters to allow them entry to the hospital pharmacy in order to obtain ” a specific important drug that wasn’t routinely kept in the ward drugs trolley”
        They would then emerge from the pharmacy with their pockets bulging with all sorts of things.
        I feel that they were of a much higher calibre than today’s graduates.
        It saddens me to see junior doctors who, two years after graduation, are still learning to stitch up wounds using bits of foam rubber or orange peel.
        In my day 4th year medical students spent some of their evenings off stitching up real people.
        Learning was done by the “see one,do one, and teach one” regime.
        Tell them to insert a chest drain or a suprapubic catheter or perform a lumbar puncture or a bone-marrow aspiration and they start crying.

        Today’s generation of doctors are as woke and soppy as shit .
        They need to learn real medicine/surgery instead of the woke/diversity namby pamby bullshit.
        They don’t even cut up dead bodies anymore and can’t even name the 200 bones of the human body ,let alone the 600+ muscles.
        I don’t think that as medical students they’re allowed to do “vaginal examinations” .any more..good luck to your missus when having a smear.
        I was talking to a house officer who told me that when he was doing his gynaecology course the students queued up in a line with gloved hands and,in front of the consultant were shown how to examine a (willing volunteer) lady’s bits…..as was the norm in the 1970s.
        This particular volunteer, a cheerful woman of West Indian descent, after being stimulated by half a dozen young lads said in a loud voice,”The next one of you who does that to me is gonna ring ma bell”

    • Cuntator,
      There is help available. If you need my contact details, then admin have permission to pass them on. I am here buddy.

  5. GPs – bunch of cunts, hiding at home and only taking phone calls from patients.

    Meanwhile the ordinary workforce/plebs, have to go out and do their jobs more or less face-to-face with Jo Public, where the risks are almost the same, but these cunts only get a fraction of the wage GPs get.

    Quite frankly you’d better off doing a Google Search with your ailments than trying to get through to these cunts.

    • If you do a Google search with your ailments nine times out of ten you end up diagnosing that you’re terminally ill 🙁

  6. A wholly appropriate nomination. The hippocratic oath seems to have been forgotten. I have a friend who has just had two toes amputated because of delays in being seen.

    • The Hippocratic Oath was done away with age ago. They can opt into swearing an oath but don’t have to. They say that “modern medicine is to complex these days” for such an oath.

      Young doctor: “Is this medicine 100% safe?”
      Senior doctor: “Well… we’ll soon find out! If not, we’ll try another one.”

      That’s modern medicine.

  7. The “health” industry has became a massive scam. It’s all about money and “jobs for the boys” now. Massive salaries to do next to fuck all, hand out some pills from Big Pharma. Mainstream media plays a huge part into semi-hypochondriacs with newspapers, magazines, TV and websites constantly giving out a tsunami of information about how to be healthy that all contradict themselves.

    Quackery was almost dead in the west in the 90s, but it has came back with a vengeance in recent years. But something like veganism gets mocked, which is itself a joke. Yeah, sticking to fruit and vegetable based meals is obviously the optimal diet for modern humans not the gluttonous omnivore processed shit that we shovel down out gullets every day in Britain and North America.

    In China, the holistic doctor will check you over for as long as necessary whatever your ailment is. A “sore throat” can be a very serious symptom of an serious illness, so the China doc will check you all over and ask you a bunch of questions about your diet and your poop. You never get in the UK anymore, they just want you out of the room after 10 minutes with your prescription for unpronounceable pills.

    Meanwhile, the nurses work a 12-hour shift of sheer Hell on roller skates, getting spat on, groped, punched, not wonder a lot of them are boozebags.

    • Chinese holistic doctor? Its because of those conmen cunts that half of African wildlife is on the endangered list. Sore throat? Have some powdered tiger feet.

      • The Chinese CUNTS are obsessed with their small underperforming genitalia and think that slaughtering endangered species will make up for their inadequacies. The Leaders of the corrupt Communist Party must be the biggest consumers of quack medicine, otherwise they could stop the slaughter immediately. It is a pity that they don’t believe that Panda bollocks will cure their impotency as that would go a small way to fucking up their economy.

    • Western medicine is vastly overrated. Surgery and invasive procedures we do well, mostly, but even then how much of that is just treating symptoms of ignorance.

      Pills for everything. Patch me up so I can pay taxes again, Doc!

      • It’s all about the pills, brother, all about the pills. 100 years ago, there were no “pills” as we know them now, not the literally millions there are now. Herbal remedies kept us alive for millennia, cancer wasn’t what is now in the past centuries. Mental health was good, there were “mad” people but they got on with life. It’s all gone to shite since the modern western diet from the food industry and dodgy doctors in the medical industry discovered the world’s biggest grift. Fuck opening a casino, open a food or drug factory and push your product in the media. “This time next year, Rodney, we’ll be BILLIONAIRES!!!”

  8. Is this a very cunning plan to get people to move into private health insurance?

    • Hmm… never thought of that angle. That’s possible. The NHS was an experiment after WW2, along with the old age pension. They never thought it would cost so much, as back then you were lucky to live to 60 and get the pension, now people live to over 80 so that’s a lot of pension payments, pills, surgeries. It must bug the penny-counters in parliament.

    • Only the white British. Brits of any other colour, as well as those from anywhere around the world, will continue to get free treatment.

  9. Pre arrival of shouty people who do not belong here- one or two calls and I would get through and could make an appointment or the day if calling at 8am.

    Post arrival of shouty people who do not belong here- up to 75 calls required at 8am, sometimes/sometimes not able to receive an appointment on the day.

    Post arrival of shouty people who do not belong here and post Covid- at least 15-20 minutes waiting in a queue to get through (with the same message each time indicating they are experiencing extremely high call volumes- not we only have one person on the phones). The last time the trained receptionist told me to go to see a pharmacist.

    Cant see doctors surgeries ever getting back to normal- where doctors have to actually have to do a days work for a living.

    I blame it on Brexit. Or Covid. Or climate change. Any excuse will do.

  10. My GP has worked 1 day per week since he turned 60.
    Spends months in Spain with his wife’s family.
    Lucky bastard.

    • No doubt when he does turn up for his 45-minute hour job, he’s too busy wanking over photos of cadavers to see any taxpayers.

  11. The NHS needs a root and branch overhaul after this shit finally settles down, the mythical NHS Heroes are few and far between. Most of them seem to be shirkers who have done all they can to avoid doing anything at all for the decent wage they get.
    A notable exception seems to be the ambulance staff who have gone out and faced whatever is thrust upon them, no hiding behind closed doors or tyrannical receptionists for them.

    • It’s comical that there are so few paramedics in Britain. There should be fleets of them in every city and big town. Never saw any during full lockdown, but a few in the past few weeks have been on the go.

      I’m sure glorious Boris will sort out the NHS once Covid is magicked away.

      • Paramedics are leaving in droves to to the workload and the fucking dull public calling us for absolute fucking bullshit and Trusts too scared to say: ‘Fuck off you’re not having an ambulance for that leg pain that started six months ago’. (Genuine job and just one of the plethora of fucking shite we see EVERY fucking day. I’ve finished on time ONCE this fucking week…

  12. I wonder if all these rich sleb cunts like Linekunt, Lilly Mong, Gina Miller, Lord Adonis, Branson, and other assorted cunts have to put up with this shit?

    I suspect not. I bet most have gone private; and for those that still use the NHS will probably resort to “Don’t you know who I am?” Or they have connections to the NHS higher Ups, so that they don’t have to put up with the shit the plebs have to tolerate

  13. Way things are going we’ll soon be set up with a nice appointment with Dr Tetse the Witch Doctor of Swaziland.
    What a mess.

    • Fear Not Unkle-your position as Britain’s leading exponent of “oven” is under no pressure, these Africans still use clay pots and “spit” roasting 😉

  14. There are good and bad uns. I’m lucky and have a good one (but never need her touch wood).

    Last time I went, she told me I hadn’t been for about 15 years and she apologised for not contacting me to take a medical check up. I told her I get them as part of my job, but she couldn’t do enough for me. Gave me the orn a bit too. Although if I’d done owt, Mrs Cuntybollocks would’ve probably made me Mr Cunty.

    Years back when I was a teenager, I had a GP from Bangladesh who ended up in the local papers after being struck off due to false qualifications. He was practising for about 20 years before they caught him. According to a few locals, some cancer deaths were due to him telling patients they just had a fever or headache. Struck off but no fucking prison.

    He should’ve been fucking executed.

    • There are plenty of properly qualified doctors who cause death by misdiagnosis and get away with it.

      • Indeed. But it’s more prevalent I’m sure in blaggers from the sub continent.

        And anyone can make an honest mistake. Based on professional evidence in the case of a GP. Yes, even then, mistakes can be made. They’re only human and should not go to prison for that unless negligent.

        However, cunts who fake their qualifications and deliberately, for money and status, get jobs that can mean the life or death of others and then (inevitably) fuck up…

        … execute the cunts.

        Not cunting you Moggie, agree with 90% of your posts on here, which is high for a cunt like me.

        Cats rock.

      • I never even dreamt you were cunting me and I agree with your reasoning. I was just making an observation.

    • Years ago I moved to a smaller practice and an Indian GP.
      After an x-ray for a broken ankle, I was contacted by the radiology team, to get my GP to make an appointment for me to see a specialist. They had “seen something”.
      I went to him four times, asking him to make the appointment for me-on the fourth occasion, he actually said:

      “I’m not your fucking secretary, you know!”

      I replied: “I never fucking said you were!”

      “Hey! No need to swear!”

      “Well, you started it!”

      After he finally did his fucking job, 7 weeks late, I got an appointment-fortunately the rumour was benign.

      Fucking Indian cunt!

      • A benign rumour, the possibilities are endless. Eg Hearing that the vicar may have been shagging underage kids, when it turns out the goats were of legal age

  15. I once had to go to the private wing of a hospital because there was some screening fucking machine thingy they wanted to use on me. So I walked into reception…….fucking deep pile carpet, discreet lighting, oil paintings on the wall, no cunt waiting obviously. The bird behind the jump was all Sir this, Sir that, practically had her tongue up my arse. Then she asked me if I was private or NHS. When I answered, her whole attitude changed. “Send floor, second on the left” she mumbled. She didn’t quite say “peasant” but might just as well have done.
    Snooty cow.

    • Freddie-“er indoors” has treatment on the NHS at a swanky private hospital, as they had fucked her around for 5 years and a new GO pushed for her.
      Wow. What a difference:

      -private room
      -en suite
      -satellite tv
      -gourmet sandwiches brought to the room, post op.
      Unbelievable 👍

  16. Dentists are falling over themselves to see patients
    Why ? Because they get payed per patient by the NHS where as GP’s get payed weather they see patients or not.

    • NHS dentists are like unicorn shit where I live, it’s near impossible to find one.

    • My local dentists isn’t accepting any NHS patients. It’s in a quiet little town between Manchester and Bury (or at least it was). But it’s now overrun with bogos, peacefuls and dooshkas and it has been for some time. Long before covid started. Basically, anyone who needs emergency treatment on the NHS can fuck off. As all space is taken up by these freeloading cunts. Friggers who ‘no want wait’ and pay piss all, yet demand interpreters in a suburban Dental surgery? I fucking ask you?

      Covid or no, the NHS is overrun and buggered. Yet cunts like Lineker want even more of the bastards let in?! Fuck me!

      • You obviously live in Moston norm.
        I live in an isolated shit hole of South Manchester called Partington.
        Years of no investment, train taken away, crap bus service, vanity councillors pouring money into preserving some useless old cobble brick road, etc.

    • Too right. Last time the dentist and her Assistant wanted to extract a bad tooth. After 15 minutes of grunting and grinding in some positions butting a knee on my chest they started chopping away at the bone to free a twisted root. Then I somehow told them “it it it hurts” (quite a lot) “what? You felt all that?” The anaesthetic hadn’t worked. Main thing was it took quite a long time so her daily case count went down, but sometime I feel Ike a horse at the vet. Still I love my dentist, she’s a Taiwanese yummy mummy.

  17. Can’t see a doctor in person around my way. First a consultation by phone with a prescribing nurse, then if required case is escalated to consultation by phone with a doctor. Process took 2 weeks to speak to a doctor!

  18. There is no Health Service here in México.
    If you need to visit a doctor – 50 pesos (about £1.90).
    But the real doctors here are the pharmacists. You can have a free examination, with no wait; and they are highly qualified.
    Even without a consultation, it is possible to buy any medication that you fancy (and I mean ‘anything’) no questions asked.
    I had Covid in January (every fucker here has had it) and the pharmacist loaded me up with all sorts of shite (including unlicensed Invermectin) – and I’m still here.

    • Interesting Big Mal.

      What is the Covid vaccine programme like, there?

      • The vaccine programme here is virtually non existent, only for the oldies so far. Even the President has had Covid. They are waiting for supplies to be delivered but it will be a long while yet.
        The rich Mexicans fly to Miami and pay.

      • Apologies for the delay. Just watched, against my better judgement, England fuckball ☹️

        That is shocking.
        However, is Mexico a “Western” cunt-tree😉

  19. I had to endure cellulitis for a year because couldn’t see a doctor in last year, my uncle couldn’t get in and called 111 and because of his age they sent paramedics out and they said they were fucked off with the counting GPs

    Mind you working inside the NHS there is lots of good workers but there is loads of lazy cunts too,

  20. As in all walks of life, there’s good and bad. I saw my GP with no issues, recently, and, most are great. But, some just pass the buck to us to do stuff that they could and should have done. Not many, but a few. I’m currently at a job watching a woman die, (DNACPR, TEP, RESPECT form so thete’s fuck-all we can do bar make her comfortable), and the GP has been fucking marvelous.

    Become a GP if you’re unhappy with the system. Change it from within.

    • Evening DCI.
      Whilst it’s very admirable, the job you were allocated to with the lady with a terminal condition, should this be the role of a paramedic?
      Something like this would surely be allocated to MacMillan’s nurses or similar?
      Could this be an example of the NHS requiring better organisation?
      Wouldn’t your role be allocated to more time sensitive roles?
      I ask this question not as a conspiracy theorist or COVID denier!

      • 111 from a nursing home, Bertie. Not really our job, but, at least now, she’s in bed with the family with her. Dignity and all that.

  21. My doctors speciality is cardio vascular, which is handy if you have vascular disease.
    I went to surgery and was met by a locum as my doctor was shielding, the locum was not that happy.
    At the end of the consultation I asked if my doctor had a cat, the locum confirmed this and I said ” great tell me where he lives and next time I will go round his house and shove my leg through his cat flap”

  22. Get your asses of to your friendly neighbourhood GUM clinic.They are non judgemental, treatment is free ,and confidentiality is tighter than a salmon’s arsehole.

  23. My Dad, (father in law), lost his wife at the early age of 62.
    She was back and forth to the gp, and consultant at hospital, with various complaints.
    She eventually got admitted.
    She had a heart scan, and the consultant stated to us all, that her heart was that deformed that he was amazed it was still functioning.
    He then told my dad, then us, that she had two weeks to live.
    Judging by our reaction, he stated the obvious and said: “you don’t know do you?”
    My dad stayed with his teen sweetheart, and held her hand for two weeks, waiting for her to die.
    We requested an investigation to her Iranian gp.
    His punishment?
    A computer course.
    We never pursued anything with the hospital that kept turning her away.
    (a different hospital to the one that admitted her).
    I have started, years down the line, a request for investigation into the hospital.
    I have heard nothing yet.
    Quelle surprise.
    My next step is to contact the local mp, and chief exec, who no doubt will do nothing and close ranks.
    Then I will take the story to the medua
    What do I hope to achieve?
    Get answers for my dad, and justice.
    It is not about money.
    My Dad is a mess years on.
    Even though he tries to get on with his life, he is like a lost little boy.
    Seeing him break down and cry, makes me angry as fuck towards those who failed him, and us.
    Grandchildren have also been robbed of their nana.

  24. Protect the NHS by refusing to treat patients.
    Protect public transport by banning passengers and keeping all the buses and trains locked up out the way in garages.
    Protect the prison service by sending no one to prison.
    Protect our armed forces by keeping them in their barracks .
    Protect our education system by sending all the kids home
    Welcome to the idiocracy of Clownworld under chief clown, the oaf Johnson.

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