Clueless, Hypocritical Cunts

I was inspired to write this nomination when another cunter posted this link to an interview with the great Johnny Rotten/Lydon from 2010…

Johnny absolutely runs rings around Adam Bolton in this interview. He bristles when Boulton compares him to Mick jagger and dismisses the Beatles as money-grubbing frauds. Boulton is floundering for much of the interview, desperately trying to pigeonhole Johnny and is typical of the clueless cunts in the media/political class who simply do not understand the lives led by ordinary people…

* Clueless cunts who think Harry Windsor, with his A-Level in Art, has anything worthwhile to say about mental health. Or clueless cunts who think his rich and privileged wife is any kind of victim.

* Clueless cunts who spout on and on about climate change but who fly the world in private jets and own multiple homes.

* Clueless cunts who think a bloke in a dress is a woman and that the phrase ‘female penis’ isn’t a hilarious oxymoron.

* Clueless cunts who think it is left-wing to support the neoliberal EU and its programme of endless austerity.

* Clueless cunts who think the mindless plagiarism ascribed to Muhammad of Mecca is anything other than a primitive cult of Arab supremacy.

* Above all, clueless cunts who think their ‘degree’ in gender studies from Bournemouth Poly – which cost them upwards of 50,000 quid – gives them any right to look down on other people and call them stupid.


Nominated by: Conduit of Evil

87 thoughts on “Clueless, Hypocritical Cunts

  1. The nom picture says it all. A whitey pretending to be a woligog.

    Clueless cunt.

    • Great nom by the way. These people live in the Twatosphere bubble and haven’t a clue. Twatter is the root of all woke evil, a giant ugly fungus pollinating society with its poisonous spore.

  2. I put forward for your consideration every politician and champagne socialist, ever!

    • Nancy Pislosi Claiming to stand with all people of colour and poor people, whilst owning half-a-dozen multi-million dollar properties so she doesn’t have to go near any of the fuckers!

      The groups of leftist multi-coloured haired lesbians and mincers Loitering around Dover and various ex army barracks holding dinghy refugees, with placards and banners reading ‘We welcome all immigrants/refugees’! The very same rabid peaceful gang who given half the chance would throw these naïve shortsighted cunts off the nearest tall building!

      The multi-millionaire XR activists getting arrested at a protest to make a statement and then throwing a huge dinner party and telling their guests how traumatic the experience of being in a jail cell for 45 minutes was whilst their food is served by below minimum wage immigrants and the guests leave in gas guzzling Range Rovers and Rolls-Royces!

      Virtue signalling Multi-millionaire footballers demanding free school dinners for da kids, making sure our tax money is well spent whilst wilfully avoiding paying tax themselves!

      The list is endless…fuck off!

      • This reply must be sent to every MP; it sums up the situation perfectly.
        Well done !

      • Indeed gentlemen and thanks.

        The thing is, like most of us I come here for some escapism, cruel banter, schadenfreuden and to avoid this all too often gloomy modern reality. However Conduit of Evil’s nomination has ticked all the boxes for me to have a good old-fashioned reality check and given me a good opportunity to add to his list. Of course as I mentioned and given the assholery we see every day the list really is endless but no list would be worthwhile without a mention BLM.

        The bleeding heart white, middle and upper class, liberals who have a fairytale rose tinted glasses view of BLM fighting for the rights of the poor downtrodden working-class tanned people! The kindly tanned people they see Monday to Friday on their commute, driving the tube trains and buses that they always say hello to and get a smile back or perhaps even on Saturday if they’re taking Tarquin to the Natural History Museum. What these fucking idiots don’t understand is that isn’t BLM and it definitely isn’t who supports them.

        The real face of BLM is in that back garden of da crib Sasha Johnson got shot in the head in, by the same gangstas that stand side by side with her on marches or when rioting and throwing bottles at the police trying to break up a huge illegal rave. The wall of tanned silence the police have met while investigating the crime. The same police Johnson hates with a passion and wants defunded by the way. The white Marxist supporters pulling down statues and contributing to cancel culture think they are fighting for the same cause and feel what the bruvas are sayin, right up until the face of the tanned man they have never seen pulls out a knife 🔪 takes their wallet and stabs them anyway, stupid posh cracker bumbaclot! The first thing the sista in charge of burn loot murder in the USA did when she made good was buy a big fuck off million dollar plus house and get herself outa Compton! She isn’t silly, money, popularity and fancy cars and clothes, she just knows how that goes down with the tanned with fuck all! Sasha Johnson didn’t though, did she 😉

        The Met had to drop stop and search because of complaints of racial stereotyping, guess what, knife crime statistics went through the roof. Everyone saw it coming and no one had the courage to speak up because in this modern world we live in someone would of taken offence and that is the worst crime of all!

        Good luck next generation, you can blame this shitfest on who you like but the bottom line is all this is down to you! As usual you wouldn’t listen to ‘boomers’ because they are ‘boomers’ and therefore out of touch and don’t know anything about how things are now, you thick fucking weak cunts!

      • Well said and I totally agree. People are myopic if they think BLM is about racial justice. I think most dark keys can see through them and many scorn them. BLM probably has more support from self-hating whites who are constantly told they have something to atone for because of the colour of their skin. The very epitome of racism.

      • Exactly this. We can thank hypersensitive woke cunts for many of todays problems, people who will tense up at the N-word being quoted from a book written in the 1880’s while at the same time voting for a bumbling geriatric like Biden who’s on record using said word numerous times in the senate, given a eulogy to a member of the KKK etc. Cunts who are keen to virtue signal while being totally ignorant of the actual reality of their actions.

    • Thanks MMCM. Yes, we can see it, we know it, yet are surrounded by apathy and shoulder shrugging!

      Well that’s my posting TL,DR’s brief reign here over! I shall go back to cruel one liners, scathing sarcasm and arrogant obnoxious oneupmanship 😀

      The shame of it all!

      Fuck off!

      • I can now add that in the USA, after a crowd control police officer has been indicted for assault after the Portland Burn loot murder riots, the whole Police crowd control unit of around 50 personel have resigned en masse after citing the indictment is politically motivated, which of course we all know it obviously is 😀

        I would like to see every police man/woman in the USA resign and let burn loot murder supporting middle-class Democrat party whitey fend for themselves! The Republicans will be okay, they all have guns 😉

  3. Jeesus Mike!
    Where to start? You could put literally the entire ruling class, politicians, the woke-ies, the left, BLM, XR, Antifa, Islam into this category-and that would just be for starters 😚

    I simplify matters by referring to them affectionately as “cunts”.
    Then come on here and give them the cunting, they so richly deserve👍

  4. A British or American “education” makes you dumber than a four year old. You wont find this bollox in China, Russia, or in places in permanent danger like Israel. This shit is only happening in the most pampered,richest, cushioned and pain free society the world has ever seen. Its all happened before , just before the fall.

    • The Romans.
      The Byzantines.
      The Greeks.
      The Egyptians.
      The Carthaginians.

      Always moral degeneracy before the fall.

  5. Johnny Lydon is good value but it’s a bit ripe for him to claim The Beatles were money-grubbing. The Sex Pistols were pieced together as a money-making exercise, as contrived as The Monkees or Take That. His thirst for the dollar has seen him obtain a property empire in CaliforniaLand.

    The Beatles’ worst song is still better than the Pistols’ best song.

    • And then there’s the butter commercials Johnny did, as well as I’m A Celebrity. Those McClaren and Westwood cunts manufactured the Pistols, with that cunt Vicious being the biggest puppet and cartoon cunt of all.

      I like Rotten, but he loves his cash as much as anyone else.

      • His drunk rambling shouty 2019 interview where he got into a slanging match with Joey Ramone and then started literally blubbing about his wife’s dementia after slagging off all the other artists on the Punk Rock panel. Absolutely cringeworthy and he’s a hypocritical cunt too!

      • Hey oh lets go
        Hey oh lets go
        Theyre forming in a straight line
        Going through a tight wind
        The kids are losing their minds
        Blitzkrieg bop!!

    • What is the Beatles worst song, my vote Yellow Submarine, what a pile of shite 😂

      • Agree Miles.
        Hate that shite .
        That and ‘baby you can drive my car’
        It encourages female drivers.

      • The worst Beatles song? Anything with Yoko on it (‘Bungalow Bill’). I always hated the ‘I Feel Fine’ B-Side ‘She’s A Woman’ myself.

        ‘My love don’t give me presents.
        I know that she’s no peasant’.

        Shite of the very highest order.

      • “They were so high, they let Ringo sing.” ~ Bill Hicks

        Don’t Pass Me By –
        “You were in a car crash
        And you lost your hair.”

      • No. I love Yellow Submarine. A meaningless little ditty for sure, but a great one.

      • Oh I do MMCM. I really do. I played and played the two double albums.

        ‘Love Me Do’. ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’. ‘Help’. even ‘She Loves You’ I like.

        Just thinking about it it’s as I say McCartney in storytelling mode I don’t like. For example ‘The Fool on the Hill’ I don’t really care for.

        Though I like ‘Eleanor Rigby’ which invalidates that.

        My favourite stuff – ‘She’s Leaving Home’ where he tells the story and brings it off beautifully come to think.

        OK you’re right its just about taste.

        Really love ‘Fixing a Hole’, ‘Old Brown Shoe’, ‘Don’t let me Down’.

        It’s McCartney in sweet nostalgic mode I don’t like.

        what *mickdys said about ‘Someone’s knocking at the door’.

      • Their post Beatles stuff doesn’t count. It’s nearly all shite.

        Except George Harrison’s ‘Electronic Sound’ LP.

    • 👍 Well said Herr Kapitan!

      Pistols not fit to lick the shit off Beatles boots.

      Have to agree with Miles re worst song, ‘Ob-la-di, ob-la-da’

      Runners up:
      ‘Why Don’t We Do It In The Road’
      ‘The Inner Light’ (horrible grating instrumentation).

      • The Long and Winding Road is the one I hate. A miserable dirge-fest with over the top Phil Spector instrumentals.

      • McCartney post Beatles with “someone’s knocking at the door” – worst song ever in the history of music and utterly cringeworthy. Made worse by being resurrected for the Postcode Lottery adverts just when I had forgotten this dirge existed. Utter shite!

      • Face it Miles. You don’t like The Beatles 😅 The ones you mention are ones I like. Funny how we all like different songs.

      • No, you’ve lost me now Miles. I’m with MMCM on this.

        That said, I do like ‘The Long And Winding Road’.

        What’s your favourite Beatles song, Miles?

      • Difficult one RT. Think I will go with ‘Back in the USSR’ would you believe.
        Your good self?

      • Too many to choose from, but USSR is certainly up there with the best!

        Will have to give it some thought…

      • Back Home in the USSR rocks – literally, the closest The Beatles got to a more heavy rock sound.

        I like the Psychedilic Beatles – Strawberry Fields, Lucy in the Sky, Day in the Life, etc.

        I also like the crazy lyrics in I Am the Walrus.

        To be honest, I like at least 90% of The Beatles entire output.

      • MMCM@
        Helter Skelter was close to hard rock.

        A family tune!
        Mr C. Manson

      • Good call MNC. Heater Skelter was the heaviest.

        Charles Manson interpreted it to mean that the blacks were going to go up and the whites were going to go down. Hate to admit it, but on this one point the loathsome Manson was right.

      • But he was wrong about flares staying fashionable.
        Check out ‘once upon a time in Hollywood’,
        Where his pack of headcases pick the house next door and get natural justice.
        Great film!👍

      • One of Tarantino’s best. If only it had worked out like that in real life?

      • The last 3 minutes of ‘I WantYou (She’s So Heavy) is possibly my favourite bit of Beatles… used to play it obsessively, turned up to 11.

        Charlie was cool, hut hur.

  6. ‘Twas I that posted the link CofE.

    A big fan of JL and PIL, also as I found out later is fellow counter Miserable Northern Cunt.

    I admire and respect down to Earth honest people without egos who tell things as they are. No time for the stupid, weak minded bullshitters or hypocrites. Or liars.

    JL currently looking after his very sick wife, wouldn’t expect anything else from him.

    My kindly next door neighbour lent me the book “Anger is an Energy”. A great read written by an inspirational man.

    Great post by the way.

    • Im with Willie.
      John Lydon is ace.
      Loyal to his wife, and mates.
      Funny, smart, sharp as a razor, animal lover,
      Trump supporting,
      Not someone who suffers fools or being patronised or arselickers, the first to out savile when others protected him,
      And the man who inspired a thousand bands!!!
      PRETTY VaaCUNT!!!
      And we don’t care!!

  7. Our government is, unfortunately, following the same script. We need a real change – however, when it happens (Trump), the left leaning establishment join forces to scupper it. Armed rebellion is the only solution, but will never happen as we just lap up the “rules” (c.f. mask wearing).

  8. I don’t know who said it; it may have been on here.

    ‘The more people I meet; the more I like my dog.’

    • The more I see/hear football pundits I am convinced my cat holds a more interesting conversation (which consists of basically three things, I want food, I want to go out, I want attention).

    • In my experience most (but not all) people are cunts in one form or another.

      Every single cat and dog I have ever had has been absolutely fucking brilliant.

      Other people = stress
      My pets = the complete opposite of stress

      • Sorry Willie, I hate fuckin’ dogs and cats.
        They cause nothing but stress if you’re not a pet lover.
        From the cunt of a copper neighbour with a mutt that barks all day long. He’s blind you know?
        Well, put the fucker down if you can’t give him a better quality of life.( the dog I mean but I suppose it also applies to many coppers these days.)
        Up to the mangy cats that destroy my flower beds.
        I think it was the traumatic time that hamsters gave me when I was younger that has turned me against pets with one eating my bath towel and my school one escaping into the kitchen and being flattened by the school cook.

      • Bertie@
        Evening Bertie
        Evening all.
        I dont get your professed hatred of pets Bertie?
        Loyal, loving, our best friends!
        Fiddler has his hounds
        Jack his collie
        My akita
        RTC his cats
        Did you have pets as a child?
        Id of thought a big hearted fellow like you would of liked dogs?!

      • Trouble is Mis, and I’m not suggesting it applies to all IsAC posters, several of them are not able to relate to people.
        I just find it sad that they have to resign themselves to comfort and friendship provided by animals.

      • Thing is Bertie,
        For some people who struggle to connect in a social context,
        Its easier to connect with animals.
        They dont lie, always happy to see you,
        Have no ulterior motives,
        Always loyal, dont cheat, etc.
        Dogs have qualities that humans should emulate.
        Maybe not licking your arse in company but you know what I mean.

        I dont struggle in social situations or lick my own arse.😀

      • How the fuck can my comment be moderated?
        I didn’t say anything about bestialîty!

      • With your attitude to pets Bertie, it’s not surprising that Percy’s a cunt.

  9. Just been scrolling MSN. Didn’t click on it but the headline ‘Homophobic Slur’.
    See in the seventies that would be calling someone a ‘bum boy’ or ‘bummer’.
    But they have intellectualized it with the word ‘homophobic’. That appeal to the intellect is attractive for many.
    It’s all intellectual preening.

  10. I have seen that header pic somewhere before, looks very pleased with herself like she has had a dump on Rees-Moggs doorstep 😂

    • Has a face like she has dropped a heady, vegan guff and is basking in the ambience of the nut-roast miasma.

    • She needs to be shorn and done roughly up the khyber at the brink of cliff so she pushes back.

      And stuff her face into the pasture and tell her to eat grass bitch during the exercise. Give her something else to do with that pusillanimous mouth.

  11. The bird in the photo just needs a double fisting to sort her out.

    Good early evening and fuck off.

      • That’s what I thought. Also, I’m certain I’ve seen that very same picture somewhere recently.

      • Moggie@
        Its a common meme, with loads of different captions poking fun at crusties/lefties.

      • It’s a bird surely. Fuck knows nowadays I suppose, but my ladyboy radar is pretty strong. It’s a bird.

    • Wasn’t it used for another Nom? I am sure I saw it before as the header pic for another Nom. Can’t remember…

  12. Clueless hypocritical cunts? The world is full of them.
    There are people who vote Labour at every election because they believe that socialist politicians will fight for the working class against the oppression of the bosses. No-one will convince them it isn’t so.
    There are people who have nothing yet vote Conservative at every election because they believe this elevates them to middle class status and allows them to bask in their smug sense of superiority.
    Politicians are well aware that every fool has a vote and it’s a whole lot easier to secure an idiot’s endorsement than it is to persuade someone with common sense. They just have to make up a lie and make sure they keep repeating it.

  13. That profile pic?
    I was In Manila three years ago, I asked ‘my date’ in the hotel lift, straight up. Babe you got bollix or are you the real deal, please don’t surprise me. Well ‘she’ promised me that ‘she’ was all feminine.
    And, when we got to the hotel room and ‘he’ removed ‘her’ bra, the deal was off…
    I thought my radar was good. Trust me…. You can never be sure..
    That is a feckin bloke.

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