Best for Britain (2)

This ultra-remain organisation was founded by, among others, Gina Miller of late and unlamented fame. There’s no need for me to set out what’s it’s all about. You can see for yourself from its risible website.

It’s also landed on a terrific wheeze to console crestfallen remainers. If you ask nicely, and preferably make a donation, then on the July 23rd fifth anniversary of the leave vote, you can have your name projected onto the side of one of the EU’s ugly buildings in Brussels, saying how much you love the EU. These are called “message of hope” but “messages of hopeless cunts” would be closer to the truth.

Since the proposed second referendum collapsed, Best for Britain has been struggling to keep in the limelight. This is their brilliant solution.

Knowing how much we all love the EU on ISAC I have asked for ISAC’s name to be projected on 23rd July. Only kidding!

What a bunch of cunts.

Remainer Game Plan for Brexit Reverse

Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

and seconded by: Hard Brexit Cunt

I’ll second this having read about it from the second half of Douglas Murray’s commentary in the Telegraph yesterday.

He made the rather amusing suggestion which follows.

“Unfortunately, I spot a glitch in the plan. For there is a single box for those who would like to have their name projected but do not want to make a donation.

I hate to plant ideas in anyone’s heads. But might we not finally get some pleasure out of the pleasure-less “Best for Britain” crowd?

If for one night the buildings of Brussels 
were covered with the names of various serial killers and cartoon characters, then perhaps all sides could agree that it was a good thing that we left and call it quits?”

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      Would definitely be in this spoilt uppity deluded cunt would just accept the 2016 referendum result and fucking crawl back under her “faberge” rock …………

  1. Here’s a suggestion you sad cunts. You fucking lost, get over it. Fucking crybabies. Did anyone have KennethKounda in the dead pool?

    • I am content to wait until our self-hating whites* erect a statue to the dead cunt Kaunda – probably outside Parliament, if not inside, and will order paint and a JCB at that point.

      *Descriptive, no? Better than wokie, snowflake or SLW, IMHO. Use, please.

      • Kuanda will be best remembered for that cover of Private Eye. Thatcher had just had an eye operation. The cover featured her greeting Kaunda on the steps of Downing Street. Under the words – “Thatcher “I” Strain”, Thatcher is saying to Kuanda “I’m much better, thank you Mr Whitelaw”.

  2. Here’s an instance of George Soros – target of so many conspiracy theories – disguising his interests as a matter of public concern in order to promote them. BforB has received at least 500K from this cunt (and likely more from his friends,)

    WARNING, any criticism of Soros will be regarded as ant*sem*tic.

    #stopfunding cunts.

  3. Miller could always fuck off back to Guyana, please.

    I had a look at the website, the only thing of interest was the team, namely Flo and Julia who look well worth a good fucking. I would even donate a fiver for the pair together 😂

    There seems to an awful lot of these self appointed organisations around, they would be of better use pulling pints and serving food in pubs and restaurants.

    Best for Britain
    No Peacefuls
    No Roma cunts
    On benefits, no job, then community service.

  4. Fucking wankers. That trannie Head doctor from the previous thread should take a look at these obsessives. Then shoot the rich white supremacist bastards in the face.

  5. As per Suckdick Khunt, another shining example of why immigration has been terrible for the UK.

  6. What would be Best for Britain is a large rubber dinghy filled with selected folk, such as Gina Miller, Tony Blair, John Major, Suckdick Khunt, Gordon Brown and George Soros.

    Get the cunt to float off Saltcombe into the Celtic Sea before it is swept into the cold North Atlantic Ocean. I reckon hunger would kick in and Soros’ cadavarous body would be sacrificed first as communal leftovers. I would pay big money to hear the discussions, arguments and tantrums aboard that dinghy.

  7. You can bet on the names at the top of the list to be projected on to this Belgian shithouse. They won’t be paying though……that’s for the pathetic Guardian reader, snowflake fucking tossbags who still haven’t got over it. Five fucking years and they’re still crying about it.
    Get a life for fucks sake.

  8. Talking of Remain motherfuckers, that spiteful old poof Duckie Dominic Green has made himself available today to Wireless 4 – so keen were the BBC to let you hear the old queen’s words, they even gave a snatch of him on the 1100 two minute news summary. The old shitstain, sucking on his false teeth, has never forgiven the Conservatives for kicking his shitty arsehole out of his seat, and now, like a jealous old ex-wide he cant stop dribbling his venom.

    The EU whore Miller should be made to sit on Grieves face – real grievous bodily harm, especially is she does a wet fart, which, judging by the look on her raddled old face, she often does.

    • Sorry Dominic GRIEVE (spinster of the parish of Beaconsfield). I am a cunt of a typist/

  9. Hasn’t this opinionated, anti-democratic sanctimonious fucking cunt got the message yet? Doesn’t she get the difference between 48 and 52?

    Oh, speaking of which, Jeremy Vine was on Wireless 2 in the car just now, absolutely wanking his she-cock over the Lib Dem by-election win. I expect he’s on the short-strokes now, immediately prior to getting on his bike in the pissing rain, the cunt.

    • Yeah, all these libtard lefties are jerking off over this by election conveniently forgetting their commie lezza candidate lost her deposit. Fucking hell, couldn’t even get a thousand votes!
      Comedy show.

  10. Perhaps an organisation could arrange to have these cunts nailed to the side of their favourite EU Reichstag and then demolish the whole fucking mess by cruise missile.
    I’d put some brass down.
    Quisling vermin.

  11. Condescending cunt.

    It’s fucker like these I hate.

    Take it upon themselves to educate the proles in what is best for our own country.

    You know what’s best for Britain? For fuckers like these who love the EU so much to crawl right up Angela Merkel’s cobwebbed old cunt.

    As you can see my piss is at fucking meltdown.

  12. Sadly, Chesham & Amersham has fallen to the LimpDumps (Sarah Green).
    I pray this is just a blip.
    The alternative to the tories is pretty unthinkable, but I really despair of Doris, I really do.

    • I’m hoping it’s a protest vote. I can’t think the good ole boys of that part of the world have suddenly turned into limp-wristed lefties. It just shows that they think that Boris is no different to the Limp Dums, and they’re probably right.

      • Don’t worry. I live near Chesham. It’s a protest vote about planning laws and HS2.

    • Relax. Th cunts always pick up a few by-elections, and are invariably trashed at the next general election. Their local candidates are sometimes good MP’s it has to be said, but the leadership is so shite no-one wants them to be in central government.

      Who IS the LimpDumb’s ‘leader’ btw? I haven’t forgotten, I genuinely don’t know! (quick Wiki)
      Ed Davey. Who?

      • Yes, you are right about them being OK at local level. I was born in cuntstituency of Sutton & Cheam, we had Graham Tope as an old-fashioned Liberal MP before all the changes. He got in after the bleck panthers murdered Sharples, who was Guvnor-General of Bermuda.
        I’d overlooked potential HS2 protest votes.

      • I remember Jeremy Thorpe and the saga with him and his ‘friend’ Norman Scott.
        They made a film about it all.
        ‘Scott Of The Arse Antics’.

  13. The floating bodies of children and babies drowned in the channel tell you that the EU are not fit for purpose. Miller is a Cunt and her EU are hypocritical overpaid playboy politicians who care not for nations or human life..

  14. Best thing for Britain this lot fuck off to eu wonderland. You lost you total cunts get over it. Gina take a fucking long sabbatical do me and you good promise.

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