Nutty Professors and Shooting White People

Don’t you just luurve America? Home of the brave, land of the barmy ‘mental health’ practitioner…

I mean, take the example of one Dr Donald Moss. In a recent article published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the good doctor stated that ‘whiteness is a malignant, parasitic-like condition’, and that it’s ‘voracious, insatiable and perverse-with no permanent cure’. Well I’m no shrink, but this sounds like a very severe case of self-loathing and inadequacy to me; perhaps his mommy didn’t love him or something.

Or take the case (somebody ought to, by the sound of it) of psychiatrist Dr Aruna Khilanani. Khilanani stated in a recent lecture at Yale University that she fantasised about ‘unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, and walking away guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favour’. Blimey; deep seated aggression issues towards white people, or what?

Imagine needing assistance from a medical health professional and getting a referral to a nutty professor who seems to be more in need of help than you are.
Physician, heal thyself.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

White malignant parasites

Shooting White People

51 thoughts on “Nutty Professors and Shooting White People

  1. What a torrent of anger. She fantasises about that and I fantasise the same. Is that alright, Kill-a-nana? However first I’d unzip MY nana and unleash MY torrent of anger.

    She’d have to take off those comedy lips though. Speaking like a clown is silly but resembling one? Psh.

    • Aruna khilanana what a wonderful phrase
      Aruna khilanana aint no passing phase,
      Means no worries for the rest of your days,..


  2. I read these articles. They should both be struck off. Not fit to teach . Ffs imagine telling students you fantasised about shooting white people? Arseholes them and many others. She looks like a rab to me. Yeah so what has your species contributed to civilisation? Fuck all.
    Expire you cunts.

    • Who’s rattled her cage?!!
      Cheeky cunt, give her a banana to calm her down.

      • Which ‘type’ of Banana are you referring to MNC? The fruit or the male member? One would like to think that either in the oration chamber would stop the bile being spewed out, but the latter might actually give her the shudders of pleasure and divert her murderous intentions for a few minutes. In either case looking at the spread of her gob, it’ll take at least 2 of either side by side to do any good.

  3. Its getting to the point where us Whiteys will need to go back to the middle ages and don suits of armour to protect ourselves from lunatic twats like these, even only if just to put the bin out! Could go futuristic and dress like a Cyberman i suppose but that would be sexist. Folk like these need an ingestion of a quick extermination fix to rid the sane of the insane for the greater good.

  4. If i was in her company and could see her about to go all medieval on me i would swiftly turn her round, yank her bloomers off and give her a bum full , going in dry of course and move away swiftly after the deed before she recovers from the massive orgasm i just gave her.

  5. Great Cunting. Imagine if a white person said that about a dark key? In any sane society these lunatics would be locked up. We don’t live in a sane society.

  6. Turn it around, state that you fantasise about shooting a black person and you’d never work again.
    Equality doesn’t appear to be a two way street.

  7. Actually, regarding the ‘malignancy’ this pr*t is harping on about, we tend to use that term in society to describe Cancer. Its not us that are the cancer on society, its the fruit loops that keep spouting off this babbel and drivel. The Oven needs to be made bigger pronto.

  8. My grandfather shot lots of white people, a fair few Italians and Japs as well.

  9. Excellent cunting Ron. In my book these psycho-twats are down there with social workers and estate agents. As some wag said; “Anyone who goes to see a psychiatrist needs his head examined.” That one in the picture, those lips. Looks as if I could stick her to the windscreen and she wouldn’t come unstuck over the potholes, emaciated freak.

  10. Fucking nutjob. Sounds like she’s cut from the same cloth as Harold Shipman, he killed a few Nans too

  11. As the overwhelming majority of these mentally unstable SJW fuckheads are white themselves how difficult would it be to persuade them to off themselves? I seem to remember good old Jim Jones took out about 900 in a single day. Imagine what a smooth tongued cunt like Owen Jones could do? Somebody should suggest it to him. Go on Owen……save the world from the evil whitey!
    You cunt.

  12. And I take it this crazy bitter twisted tart still lecturing?
    Sharing your homocidal racist fantasies with others are great as long as you’re not white then.
    Ok makes perfect sense.

  13. On the scale of crazy, it goes from very slightly off the rails to bat shit crazy, this pair are way beyond bat shit

    My fantasy has nothing to do with shooting anybody except with my sperm gun, trouble is there are so much totty and not enough bullets (and the gun is a bit rusty) 😂

  14. Looking at the nomination photo, is it about the new “Joker” film?

  15. That no tit bint in the photo is a fucking trannie, no question. It may have had extensive modifications to the undercarriage but it’s still a fucking geezer. Head doctor you say? Physician heal thyself trannie boy.

  16. Looks like a secret Taliban plant to me, stir unrest from the inside and for authenticity some shit plastic surgery to make her look like the Jokey without make up.

  17. The only malignancy in society comprises cunts like these, Sasha Deacon and BLMs. What is troubling is that these fuckers are getting more brazen in their public announcements. It will crank up soon with black attacks on whites and then killings. We will then be back to the good old days of KKK, burning crosses and roasting jiggers over an open fire and shooting camel jockeys up against a wall.

    The respective governments need to treat the cancer before it spreads out of control.

  18. Twelve gauge to the face at point blank range.
    Problem solved and she’d look much better.
    Get them before they get you…

  19. It’s what a life without bacon does to a person, as the self loathing white cunt sounds vegan to be. The bint is just being native. It’s his will didn’t you know!
    That they are allowed to poison the largely empty and self absorbed minds of the young is a crime against humanity.

  20. There seems to be a fair old number of fruit and nut cases in the world of academia on both sides of the pond.
    I wonder what the situation’s like elsewhere; is this a case of another American ‘fashion’ that we in this country have latched on to, or is it more widespread?

    Morning all.

    • It only seems to infect Anglo-Saxon countries, for some reason.

  21. Hate speech only goes one way. Anything non woke said to efniks, trannies, lifters etc.
    Cultural appropriation only goes one way so we have a kaffir Anne Boleyn and Jacob Zuma in a suit. Just like the old PG adverts.
    A balanced view of the news is also hate speech.

    I would like to see the figures for criminality and intelligence by ethnicity for a balanced comparison but it aint gonna happen.

    • And I notice that blacks punching out Asian women and old men in the States doesnt get a lot of coverage.

  22. Has Dr Moss identified the condition of Flabbottitus yet? Chronic stupidity and ignorance coupled with a complete lack of self-awareness and entitlement. May also lead to incoherent rambling and excessive weight gain.

    • And to quote the good doctor, the condition is ‘voracious, insatiable and perverse- with no permanent cure’.

  23. I refer the dear doctor to
    (a) a liposuction specialist to do something about her oral disfigurement. As an amateur psychologist myself I feel sure this is the cause of her animosity towards whites, who are almost all more attractive to look at than she is, and
    who are, as previously noted, a kindly organisation who do what it says on their website. Now is their chance to demonstrate their impartiality. Lol.
    BTW, you can email her here – remove space after name, inserted to dodge multiple-URL rule.

    arunakhilanani .com/

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