Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is a cunt.

The world no.2 women’s tennis player is refusing to speak to the media after matches. Win or lose. She says it is harmful to her mental health.

I think she may be right as it sounds like she has gone crazy.

This miserable e cause for a woman is paid a fortune to play three sets of pat-a-cake on the female circuit. A laughable effort compared to the men who, let’s be honest, are the real draw that attracts tv and advertising money. The women’s game is a side show dominated for years by the bullying man-mountain that is Serena Williams and her girrafe-legged sister Venus. They now get virtually equal pay for doing much less work and being far less entertaining.

Osaka can no longer be bothered to attend post match interviews which is surely part of her highly paid role to promote the “sport”.

Having said that the boring, monotone, bland utterences that these lesbo robots come out with are well worth missing anyway. It’s the sheer arrogance of such grim-faced bitches that gets me.

Feck off.

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Naomi Osaka Faces Ban


74 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka

  1. Fuck women’s tennis, apart from a handful they are all ugly geezer bird tuppence lickers, give me female golfers like paige spiriac or Michelle wei # womentennisplayersbemorelikelagygolfers..ffs

    • Definitely need more white sprinters, haven’t seen a milky win an Olympic Gold for a while now. Also Marathons too.

      I’m hoping for big victories for the LTBQ+ in the wimmins events too.

  2. Dozy fucking tart. I’ll swap fucking jobs with her so she can see what real mental health issues are like. My profession has a 75% higher rate of suicide than the national average, and certainly higher than some fucking tennis player.

    • Too fucking right. How is it that none of the spineless media pick these cunts up on that sort of bullshit? Ask the cunts to show the evidence of the so-called ‘Genocide’ at the hands of the police. Sasha ‘Shit Stirring Racist’ Johnson’s attacker wasn’t Dixon of fucking Dock Green as far as I’m aware.

      This bullshit has to stop.

  3. I supported her after watching that silverback looking cunt Serena Williams ruin her moment but all support has since withered in the advent of her becoming yet ANOTHER over opinionated anti white whinge merchant. Fuck off.

  4. What a weak, self absorbed cunt. There is no ‘genocide’ you daft shit. Also, surely it is racist to say tennis (and any other sport) is ‘majority white’ considering there are scores of different nationalities (Asians aren’t white, for example). We know that they never apply the rules to themselves. I guess as long as the dopey public hoover up the message and don’t think about it then they won’t care.

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