Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is a cunt.

The world no.2 women’s tennis player is refusing to speak to the media after matches. Win or lose. She says it is harmful to her mental health.

I think she may be right as it sounds like she has gone crazy.

This miserable e cause for a woman is paid a fortune to play three sets of pat-a-cake on the female circuit. A laughable effort compared to the men who, let’s be honest, are the real draw that attracts tv and advertising money. The women’s game is a side show dominated for years by the bullying man-mountain that is Serena Williams and her girrafe-legged sister Venus. They now get virtually equal pay for doing much less work and being far less entertaining.

Osaka can no longer be bothered to attend post match interviews which is surely part of her highly paid role to promote the “sport”.

Having said that the boring, monotone, bland utterences that these lesbo robots come out with are well worth missing anyway. It’s the sheer arrogance of such grim-faced bitches that gets me.

Feck off.

Nominated by: Lord Helpuss

and helpful link provided by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

Naomi Osaka Faces Ban


74 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka

    • Off topic but a Mega Piss Boiler

      The brother of the MEN terrorist attack,who continues to live in Manchester,is refusing to cooperate with the public inquiry on the grounds he may incriminate himself.

      This country is done.

      • It’s our fault. I’m sure our forebears would have gone on a wrecking spree and torched a few premises and smashed up local shops, all the while with the local coppers looking the other way. How far have we fallen? Grooming gangs operate with impunity, blacks think they are above the law as the rozzers daren’t touch them. But, hey, you whitey are fair game. Everything you say or do is wrong – they’ve even managed to take football away from the white working class.

  1. Tennis. A sport of cunts.

    You have child labour burning up in the sun just to pick up tennis balls for these overpaid overhyped douchebags.

    Fucking lazy cunts, pick them up yourselves!

  2. Well she won’t be playing against other wimmenz much longer…straight or lezzas. When the only players winning anything in wimmenz sport will be George who is now Georgina or Dave who is now Davina. It’s going to like watching McEnroe Vs Borg wearing skirts.

    Can’t wait to see weightlifting when Geoff Capes lookalikes show up in the women’s Olympics!

      • Those East Germans were ahead of their time back then. Although, even they drew the line at steroids. At least they were still biological women…just! Whereas, we in the West have just gone full retard by allowing biological men into women’s sport.

  3. And we’re off . Another effnick victim whinning about police brutality. Funny how this odious witch doesn’t seem too concerned about bleks killing bleks. I believe most bleks are killed by their brother and sisters, ya know waat a meeeen?

  4. I think she means ‘an athlete’ but who cares about detail when you’re a victim, ‘innnnit’ or some other such gibberish.

    • She’s supposed to have been suffering from depression. And that was when she was winning. I can only imagine what would happen if she started losing, she’d probably cut her own throat.

  5. I’m surprised that the media even bother asking her any questions….nobody is interested in women’s tennis and only watch it if it the odd bonny tart ( Sabatini,Hingis). These women are allowed to make vast sums of money off the back of the men’s game….you’d think the least they could do is a bit of media promotion work or flash their rat to encourage people to watch.

    • Good Afternoon Dick,

      The only purpose of women’s tennis is to fill in the time between the men’s matches, plus a bit of a leer of course.
      I have found a very good cure for premature ejaculation is an image of Serena Williams, did you see the size of her arse at Roland Garros this week? NASA could launch a space probe around it.

      • That will be next on the Woke-I’m-Offended-List, leering!

        Either the wimminz tennis players will wear shorts and not skirts from now on; or anyone caught leering/taking photos of upskirts will be arrested, publicly humiliated on social media, and then imprisoned for a million years for sexual harrassment

      • Techno – I think someone was ejected form Wimbledon one year for exactly that. In my defence, it was all a big misunderstanding…..

    • Recall watching blonde, long legged, bonny and big titted (and pert) Jelena Dokic vs the stunning Anna Kournikouva at Wimbledon, when they’d have been about 19 or 20 years old.

      I had to ‘retire’ to my bedroom after a few minutes of that, I can tell you.

      Who won? Couldn’t give a fuck, I don’t think any red-blooded male could’ve told you who’d won. I would’ve absolutely ruined the pair of them. I could’ve filled buckets.

      And you won’t hear that on Sky an’ all.

      • have you noticed how the camera never lingers on their backsides when they serve. It shoots away at the last moment. cunts.

      • I think it was John Inverdale on the BBC who forgot himself once and described one of the women players as “not much of a looker”. It got him quite a lot of trouble.
        Any female tennis player you would rate over 7 points clear of her opponent should have a 1 set advantage . At least that would make it a tadge more fair when some winsome lass has to play a tranny or Serena Williams.

  6. Boo-hoo-hoo! Boo-hoo-hoo! Her mental health! Boo-hoo-hoo!
    Ollie Robinson ! What a cunt! Chase him out of the game! Fuck him for saying something ten years ago! What a cunt! Boo-hoo-hoo!

  7. Fucking wokie bitch whore. “Brand ambassador” for Louis Vuitton, has her own line in swimwear and skincare products, earned $37 million last year. Wears a Chicken George mask and plays the mental elf card. Don’t think she can be arsed to play tennis anymore so she can fuck off the old slag.

  8. Serena was supportive of her and said she’d ‘like to give her hug’. Fucking hell brace yourself there Naomi… gasping for air.

    But arent media interviews inane shit. ‘I miss hit the ball and lost that set. How did you feel at that moment? Disappointed.’ Or ‘I served an ace and that gave me the match. And how did you feel about that? Er..I was .happy..,’

  9. Black wimminz have an unfair advantage-thousands of years of collective “muscle memory” from such activities as:

    -throwing coconuts at rival Troupes of simians

    -tree swinging

    -banana peeling

    -spear chucking

    -looting heavy electrical goods

    -forcing 9mm automatic pistols into pregnant women’s stomache’s , whilst your friend chimp out and loot her house


    Not a level playing field.

    *give me a saucy young Russian bitch grunting like she is being fucked by a shire horse, any day….

  10. When all is said and done, most sportspersons have fuck all to say and that boringly. So, great work, Naomi, please continue to spare us your vapourings.
    And tell your friends, too.

    • Komodo@ – “When all is said and done, most sportspersons have fuck all to say and that boringly”.
      Have you never heard the razor sharp wit and genius of Harry Kane?🤣

      • On tbe field Harry is a genius. Great goalscorer who can also hold the ball up and pass perfectly.

        He doesn’t need to be anything special off it.

        And he loves playing for England.

      • By all accounts Helpuss he’s a relatively normal bloke too. Get the feeling he only said that stuff about the knee a while back because as England captain he had no real choice.

  11. Post match interviews are a waste of fucking time anyway.

    “So you’ve won the World Cup. How does it feel?”

    What do they expect the cunt to say? That he’s gutted and will be sucking on a hosepipe in the garage later?

    Or, “That’s your fifth golden duck in a row and you’ve just been released by your county cricket club. How do you feel?”

    Yeah he’s on top of the world you thick cunt.

    Not one journo cunt asks a decent question.

    “Gareth, do you accept people seeing a link between taking a knee with the BLM movement and disrespecting the national anthem? Do you think BLM, as an organisation, have good intentions?”

    Or just “Shouldn’t you be focusing on the games and not arguing with fans over your constant virtue signalling?”

    Maybe, “Lewis, how does it feel to be paid by a company that produced vehicles for the nazi regime, including Adolf himself?”

    Maybe “Pep, what do you say to those who think you only take jobs at clubs with the most money to spend, and that your main success was due to inheriting a team with a prime Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in it?”

    Or just, “Serena, why are you such an ugly fat chippy cunt?”

    But yes, this daft tart doesn’t know she’s fucking born. Millions a year for playing tennis and she’s moaning.

    Send the fucker down the pits for a year, or give her the life of a zero hours contract minimum wage slave for a year or two if she wants some real ‘stress’.

    Get fucked .

  12. If a white player should beat her will she moan about “white privilege” as the reason for her defeat?

    If she beats a white player will she say “I did it as empowerment over white players and a victory for the BLM”

    Just another bandwagon-hopping spoilt rich cunt

    • Oh, and since she’s part Asian will she be supporting Asians as a whole, or will she do a Markel and identify as totally black?

    • Why don’t you get any great black tennis players? Perhaps they don’t like the graft – football’s easier.

  13. How the fuck can you play tennis at the highest level (women’s highest level) if you are depressed, I would have thought playing the game would be a lot more stressful than answering a few stupid questions from tosspot media hacks

    Just thank your fucking ‘team’ and your sponsors and keep your stupid trap shut.


    • She’s always welcome to give up tennis, hand over her fortune to the BLM movement, and buy a condo in Downtown Harlem so that she can be up close and personal with da bros and sisters.

  14. Simple solution?
    Refuse to pay the little bitch, dock her ranking points if she refuses to do press conferences (they must be so taxing for ickle Pwincess – “I hit the ball, she hit it back, then she didn’t, so I won”) and throw the chippy whining cunt out of every tournament – losing around ten million Dollars a year will soon cure her “mental illness”.
    You want to see REAL mental health issues Naomi?
    Speak to any former squaddie.

  15. Good nom

    Naomi is indeed a cunt.

    The overwhelmingly white victims of peaceful groomers in the UK makes me sick to my stomach too Naomi – how do you feel about that?

    Oh sorry you don’t do interviews you just make virtue signalling statements.


    • I’d probably accept the claim that police killing bleks constitutes genocide if they’d accept that grooming gangs, rapefugee welcome parties and stab-happy assaults of whitey also constitute genocide but you’d never hear that in a month of Sundays.

      Who am I kidding, there is no equivalence.

  16. If Naomi Osaka finds hitting a ball up and down someone elses lawn then spending 120 seconds telling some lackey how she did it to be causing her “mental health issues” she could always fuck off and work in a factory for minimum wage.
    Or try out the pro tennis circuit in j*gaboo land – “Congratulations – you win a waddymelon”!

  17. Wait while I enter the next wimminz tournament as “Lady Veronica Fox” – and as the fat lazy bitches only play three sets instead of five I will have plenty of energy left to give interviews after I have wiped the floor with them.

    • Vernon, don’t forget to thank your sponsors, Fox’s biscuits, Fox’s glacier mints, Twentieth Century Fox, and Foxy Bingo. 🙂

  18. And I’ve just had to mute Michael Holding on Sky being interviewed by Ian Ward during the lunch break at the test match. It started with ‘Wardy’ saying summat about how Holding supports the BLM movement and my piss stared to heat up.

    He’s flogging a book and it started with “Well people said how well I spoke after what happened (Chiggun choke)..”

    My piss was going nuclear so I hit mute. He’s still banging on now.

    Used to enjoy his commentary but he’s just a race baiting shithead nowadays, sadly.

    • Unmuted for two seconds and I shit you not, he was saying “And when I say black lives matter..”

      Mute hit

      • I used to like him, I now turn the sound down when his 30 minutes of commentary starts. It’s guaranteed he’ll start moaning about oppression at some stage. He’s never done a day’s work in his life but we have to feel sorry for him. Get fucked Mikey!

  19. I would love the opportunity to tell the press/media to fuck off. However her sport is a business and public relations and press are part of it. She should just do what is expected and move on.
    If “girl power” and “strong women” can’t handle the job they do and all that comes with it then maybe bare feet, an apron and 3 screaming kids and one with a loaded diaper would be easier.
    No job is without stress and hard work.
    Fuck off!

  20. Unkle Terry, could the oven be preheated for this one? Gas Mark 20 should finish the job this stupid cunt has already started.

  21. Cliff Richard playing tennis with Sue Barker shouts “New balls please.”
    Sue Barker “What the fuck for, you haven’t used the ones you’ve got yet.”

  22. How ironic that after what happened with her and Serena Williams some years back she’s now become Serena Williams.

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