Guido Fawkes (3)

I’d like to say what we are all thinking and formally move to officially ( and with a heavy heart) cunt Guido Fawkes and the ‘Order order’ website.

For many years this site was an oasis of common sense providing opportunity to speak your mind and give arsehole politicians what for in no uncertain terms. It was generally right of centre but also appreciated some well considered input from some of our left wing friends when they spoke truth unto power.

Staines himself used to boast, in response that the language used was full of sweary words like ‘cunt’ for example was simply the language you would hear in pubs up and down the country and thus simply reflected the voice of the common man.

However, as you will no doubt have noticed the tone of this site has somewhat changed over the past few years. From around 2010 when Cameron took power the site has become more and more a a platform for Conservative party arse licking.

Indeed, it is now clear the site is run by the Government for the Government. I don’t know how much Fawkes was paid or what he was threatened with but he sold out and it’s obvious as fuck.

Visit the site these days and what you will find is Government sponsored house trolls all over the place often arguing with each other when the site is quiet. The other day it appeared the whole site was engaged with rimming Boris Johnson and it was not a pretty site.

Just goes to show how much the establishment have taken over the internet. Cunts.

Nominated by: Jack

24 thoughts on “Guido Fawkes (3)

  1. Spot on cunting.

    Staines is a fucking shill and no mistake. Right up the Clown Cunt’s arse – pro vakzine, pro lockdown, pro mask, cunt. Hardly ever visit anymore.

    • Where is everyone? In The Red Lion or Greggs, I suppose!

  2. I stopped posting on there a couple of years ago, it really went down hill when they changed to Vukkle(?).
    It is so painfully censored it is just about impossible to say anything against anyone.
    The only true place left to be able to speak your mind is here, long may it continue, a shaft of light in an ever darkening woke shitfest of a world.

  3. I would cunt Censorship but ironically this site will not let me nominate. The Nominate tab has been unavailable to me for some time.WhatsUp Admin?

    • Bugger me as I said the Nominate Tab does not work for me, just rapidly flashes white and vanishes but will not open.Had a brainwave so tried moving me cursor to other areas of the masthead and found a place on the bottom right where a click opened the Nominations doodah.Perhaps some miss match between me browser (Latest Firefox) and ISAAC?

      Admin bad. I’m being ignored. I can’t nominate. Change the fucking record will you. – NA

  4. If he’s pro-vax, then maybe he can tell us how we will know that the vaccine is working.
    Will it be when the survival rate goes from 99.7% to 99.8%….

  5. Double bugger me. Noticed I have no Dead Pool. Has our little bit of fun been deleted?

    • Bugger me Butler I now find the Dead Pool and the Cunting button by scrolling down as far as the page will go. Clearly not pissed enough to function.

  6. A multi coloured swap shop of a cunting for the BBC and the Baftas, England football team and the FA and ECB and the selectors. All guilty of wokeish, cancel culture that has slowly but surely destroyed English culture.
    Fucking well.done to the lot of them

    • Indeed, won’t belong before you can’t leave the house without upsetting some cunt because of the way you looked at them or the way you were walking.this will indeed delight these cunts because they spend their entire fucking sad lives on line.twats

  7. Probably owned by that smug cunt – the Money Saving Supercunt Martin Lewis.

  8. Hmm – I wonder if the owners of Viz (the ministry of what we feed you) also own Guido Fawkes?
    Politics used to mirror society – some left, some right, most centre.
    Now it is left, lefter and mental dangerous left and different opinions, viewpoints and ideologies are slowly being removed by branding anyone who does not share the views of Jeremy Corbyn as a crazed, dangerous far right nazi.
    It is an unsustainable situation I say! And I think a hundred thousand young chums with arms and a robust attitude could take power in a week – who the fk would stop us? – I could see Dame Keir Starmer struggling get to grips with a tight fitting helmet but I doubt the encounter would be in a war zone! 😀
    Please let me know how the battle is going as I am kind of in the doghouse and quite possibly grounded for threatening to punch a mouthy youth!
    (The little cunt!)

  9. He should just rename his site ‘New World Order Order’ and be done with it.

  10. I don’t know the site but it seems that sites where people can actually express an opinion are becoming rarer by the day.

  11. The biggest conspiracy forums, and are owned and controlled by powerful cunts, ie. CIA, military, it’s not certain who, but they are “controlled opposition” portals that draw in Truthers who then get shilled not red-pilled. Oh, if you can talk about dumb stuff like aliens and libel A-list celebrities as child rapists, but bring up flat Earth or exposing NASA as frauds and the thread will be pounced on by shills in a nanosecond and ultimately your thread will be deleted by an admin if you keep to the facts and rattle them. Years ago, those sites helped expose the dark truths of 9/11 and threads never got deleted, folks never got banned. And even flat Earth was kosher until about 2017 and in recent months, flat Earth is the ultimate taboo topic on the internet, not child rape or even Covid fact-gathering.

    Yeah, any website that exposes the “elite” and their deceptions get taken over by the Powers That Be now. They never took the internet seriously until about 2010 when smart phones switched on billions of conformists via Fakebook, Twatter, YouTube etc who are now ultra-powerful and ultra-controlled. Do you really think that simpering wimp Zuckerberg came up and executed his information gathering behemoth or was it the CIA? Do you think that dorky hipster Jack Dorsey calls the shots at Twitter? When you’re voice, platform, product hits a certain amount of people, be it 1 million, 10 million, 100 million, 1 BILLION, then “they” exponentially tighten their grip on your balls. Oprah used to have jaw-dropping stuff in the 80s like the exposés of child rape circles, but that shit came to end in the mid-90s and Oprah just started doing fluff pieces on the trivial guff of the day, rimming celebrities and giving away cars to her retarded sycophantic audience. Joe Rogan is controlled to some degree, but he sometimes forgets to censor himself when he is baked on A-grade weed.

    Truths are ALWAYS revealed, eventually. It can take hundreds of years, thousands or sometimes one year. So these politicians, tycoons or whoever runs this world are rightfully shitting themselves as it’s becoming almost impossible to fool all of the people all of the time these days.

  12. Yeah Staines has clearly got connections with CCHQ.Probably offered him a peerage to be their lapdog.

  13. Yes certainly heading more more mainstream. He will never support any comments by anyone whom the MSM have dubbed “far right”. My send him a bottle of scotch to open his mind once again.

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