USA: The Continuing Story of “How Could It Come To This?”

A double cunting here.

Nomination 1) The latest US military recruitment advert.

Have a look at the comparison between the Russian advert, featuring a bunch of hard looking bastards, and this woke shite.
By the way, the above link is not an endorsement of the RT network, they are a bunch of cunts too.

Nomination 2) The US secretary of state has also now authorised US embassies to fly the BLM banner

The USA is continuing to look more and more pathetic under the clown show aka the Biden administration. We can only imagine what it will be like when cackling Kamala takes over. Russian and China must be pissing themselves laughing.

Nominated by: mystic maven

50 thoughts on “USA: The Continuing Story of “How Could It Come To This?”

  1. No idea why they’d want to appeal to the demographics of the nations they want them to slot in the head.

  2. Where the US goes we follow. Our armed forces have a head of diversity on £110k pa.

      • Yes, let’s wait for the cunt to get his boots on and his shit together while we’re under attack. That white thing on his head makes a great target amongst the camouflage. What a load of fucking wank. In a similar vein, I went to the tank museum at Bovington last week. Well worth a trip. However, I can’t reconcile the nation which fought two wars to the one that exists today. Where the fuck did it go wrong?

      • PC shite. No problem with dark-keys in the British army, even Mudslimes as long as their loyalty is not in question (which it is 90% of the time). But this virtue signalling PC nonsense in recruitment is embarrassing.

      • I would say comments aren’t necessary when there are 12k thumbs down, they say it all.

      • @moggie

        Rumours abound that YT may remove the “dislike” link at some point in the near future. No idea if this is true but wouldn’t surprise me given that disliking something could be construed as “hate” and hurty feelings to the author.

        Therefore the 12,000 downticks wouldn’t be seen, and therefore people would think the 10 upticks shows universal support!

        It’s a bit like how the counting at the last presidential election took place. Just ignore a big chunk of votes for Trump and focus on the smaller volume for Biden – allegedly!

  3. The USA is now under the control of crazy Joe Biden and the Democratic party, so what do you expect?

    Fuck off!

    • Did anyone see his latest pervy leering at a young girl? Think it was at a US army base or something. The man gives me the creeps. Funny enough, wasn’t a lot about it on BBC.

      • Yes, LC. I believe someone posted a link to it here recently.

        Biden gave a very Savilesque commentary when referring to the little girl! Creepy as fuck!

  4. The entire world watched as an election was stolen and the rightful President eviscerated. They will not stop until Trump and all around and in support of him are destroyed.
    Their hatred will be their downfall, but never forget that the leaders of the world watched this travesty and either colluded or looked the other way.
    Democracy is close to death.

    • I’d say the US political system is going to get more fucked. Republicans if they support trump will get in next time. If they don’t and he forms his own party (likely) the vote will be split and they’re screwed. Bit like UKIP taking votes from the tories.

    • Well said VF.
      The US so called election was a debacle.
      The president was basically removed from power and removed from social media.
      Nearly as many holes in that plot as the covid plot.
      Worse than a particularly shit episode of Corrie.

    • The U.S is fucked already, you’ve half the population embracing BS like critical race theory, believing that your gender can change at the drop of a hat, embracing criminals over the police – the list fucking goes on. Suffice to say, the cat is out of the bag, there’s no turning back from this shit for the Democrats, they’ve slung so much mud on these subjects that they can’t now risk demonizing themselves.

  5. The insane Democrat party is far more malign to this country than any other political organisation on earth except for the CCP.

  6. r.e RT News, they may be cunts, but I get more truth from their website than I do the BBC or Sky. I am also always impressed by the Russian Victory Day parades in Moscow. Thousands of white, hard looking bastards (men and women), who are patriotic for their country.

  7. America is total fucked—
    NYC shrink tells Yale audience she fantasizes about shooting White people in headDr. Aruna Khilanani spewed the race-hating virtual remarks at the Ivy League institution’s Child Study Center on April 6

  8. I bet North Korea are shitting themselves, US Marines, Rangers and 82nd Airborne mincing over the DMZ like Duncan Norvelle. What the fuck is the problem with American voters? The Donald is not perfect but he put America first, created good jobs, put up a wall to keep Americans safe on the Mexican border and tried diplomacy 95% of the time instead of sending troops on a whim like previous presidents. I hope he gets in the next election, the wokes and snowflakes would spontaneously combust.

    • I fear there’s never going to be a free or fair election in the US again or at least for the foreseeable.
      Too many Marxist style agendas (Green bullshit and anti white) and a Republican who puts national interest first will not be allowed anywhere near power.
      I sincerely hope I’m wrong by the way.

      • Chase me! “giggle giggle”
        Apparently he sired 3 children.
        Sometimes the straight artist can deliberately appear more outrageously camp than the obvious gaze.

  9. I weep for this future of cuntishness, time to “drink the kool aid” I think, come and save us Donny all is forgiven!!!

  10. The West is finished. When your army looks to recruit gay tranny BLM snowflakes instead of the traditional military types, then were fucked. The idea of Snowflakes, who are traumatised if they have to watch Uncle Remus, fighting is a joke.

    • There is method in their apparent madness. At the first confrontation with enemy forces they will deploy the Bumboy Battalion, whose motto will be ‘Prisoners will be fucked up the arse. Die or bend’.
      Who would want to pick a fight with them? I know I wouldn’t.

  11. USA has become a cunt’s paradise. A senile sucker of Chinky cock is now Leader of the free world. How fucking apt.

  12. That video of the comparison made me laugh good job I finished my bacon buttie first as it could have been sprayed all over the kitchen.
    America in ten years time will have the hammer and sickle flying high and all China or Russia need to do is walk in.

  13. The States has a very formidable military capability,still the best in the world.
    However if they allow these rats to keep knawing at them then things will get ultra shitty for everyone at a brisk pace.
    The Happy Clappy Brigade and the Blek Commies need conscription into the oven.

  14. That American advert is one of a series of five. I haven’t seen the other 4 but i’m told they all feature either Wimminz or immigrants. How many of them are poofs or lezzas I don’t know but any guess would be pretty close I reckon.
    The Democrats are desperately trying to stop individual states passing laws to make it compulsory to show ID when voting. Their argument is that BAMES are less likely to have ID so will be excluded from voting. That sounds a bit racist to me, especially when there are many states where you have to have photo ID to buy cigarettes or alcohol. No, we all know the real reason and Jellyfish needs to get that slag’s tongue out of his ear and get something done about it over here before the inevitable happens.

  15. Trump signed an EO banning diversity training in the federal service (including military) that ‘scapegoated’ any particular race, focusing instead on everybody’s worth as an individual.

    It was among the first of his EO’s to be rescinded by the Biden-Harris shitfest.

    The usual race-grifters and poovy-hustlers welcomed the retrograde step whilst my understanding is that it was greeted with despair by the rank and file.

    Enjoy the link, it is rancid to the core.

  16. Can you imagine remake of some great US war films to suit today’s delicate audience!

    “Slightly Uncomfortable Cotton Jacket”
    “The Unsafe Bridge on the River Kwai”
    “Nearing Danger Now!”
    “Saving & Offering Mental Health Support for Private Ryan”
    “The Deer Conserver”
    “Hawk of Colour Down”
    “The Desanitized Dozen”
    “Where Eagles Dare, Just So Long As They Are Suitably Diverse”

  17. ‘Biden to affirm “Special Relationship’ at G7′
    That is so tired. Every time a US President visits they have to affirm the ‘Special Relationship’.
    I suppose he will talk to France and Germany and affirm their ‘Ordinary Relationship’. The turn to Boris and nod in agreement about ‘Our Special Relationship’.

    • G7 is a round table for tossers. I expect they will be called to order by the Clown Cunt then get out the tissues – recycled, natch.

    • “Special Relationship” just means “Britain is the weak-assed whipping boy who will do anything we tell them!”

  18. Total poofery. Mind you Russian troops are generally shite . There was a clash some years ago in some middle east shit hole when Russians ran into american troops. The Americans hammered the reds no sweat. Russians= out of date equipment and callous cunts who have always sacrificed people and space for time. With any luck the US military will ignore this homo,dyke, trannie pish.

  19. I keep wondering how an inverse version of the film Full Metal Jacket might be. Instead of a hard as nails Drill Sargent they’d cast a mincing poofter in this role and, instead of one recruit being picked on for being a bit soft, they’d pick on the recruit that had seen an old advert and still thought the army was about going in hard and fighting an enemy. Never mind ending up in jankers the new version would be wankers!

  20. We have gone from “bending over backwards” for our enemies to bending over forwards. The mindset of liberalism is that we disarm and show sensitivity for those who hate us for some reason and seek to understand why.
    The reality is that peace comes by being the last one anyone would fuck with.
    Like Sean Penn said in Casualties of War “Tho I walk through the valley of evil I will fear no death. Cuz I’m the baddest motherfucker in the valley!”

  21. Creepy Joe and Camel Harris can both jump off a cliff.Pair of arseholes

  22. I don’t think the Russians would worry, in a war Russia don’t need weapons, all they need is to drop butt plugs , ky jelly, and 12 inch vibrators, that way the homo yank army can go fuck themselves, evening all

  23. I’ve done two tours of Afghanistan with some immense lads, I’ve seen good, strong men struggle and go to pieces when the shit hits the fan. How do you think a pink haired, non binary, pregnant, LGBTQXYZ activist would cope? When it comes to it the usual working class men will be the ones to stand up and fight and all the woke recruits will be miles away talking about how terrible and unjust war is. Very cunty.

  24. Sirs:

    White liberal women. That’s why.

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