John Kerry

Long time Senator, the Democrats 2004 Presidential candidate and recently appointed as Uncle Joe’s “special envoy for climate.” Last week he tweeted……..

“We need to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

You what? You what? You what, you what, you what? John is nearly as old as the hair sniffer but i’m pretty sure they had schools back when they were kids. Maybe John was excused science classes because they were teaching that new fangled evolution stuff back then?
These are the cunts making decisions about our lives and they know fuck all about fuck all.
Even a window licker like Greta Thunderpants has taken the trouble to read a couple of books on the subject! What a bunch of fucking arseholes.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

56 thoughts on “John Kerry

  1. The best way to tackle the supposed climate emergency is to ban private jets. Let their owners take commercial flights like everyone else.

  2. What are they going to do , ban flying ? How about banning the internet as it uses more power than the aviation industry. These mongs are a fucking menace. How do you vote for a different opinion? It’s a fucking stitch up, and were the cunts who are going to be paying.

  3. Two cunts in one post. Kerry is old as gods dog. He’ll probably be old enough to be president in 8 years, they can sit him behind the oval office desk, stick some old cunts telivision on for him and have various corporate entities and democrat cunts come in and have him sign shit he’s oblivous to.

    And Thunberg? All I can say is She needs to have someone stick a bag over her head, bend her over and give her hard merciless anal until she cant speak ever again. On what planet has a loud autistic child has been given an international stage and even an ounce of credibility instead of a straitjacket padded cell and electroshock therapy. They’ll be appointing MP’s from your local window lickers school next. What happened to the good old days?

    • Re: your paragraph about window-licking MP’s-have you ever heard Dianne Flabbapotomus in conversation ?😳

      • Yeah. Useless cunt. A prime example of when you choose someone on race rather than ability. Imagine if she had been a home secretary who couldnt even put a pair of fucking shoes on?

  4. Climate change alone won’t allow them to shut us all in our houses and make us surrender our freedom to travel, rights to heating and decent food.

    Covid alone won’t either.


    Covid + Climate change with a few tweaks? Let’s push both and then label anyone questioning the narrative a domestic terrorist.

    • Climate change
      Burn Loot Murder

      All 3 narratives are 3 boils on the same arse cheek which need lancing sooner rather than later.

  5. I’ve always thought Kerry shares Fat Reg’s wig supplier.

    Just another cunt who hangs about for decades, jets around the planet glad-handing world leaders and telling them what to do whilst doing the very opposite themselves.

    • Like when he flew to Iceland earlier this year. Why did he fly all the way to Iceland? To collect a Climate “award.”

  6. Another geriatric global warming windbag cunt.
    Just too many humans.
    Start a war John and cure the climate emergency!
    Then Fuck Off and live in a mud hut.

  7. Greta Thunberg – the doyen of climate science. Obviously
    John Kerry – the doyen of carbon emissions – For me, not for thee.

  8. The woke lefty’s treat Greta like the new Jesus, and treat everything she says as gospel. I just can’t take seriously the ramblings of a teenager with autism/learning difficulties. I think she’s used because if you insult her then you’re seen as mocking the afflicted.
    All this climate change has been latched onto by the governments and big businesses as they see it as another way of extracting even more cash from the western world population in the way of taxes and forcing us to buy new eco friendly products. You can be sure as fuck they are not interested in the environment just greed and more profits.
    If they were worried about the environment they would be introducing birth control in Africa and Asia and making sure the cunts stayed where they are rather than coming to the western world where they will demand more goods and have a higher carbon footprint.
    I hate the lefty’s more and more on a daily basis. Come out with all these ideologies that usually conflict and if you try and point it out you get shouted down.
    American politicians these days seem to be either senile old cunts who are easily manipulated or race baiting women of colour. Fuck knows where this is going to end but I don’t think it’s going to be very pretty.

  9. Also, at the moment brainbox Kerry is being accused of giving away Israeli defence secrets to the Iranians but he’s keeping schtum about it. It wouldn’t surprise anybody…….the lefties hate the front wheelers, always have, always will.

  10. That spaccie looking mongloid Thunderberg should be strapped to the noise cone of one of Elon Musks rockets and sent on a one way trip to Mars with no life support. On the way up she could experience at first hand the joy of a very large throbbing, pulsing phalic object between her legs.

    As for Kerry, fuck me I thought he’d gone past life support a few years back, but no. Sadly not, like all these odious lefty ‘politicians’ they keep crawling out from under their stones destined to be with us preaching their hackneyed theories and unsubstantiated claims until they just shrivel away.

  11. I hope Johns wig is made of recycled ethically sourced materials?
    Take it he’ll be traveling by bicycle and canoe from now on?
    The line toting bullshitter.
    Greta I cant cunt,
    Shes a kid, and a eyebrow licker,
    Just a puppet really.

  12. Isn’t he the cunt that grassed on American troops during the Vietnam war?
    These cunts get paid huge amounts if money to teach and spread misinformation and it’s sinister as hell. Where are the academics in the know standing up to point our the absurdity of hst these clowns are saying?
    Get CO2 out the atmosphere? Don’t tell him about soda lime ffs, he will start putting mountains of it all over the place in an attempt to absorb CO2.

    • Well at least these Democrat climate change nutters are consistent in their hypocrisy. Al Gore’s Tennessee mansion has been reported using 21 times more energy than an average US home, but with a net worth of over $300m promoting his batshit theories, he can spring for the cost.

      Morning el Bertio.

      • Frank Serpico is one I have been keeping my eye on Bertie, keep it under your hat though, that thieving gypsy Miserable and Ruff Tuff ‘Sticky Fingers’ Creampuff are probably lurking.

  13. When I am not using it I leave my car permanently running on idle, I hope that helps!

    Fuck off!

  14. Greta does her bit for climate change.

    Whenever her ugly mug appears on the television, millions instantly switch the cunt off.

  15. I have a theory that, just like Dame Keir, Biden employs people even more inept than himself. If he got anybody in his administration with a few brain cells, people would see Uncle Joe for the witless demented arsehole he is. That’s why Starmer has cunts like Lammy and AnalEase.

  16. The Demonrats are playing some very stupid games……and we all know what people who play stupid games, win…

  17. Yes, great, let’s rid the world of CO2 then vegetables, just like Kerry, won’t be able to grow.


  18. We seem to have already rid the world of common sense. Once that’s gone anything else can follow. These people are cunts yes but the fact that they have been put in power means that most of the population are ignorant, emotional, thoughtless cunts that can’t be bothered to learn the truth about much at all.

    • I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that Americans will put up with anything…as long as they’ve got a good cell phone signal.

      “I’m going to the re-education camp! They serve muffins! Yay!”

  19. I just hope the dire predictions of global warming are true.
    I don’t give a fuck about the extinction of polar bears or give a shit about Mauritius sinking because it is a small price to pay for me to be sat out in the garden Christmas day sinking a few tins in the sunshine.
    And I save a few quid on the heating bills.
    What’s there not to like about it?.
    Keep them patio heaters burning 24/7 and one day it will pay dividends.

  20. What’s not to like, the program is for the proles to live in little eco friendly boxes emitting zero CO2 while the Rich and powerful continue to carry on with their privileged lifestyle.

    Sound like a plot for a dystopian future, keep the proles under control with drugs (Covid Vaccine for a start)

    Thank fuck I will be long gone by the time the world is living in a brave new world.

  21. The theatre that is the international stage is truly frightening and I fear it’s only worse it’s getting. Our so called leaders are merely bad actors not even able to read the script correctly at times. We all in the west could be facing something much worse than Covid in the near future if the people don’t get a handle on the corporate interests that only care for profit and not the betterment of society

  22. Member of Yales Skull n Bones secret society for elite douchebags, Bilderberg attendee, probably a mason or member of other groups. Establishment turd to core.

    There’s also something really odd about his entire head that makes him look like some sort of shitty automated robot you see inside haunted house rides at the theme park.

  23. Simple John appears unable to understand that plants need CO2 to grow and that we are at the stage of being CO2 deficient in terms of requirement.
    I wonder if the inside of Johns private jet is painted green?
    On other news I can’t build any planters on account of it pissing down.
    Best watch some porn instead.

  24. A piece of stale Red Leicester cheese is smarter than him.Woke wank.2 clowns for the price of one to slide into your oven Unkle Terry

  25. Last time I heard of this John Kerry cunt, that arch Clintonite and professional celebrislut, Skanklett Johansscunt was campaigning for Kerry to be President. Then she did the same with Obarmy, Kilary and Uncle Joe’s Mintballs. If she was British, the daft trollop would vote Labour over and over again. I’ve seen maggots with more brains and political know how.

  26. To be fair, someone who obviously knows fuck all about climate or climate change or geophysics, is OBVIOUSLY the CORRECT choice for Climate Envoy. When they all get together with Greta they can ALL talk bollocks between themselves!

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