Exterminate All The Brutes

Sky TV is advertising an upcoming TV series called Exterminate All The Brutes. This appears to be another load of anti-white woke wank so I decided to google the programme to find out more.


It is based on a 1996 book by a Swedish cunt called Sven Lindqvist.


It seems that this cunt of a TV series is taking a very biased look at European imperial history and is accusing Europeans of colonialism and genocide whilst totally ignoring all of the positive aspects of European migration and trade. The Wikipedia page for this pile of crap says “filmmaker Raoul Peck sets out to illuminate the intertwined currents of hate and bigotry running through history. Focusing on the United States’ legacy as a colonial power, Peck explores how race first became institutionalized [sic], the Nazi program of ‘elimination’ and its antecedents in the West, and the looting of the African continent in a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’”.

It seems like these woke cunts are obsessed with “racism”, “colonialism”, “hate” and “bigotry”.

I’d love to round up every woke cunt in the world, drop them off in Libya and nuke the shithole and these cunts out of existence.

Nominated by: Hard Brexit Cunt

40 thoughts on “Exterminate All The Brutes

  1. Africa is a shit hole. Constant war led to so many slaves they started exporting them. Peopled by backward savages barely able to tie their shoe laces,they were still in the stone age before we started sorting them out. Your welcome. Since we left its gone to shit again with 40% of the population wanting to move to Europe. The British were so clever and advanced we ended slavery by inventing non human slaves. Your welcome. Wokeists can fuck right off. cunts

    • Well said Smug.
      I bet this programme never looks at the Ottoman Empire or the Barbary Pirates and their love of slavery, or the fact the the dark keys enslaved their own people before selling them to whitey.
      Go to fuck.

    • Africa has circa 950m population, South Africa 50m of which 5m are white, Interestingly S Africa until recently generated up to 40% of all electricity on the Continent and 25% of all economic activity, in short pretty much all of the Continent from Orange River North was one under developed shit hole after another, even the relatively more developed N African nations like Tunisia, Morocco are dirt poor by Western standards, average income circa $2k pa v $45k in the West.

  2. That Kenny Rogers?
    What the fuck does he know?!
    Anyway, ive seen this advertised.
    Catchy title, but rather than glorify the yanks in their genocide of red injuns and getting the newly arrived black community into gainful employment, it portrays it as a bad thing!!
    And as Chief Sitting Bull said ‘How’.
    Another wank ruined….

  3. Shout ‘Boo’ at the cunts this wank is aimed at and they would shit their pants. Putin should seize his chance and invade now. The wet fuckers’ wrists will be too limp to lift a rifle.

  4. Yet more woke revisionist history. Yes, not all empires were sweetness and light. Some were worse than others – Belgium’s colonisation of the Congo was particularly brutal. The British Empire was relatively benign, more humane and we tried to bring order and technological advancement to the countries we governed, on the whole.

    You can make a persuasive argument that all empires were horrific. You can em-emphasise the bad and minimise the good. Fair enough. But what I object to is the sub-text of these books – that because of our former empires all whites are evil, racist and have to atone for all eternity to dark-keys. A pile of cunt.

  5. I don’t think I will be watching, all these fucking cunts only seem believe history started with the slave trade to ‘New World’, its complete bullshit.

    Invasion, subjugation, enslavement has been going on for thousands of years

    What a load of shite!

    • I heard about ten minutes of the news quiz on radio four last Saturday, and some lefty harpie excuse for a comedienne was mocking peashooter had defended Churchill for being a racist by saying that it was different back then, and most people were. She said this was bollocks because her grandad wasn’t. How the fuck would she know? Stupid millennial trout, they truly think they are the enlightened generation that are uniquely equipped to pass judgement on all those that went before them, through the prism of their own ill informed morals, and a poor grasp of history that they are currently rewriting to fit their own pathetic sense of self importance.

      • And her grandad would’ve probably been about 50 years younger than Churchill at least, so her comment is bollocks anyway.

        Every cunt born around the turn of the century would be deemed racist by today’s snowflakes. If you tried any woke shite back then you’d have been put into a lunatic asylum.

      • Fucking predicted text turned people who into peashooter!
        What the fuck?

  6. Will it cover the infestation of South America by Latino cunts? Those pricks tend to get a free ride when it comes to colonisation, and yet they tended to wipe out the indigenous population and completely replace it. At least our colonies were tidied up a bit and handed back to the owners, usually for them to royally fuck things up, with corruption that makes anything ever committed in Westminster look innocent in comparison.

  7. What no mention of the genocide of bleks killing bleks in Africa ,bleks killing whites or asians killing Africans or asians killing asians ? No mention of western inventions,discoveries,struggling to bring peace,spending money to help others, bringing peace to Europe? None of this mentioned? Wow. Anyone would think there was an anti western,anti white agenda behind this. Surely not? Was this all penned by some flaky swedish cunt on a self imposed guilt trip for Sweden’s assistance to the krauts during WW2?
    Getting real tired of this shit. Getting real tired of these cunts and their one sided arguments.

  8. I watched the recent Netflix documentary series ‘Great events of World War 2 in colour’. It was early on when I heard the narrator call Hitler ‘a populist leader’. Obviously conflating conservatives like Trump and Farage with Nazis, the fucking cunts. It’s like they don’t think we’d notice what they’re trying to do with shit like that.

    Great documentary series apart from one or two moments like that, but it really pisses me off when they do it.

    Thank fuck I don’t pay for it (allegedly lol).

    • The problem with a lot of WW2 documentaries, especially those that center on the Germans is that after the war, the allies realised that they would need Germany in the coming Cold War with the Soviets, so a period of ‘de-nazification’ happened, where the greatest evils committed by the Nazis were blamed on the more fanatical branches of the regime such as the gestapo and the SS, and the rest of the armed forces and the general population were largely decent. This fallacy has persisted, despite the fact that many ordinary Heer battalions committed atrocities in the east, and in occupied Europe. And let’s not forget it was Hitlers’ antisemite stance that put him at the head of the Nazi party, and that this policy that made him popular with ordinary Germans.

    • Documentaries on the Nazi’s have become a steaming pile of woke cunt. In 2019 a BBC documentary on Hitler had, on its panel,of experts, wait for it……Ash Sarkar. Her greatest pearl of wisdom – “if you were Jewish, they were coming for you”. Thanks for that insight, Ash. I’m sure your now a contender for the Regius professorship of history at Cambridge. Particularly ironic considering she’s the usual left wing anti-Semite. Typical BBC.

      • I saw that simplistic pile of dogshit. It was pitched at the modern, know nothing millennial snowflake and featured lefty slebs like Sarkar and that Sottish remoaner lawyer bitch. Absolute kids stuff but I bet the BBC were delighted with it.

      • The Beeb probably thought it was advanced historical analysis……compared to Nish Kumar’s turn on the Horrible Histories episode dedicated to the British Empire. Cock wombles.

      • And it was the BBC in conjunction with Spielborg who co-produced that execrable pile of steaming cunt-waffle “Denial”, a film ‘about’ the Irving – Lipstadt trial. whuich bears no resemblance to the court transcripts.

  9. What a load of cuntery. I find Africa irrelevant in most conversations. the blacks there were and are hacking each other to bits over patches of sand before and after slavery and colonialism.

    They were more interested in which ground had more antelope to chuck spears at and water than any of the natural resources we ’stole’. They had no interest in diamonds and oil and gold so were relieved of them by a technologically more advanced tribe with armoured cars howitzers and vickers machine guns. Keep it factual not political because the politics involved arent current and cant really be compared to today as if its shock and awe stuff.

    What I hate the most though Is the bringing up of it and the constant feeling pushed by the media and cunts like this that as a 28 year old I am somehow culpable in the actions of Britain in Africa in the 1800’s. I thought we dont punish the sins of the father?

    And beyond that, I dont really give a fuck about it I have more important things to worry about. I’m not ashamed of it. It happened. Closed chapter. Its just a part of history.

    The closest link to it I have to it is that I was a spunk in my great great great great grandfathers ballsack which would lead to a chain of spunk that will eventually make me exist. He was probably a postman at the time or something and fuck all to do with it to.

    When its looked at in a logical context, it makes it laughable and ridiculous when people talk about the actions or opressions of their ancestors and expect anyone to feel some sort of moral attachment or sympathy. Its laughable when black people bring up black slavery from 160 years ago. I just cant see how I’m meant to feel anything for them. ‘You choose to be a thieving drug dealing cunt? Makes sense because your great great great great great grandad was forced to pick cotton, good on you mate, i think thats mitigating circumstances’.

    Its not like we scream at the sky for the neanderthals who were wiped out by homosapiens and the dinosaurs who were wiped out by a meteorite. we should give these cunts their own country it would probably be like some sort of prehistoric shitshow within two weeks.

  10. The Swedish are a bunch of meely-mouthed arseholes. They have a standing army and national service but they didn’t fight in WW1 or WW2. They didn’t have an empire so they can’t really comment on post colonial matters. You can’t buy alcohol in normal shops you have to go to Systembolaget. And they make wank like this and promote Little Greta Thunberg. Arseholes.

    • Self righteous miserable pricks, even their neighbours in Norway think they are tossers (used to work with Norwegians in London really great people). They bang on about their wonderful egalitarian system, but don’t like being reminded about how that is working out in the lovely sink estates of Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm with their recent arrivals setting off bombs and shooting each other.

      • They also have the highest suicide rate in the world. I blame ABBA.

  11. Is this shit ever going to end? I hear that the Romans were right bastards in the oppression stakes let’s have a crack at the eh. Role on the civil war

  12. This cunt is one of those prats who reckons Africa would’ve been as advanced as the west had they not been colonized and ‘taken advantage of’.

    Well explain this Jenny Rogers wannabe. Why the fuck were they still not inventing the wheel when the first honky missionary set foot in Africa? The west at that time, had roads, houses, guns, machinery, basic sanitation, transport of sorts etc.

    What’s the excuse for honkies inventing all kinds of shite hundreds of years before they even set foot in Africa?

    Fuck off.

  13. Exterminate all the brutes?
    Topping idea – clean the African continent of the darkened brutes and the muslim Countries of the fiddling pyjama wearers.
    And bring back fucking slavery!

  14. Why can’t I post on the John Kerry thread? Three times it’s fucking disappeared. I think the CIA might be on to me.

    • There are a few innocuous words that make posts disappear. For instance: excéedîngly. You must have used one of them.

      • Admin should compile a list of innocent words that get posts binned.

  15. More Sven Hassel than Sven Lindquist eh Foxy?
    Hear hear.
    Whether in the Bierkeller, the wolf den or the Reichstag,
    Im always ready for some enforced labour to get the job done!
    If I buy dw@rves are they half price?

    • MNC@ – It’s called “summer camp” in my brochure – don’t want these snowflake types triggered before they get to the armament factories for a bit of graft!
      And the labour will be free irrespective of stature – no need to charge good Englishmen for owning slaves – we’ve paid a fkin fortune already! 😀👍

  16. Sweden-highest suicide rate in the world.
    Not surprising is it, with miserable cunts like this one and Gwetta.

    Take your boring cars, crap music and smug, self satisfied wokeness and shove it up your well used aesehole, cunt.

    I have had dealings with Swedes-they have absolutely no sense of humour.
    Norwegian winning can be stunning though.
    Filthy, too😉👍

    • I like Ace of Base and Roxette. ABBA is good shit too. That’s more that I like from Sveeedin than all of the Africunt continent.
      If aliens come to check on things and land there they will definitely say ,”Fuck this planet!” and move on.

  17. Cunts like this can turn history upside down and inside out for me all day long.
    The thick fuckers who soak this diarrhoea up are clueless to begin with so some more fairy tales won’t do any harm.
    Just a set of weaklings that need oven.
    Fuck Off.

  18. In other words, Danny Boyle and Ken Loach spunking their shared pants.

    Ken, give it up sir, you made Poor Cow and Kes, you did your bit for the British Film Industry.

    Danny, you absolute globalist champagne socialist cunt, you gave us the 2012 Olympic ceremony where you spelt the whole 2021 5G Covid rubbish out for us to all go “Ooh, look at all this lovely socialist garbage” at the time was played out in front of our very eyes. FUCK Trainspotting, it’s shit that has only contributed to our populace’s filthy morals. FUCK anything and everything you’ve done since you GLOBALIST PIECE OF STINKFILTHSHIT.

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