Commonwealth War Graves Commission and “Pervasive Racism”

(Golly gosh: look at all those white tomb stones. More perceived racism no doubt – DA)

So apparrantly 130 000 blek and parky men have been left off the dead of the first world war. Those racist bastards?

Never mind that millions of families were grieving for their dead. I always go to Cypres street in East London on 11/11 . Half the street dead. The idea in a country 99.8 % white they were busy looking for dead men with no family in Britain is fucking absurd. Not racist at all.

They just had more important things on their minds. Employment for the disabled, housing, near starvation. I live in East London and have made a point of looking for Parkys and bleks wearing a poppy in November.

In the last 15 years I havnt seen a single one. Fuck you race industry. I hate you with every fibre of my soul.

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51 thoughts on “Commonwealth War Graves Commission and “Pervasive Racism”

  1. Where do you live? Sheffield or East London?

    The numbers quoted for tanned friends deaths left off the list are probably just guesswork anyway so this whole saga just looks like more woke diversity box ticking to me!

    Fuck off!

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    • I live in Sheffield. I’ve always lived in Sheffield. I have no geographical knowledge of London. I have no fucking clue where the locations in the nomination are.
      I’ll take your apology as read.

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  2. Maybe not all of the dead could be properly identified? Perhaps organisation was to blame – ethnic soldiers from colonial areas might not have been as well recorded as those from the more organised UK and the Dominions. Perhaps more colonials fought in disorganised and remote battlefields where it was difficult to retrieve bodies – such as the mainly Indian soldiers that fought in Basra.

    It could be a combination of these things. But, oh no – it was institutional racism , thunders the Grauniad. They would say that. It fits their anti-British effnik stance. Cunts.

    • Was it that they couldn’t be identified because they all looked the same?

  3. Do you mean Cyprus Street in Bethnal Green? I remember the war memorial on the wall but that was a while ago. I’m surprised it’s still there with all the peacefuls round that way. Surely it’s offensive and indicative of white supremacy?

    • Colonial and common wealth troops indeed fought alongside our troops, and I wouldn’t take away anything from them.
      They no doubt fought bravely,
      And deserve a memorial for their loved ones and descendants to honour them.
      But this is our country and we honoured our own dead,
      These are trying to make a issue where there wasn’t one.
      Using dead soldiers to score points.

      Remember the glorious dead.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • It’s still there . It’s the most moving memorial to the dead except for the one at Paddington Station in my view

  4. Perhaps they need to knock down The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and put a new one in its place just commerating servicemen of colour?
    Perhaps that will atone for all the dreadful racism?
    I doubt it though as the March of the Woke doesn’t look like ending any time soon..
    What a disgraceful mess.

  5. I’m going to complain about biased non-white reporting. Sly Sports had two silverys and a clueless tart presenting pre match bollox yesterday. Switched on 5 Live and there is clueless Alex Scott yattering away about Arsenal being better than everyone else. Made me pine for the Linecunt 😭

  6. Er. That’s my nomination.

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  7. The problem is these Guardian fucks may have a point but because the professional race baiters have been griping about non existent racism day in, day out when they find the real thing nobody gives a fuck…….heard it all before mate. Someone should tell them the story of the boy who cried wolf. It dates back to the Romans I believe, the libtard cunts should have heard it by now.

  8. According to the Grauniad article, the number of un-commemorated dead could be as high as 350,000. Fuck off!
    Britain recorded nearly 890,000 dead so how the fuck would the fuzzy wuzzies make up nearly half that figure again? Utter bullshit. Yet the CWGC are too shit scared to not apologise. Maybe if we had a government that would back up it’s own institutions, they could simply point out that it’s mostly woke bollocks. But we haven’t, so the likes of the CWGC make themselves out to be racist cunts when they’re not.
    Our military would certainly have been racist over a hundred years ago, but it would remember it’s fallen comrades, regardless if colour.

    • They don’t like it up em, them Fuzzy Wuzzies.

      • Corporal Jones fought in the Boer War. So fought the whites of South Africa.
        I don’t know but some of the damn fuzzy wuzzy tribes must have fought on the side of the Boers..That’s how he found they ‘didn’t like it up em’.
        I wouldnt lke a bayonet up me.

  9. What a load of bollocks, not surprising with the daily brainwashing of all whites are racist, pervasive, unconscious, micro, institutional, systemic.
    For fuck sake, millions dead in the war followed by another 50 million from Spanish flu.


  10. Imagine if they made Saving Private Ryan today?

    The beaches of Northern France would’ve been stormed by Zulus (faasands ov ’em) and bearded dakis in pajamas. A few honkies too, but they would’ve been arseholes. Spears would’ve rained down on the German fortifications and the witch doctor’s magic voodoo magic would’ve caused the Nazis to all have instant coronaries.

    Instead of Vera Lynn or George Formby tunes to motivate the troops, it would’ve been ‘Day oh! Me say day oh!’ and ‘Dem bones’ all dee way mon.

    • Shaving Ryans privates,
      When the Trans regiment the bearded ladies stormed the beach at Normandy!
      “Fix Bayonets!
      Right then you orrible lot lets give them germans hell!
      After me boys…..
      Ohhhh you are awful!

      (“Fix dildos” more like! – DA)

      • The Longest Gay
        Das Booty Call
        The Q*eer Hunter
        Zero Darkie Thirty

        All remastered for 2021.

      • Call of Judy?

        (“12 Angry Trannies”, “A Few Good Non-Genders”, “No Country for Old Binaries” and “Supertran” – all coming to a cinema soon! – DA)

      • Dont forget the morbidly obese DA!
        ‘fridge over the river Kwai’…

        (Or “Full Embroidered Jacket” – DA)

      • Don’t forget All Qu**r on the Western Front

      • How about

        Turdburglar Hill
        Full Metal Dildo
        The Bums Of Navarone
        Black C0ck Down

      • The Flabbott’s Christmas favourite, ‘A Fridge Too Far’.

        (Or “Hamburger Hill”, and then there’s “The Longest Gay”, “Poofs of Glory” and “Alotofdicks Now” – DA)

  11. I imagine a good number of the foreign dead were comprised of muslims fighting for the Hun – which a hell of a lot did.
    Do India or America (America did not win the war BTW – we already had it won when they arrived, late, to protect their financial investments) demand that UK nationals who fell have their own cemeteries?
    Yet another slap in the face for every Briton who fell to protect a freedom the cunts in suits and traitors with lattes steal from us every day.

  12. This came and went quick. The cunt who brought it up hadn’t done their homework. Usual hysteria from some leftist cretin.

  13. FUCK racism.

    No purple-haired, trans, disabled, alternatively shaded minion is going to tell me that I, as a

    Vaguely pink, homosexual, conservative, pro-capitalist







    Say what you really are you DEMONS.

  14. Good cunting Smug

    In pre-WuFlu days I marched past the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday, and noticed the crowds were indigenous British. Not a single Jihadi, nor Blek among them, although among the marchers were many BAME souls, who fought for our – and possibly their – country.

    Like you noticed locally, I have also seen there is a dearth of Poppies worn by the BAME wankers everywhere in early November.

    This concept of racism supposedly shown by my Grandfather’s generation is a complete travesty and an insult to their name.

    The CWGC are total cunts, no doubt run by Common Purpose BAME arselicking tarts

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