Forced Vaccinations By Any Means Necessary

Forcibly vaccinating people with learning disabilities is a cunt.

Except on Hairsniffin’ Joe’s watch, apparently:

We needn’t think it wouldn’t happen here – we have already had dodgy Do Not Resuscitate Notices dished out for old people and people with learning difficulties, and who knows what shit has been going on ensuring total vaccination in care homes?

Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

..and on the subject of vaccines, this from Free Speech For The Dumb Cunts

Please cunt, with absolute contempt, radio advert, nay, ALL propaganda for the so called COVID 19 ‘vaccine’ roll out!

A pleasant Bank Holiday drive in Wiltshire, listening to digital radio, was spoiled by a sinister sounding, siren voiced harridan reminding listeners to get their Chinky Flu jabs. All for the ‘safety of yourself and others’. This insidious white noise, repeated three fucking times in twenty minutes, would’ve made old Goebbels himself proud.

Hmm, get two injections, rushed through ‘trials’ and largely untested, for the good and benefit, nay ‘safety’ of our once proud Nation?? Really?? What justifies this?

Look at the genuinely deadly ebola outbreak in the US of A in 2014; no widespread ‘vaccine’ program, no lockdown, no MSM fuelled scare mongering. Doom, gloom, bring out your dead…

Observe, dare I say, Sweden. Sensible heads prevailed. No lockdowns. The UK MSM predictaby foresaw armageddon for the Swedes. In reality, life went on as normal. COVID cases were isolated and dealt with without any repercussions on society.

So, desperate radio ads (and fuck off patronising adverts on the idiot box too, doubly cunt off Woke Henry!) why vaccines?? Is it really for safety? Or is it yet another step in being the pied piper? More research into seeing how much further the sheeple will dance to your malicious tune?? Another bid to harvest in more wealth?

Hands up in Parliament how many of you, or your cronies have vested financial interests in pharmaceutical companies???

There is always a siren nowadays, distracting us from the real issues, singing us to shipwreck.

168 thoughts on “Forced Vaccinations By Any Means Necessary

  1. I had the Moderna jab a week ago and have been off work for a week. I had to visit the hospital this Thursday. Temperature, chills, aching, severe headache, cough, nausea and the shits. I will still have the second jab and will have one every year. The browbeating on the radio and press is starting to annoy me though. Leave people alone and they will have the jab, constant propaganda will turn people from having it.

    • “Temperature, chills, aching, severe headache, cough, nausea and the shits….. I will still have the second jab…”

      Fuckin’ hell Bob are you sure about that?

      ” Leave people alone and they will have the jab”

      Not this cunt, I’ve already put the heads of both my lad’s schools on notice that they will not be wearing masks on the premises or any fucking where else and moreover should they even think of approaching my lads with either ‘test’ kit or needle then extreme violence will be enacted upon them if the police don’t get to me first and the Devil’s welcome to what little remains after I’ve personally sued their arse into the poor house!

      • Not looking forward to the 2nd jab Cunty, just want to get it out of the way. I totally respect people’s decision not to have it, hope they change their minds though. Majority of people I know have been fine with the jab, think I was just a bit unlucky, hey ho.

      • Stick with it Bob. Had my second injection on Friday and have had similar symptoms but with lack of shits.
        Only today, it hit the pan like a bouncing bomb.
        I have no regrets and would not change any of my decisions.

      • Thanks Bertie, hope your two bob bits and other reactions clear up soon. As you say, it’s the only way out of this shitshow.

    • I had my 2nd AZ jab on Thursday and, apart from a bit of a headache, I feel fine. I wasn’t planning to have it at all but just followed the stats and decided that the risk of being seriously ill if I did somehow contract Covid outweighed the risk of any side effects from the vaccine.

      • 2nd AZ jab was fine. No side effects. Felt like death warmed up after the first.

  2. I don’t know what to say? Where the hell do you draw the line?
    What’s interesting is that the link indicates these unfortunate people where injected with a vaccine now withdrawn.
    One would hate to think something other than altruism was involved, but the phrase ” lab rat ” springs to mind.

    • Quite right, Jessum, With moral and ethical standards seemingly gone, a living hell seems to be where we are headed.

  3. I don’t agree with mandatory vaccines they should be a choice. I have several relatives who were vaccinated and had no ill effects afterwards.

    However, some of the anti-vaxx cunts post the most insane bollocks ever seen on the internet. It contains 5G! you can infect people with the virus just by walking past them if you’ve had it and cause menstrual cycle issues!

    All these people have one thing in common, they want your MONEY through FEAR. You think David Icke lives in a council flat? he makes £400k a year. Alex Jones couldn’t give a fuck about the common people he’s worth around $5 million. Remember televangelists in the 1980s peddling a cure for anything as long as you remembered to donate while they live in their mansions? same thing, different topic.

    And the cause of all this anti-vax shit in the modern age? Andrew Wakefield a proper cunt who was discredited for faking his research results and was struck off. His amazingly indepth study? it was on 12 kids.

    He now makes a living touring scared people (usually in America and Africa) and saying their kids will get autism or any number of things if they get them vaccinated despite being struck off and utterly discredited. Because he needs your money.

    • Biccies – have you seen any of the countless videos of fit healthy adults lying on rattling gurney’s in uncontrollable full body tremor trying to force their uncooperative diaphragms to work and desperate for their next inhalation? Vaccine damage courts in the U.S. have awarded $billions to victims but meh… nowt to see here.

      • You haven’t been able to sue a vaccine manufacturer in the US for years (which I agree is a very shady change in law).

        I’ve yet to see a link to actual proof that isn’t from a website called or as it’s still too early for studies to be done into the long term effects which is also a concern.

        However if you read something like this:
        Compared to typing a search into twitter about blood clots and seeing people talking about ‘a friend of a friend says…’ I think at this time I’d choose the British Medical Journal.

        Mainly because twitter believes Biden is a clone and Hillary Clinton was executed by hanging last week.

    • “However if you read something like this:… I think at this time I’d choose the British Medical Journal…”
      The B.M.J. grabs ankles for the pharmaceutical companies, it says that the study is “… a non-peer reviewed preprint,”

      “ it’s still too early for studies to be done into the long term effects which is also a concern.”

      Damn straight, but the statement also confirms that it is in fact an experimental treatment in stage 3 testing until Dec 2023 and only ‘licensed’ due to emergency enabling legislation.

      “In the 513 284 patients with a covid-19 diagnosis…” Bear in mind that the P.C.R. test was designed as an investigatory laboratory tool/technique, its inventor Kerry Mullis specifically and unequivocally declared that it is NOT a diagnostic test at all and should not be used as such. Even says as much on the fucking kit!

      ” …incidence of cerebral venous thrombosis was 39.0 per million people.”

      Japan released its ACTUAL genuine laboratory diagnosed CoVid death stats at the end of the year, they worked out at 18 per 1 million so the treatment is twice as dangerous as the disease?? Think I’ll take my chances with the ‘rona.

      I called bullshit on this scam when it started albeit with some reservation, all doubt ended when on 19th Mar 2020 the UK Adv. Comm. on Dangerous Pathogens formally declared the SARS/Cov2 virus a Class 2 pathogen “of minimal consequence”. Why then did Matt Wanksock declare Covid 19 a notifiable disease not three days later? But? but….?? your own advisors have just…?????? Wait a fucking minute, what’s going on ‘ere? At that point I knew we were being played for cunts. Not once since has that point ever been raised in the print or broadcast media.

      “I’ve yet to see a link to actual proof that isn’t from a website called…etc”
      And I’ve yet to see proof that they’ve actually isolated the said pathogen despite the spikey ‘gimp-sex toy’ computer generated artist’s impression that was networked to broadcasters across the world now behind every network announcer’s desk. Koch’s Postulate anyone?

      Icke (wanker) and Jones (whore fucking, coke headed tranny porn consumer and paid disinfo operative) have nothing to contribute. They are there to latch onto the narrative and inject their special brand of kook juice into it, generate ridicule and thus poison the well such that nobody wants to ‘go there’ for fear of idiocy by association. Just like he did with 9/11.

      As a parting thought, was round a mate’s house last month (ex-servs/boxer type) and he got a text from one of his gym mates who’d had the jab the prev a’noon (also ex-servs, fit as a butcher’s god etc) accompanied by pics of the blood clots he was coughing up!

      Conclusion = fuck that shit

  4. I wonder if Covid vaccinated children dying of blood clotting or other as yet unknown complications will be described as a price worth paying?

    The scientists have done their bit.
    They now need putting back in their boxes.
    A festival of cunts.

    • “I wonder if Covid vaccinated children dying of blood clotting or other as yet unknown complications will be described as a price worth paying?”

      Naaaaah, gawd bless yer, they’re purely conicidental and in no way related to the string of synthesised shite they had pumped into them 3 hours earlier.

  5. They can stick their jab sideways up their arses. No problem with people who consent to it. I want a lot more information before I give my informed consent.

    I certainly don’t want a vaccine that would be illegal to administer once the government drops the emergency powers it’s given itself.

    Scientists are now saying the government should be dropping all covid restrictions due to the fact the infection rate no longer meets the requirements of pandemic status. Suddenly though Boris is deaf to the science.

    A headlong race to get gene therapy medication into as many people as possible before their time runs out is taking place.

    Pregnant women, young children, elderly people who know they have months not years to live jacked up with experimental goop. All to fight an illness that’s got a minuscule chance of making the average healthy individual ill.

    Something smells really bad about the who thing.

    For those who’ve taken the vaccine and given their informed consent this removing any liability from the government or vaccine manufacturers, how informed were you and how much of that information was given to you at the time of your jab?

    • To be fair, how many people read the leaflet in any medication they are prescribed? I do most of the time because I’m a cunt but sometimes even I just can’t be bothered.

  6. Never do what the government tells you as they are sociopathic cunts. I thought most people in this cuntry knew that by now, but at least 80% of the plebs seem to have reverted to the servile conformity that led to their deaths in 1914-18. And then that glorious money-making bloodbath was followed by a pandemic where they lined up for an untested vax. 50 million dead, no lockdowns back then. Nothing changes.

  7. I had the two week adult version of bat flu in March last year, when I say adult version fuck me it was worse than shellfish poisoning in Italy and chickenpox aged 26. I had all the symptoms including loss of smell and taste even before that was a symptom and in the last three days was when I got the fever. In those two weeks I lost a 2 1/2 stone. I didn’t go to hospital with bat flu because I could see the writing on the wall there. In September 2020 I was part of the React study, The blood test showed that I had indeed had Covid but not for some time (which made sense) but still had long lasting antibodies.

    I have deferred the jab three times and been pestered by my local GP practice and NHS ever since! I will take it as an when I see fit and not before!

    • The less media whore of scientists haven’t got a chance of saying something that might interfere with the roll out the barrow

    • Sounds grim but Did you die nope. Let’s just have a think about this For £459 billion we could have paid for the best care homes for our elderly (that will be you and me soon) in the world for 100 years.

  8. All this wailing against the Vaccine reminds me of “Dr” Stephen Karanja from the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association (Psh) who became vociferous in his criticism of any Covid vaccine. He strongly advised Kenyan citizens not to have it, presumably because it was anti-god or something.

    Karanja passed away last Thursday of the Coof.

    • He would have been better off following the advice of his local village witch doctor who would have thrown some animal bones on the floor of his shack for guidance and then recommended an diet of albino.

      • There are Africans who believe that shagging an Albino or a virgin will cure you of AIDS. Perhaps that could be a cure for Covid.

        “Ooga. No want Vaccine. Me want virgin girl. Send from Europe. Me-sur want blonde. She take a-wey ma Covids. Yus. Ooga.”

    • I fucking doubt he died of just Covid

      If it was just Covid that he died of the odds are millions to one. He might be a cunt but no count can be that unlucky.

  9. The Tanzanian president saved his country through prayer. The bodies are piling up, including his own.

    Take the jab or dont. Your choice, I dont give a fuck. Just stop banging on about it like a vegan at a wedding.

    • Is it fuck a choice!
      What a load of fucking crap.
      If you bothered to tune in to the 24-7 propaganda for the last 15 months you’d realise there isn’t going to be much choice.

  10. Must remember there is more at stake. We have fought against digital ID cards for years but now they have introduced one to pilot in the form of a vaccine passport. Its essentially a digital fucking ID card that happens to say you were vaccinated. no one is speaking about it.

    I wont have a vaccine for the simple fact i never have flu jabs. I know they have rebranded it a ‘vaccine’ for a ‘disease’ but it just isn’t. This is a bad flu but ultimately its not TB or Smallpox or Ebola.

    I have no problem with anyone getting a vaccine and I have no problem with whacky antivaxxers not wanting it but dont belong to either group.

    ultimately, i would cunt the people put there who are just mindless npc’s who are eager to jump in on absolutely anything this last year in a game of government simon says. ‘Go bankrupt’ sure thing. ‘Cancel xmas’. Sure thing. Fucking really? You must be a cunt if you blindy follow and never sit and make a conscious and informed decision about why they are asking you to do anything they ever ask you to do.

    Finally, this whole bollocks was put in place to protect government interests in a government institution, the NHS. The NHS is unfit for purpose and just provides nothing for the money pumped into it. I am forced to pay £400 a month NI for the shit but recently took out the dogs bollocks BUPA plan for £60 a month.

    The real question that the government and media have succeeded in drawing everyones attention away from, is why a supposedly first rate health service in one of the worlds most advanced countries was absolutely toppled and brought to its knees by a bit of fucking flu.

    In the words of James Cromwell, ‘that detective, is the right question. End of transmission’. (Wont mention the movie, its shit)

    • It’s the supine servility I now see all around me that really fucks me off, I mean why is the issue of “shall we accept COMPULSORY medical procedures being imposed on us or not?” even a fucking question??? Jeeebuss some people just don’t get this fucking ‘freedom’ thing do they.

      • Agree its a pisstake. Its painfully obvious from fairly basic virology that next winter the covid virus will be heavily prevalent again. Its why they are so shit scared of variants and talking of top up jabs already. Its why i cant be bothered with it. Its not an in and out jobbie like proper vaccines. Best thing is to stop counting by summers end else the hysterical tarts will be out en masse for more covid measures to be reintroduced. And you can bet the government’s and medias line will be that the ‘antivaxers’ and people like me who just dont want it have caused it, not nature.

        The idea that anyone should be forced to accept it is beyond me. Its literally 1984 in that article. Why were these peoples families and carers not consulted and able to help them make/authorise the decision? Sickening that they basically think they can treat someone like that on the assumption they can get away with it because they are a ‘mong’.

      • “ they are a ‘mong”
        Your description of them answers your question.
        If you regard them as such, why should anyone else view it differently?

  11. Given some longer term cunters will be well aware of my family’s relationship with learning disabilities by now I think it’s already pretty clear what I think of issues such as this.

      • To put it simply, I have Asperger’s, my grandad and possibly my mum are undiagnosed Asperger’s, I have/had a few cousins, aunts and uncles with moderate autism and/or learning disabilities and my brother has severe autism. Put simply, stuff like this pisses me off more than pretty much anything else.

      • Its ok, General, no one’s going to pin you down and forcibly inject you.

        Well done, by the way. Asperger’s is so misunderstood.

      • It’s more my brother I’m worried about tbh Jessum because he lacks the capacity to make these sorts of decisions for himself. Not to mention he has a major phobia of needles.

      • “Stuff like this pisses me off more than pretty much anything else”?

        Why? What is the correlation between aspergers, the Covid jab and it pissing you off more than pretty much anything else?

    • Simple – as someone for whom disability runs in the family this stuff concerns me more than it does the average person.

      • That’s not an answer. Why does it?

        Ps, Just to clarify, you ended up looking a right sneaky charlie and Deadpoolgate, plus I nicked your ‘late entry’ and to add insult to your injury, won. Then the rules were changed to stop your sort of underhanded desperation to win. Let’s face it, if anyone is sore it’s you, and rightly so 😀

        You’re welcome 😂

      • Well, if you had disabled people in the family I think this kind of shit would concern you too.

      • Besides, if you actually remember the events of Deadpoolgate then you will remember that I owned up to my mistake and even congratulated you on your victory when you took advantage of it. Hardly a sign of someone who’s sore or bitter is it? ☺️

    • I think he might still be a bit sore over Deadpoolgate Jessum.

  12. My friend in London has had 14 reminders to take it. He won’t take it but had no intention of travel.
    I, on the other hand have taken it because I want to travel and I don’t think that will be possible without proof.
    CC is right, take it or don’t, it’s a choice.

    • I wouldn’t be happy not having it if I lived in that shithole called London.

  13. That’s fucking evil. Jesus christ this has got to stop.
    There is a definite whiff of Mengele about this. Talk about nazis? Wtf happened to the Nuremberg laws we all signed up to.

    • Spot on, Utter. I read that boosters will be needed every six months. Will those poor fuckers be forcibly injected again and again? Those cunts in the video look proud of themselves, evil is the only word for it. The world is fucked up.

  14. ‘it’s a choice’
    Well it isn’t is it? 😀
    You ‘must’ have the jab if you want to travel.

  15. It certainly feels like your control of your future has been curtailed unless you get with the plan and follow guidelines. I personally won’t be taking the soup and if it limits my travel abroad so be it. I’ll play the waiting game for now. Ps I don’t think it’s the time to be up in a sardine can with recycled air , prefer fresh air myself

    • “I’ll play the waiting game for now”
      If we all took that approach, nothing would ever change.
      I’ve said to all antivaxxers that it’s completely up to you if you have the jab. I couldn’t give a fuck if you didn’t
      I would love to know, however, in 5 years time how many of them have relented, having taken advantage of those who didn’t sit on the fence.

      • BBTC I’m not sitting on the fence , just to be crystal clear I’m never going to take the jab. Now referring to the waiting game , I meant foreign travel that I will wait my time on.

  16. Glad I had it.
    Did what they asked, can carry on working unhindered.
    Bit achey the next day,
    But nowt to cry about.

    • Hopefully getting mine next month, a voluptuous nurse chasing me with a oversized needle with the Benny Hill theme tune playing is optional.

      • How many on here when younger scored pills, acid, etc off a drug dealer without a second thought?
        Suddenly their bodies a temple?

      • I remember the last nurse who helped you Libs.
        She thought her role was to help stroke patients and left you with a six inch boner!

    • MNC I think you’ve just signed up to annual doses of new and improved flu vaccines for life. Just my opinion btw

      • Mecuntry@
        Its the first jab ive ever had apart from tetanus.
        Dont get the flu jab, BCG at school etc,
        Didn’t have them.
        But the idea of not being able to work was far scarier than the side effects of growing six arms.

    • Wouldn’t trust Tedros to take off an elastoplast. The vax has almost eradicated Covid here in the UK.

  17. I understand the predicament a lot of people will face. My own own mother is 84 and has refused flu vaccines by her own doctor since she was advised at 70 years of age to take one .They have to ask as That is medical procedure . She will not take the covid vaccine or any flu vaccine.

  18. I don’t know this for sure but I imagine those people in the video have some kind of parent/guardian/carer who is legally responsible for taking such decisions on their behalf. I can’t imagine coppers are turning up and just forcing it on people.
    Much more problematic will be the homeless who seem to be prolific in most Yank cities, particularly places like California and Florida. Even in Uncle Joe’s America I can’t see cunts being forced to take it.

  19. Vaccination for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities should be at the discretion /responsibility of their legal guardian, or the individual themselves if they are capable of making an informed decision, shouldn’t it?

    Agree those incredibly patronising radio adverts are monumentally piss boiling! Not seen the TV equivalents, thankfully.

    Having my second jab Friday, all being well.

    • You clearly haven’t heard Talksport’s Covid adverts f you think these are bad. There’s a reason I only put that station on if no one else has coverage of a football game I want to listen to.

  20. I saw a great meme yesterday. It had a picture of Katie Price and Harvey, and underneath was written…
    ‘This picture reminds me of every shit beach holiday as a kid, an old plastic bucket full of crabs and a useless spade.’

    I don’t condone mocking poor Harvey, but it was a guilty giggle.

  21. This Covid ‘vaccine’ pushing is getting aaaht of control, by all means let the vulnerable and elders have the vaccine etc but do not try and push it on the people who are extremely unlikely to get ill from the Kung Flu.
    It’s a fucking liberty and I cannot understand why there aren’t more protests regarding these sinister plans for mass vaccination. The ‘vaccine’ does not guarantee you will not catch and possibly pass on the Kung Flu, it’s also probably useless against the bud bud ding ding variant.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  22. Hearing these fucking adverts on the tele and radio is a pile of cunt.
    It’s like something aaaaht of a futuristic film, and they lay on the guilt by saying ‘Even if you are unlikely to get ill, do it to protect others’.
    What the fuck have ‘others’ done for me and I didn’t start the fucking Covid anyways… Covid is related to the flu and like the flu we will have to live with it, the elderly and vulnerable get their yearly dose and let the young cunts like me get aaaht and abaaaaaht and back to normal.

    • Exactamundo. Since when is anyone elses health my business, or mine theirs. I wasn’t aware the rest of society was a conjoined foetus on my back. And if it were I’d hang out the side of a fast moving car and sand it off.

      ‘Public health’ and ‘for the greater good’ are horseshit propaganda pleas and dangerous shite.

      • ‘Since when is anyone elses health my business’

        Well you look out for pedestrians driving a car do t you? You don’t want to hit one so you look out for them -to the left, to the right, straight head, you even look behind you in the mirror.
        You’re literally ‘looking out’ for someone else’s health.

        If you had a bad cold or flu you wouldn’t go into work would you? Not feeling up to it the main reason but also you do not want to give it someone else.

      • If you fall and break your leg, you’ll call an ambulance. Yes, you will. It then becomes our business. We’ll take you to ED, (mind you, introduce yiurself as the cunt on here and I’ll think twice), and it’s their business. Don’t. Be. Fucking. Stupid.

      • Blimey O’Reilly, Miles… for the first time in months I’m in full agreement with you!

  23. Why would anyone take part in clinical trials of a new vaccine when there are no wages involved or compo if things go tits up.
    And before anyone gets bent out of shape these are still under ‘phase three trials’. It’s not a secret, look it up.
    They are ‘authorised’ but are not ‘approved’ by any Health agency anywhere on the planet.

    You can view the Yellow Card scheme for adverse reactions and read about the 961 dead in the UK as of last Wednesday.
    Also you can read the views of experts in their field who suggest staying well clear of any of this jollop.
    Alternatively you can take the advice of Boris, Katie Price and Lenny Henry and get jabbed up….

  24. It’s a divisive one this.
    An associate with a PHD (not medicine) had a right cob on with me, last week-because I described his Pfizer jab as experimental gene therapy.

    Which is exactly what it is.

    • What we need is a sanctimonious virtue-signalling cunt with £30 million in the bank saying that the whole world should be given the Vaccine whilst simultaneously not donating any oney himself and still demanding everybody obey his privacy, pronounced, “prie-vacy, the Yank way, submissively, to please his obnoxious cunt of a wife.

    • No, it is not gene therapy. The vaccine does not alter DNA, which is what gene therapy is.

      The reason for the confusion may be because many on-line ‘experts’ are confusing RNA with DNA and then proceeding to beat themselves with the wrong end of the stick.

      • mRNA from a Covid 19 vaccine does not enter the nucleus of a cell and alter DNA. The mRNA from the vaccine causes the ribosomes to manufacture spike proteins to kill the virus.

        Holy conspiracy theories Batman! No DNA was harmed in this production.

  25. Translation: Anyone that doesn’t agree with me is a [Insert insult here], which by default makes me right! I am the messiah so bow before my infinite wisdom!

    Yawn. Go and buy scratchcard and stop sulking, silly boy!

    • Please, explain why they’re coming for the children who have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose from being vaccinated, and who would benefit from gaining natural immunity instead.

      They’re at zero risk. Keep squaring that circle. Fucking dullard.

    • No one should need it according to you because the virus doesn’t exist.

      • Answer the questions. Or shall I just assume you think needlessly vaccinating children and potentially damaging them is a good idea?

        If you refuse to answer that then I think it’s clear to everyone exactly where your allegiances are.

    • “Please explain why they’re coming for the children”…..

      Because how else are they gonna control ‘the kids’ minds and get them to vote for the the baby blood drinking, lizard men, elite and accept the great global reset!

      Fucking idiot!

    • Answer the questions and then we’ll see who’s position is priceless. You have no legs to stand on and you know it.

      • Terrifying kids out of their wits or psychologically abuse the fuck out of them is all part of the new normal anyway so why should we be surprised.

        Prevented from any school or interaction for months on end.
        Teachers in face muzzles.
        St Greta and Alex Cortez with the “12 years until the apocalypse” climate crap.
        Don’t visit Gran for 18 months because you might kill her.
        Worth remembering as well that these kids are the future.
        Roll up Roll up for your miracle jab that you don’t need everyone.

    • I cited two sources earlier about vaccines and err mysteriously didn’t get replied to…

      • There’s more than enough personal stories out there of vaccine injury to children. If you’ve got another explanation for the astronomical rise in autism rates, especially in the US, then I’d love to hear it.

      • Funny how when I cited personal stories about dealing with Covid pts, death and all, as you deny that Covid doesn’t exist, you spouted they were just that – ‘Personal’. Like you denied that hospitals were busy – I must have imagined being the seventeenth ambulance waiting to offload a pre-alert pt suffering with SVT…

        Those straws you’re clutching just get thinner and thinner, son. Nothing personal, though.

    • Why don’t you post a link to that bold claim, just so it can be fact checked?

      I mean it will be a credible source won’t it? and not just some conspiracy theory website 😉

      • Go cry to your corporate overlords and gatekeepers of truth.

        Fact checking websites are for plebs who can’t think, let alone for themselves.

      • Any chance I can have your personal ‘phone number for any medical advice I’ll need in the future? I can delete the JRCALC app on my ‘phone, then to free up space.

        Many thanks.

    • Autism wasn’t widely diagnosed or even recognised until the late 90s by the medical profession. Now you could argue the opposite it’s overdiagnosed even when it might not apply.

  26. Stupid gormless cunts will protest against their beloved football clubs joining a league to make yet more money but are probably more than happy to go along with this sinister crap.
    Take the jab?? – Fuck off

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