Figuring Out Society Labels

Can we determine what “white privilege” is, and who is white. At the same time can we sort out who is “gay”. Who are the whites? Are we talking about Spanish or Italians ? Is Alexadria Ocasio Cortez White? She looks it to me. Her ancestor wiped out the Incas. Is it only people from Norway or the North pole (who look a bit brown). Is Phillp Schofield a gay? He had a wife and children. I dont think these labels work. And so all their bullshit falls down in a breath of wind.

Nominated by: smugcunt

44 thoughts on “Figuring Out Society Labels

  1. Labels are for jam and cunts.
    Two labels I could easily use for generation wokeflake are “bedwetter and oxygen thief”.
    And as it has stopped raining in Yorkshire for the first time in living history it’s time for a bike ride! 😀

    • The puddled yank in the picture forgot a label,
      Gay+Christian+fat+ an mental.
      Labels are important.
      Who would I know to be prejudiced against if they wasnt labelled?
      Yes Phillip Schofield’s a gay,
      He only ever bummed his wife
      No that Occasionally Cortez isnt white shes a goofy Spaniard.
      If in doubt always veer towards discrimination is my motto.

  2. The KFC bucket is for normal people to puke 🤮 in when they see this mincing little show off.
    Gay, Christian and cares for the environment. I would expect nothing less.

    • He needs less of Colonel Sander’s bucket and more of Colonel Saito’s hot box, that’s if he’d fit. He could satisfy his carnal desires by shoving a block of cheese up his date for the rats and if he doesn’t like it he can pray for it to stop. Boombah bent botherfolk cunt.

  3. I do like a label that mentions Aged in Sherry Casks.
    As for the mentals,put them in bags and chuck them off a cliff.

  4. The bender looks like he’s got one of those hospital bands on his left wrist. I bet it says “rectal reconstruction.” No wonder he’s laughing. Filthy cunt.

  5. The only useful label I can think of in this case is the one on Uncle Terry’s oven that says “degrees celsius”

  6. Some of the slappers in my town centre are similarly confused about ‘what is white’ and ‘what is brown’ so when it comes to having children, they get one in every colour.

  7. They create these labels as though they are something to be proud about, but only if you not the norm. They shout ‘I’m gay’ like it’s some kind of fucking achievement. No it’s not, it’s your sexual preference. Likewise shout out ‘I’m black’ and we’re meant to clap our hands like it’s something wonderful, other than the skin colour you were born.
    Of course trying to make out that being a straight white male is an achievement, makes you a misogynist racist homophobe.
    The land of woke and diversity. Pathetic point scoring.
    I’m proud to be a straight white male.

    • Totally agree. I asked, in an equalities lecture, to the cunt taking it that:

      ‘If being gay is natural, which you’ve been telling us it is, why do we need to celebrate something that’s natural? We may as well celebrate our left hand’.

      Didn’t go down well.

      • Well done DCI. You can usually catch them out with a good common sense question to which they have no answer ‘other than calling you out as a homophobe, racist etc’

      • Basic error here my cuntng friend – reason and logic are racist; ho-mophobic; transphobic; bobophobic… okay i made the last one up but why not? What have you got against bobos you bobophobic cunt! Where’s my fucking safe space?

      • I get really annoyed when these deviants keep telling us that the gaynus is “normal“
        because such behaviour has been observed in the animal kingdom.
        Next they’ll be finding examples of tr@nnyism e.g. a bear wearing a tutu.

      • Next they’ll be telling us being born disabled is normal. 🙄

  8. They shout because they are encouraged by the woke media and establishment to think they are something special. To be blek, hoomosexshual, Parking Stanley, Mudslime or BAME is a passport to privilege and special treatment. No wonder they love their labels and shout them from the rooftops. They must feel like they won the lottery. They just have to use their favourite label, “raaaycism” to get their way. Even being a mong is regarded as a “superpower” today.

    • What the fuck does “BAME’ mean anyway? Sounds like a race of Aliens from Star Trek – “there’s BAME’s on the starboard bow, Captain Kirk”.

    • Just another divide and conquer technique.
      If you can exhaust the populace by getting them to fight amongst themselves, you canget away with all kinds of shady shit.

      There are way more serious issues to be dealt with than what people decide to do with parts below the waist.

      black – white
      straight – bent
      omnivores – vegans…….

      it’s a long list

  9. The Gays don’t need “labelling”…they need painting a vivid shade of “Poofy Pink”. That way we can have a ” colour-coding” system for undesirable members of society. Luckily God has already, in His wisdom, seen fit to mark The Dark-Keys as trouble by making them black….Orientals are marked yellow….Peaceful people are marked baby-shite tan etc……All colours to warn us that shaded people are shady. The Gays,being particularly devious types, have managed to avoid God’s paint-chart warning system and it now falls to us milky-white,heterosexual,Christian people to do His work by throwing pink paint over any Homosexual that we encounter.

    “Ye shall know The Fruits by their colour”

    • To be fair Dick, they usually make it really obvious that they are uphill gardeners. The clashing, bright clothing, rainbow accessories, mincing walk, limp wrist and camp voice, doesn’t usually make them difficult to spot.
      Though I have known a few gays who seem perfectly normal, but they tend to be the ones who wouldn’t be seen dead at a ‘pride festival’ and just want to live a normal life (other than the bum banditry)

      • True enough,FM. but just think how much safer it would be at nights if The Gays were painted a neon pink….Public toilets would be usable if anyone wanting a shit after 8 o’clock at night could see the potential anal-invaders lurking…very pinkly….in the undergrowth.

      • To be fair, the gay is easily recognisable by the sight of rodents in the vicinity scurrying for the hills, like a tsunami is on the way. The sight of objects smaller than a pushbike being consumed by their gaping ringpieces is another clue.

        Of course, the local shop selling out of French fancies is also cause for a red (or is it pink) alert.

        Beware the gay. Be vigilant.

      • ” Be vigilant”…quite right,C.B.

        ” Protect Our Wunnerful NHS….Splosh A Gay”….should be the next Govt. slogan. I,for one, would be out on my doorstep clapping like a demented sealion the “stay at home heroes” who bought a paint-gun and sniped any Gervais-looking type who minced down their street.

        C’mon People…We can all do our bit and make a difference.

      • There may be disagreements on here about Covid vaccinations but I’d like to think that we can all unite behind the ” Gloss over The Gayness” campaign.

      • Are you on a special low-tariff scheme with your gas supplier,Unkle T ?


  10. I couldn’t give a fuck what labels they go by to me they are all cunts.

  11. Is Philp Schofield “gay”?

    Is the Pope a Catholic

    That mincing raddled old queen has had faggot written all over him ever since he became one of the girls on morning TV. I wonder he doesn’t become one of the Loose Wimmin. If not loose I bet his anus is a bit slack.

  12. Cunt waves a sign in people’s faces saying he’s gay and religious. There’s a fucking surprise. He should go vegan, he can bore them with that information too.
    I don’t need labels, as I’m normal, and I don’t give a fuck for anyone else’s identity problems. Fuck off.

  13. Its all very confusing?
    All these labels.
    What about forcing people to wear armbands that clearly states who an what they are!
    Makes sense to me😁

  14. Not interested at all.Slide them all into your oven please Unkle Terry

  15. I reckon these cunts should just get t shirts made, list all their latest bollocks front and back and then you know to avoid them, here’s one for Me gain Markle.
    I look white but I’m black.
    I’m a femenist, but need a man.
    I play the hero but I’m a cunt.
    I’m rich but a gold digger.
    I have kids, leverage in the divorce.
    I’m pretty…… Ugly on the inside
    I’m all about families….. To wreck
    I love myself because everyone else h😭tes me.
    I want to be president and will be worse than Trump

    You get the idea, if people labelled themselves correctly no fucker would go near them, so they lie…. Life is full of cunts..

  16. We are all brothers.
    Some are white. Some are black.
    Does it matter?

    You bet your bollocks it does.

    (B. Manning, 1976)

    • 🎶
      What will you do when the label comes off?
      And the plastic’s all melted,
      And the chrome is too soft? 🎶

  17. Just to reiterate some previous posts, the only label applicable to the “person” in the header pick is: “CUNT”


  18. I’m not gay and don’t give a fuck what you are as long as you and your kind leave me alone. Got enough trouble dealing with the rest of the fucking alphabet.

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