Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

Never seen it but it needs cunting for virulent Islamophobia.

Fuck me, some link.

Anyway a muslim woman entered and was discriminated against.
The food wasnt Halal
She was called a Gym Bunny, apparently a racist term (??)
She didnt have muslim toilet facilities. I thought that was the left hand but perhaps a bidet was required.
She had to keep wet clothes on because, as a Muslim she couldnt strip them off in front of others.

We look up to the SAS and their ilk and all the time their training regime has been racist and Islamophobic. The scales have dropped from my eyes.
The cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

..and on the subject of C4, here’s this from Smugcunt

If your an over the hill comedian or a wanker with a tach or a bird with odd mishapen tits, how do you make money?

Easy get a program on Channel4 so you can have a Chateau, or a glamping load of bollocks paid for by mugs.

Channel 4 is corrupt!

It always has been!

It was created to remove vast amounts of money from tax payers into the pockets of a closed shop of producers with one view. Their programs are shit quality because the money goes one way.The Groucho club is a bent bunch of cunts controlling whats acceptable. (I think I’ll throw in the odd “allegedly” here – DA)

Never buy anything on this shit channel. Cunts.


63 thoughts on “Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins

  1. Ace cunting. Fucking Channel Four is an open sewer. Celeb turds floating in gay jizz. Don’t go near it, ever.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Should have given her a sheep and a sharp knife.
      I think they were already given compasses so she would know in which direction the bingo hall was.

  2. Aw, you ok hun, pm me. Fuck. Right. Off.

    Some good news, at last. Fans booed the Taking Of The Knee Ceremony at the FA Cup final, yesterday. Who could have predicted that? Of course, Match Of The Day skirted over that, the cunts.

    • Did they drown out the booing with fake crowd clapping/cheering? I couldn’t pick it up (the booing) myself. I know it happened because fans at the game say it was obvious.

      • I watched the game on a foreign channel through the internet and you definitely heard it.

    • The Daily Mail reporting on it and of course using selected tweets which condemned the booing as rrrrraaaaaaacccccciiiiissssssst! Btw has the Mail been counted before as it would provide rich pickings ?

      • Don’t know how they’ll drown out 40 to 50 thousand boos when the stadiums are full again.


      • Easy. Just switch the sound feed from real to fake (fade into the fake sound so you can’t really tell) just before the knee taking.

        I suspect the cunts at the BBC did it yesterday, as I heard the booing was louder on BT Sports (not sure if true just read a tweet so could be bollocks).

        I did not pick up any booing on the BBC’s coverage. Yet every cunt at the game says it was loud as fuck.

        Will the likes of Sky and the BBC be snide enough to protect their narrative with fake noise over real noise?

        You fucking bet they will!

      • They certainly doctored it on the BBC radio coverage. Just before the kick off the radio volume increases and there was this change in tone of the ‘crowd’

        Utter scum cunts the BBC. Even the commentary was taken by surprise as abide with me finished and in hushed tone he states the players and officials take the knee…. oh and that’s the kick off… blatantly overdubbed crowd noise as a backdrop

      • The doctoring of sound on Sky Sports was one of the reasons I had finally had enough and left 3-4 years ago (so way before Chicken Floyd). I know Association Football isn’t highly regarded here but I like it and a big part of it for me is the sound of the stadium and the funny chants that erupt. It was blatantly obvious that anything vaguely controversial was being smeared out…fake generic noise mixed in. And worst of all ‘we apologise for any offensive language you may have heard’ GET FUCKED ITS FOOTBALL.

        Add to that the increasingly senile Martin Tyler and modern shit for cunts tactics like high pressing and tiki-taka wank all played by identikit boring hyper fit cunts making nothing happen for 65 minutes and they can all get bent.

        The knee-taking cunts.

  3. Not got much going for her is there? First she is a peaceful woman, she thinks she is stronger than a man, then she moans about no halal food, it’s the fucking sas not the girl guides, take your moaning and fuck right off, oh and she is a cunt

    • Oh and she needs a good length up her rusty sheriff’s badge as a punishment for being a cunt, anyone offering?

      • @Sid.B+WC is your man for that job. He’s SAS …. Special Arsehole Service.
        His insertion techniques are second to none.
        Good morning.

      • What are you lot on abaaaaaht, I’m busy now but if she needs sorting aaaaht…halal be back later.

      • @ b&w, you sir are a hero, can you make sure you mix iron fillings in with the ky jelly?

  4. Her gripes explain why modern Muslim armies always get beaten by their Western foes.

    We wiped the floor with them in the two Gulf Wars and Israel has always thrashed her camel-fucking neighbours in wars.

    The Ay-rabs talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, they turn tail and run quickly in the opposite direction faster than the Frogs surrender.

    The peacefuls are a useless bunch of cunts.

  5. Shireen Khan.

    Was her dad a bus driver?

    At every opportunity, these cunts have to crowbar in their sky fairy and if they are not pandered to in every way imaginable then it is discriminatory.

    The SAS doesn’t discriminate, it simply does not allow any sky fairy rules to get in the way of getting the job done, be it Mudslime, Christian, Kafflik, Hindu or Jedi fucking Knight. It is a complete fucking irrelevance when trained killing machines need to do the job with 100% concentration on the task in hand.

    Just fuck off to a middle eastern sandpit that fully caters for all your savage, 10th century needs.

  6. All part of the west’s race to the bottom.

    You’ll have tranny SAS platoons soon. Parachuting behind enemy lines looking ‘just fabulous, dahling!’

    We are fucking ripe for invasion. The only ones with the balls to fight will have back backs and raging arse grapes.

    We are fucked.

  7. All the contestants on this show are treated like shite in true SAS fashion. That’s the whole point of the show. When everyone is treated like shite it’s not discriminatory.

    • Except the tranny ofc, who is given another chance even after failing in face-plantingly spectacular fashion at the first challenge. No such sympathy for the exotic dancer.

      Honestly, it’s one rule for the demented eunuchs and another for the rest of us casual sex-workers!

  8. This is why Ant Middleton left the show because of the woke, pc, elf and safety shite that crept into the show. He wasn’t sacked but handed in his notice months ago because it was becoming unrealistic compared to the original shows.
    Chanel 4 are a bunch of lefty, peaceful loving cunts, but this peaceful seems to hate them…..good.

  9. Clearly a self-important attention seeking twat.
    Anyone with half a brain cell at least watches a previous series to get clued up before applying to go on. That’s also if you’ve never read a book or seen a movie and have no idea who the Special Air Service are.
    This scheming bitch clearly had the plan of moaning & playing the sexist, racist victim card to get publicity in the press because no-ones ever heard of her.
    Well we have now, you pathetic fucking ugly weak cunt.

    in 1941, David Stirling had the idea of creating a ‘commando’ type force to slip behind German lines & surprise the enemy. After injuring his spine in an experimental parachute jump, he dragged himself from his hospital bed & on crutches went under & over barbed wire fences, to break into Middle East Army HQ in Cairo, to tell General Auchinlech his idea. The force he created was the S.A.S.

    This pathetic fuckwit isn’t worth to even say the name. Bitch !

  10. Muzzies will always find something to moan about, not all of them are cunts but a huge section of them are most definitely cunts and will bang their muzzy drum about how deprived of their rights they are in what is ultimately a Christian country that them or their relatives emigrated to from various shit holes, these fuckers don’t even try to be responsible and luckily they don’t always get their own was, sas training is another thing that doesn’t pander to muzzy wimmin and fucking rightly so…
    Mate of mine was the manager of the local leasure Centre, he had the local muzzie elder or whatever those cunts are called damanding the use of the pool on Saturday solely for muzzy wimmin, wanted all the windows covered, the cafe at one end of the pool closed to the public and for them to find muzzy female life guards, changing room closed to non muzzy women…. Saterday for fuck sake no other day would do, I’m sure they do this kind of crap knowing they will get told to fuck off, so they can have a cry about the injustices they have to enjure from the infidel…
    Anyway kthey were rightly told to fuck off for once, moaned like fuck they did, this was 20 ish years back when these cunts didn’t always win, nowadays we have to listen to the SAS wouldn’t let me kiss my carpet in the middle of a battle……

    • The worst peaceful for complaining about Islamophobia is that Sayeeda Warsi bitch. She is always whinging for Islam.

      Why David Cameron shoved her in the House of Lords is beyond belief. She is an undistinguished lawyer who practiced above a kebab shop and was never elected to any useful political office.

      By putting her in the House of Lords, the dead-pig-fucker showed poorer judgment than his association with Lex Greensill.

      • HBC@ – Baroness Warsi is a paragon of virtue, a towering intellect and not a dodgy sticky fingered race baiter.
        Not at all..

  11. I’m tired of cunts complaining all the time, me me fucking me. I haven’t tongued a sexy female bumhole for at least 7 months the Audi is due an expensive service, and my second home is a mess and needs tidying up. Don’t hear me complaining though, apparently it’s a it’s a hard time for the poor, down and out and no hopers, and this cunt is moaning abaaaaaht free food on a TV show.
    What is the world coming to?
    Go fuck yourselves.

  12. Who the fuck is she? It’s a sign of the times that fame is so cheap. There was a story in the paper the other day about AJ Prichard’s girlfriend getting burned doing something silly. I read the article, not because I was remotely interested, but to see who the fuck was this Prichard guy, and what had he done to be famous, as that seemed to be the case. I was none the wiser at the end, because it assumed you knew who this cunt was, so he must be a youtuber cunt, Instagram influencer cunt, or some reality cunt. I wasn’t going to google the cunt either, I’d already wasted enough time reading about the pointless cunt.
    It’s the same with this whining Doris, I have no idea who she is. Does it fuck a footballer? What’s her motto, ‘Who moans wins’?
    I have never watched this programme as it cheapens the SAS, the proud parent of all modern special forces. The genuine selection process is reserved for those thought capable of completing the rigorous training both physical and more importantly mentally challenging, yet the shit show puts washed up has beens, wannabe celebs and general nobodies in for a little beasting and laughingly calls it ‘selection’
    Wasn’t that plastic witch Katie Price on it once? The only military use I can think of for her is a range target for mortar practice.

    • I can think of another military use for Katie Price. Her cunt could be used for testing nuclear explosions. There would be little risk of radioactive contamination spreading outside that massive hole.

  13. A proper SAS peaceful bitch would have turned up as a letterbox with a gaggle of brats, whipped out a couple of grenades and blown the Channel 4 infidels to kingdom come.
    Soft as shit.

  14. Fully trained in SAS techniques like being holed up in a bush for a week, crapping and pissing in there….
    Fuck off to Gaza where you belong.

  15. Well, shes restored my faith.
    At least the good old SAS is still islamaphobic.
    Good for them!👍
    Force feed her a bacon buttie then some bayonet.
    Give the moaning cunt something to cry about.
    What a curry on.

    • Ps*
      Just been the tip then walked the dog, my mates a driving instructor and pulled up to talk.
      Hes a MUFC fan and has a lot to do with the protests against the Glazers.
      He showed me photos of his bruises where the coppers had gotten giddy with their batons,
      Gave him a right hiding!
      He said there was a black lad stood next to him,
      Never touched him!
      Hehehe 😀
      Right off to the pub.
      Try one of those fruit cocktail things Harolds so keen on!

      • It wasn’t St Marcus of Rashford was it? He could have sheltered in his saintly holier-than-thou glow.

  16. Looking on the bright side that disgraceful Trot cunt Snowflake is finally retiring from C4 News.

    They’ve already got the parking Stanley’s, wimminz etc so are duty bound to replace him with some disabled , bleck teenager from Islington Agit-Prop HQ all in the name of diversity.

  17. Imagine my surprise when a peaceful complained that we didn’t change everything just to suit them.

    Fuck off to Gaza and get bombed.

  18. On a serious note. There is an expectation ( demand) that the indigenous culture is to be destroyed in favour of the 3.7 % of Islamic adherents who now infest these Islands. Our language, our freedoms and indeed our enjoyment of life is to be sacrificed upon the altar of Political Correctness. Well fuck right off! In my part of the world, a Darkie was ( and remains ) a miner. A man who went down before sunrise, and surfaced in the dark. He was black with coal dust. The term “Darkie” was self explanatory. Nowadays, I note that the National Archive of Mining has done away with the terms “Yakka” “Marra” and of course “Darkie” to appease the full time offended. Channel 4 are cunts. and this fucking Tart was a set up job surely? I am genuinely appalled at all of this crap, and as for yesterdays expose of soldiers complaining about the lack of vegan foot wear and food!!! Well the country is surely on its way down the shitter.

    Good cunting…more of the same please.

  19. Another whining entitled curry rat. The Taliban of course, are well-known for their approach to cultural sensitivities when dealing with western captives. If she wanted more diversity fuck off and join the French Foreign Legion.

      • I remember this well. The Taliban fucked up because this chap was Jordanian. The king of Jordan said any Isis prisoners they held would be immediately executed, and they were. Also Jordan unleashed airstrikes on all Isis held positions in the area.

      • I made the mistake of watching the full video of those savages burning him alive. I don’t doubt the king of Jordan watched it too, hence his revenge was swift and ruthless, quite right too!

  20. Ah, another moaning P*ki, who would have thought it.

    Fuck off to a Muslim country where you indulge in everything they have to offer, cover you face and head or face a beating, sounds like heaven.

  21. Take comfort dear IsAC’ers, from the fact that the members of the “Artiste’s Rifles”, who frequented the London & Middlesex, whom I knew, would regale us with stories of emptying 50 cal shells into Taliban caves, prone, from a chinook or similar😀👍

    All this channel 4 shite is P.aki propaganda👎

  22. This TV show is crap.
    Most of the contestants are soft as shite.
    It’s instructive that they let weak moaning Stanleys appear and create their usual shitty mither.

    Use the cunt for bayonet practice.

  23. What the fuck does the moron expect? It’s meant to be fucking SAS training. You work as a unit with no bloody special treatment of any of the recruits. Bloody whinging raghead

  24. I see St Marks of Rashford has dumped his Mrs, probably because she said isn’t about time you take that massive chip off your shoulder and shut the fuck.
    Hopefully she will get a top solicitor and nail the gobshite cunt to the wall….

    • Perhaps he was “failing to score” with her?
      The chippy simian has been underperforming in front of goal for Utd, all fucking season…

      • CG@ – Maybe she found out Rashfords cock was not the same size as his nose.

  25. I see St Marks of Rashford has dumped his Mrs, probably because she said isn’t about time you take that massive chip off your shoulder and shut the fuck up.
    Hopefully she will get a top solicitor and nail the gobshite cunt to the wall….

  26. This baiting bitch wants to think herself very lucky – most muslim types who meet the SAS receive 5.56MM of shut the fuck up.
    “We’re receiving heavy fire”!
    “Are the bullets Halal”?

  27. Jon Snot is a cunt. I hope he dies in a bizarre accident involving a citrus fruit, and one of his ludicrous ties.
    The cunt.

  28. Dirty evil conniving whore. I always thought the ragheads trained their own. I didnt realise that channel 4 now is taking part in training these fucking idiots. What a country .

    • Oh well Az Jeereza is off air currently come back in a century whilst they put their 2g mast back up.

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