Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

Never seen it but it needs cunting for virulent Islamophobia.

Fuck me, some link.

Anyway a muslim woman entered and was discriminated against.
The food wasnt Halal
She was called a Gym Bunny, apparently a racist term (??)
She didnt have muslim toilet facilities. I thought that was the left hand but perhaps a bidet was required.
She had to keep wet clothes on because, as a Muslim she couldnt strip them off in front of others.

We look up to the SAS and their ilk and all the time their training regime has been racist and Islamophobic. The scales have dropped from my eyes.
The cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

..and on the subject of C4, here’s this from Smugcunt

If your an over the hill comedian or a wanker with a tach or a bird with odd mishapen tits, how do you make money?

Easy get a program on Channel4 so you can have a Chateau, or a glamping load of bollocks paid for by mugs.

Channel 4 is corrupt!

It always has been!

It was created to remove vast amounts of money from tax payers into the pockets of a closed shop of producers with one view. Their programs are shit quality because the money goes one way.The Groucho club is a bent bunch of cunts controlling whats acceptable. (I think I’ll throw in the odd “allegedly” here – DA)

Never buy anything on this shit channel. Cunts.


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  1. My brother was chatting to a force’s guy about the peaceful types when the chap was on leave from a holiday in Helmand. He said ” they are so dishonest we even shoot the dead ones to make sure ” love that

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