Tiger Woods (4)

Apparently this dick was travelling at twice the local speed-limit (90 in a 45mph), when he lost control of his car, crashed, rolled and ended up 300 yards down the road in a field last February.

He obviously survived the crash, but ended up with “a number of serious injuries”

There is no evidence to suggest he was drunk or on drugs at the time. But the car’s “black box” suggested that Woods got confused when he realised he was losing control of the car, and pressed the accelerator rather than the brake, which made the situation worse.

Woods has some form with car crashes: one in 2009 during his infidelity days; and another in 2017 when he fell asleep at the wheel and got done for reckless driving.

What’s particularly annoying is all the good wishes he got after his latest accident, even though he was speeding and thus breaking the local laws.

Always gets on my nerves when celebs seem to get a pass because of who they are when they have accidents. Whereas with some ordinary Joe Public cunt they’re ostracized/demonised for being selfish and reckless!


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32 thoughts on “Tiger Woods (4)

  1. This cunt is the biggest bellend there is. On his way to be the first sporting billionaire, had a beautiful wife and then lost it all after fucking a load of whores and strippers.
    Then got a lot of it back and then does this! I’m sure the twat could have afforded an Uber.
    I think this cunt if finished as far a golf is concerned.
    He should have stuck to swinging in the trees instead of driving into them.

  2. Lets hope he has that other “sports” cunt Lewis Hamilton in the car next time and does a better job.

    You have to be fit to play golf or drive a sports car you know people say….no you don’t, come and look at some of the fat cunts round here running red lights and driving like insane nutters.

  3. Fuck me and bugger me butler, slap head goon face “theatrical impresario” Prince Poofta Edward is to assume the title of The Dook of Edinburgh. Late Dook revolves on his gun carriage.
    Also Admin please don’t leave me posting on Nicholas Witchell too late or bin it, it works in tandem with the Dook.

  4. You would think with all his money he would employ a driver because he is obviously a bit shit at driving without a club.

    Car Caddie required

  5. I am surprised he ever got to play at such a high level. I was always led to believe that when a chap is “black-balled”, membership is withdrawn?

    Perhaps the thought of smashing “da whitey’s balls” inspired him?
    Similar to the Williams simians, sorry, sisters, who had an unfair advantage at that tennis malarky-ten thousand years of whacking coconuts with clubs…….

      • Yooooo Cunt – the link presents all sorts of conditions one has to agree to before proceeding then a chain orf adverts and only then we find out that a chimp can open a coconut two hours quicker than Tiger Boots or the Williams sisters.

      • Calm yourself Sir Limply-those consent boxes are to ensure delicate BAME’s don’t get offended by the waaaycist content.

  6. As a golferist myself (self taught, many blinded!) I have always considered chippy little Eldrick a monumental cunt, and nothing he does ever changes my opinion.
    The Man with no personality.

  7. Some people aren’t cut out to drive or use any sort of machinery. George Michael for instance was forever clumsy behind the wheel. At least George’s camp antics were sometimes hilarious though where as Tiger nuts is just bland zzzzz.

    I sometimes like watching golf, it can be very therapeutic.

    Good afternoon and fuck off!

  8. Same as that cunt from ant and dec, the one who crashed while driving pissed up.
    It shows how vacuous society is, he’s back on tv.
    No real punishment, carries on as normal.
    I would have left Tiger in his car wreck to die.

  9. You can be sure Tigger won’t be prosecuted for dangerous driving, or for anything else, because – well that would be waycist, innit?

  10. Sarah Cambell, Alastair Bruce, James Matthews on and on. So many previously unknown Royal Correspondents popping oit the woodwork all over. BBC (worst coverage but best paid natch) humming, hahahing and stammering away – kept referring to some cunt stuttering oit its arse as “Robert” which had to be Robert gaggag Pisston. Fucking shower. Put ’em all doine. A kindness and what a saving orf moolah.

  11. So fucking what, it happens every day. Couldn’t give a toss if it’s some cunt off a sink estate or a blick golfer. Wankers one and all.

  12. Saying as he’s shit at golf these days, I wonder if Tiger fancies a career change to become Meghan Markle’s new chauffeur.

  13. The main issue I have with dickheads like him are the innocent people they sometimes kill or maim. Greatest golfer ever, no doubt, but a selfish twat of the highest order who thinks he can do what he wants with a fuck off to the consequences.

  14. Wonder why Tiger finds driving so difficult?
    I can drive with my eyes shut and often do.
    Ive noticed the more simian types struggle with this basic life skill?
    Theyre easily distracted,
    Bright colours, loud noises, fresh fruit etc
    And theyre all over the road,
    Chimping out.
    As ive said before if ones being naughty and you dont own a large dog or a woodfelling axe then use the wisdom of Tarzan.
    A rap to the wooly head and a stern “UNGOWWA!!”
    They fall into line.
    Just science.

  15. This golf icon turned out to be J.A.N. (Just Another Nigghurr) and that is disappointing. In his glory days he was exciting to watch. I along with millions of others was a fan. Then the veil came down and all the ugliness of the flawed man he is was exposed & it was a huge letdown. Then we all wanted to see his comeback and it seemed at times he would (he even won the green jacket once again) but alas, J.A.N. like Bill Cosby.

  16. In his favour I have never heard the toothy cunt play the race card, and when you consider the almost exclusively white membership of most golf clubs and the fact that there are hardly any black PGA players, he has had lots of opportunities.
    Shagging loads of fit looking young girls raised his profile in my mind. I am sure that if I were young and a multi millionaire I would have done the same.
    What makes him an absolute cunt is that he felt the need to give a televised, grovelling apology for his pork swordsmanship.
    That and his nasty habit of spitting on the golf course.

    • His Spitting doesn’t bother me Arty.
      Both me and dog occasionally curl out a turd on the golf course, so id be a hypocrite.
      Im just trespassing not a golfer though.
      So that justifies it.

      • You should have the fucking decency to bag up both turds and chuck them up a tree.

  17. Tiger Woods may have expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but his words might have had more impact if he’d insisted on playing the game using black balls, or brown ones at least, to show solidarity with his people.
    It might even have started a trend. Native Americans could play with red balls, vegans could play with green balls, golfers who come out could play with pink balls, Trump supporters could play with orange balls, golfers recovering from covid could play with yellow balls, black and white cunts could play with polka dot balls and those suffering from Epididymal Hypertension could play with blue balls. It would provide a smidgen of entertainment for the folks who consider a game of golf to be ‘a good walk spoiled’.

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