The Tavistock Clinic

The Tavistock Clinic.

This temple to the disfigurement of children has been deemed ‘Inadequate’ by the health watchdog. Concerning yes, but when you look at some figures a picture emerges of trendy dogma above science, biology or logic.

‘The number of children and young people referred to the service grew from 97 in 2009-10 to 697 in 2014-15.
Since it opened its doors in 1989, around 75% of GIDS’ patients had been boys – natal males to use the language of the service at the time, now referred to as assigned male at birth.
In 2011, girls equalled boys in number for the first time. And by 2015 there had been a reversal in the sex ratio, with girls now outnumbering boys two to one.’

What is going on? Has their been a seismic shift in biology and genetics? After all, this is an alledgedly scientific institute.
Or has there been an increase in:
Social media which in turn has led to –
Pressure from tranny groups (that brooks no argument) to assert all mental and sexual ambiguity has to be down to being in the wrong body.

Anyone suggesting the latter is of course some sort of phobe.

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32 thoughts on “The Tavistock Clinic

  1. These cunts know more than 400million years of evolution. You must nBow down an worship them. 10 years down the line more mental cases who have realised then were sold a dummy. Fucking cunts no different the FGM.

  2. Give the boys an Action man and the girls a Barbie doll and tell them to go and play outside!

    Tavistock clinic indeed, Frankenstein clinic more like!

    Fuck off!

  3. I bet if you set up a kebabs shop next door, you could procure all of your meat free of charge from the “leftovers” from procedures, which Tavistock House would likely be only too happy to gift.

    Would you like chilli sauce and salad and some extra meat?

  4. Truly saddening.
    Why are more and more kids suffering from gender identity issues?
    Some little boys should of been girls, they play with Barbie like to play princesses etc
    You can tell theyll be gay as a adult and maybe should of been born a girl.
    Kids are what they are, but im not sure how much the parents are meddling in this?
    If so its cuntishness to damage a kid emotionally,
    I feel sorry for a kid if they feel they should of been another sex,
    But what can you do?
    Nature chooses that.

    • Well said there. There are some boys who like playing with girls toys and vice versa some girls who like playing with boys toys. This doesn’t mean that the child is ‘trans’ or whatever it just means that they’ve got their own interests. Every child is an individual and just because a boy likes dolls or a girl likes trucks doesn’t mean that they should be chemically and surgically mutilated by those who have swallowed the dangerous and science free bollocks promulgated by the trans community.

      The Tavistock Clinic should be closed down. It’s not helping kids with self image issues, it’s just pushing them down a transition route that probably ain’t right for them and which will probably see them suicided due to being pushed into transition either wrongly or too early, in a decade’s time.

  5. If you want some answers you might question the institute of the same name, and the social circles of its staff and funders.

    • To be honest Chunky I don’t.
      Afraid to ask.
      I hate cruelty to kids and animals.
      I dont give a fuck about some foreign cunts getting topped,
      I can eat my tea and watch it unbothered,
      But kids and animals it boils my blood.

      • Indeed – we should all be revolted by it, MNC. The cunts imvolved are the real virus affecting humanity.

    • Indeed. Conspiracy nutters believe the Tavistock Institute’s purpose is to engineer the world’s culture – including the popularity of the Beatles which was an Illuminati plot to advance the “Aquarian Conspiracy” 😂

  6. This is evil.
    Burn it down to the ground, and anyone promoting this insanity should not be working near kids or in any role of responsibility.
    As I have said before, there are two genders – Male and Female, and a strident minority of to be frank fucking lunatics who disagree.

  7. @Cunstable Cuntbubble

    Lots of your noms this week and all concisely crafted and topical.

  8. That smart Yank Ben Shapiro nailed it when he coined the phrase: “My facts don’t care about your feelings.”

    Anybody suggesting there are more than two genders and that boys can be girls and vice-versa are basically in total denial of that truth.

    A boy with his cock inverted and tits is still a boy, biologically speaking.

    That is a fucking fact.

  9. These kids need correct parenting, strong role models and if that fails, psychiatric treatment.
    What they don’t need are pills and potions that will affect their natural development.
    And what they certainly don’t need is barbaric and irreversible surgery.
    The people that promote and advocate these type of clinics should be prosecuted for child abuse.

  10. No one is assigned a sex at birth ffs. It’s decided by nature not some gender confused twat that want to boost the number of fucked up fashion victims to make them feel not alone.

  11. For the past few years they’ve been ‘recruiting’ kids under Social Services. I was there for 25 years and ‘trans’ youngsters was never a thing until just a few years ago. Of course then we had to pander to all that bollocks. It was roughly an equal split between girls and boys. Fortunately some do see the light and reject it before they start physically messing with their bodies and hormones.

    Their tentacles extend to the states also. One of their eminent ‘scientists’ helped a schizophrenic woman who claimed to be the victim of elite sexual abuse. I’m not saying whether or not that was true, but what they ‘helped’ her to do was become an artist, doing some pretty disturbing commissions depicting dark tableaux involving dubious representations of kids, for amongst others ‘Comet Pizza’ in DC.

    Evil. Kellie-Jay Keen (previously Posie Parker) is a learned and tireless activist on the subject.

  12. If a baby is born with A cock then he must be a bloke. Biology dictates it.
    You can dress him up in a frock and a tu tu but he will always be a bloke . End of so fuck off.

  13. A factory of freaks.
    Simply experimentation that Mengele would be proud of.
    The staff should be shot and the whole rotten nest burnt to ashes.
    Get Fucked.

  14. Born in the wrong body?

    No such fucking thing. You’re just mental if you think that.

    Nature is nature. And it has a habit of sorting shit out when it needs to.

  15. I was going to say that legislation should be brought in to control these so called doctors who have been doing this wokery pokery for years.
    Then I remembered that the Palace of Westminster is teeming with sexual degenerates anyway so no hope there. We are fucked…….,probably up the shitter!

  16. All I’ve heard for the last year is, ‘follow the science’….so let’s do that.

    Male – Female.

    Science followed….two genders.

  17. A tranny is just a mental bloke with his bits cut off, some fake boobies stuck on and had a shitecunt added.

  18. The Nazis would have loved this kind of opportunity for experimentation on children. Cunts.

  19. “Linking trannies to insane murderers is transphobic!”

    BTK (cough cough), Russell Williams (cough cough) Otis O’Toole (cough, cough) Robert Durst (cough, cough) and many many more. Let’s just ignore their massive over representation eh?

    Silence of the lambs was a documentary.

  20. Blame these cunts all you want, but it will always fall back to the parents. Your kid is fucked in the head, and it could well be your fault. At the very least you did little to help them, and with new age problems, there is new age blame, as it’s never their fault. Perhaps, as a well known fictional gunnery sergeant once said, ‘the best part of you run down the crack of your mommas ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress’. This thesis explains a lot.
    As each successive generation refuses to even acknowledge the past, let alone the important lessons it teaches us, this shit will only get worse.

  21. I think most young girls that have dropped from the ugly tree have a hard time and in the modern world are coerced into feeling like they need a cock nailed on.

  22. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Clinics like this are a result of a bunch of oddball NHS consultants who didn’t have what it takes to specialise in normal disciplines, so they conspired to create a false “medical” condition called “gender dysphoria”.
    This enables all the fuck-ups who were born (like everyone else) either male or female) and who aren’t happy for whatever reason to tell the rest of us that we should respect their choices when they declare that they’re are a bloke or a woman or a bi or a trans or a queer or a bumfucker or a tuppence licker or a dog buggerer etc …
    These quack doctors (who no doubt get aroused when they examine a kid to see if their genitalia have responded to hormones) should be erased from the medical register and be named and shamed.

  23. All this “corrective” surgery is experimental. You may as well let Drs Frankenstein and Mengler loose on your children.

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