Sheffield Litter Cunts

A nomination for the cunts of Sheffield

Only one day out of ‘lockdown’ on a sunny March day the chavs and chavettes of Sheffield descended on Endcliffe Park, in the 100’s.

Fuck the Covid advice, yes that’s fine but take your shit home with you.

The amount of litter left by these entitled cunts was ridiculous, the park could have been mistaken for a council tip.

Certain areas of this once great country are a fucking disgrace, if it isn’t the peacefuls or blacks causing a nuisance it’s cunts who just have no respect for anything or anyone.

Close the fucking park if the twats can’t behave like civilised human beings.


Nominated by: Sick of it

67 thoughts on “Sheffield Litter Cunts

  1. Don’t get me started!
    I live in sunny Sheffield, and if it’s not litter, it’s dog shit that sends me wild.
    They either leave it for your grandkids to step in, or bag it and then hang the fucking bag on your fence!
    And sodding facemasks!
    And the cunt who trimmed his overhanging shrubbery, so passers-by didn’t take an eye out, but left the clippings lying on the footpath!

  2. Have agree wholeheartedly, the sense of entitlement of these cunts is breathtaking, how people can just walk away and leave their shit without a second thought is beyond me.
    Another thing that pisses me off even more than this is the cunts who think it’s perfectly ok to go around tagging and defacing any surface that takes their fancy. Bridges, trains, walls, shop fronts and even people’s houses are all treat with carefree contempt by these cunts. I’d happily use their faces dipped in solvent as a scouring pads to clean the shit off.

  3. I’m afraid this is very much a British thing……..go to any country in the world and you will not see litter like we have over here. I don’t know why this is but there is nothing more depressing than, after 2 or 3 weeks abroad , staring out the window of the Gatwick Express and watching the litter build up as you get closer and closer to London. How the fuck do you get all that litter along a railway line? Do cunts throw it out of the train windows?…..fucked if I know.

    • I dunno Freddie, I went to South Africa in the mid 1990s, there was shit everywhere. Lots of rubbish(mainly plastic) too.

      In fact the white minority had unofficially designated the ‘plastic bag’ the official flower of SA as there was so many of them across the countryside.

  4. We have a reservoir 20 minutes walk from the house and since Bat Flu lockdown it’s become a magnet for Carpets,Chavs and Shitty Tinkers.
    A lovely place totally ruined by thick smelly cunts,litter and every sort if shite everywhere.
    Coffee cups Fast food wrappers face masks needles cans dogshit,like an Africans back garden.
    Plus cars parked randomly everywhere with rabble spilling out.
    They are a fucking disgrace but give not one fuck about it.
    I’d let them walk round for half an hour then put the whole lot of the cunts head first into the oven.
    Dirty vermin.

    • Indeed Fiddler, yet its not the older generation driving things like fast fashion or trending foods like avocados and soy which do more harm than good for the environment.

      A few weeks picking apples in the vast orchards for your home brew ‘Merry Fiddler’ cider will see the error of their ways.

      Morning all.

    • Fuck me yes, after the Thunderbirds boys and girls have had their day out saving the world in Londonstabistan they leave a mountain of shite behind, especially Starbucks cups and vegan sandwich boxes.
      Same with the remoaners who also have a tendency to throw their witty placards onto a big pile outside the railway stations as they wend their way home to their foreigner free domiciles out in the sticks.

  5. It’s because no-one ever gets fined why people do this.
    Yes, they have cameras to catch fly-tippers, and when they do, we’re all cheering at the TV.
    Stop persecuting motorists for a change, and get the police to prosecute these filthy bastards.

    • And what if the litterers were black, or peacefuls or gyppos? You can’t fine them that’s raaaaaay-sist! Did you see the Japs at the World Cup?……picking up all the litter around where they were sitting at the end of the game! It’s a question of values not punishment. If I had lobbed trash on the pavement when I was a kid my old dear would have kicked my arse into the next month followed by a slap from the old man when we got home.
      Observe any school playground at the end of lunchtime. As soon as the last kid is through the door a huge flock of pigeons and gulls descend from nowhere, sorting through the rubbish looking for the discarded food. They are there every day sitting in the trees waiting for their regular feed.

      PS Probably not a good idea to hang around school playgrounds…….especially if you look like a certain Labour MP who I won’t mention because I don’t want to get Admin into trouble.

      • The Japanese are brought up differently. At the end of the day the little kids clean up at their school before they go home.

  6. Same here. Epping Forest a fucking disgrace after every weekend. I wish people would fuck off and do what they normally did on a weekend, rather than polluting the forest. And don’t get me started on cyclists…….

    • Do you live near Epping Forest My Lord? You didn’t murder that black kid and dump him in that pond did you? You can tell us……we’re all friends here.

      • The lord is in clear. His mother blames the racist police who didnt act as efficiently as the Lagos police.

      • I think the lord is in the clear,
        If any one asks say you were giving him swimming lessons.

  7. It’s the same cunts, that would in normal times be shagging each other, clubbing till all hours and puking all over the road, getting beaten up by the local coppers in the fleshpots of Ianappa, Magaluf, Bodram, Ibiza etc. Sadly the China Virus travel ban means they are practising their Scumfuckerry and Chavism in our own backyards. It’s no wonder we are hated overseas, when they behave like this. I hate the cunts in their own fucking country.

    Still as the Duke said above, they don’t get fined, no ones gives a shit.

    I had some high vis wearing lefty knocking on my door yesterday asking if I filled out the census form yet… Cos if I haven’t they ‘will come for you and chase you down’. I told him not to threaten me on my own doorstep and to fuck right off.

    This cuntry is full of wankers only concerned with hammering the last drop out of white middle aged working class straight males rather than dealing with the cunts who leave ‘Maccy Ds’ and plastic bottles along with sofas and mattresses strewn across this once green and pleasant land.

  8. Why have we got thousands of prisoners banged up, spending their time watching telly, wanking, bumming, stabbing and dossing around ?
    When they should be out in all weathers, cleaning up the country that so many people have no respect for.
    It’s time to get back to basics.
    Good morning.

    • ‘Back to Basics’ was a good policy, Jack. Mix in a bit of ‘Family Values’ and a taste of the birch, and we could be back on track in no time. Fuck that ‘One Nation’ shit, look where it has got us. Cunts.

    • I’d have the illegals who cross the English Channel in their rubber dinghies out and about picking up the litter that blights this country.

  9. Dirty cunts dropping their filthy face masks annoy me the most. Thanks, for protecting us, cunts. Fuck off.

    If I had my way, cunts who dropped litter would be made the eat their rubbish. Fly tippers would be made to eat their discarded shit too. Imagine a trip to the country and seeing some cunt having to eat a mattress, or a fucking chiffonier. We would all feel a lot better for that.

    Good cunting, Sick of it. Good morning everyone.

  10. And why do we have even one person unemployed ? When every railway embankment and motorway verge is festooned with litter.

  11. Well littering has its benefits, many I time I have found a copy of some grumble publication beside the hedgerow with the pages not stuck together, when I was a young man it was a good source of procurement for such delightful imagery, looking at some big hairy clump used to keep me well entertained for hours

  12. Only last night after dropping my Dad home in the early hours, I was following a very slow moving artic lorry on the return journey. I soon cottoned on to why he was driving so slowly. First bonced an empty Lucozade bottle behind his trailer.

    Yes, the lorry driver was “spring cleaning” his cab by throwing all the shit out of his driver’s window.

    I fucking hate litter bugs. Vermin that needs hitting hard in their pockets.

    • Now they’re turning Britain into the same. After a hard night’s burglaring, there’s nothing these rats like more than sitting on somebody’s wall, eating fast food and drinking Poundshop energy drinks. When they’ve finished, they discard everything on the pavement. All the East Euro rats enjoy a pîkey picnic.

    • An even bigger contributor to fast-food litter than McDonald’s is all the Islamic Fried Chiggun joints that proliferate this great nation. They should all be closed down and the litter stuffed up the arses of the peacefuls who work in them.

    • “McDonalds is the nation’s litterbug as far as I can tell”

      Fucking got that right Spankers, look downwind of any Maccy D’s, Kuntucky Fraaahd Chiggun etc and what do you see in the cotoneaster hedges? A million of them bright blue vinyl serving gloves.

      Top nom

  13. I watched a TV programme and they showed the normal start of the day at a Japanese school.
    Before any lessons the kids had to sweep up their playground.
    This had to be done in their own time so that the school day was not delayed.
    The teachers, including the head master were cheerfully helping out, not just supervising.
    In the UK I would pay unemployment benefit for a maximum of 3 months.
    If a person was still unsuccessful at ‘job seeking’ then they should be put to work.

  14. I walk a beautiful reclaimed lake. A credit to the council as it was a steelworks site. People seem to come to litter the place, usually with McD or KFC. There are no outlets for this shit within 3 miles, so I can only assume the cunts go to a shit-food drive thru just to throw the packaging in the countryside.
    And they are not even chiggun chuggers round this way.

  15. Some of the cunts decided to trash the american bomber crew memorial. Wonder how many of these heathens worship Greta Fatberg? Still Sheffield? Most probably never heard of her or that the environment is.

    • The old fella who looks after the memorial was in bits the other day, poor old lad. It looks beautiful how he maintains it as a tribute to the lost aircrew. I’m ashamed to be English more and more as I get older. A lawless state, no punishment for lowlife who commit crimes. I’m fucking sick of it.

      • Cunts who trash memorials aren’t fit to lick shit from dead rats arses. A slow beating by ex squaddies would teach them.

      • Merchant Navy Memorial in Cardiff Bay was pissed on about a week ago.
        Cardiff is chav centre of the bloody galaxy. Rumours abound that Charlotte Cathedral is buying. A pile somewhere in cental Wales. Don’t blame her, she wants to keep her kids away from Cardiff scum, rapey taxi drivers, machete-kebab merchants…

  16. A cunter above makes a point about littering being an English disease, evidenced by the fact that, the closer to London one gets, the worse the problem becomes.
    What this in fact indicates, is the fact that the closer to London one gets, the lower the percentage of the indigenous population, becomes.

    The same goes for other major cities with a “diverse” population. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.

    Third world cunts: Asians, Blacks, Eastern European’s-they are the true “litter on our streets”.

    Raycist? Maybe. True? Definitely.

    • Just wait till Ramadan littering will half during that month. FACT. Spitting will double not allowed to swallow spit. Haram that is.

  17. I have no worries, at all, about sounding like the old moaning cunt that I am:- the younger generation by and large are full of this blame someone else culture fostered by the media and social media. Not there fault they leave parks like a tip is it? They would say “employ more cleaners to clean it up”. ” would you like a job as a cleaner young un?” “Nah I’m studying wracism and social history at college Way beneath me in’it”. . Should not be allowed a vote till they hit 40. Fucking idle useless cunts.

  18. The streets of Bradford are basically one huge litter bin, there is rubbish and shite stacked everywhere. Cars, furniture, clothes, rubbish, rats and even people the place is one unholy rubbish filled shithole.

    The “indigenous” population of East European trash and Asians seem happy with it.

    Lat time I checked, Bradford was the dangerous driving, car-jacking and uninsured driver capital of the UK…well done Bradford.

    • Q.e.d Spanky.

      Any area with a large peaceful population is the same.
      Of course the media will never mention this particularly stinky, shit coloured, elephant in the room👎

  19. Littering in public, along with spitting, boils my water hotter than a kettle.
    When ahhht and abahht*, I always put my litter in the bin or took it home with me. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but I live in fear of the wombles and the litterbug chasing me home.

    *©2021 B&WC

  20. Don’t see many discarded masks in Plymouth. That’s because the Janners use the same “single use” paper mask over and over again until it resembles a sheet of used bog paper or just falls to bits in the owner’s pocket.

  21. Litter has always been a bugbear for me, but it’s more noticeable lately. Those events the other day where all those young cunts had huge outdoor parties that left the areas the pay congregated in like shit holes were indicative of the couldn’t give a fuck attitude they have. Most of these pricks have ignored lockdown, as once they found out it hardly touched them, they carried on as normal, but had more opportunity to hang out. The local beauty spots near me are covered in rubbish, beer cans and whatever chav treats they took with them spread liberally around. I fucking despise them with every fibre of my being.
    I’ve said it jest recently, but I’m starting to hope it happens, that when covid mutates again, it wouldn’t be that bad if it became lethal to the young. Perhaps they might actually give a fuck about it then. I don’t think it would kill me, but I’ve been careful so that I didn’t pass it on to someone it would, and most of these twats can’t say the same. I wonder how many of the actual covid deaths were from the actions of pricks like that who boast that they never wash their hands and other thoughtless shit? And would they give a fuck if they knew?
    ‘Johnny, you spread covid to grandad, and now he’s dead!’
    ‘Fuck him, I needed maccy dees for my mental well-being, and he was old, so he doesn’t count anymore ‘

      • Cheers General. My dad nearly died of covid, which he caught at his care home. I know the staff weren’t going out on the piss to catch it, but most have kids, and that is how it got there. Quite a few of the residents were hospitalised, a couple never made it. When I see the little cunts running around the streets, hugging and play fighting like it doesn’t matter, I think of who died because of that?

      • Yeah, but it doesn’t matter because they’re over the average death age (say the ‘its’s a conspiracy’ mob).

        Old? Overweight? Got high blood pressure? ‘Fuck it you deserve to die or would’ve died anyway’ seems to be the point they’re making.

      • GJ: is Wankbury’s on Thursday afternoon, loads of mums with 2-3x kids, sans masks, running amok uncontrolled, picking stuff up and throwing it down and the the “mothers” and “staff” did FUCK ALL🤨👎

  22. Cunters, There is a petition to vforce the fast food companies to print the registration number on all take away bags. It’s up to 25,000 so far, wade in give it a few more.

    Personally if it was me, the cars would be crushed with the littering fucks inside.

  23. Shit parents. They grow up with this attitude due to crap parenting (mostly millennials and zoomers doing this shit). I remember being about 9 and throwing an empty can of pop on the pavement outside our house. My mum saw it, ran outside and made me pick it up and bin it in front of my mates. I was led into the house by my ear and grounded for the weekend.

    Now, too many parents are too busy virtue signalling on social media to care what their kids are up to. As DF pointed out, I bet a fair few of these cunts claim to be ‘environmentalists’ too.

  24. The fucking millenials are the worst for litter. I live 5 miles from the nearest McDonald’s and there is a constant amount of shite from that chain dumped in the country lane I live in.
    Last weekend I picked up 5 binbags full of shite which included vodka and beer bottles amongst all the takeaway shite and crisp bags over a 300m stretch.
    Cunts like Mongburg preach about us ruining their world but you only have to look at the recent news with all the teenagers leaving tons of litter in parks to see they don’t give a fuck.
    Littering should carry the death penalty as a crime of attempted murder on Mother Nature. That would focus their attention, little cunts.

    • ‘You’re stealing my future!’
      No love, you useless cunts are going to fucking ruin it without any help from us. Stupid cunts.

  25. I live in Sheffield. Hillsborough centre where I live is a fucking disgrace. Throwing litter out of cars, dog shit all over, litter bins full of bags of dog shit stinking to high heaven. Graffiti all over. I work in Pitsmoor, fucking hell, Gypos throwing nappies, mattresses, food on the pavement. Used needles, used jubbers. Dirty fucking cunts. Zero tolerance is the only way forward like they had in New York under Mayor Guiliani. But this is Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire Police where talking about. Wasting millions of tax payers money on wank vanity projects. The electorate of Sheffield would vote for the rotting corpse of Pol Pot if he wore a red rosette.

    • I moved from Sheffield to rural Derbyshire about 5 years ago, couldn’t believe it when I got woken up by this giant yellow truck coming slowly down the street every few weeks, it’s was the rare beast that is a ROAD SWEEPER, hadn’t seen one of these since I left home in the early 90’s…. certainly Sheffield Shitty council don’t own any, never saw one in 20 years living there.

  26. In Japan the responsibility of keeping the schools tidy falls completely to the students.

    They quickly realise that less litter and mess leads to less work for them to do.

    The result of this is twofold, firstly less cost to the schools as they don’t need to employ cleaners, secondly an important lesson learned by the students.

    Probably explains why Japan is a spotlessly clean country.

    • I would love to go to Japan Willie. As you say it looks spotless on TV. Remember the Japan team at the last World Cup. They cleaned up the dressing room after their last game, it looked liked an operating theatre. Then left a note thanking the officials, volunteers etc. A class act.

      • You should definitely go Bob.

        A truly fantastic country to visit. Put it at the top of your list.

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