Sheffield Litter Cunts

A nomination for the cunts of Sheffield

Only one day out of ‘lockdown’ on a sunny March day the chavs and chavettes of Sheffield descended on Endcliffe Park, in the 100’s.

Fuck the Covid advice, yes that’s fine but take your shit home with you.

The amount of litter left by these entitled cunts was ridiculous, the park could have been mistaken for a council tip.

Certain areas of this once great country are a fucking disgrace, if it isn’t the peacefuls or blacks causing a nuisance it’s cunts who just have no respect for anything or anyone.

Close the fucking park if the twats can’t behave like civilised human beings.


Nominated by: Sick of it

67 thoughts on “Sheffield Litter Cunts

  1. Littering types?
    Dirty bastards.
    When my Brothers were serving in Germany they always commented on how clean it was – because littering is a source of shame and social disgrace in Germany and laws are strictly enforced.
    As it should be in the UK.

  2. It’s the same over most parts of the UK, because large parts of the general population unfortunately, are a bunch of ignorant filthy pigs.
    When we had the invasion of Bournemouth last summer, 500,000 cunts descended on the town on one day and left over 40 tons of rubbish on the beach. When the council crews were trying to empty the bins, the ignorant pigs were abusive to them. With any luck they all caught covid and died quickly.

  3. Took a stroll down the shop a few weeks back and as I drew level with the bonnet of a parked up car the passenger opened and this cunt dumps a full ashtray onto the pavement in front of me, not even in the fucking gutter (like that’s any better). I stopped dead, stared at this cunt and then at the flip top bin not two paces from where he was sat and back to him then back to the bin… yeah you lazy bastard you know what you just did…

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