Prince Harry [9]

Prince Harry is a stupid cunt, ginger boy was surprised by the frosty reception he got from the family at Phils funeral.
This back stabbing ginger fuck monkey must be retarded if he thinks he can pull all the bullshit especially the interview with the fat, black space Hopper.
Ginger boy found the only person that extended him any respect was Prince Andrew, another retard who is more of an embarresment to the royals, so both of these muppets are getting a taste of what they deserve and good enough for the cunts.
I bet Harry is on the phone to sparkle tits every 5 minute, grand mama isn’t speaking to me my little gold digger I don’t understand.
I’m not a royal fan at all, especially one that can turn out such idiots and attract other idiots as this lot have, but any family has to have some loyalty and not airing your dirty laundry publically is an unwritten rule.

So he’s either a horrible little cunt trying to fuck over his own family for money or he, s so thick he, s allowed himself to be manipulated by a gold digging whore, and don’t start me off about the princess, weird inbred perpetually surprised looking ugly mutts.

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

70 thoughts on “Prince Harry [9]

  1. I only caught the end of the funeral-looked like Kate and William we’re exchanging pleasantries with Harry?

    • Must probably telling him what a nice family he had. Have fun in Woke City with a narcissistic big mouthed hag of a wife. Goodbye have a nice flight. Wanker….

    • Wills was probably saying “Keep smiling you ginger cunt while the cameras are still on us”
      “But once they stop I am going to give you a royal round of fucks” “Bruv, Innit”.
      Oh and by the way Philip wasn’t your real granddad.

  2. Has James Hewitt’s father died?

    Fuck off back to lalaland and complete your Californiacation, you whining, libtard mongrel cunt.

  3. Stabbed his own Family in the back for indolent well paid privilege. Which he would have had anyway. Slandered his Grandfather with unproven allegations of racism as he lay dying in hospital unable to defend himself and his reputation, sat there like a gurning Orangutan as his slut Wife lied through her teeth to the Ian Wright impersonator.
    And wonders why the reception he got was a little less than welcoming.
    I really hope the “small talk” he had was him being told to fuck off and never come back.

  4. Thick as two short escutcheons. Ginger pubes handed Little Miss Sparkletits his balls on a golden platter. Before long the rest of the world will grow tired of those two idiots and he can look forward to a life as her bum boy on the edges of Hollywood celebrity.

  5. By all accounts he’s not the brightest.

    But fuck me, the timing of that interview where his gold digging wife stuck the boot into his ‘grandad’ as he lay in hospital, was fucking thick beyond belief.

    At the very least, he should’ve said “I’m not sure now is a good time. The cunt might be dead in a week or two and then what?”

    Of course, he should’ve also asked why she only had one guest at the wedding. Her mum. Bit of a clue for you there, Harry. It means she must be a massive cunt if even her family and professional colleagues can’t stand her.

    • Cuntybollocks@ – The hatchet job was deliberately planned and timed for maximum exposure and to cause maximum distress.
      Me Gain is a fucking vile bitch, daft lad should have listened to the advice big Phil gave him – “Actresses are for stepping out with, not marrying”.

  6. It’s a pity it wasn’t a pre covid affair with public attendance. If Harry had done one of his “meet the people” walkabouts he’d have discovered what joe public really thinks of him now. Most people I’ve spoken to reckoned he was alright, but now they think he’s a treacherous little cunt.
    And all because Megain is, I assume, a half decent shag.
    He’ll only see the light when the sex dries up and he realises he’s lumbered with some tart who only wants him for his money earning potential.
    Thick as a porn stars cock!

  7. The sooner Halfwit fucks off back to La La Land the better.

    And while he’s at it, he can take that sociopathic shifty eyed Prince Andrew with him too – what a fucking embarrassment!

    Good afternoon.

    • p.s. hubby came out with a blinder last night ‘Meghan’s interview killed the Duke’. Love that!

      • Fucking hell-that is Exactly what I said to we indoors, as I sat down to watch the end of the funeral with her😳😳😳

  8. What a cunt Harry has become, the soppy weak cunt has allowed Megan to take the steering wheel and she is not going to let him drive again. The twat looks well aaaaht of place in America and they’ll soon tire of his posh accent and cuntishness, whilst Megan will be running for President next time round, she’ll then let go of Harry and become a lesbian.
    I know the Royals are inbred shite and were in need of some black genes to bring a bit of athletiscm and variance to their gene pool but they should have come to me…I would have done my Royal duty and fucked Princess Eugenie.
    Imagine a Royal family with Black and White cunts genes in the mix…a Royal family to be proud of.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • B&W-there is not enough good alcohol in the world, to make either of Fergies brats attractive.

      I would take your safely advice and “go fuck myself”, instead🤔

      • Afternoon CG, it takes a special man to put the health and wellness of the Royal family before his own and I would be willing to sacrifice my fine reputation to better the lives of the British people. 😁

      • In the words of HM Queen to The Duke of Edinburgh:

        “After you!”

      • But if the two princesses take after their mother fergie you can near enough guarantee that they would probably be the dirtiest shags a man could ever have.
        I love a bit of posh totty. Boarding schools do wonders to a girl’s sexual appetite.
        All that horse riding as well. Really settles a girl in for a comfy ride.

    • There must have been a suitable filly in one of the European royal houses. Wtf he married that extra from Planet of the Apes I’ll never know.
      “Get your stinking paws off me you filthy ape.”
      Charlton Heston would have given him some sound advice. Stick to your own species.

    • Couldn’t agree more B&W, that’s the very shallow end of the gene pool your talking about, where the plasters and spunk collect……. Don’t drink that people, still what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or at least that’s what Megan thinks.
      Strongly suspect she thinks she, s going to be safe now Phil is gone, maybe he has left instructions for the SAS, one can only hope.

  9. Caught a little of the Greek cunts funeral and I was surprised at how aaaaht of place that fat cunt Prince Andrew looked…he was looking all over the place with his shifty eyes as if he’d shat himself and was wondering if any cunt noticed.
    What a fucking embarrassment he is, and I feel sorry for the Queen having such a complete bellend as a Son. He should fuck off to some island somewhere and never show his face again.

      • That’s not surprising really considering she has that bender type cunt whose name I can’t even remember and Prince ‘I want to be Camilla’s tampon’ Charles…lol.
        I really wouldn’t be surprised if the poor Queen topped herself now and it would be understandable with the cunts she is surrounded by. God save the Queen.

    • He was looking for the FBI helicopter with the SWAT team,just in case they fancied slinging him in the same shithole as that Maxwell cunt.
      Good afternoon.

      • I think you may be right Unkle Terry…he looks guilty to me… The allegedly dirty cunt.

    • “Prince Andrew… shifty eyes… fucking embarrassment…”

      You plagiarising my posts again B&WC? (@ 3:07pm)

      Good afternoon and go fuck yourself*.

      * © Black and White Cunt

      • Good afternoon RTCP, premier league cunters like yourself and I sometimes share our slogans and sign off’s…spread the greatness I say.
        This country is finished…copyright RuffTuff Creampuff.

    • All her sons are bell ends. Anne is the only reasonably sane one out the bunch.
      Chucks a tree hugger, Andy a serial perv,Eddie terminally useless ,Anne reasonable.

      • @Uttercunt, couldn’t agree more. So anyways who the fuck are you then?

  10. You’re not the Duke of Sussex anymore you rapidly balding, carrot headed virtue hoarder, you’re the emasculated Bum of California. Now fuck off back to your fame chasing cunt of a wife and make an effort to live that private lifestyle that you keep apparently yearning for. FUCK OFF.

  11. I’d have gone for Kate myself. Eugenie is the offspring of Andrew and Fergie. So anything to do with those two cunts would put me right off. A young Princess Margaret would have been just the job though. Proper saucy, she was.

    • I reckon a prime Princess Margaret could suck a gold ball through a hosepipe👍
      Her kids seem to be the most reasonable of the royal offspring, too.

      • @Cuntologist If all the female Royals looked half as good as her I’d support thjem.

  12. I wish Harry well. I really do. Just dont come back you back stabbing, entitled, moaning ,woke cunt.Fuck off to lala land. What a wanker, dick head.

  13. Before all this pandemic shite we were talking in the Lodge abaaaaaht who will become the next Grandmaster of English Freemasonry after The Duke of Kent goes to the Grand Lodge above. Apparently Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are both in the frame to take over…well which cunt will it be then? It’s a fucking disgrace and I am considering temporary retirement from the Lodge untill it get sorted aaaaht. If that Prince Andrew cunt takes over I will lose the crown as the most debauched person in the craft.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • A tough choice B&W, Sparkle Tits will convince Ginger Pubes to go vegan for all of the functions and Andrew will be most disappointed there are no virgin sacrifices or drinking of peasants blood on full moons.

      • Your’e right LL, that cow will make him vegan and we wont be able to slaughter the goat at the festive board after meetings. What a disgrace.

    • Andrew and Harry are not men of good character so neither of them should be considered for GM.

    • Couldn’t agree more B&W, that’s the very shallow end of the gene pool your talking about, where the plasters and spunk collect……. Don’t drink that people, still what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or at least that’s what Megan thinks.
      Strongly suspect she thinks she, s going to be safe now Phil is gone, maybe he has left instructions for the SAS, one can only hope.

    • > Must concede to moral standards
      > Must not have any mercenary motives
      > Must be a rule follower

      He doesn’t meet any of those requirements.
      Neither do you though eh B&WC 😁

  14. I hope he returns to his mansion in Hollywood to find a big buck Mandingo getting primed to ream his wife’s arsehole…Megan’ll probably tell him to guide the Sooty in.

    Thick,spoiled,self-entitled piece of shite.

    • Thank you Dick.
      Fuck that made me spit out my tea.
      Funniest part of my entire weekend.

      • Afternoon,Isaac.

        In all honesty,there are very few people who I detest…Harry is one of them. He is a genuine Cunt who is too stupid to realise that lecturing the “common people” doesn’t go down well when it comes from a vacuous,self-entitled,spoiled dolt.

      • Just like Chris Evans, Mick Hucknall and Ed Sheercunt
        All gingers, all total fucking cunts.

  15. If the Queen died tomorrow or by the end of the year. I think Nutmeg and Orangutan better disappear of the face of the earth. The icy stares they will receive from everywhere would be unbearable even for Nutmeg. She really can’t see it coming but come it will and the wokey wankers will drop them like stones.They have sealed their own faith for mess of pottage.

    • It must have been you miles ,the mess of pottage reference. I just haven’t the memory anymore . You certainly can post , the most obscure and interesting of shit.

  16. It says something about the collective brain power of the Windsors that Anne is the great intellectual of the family. Harry is as thick as a plank and even the injection of Hewitt genes has made no difference. Sparkletits’ eyes must have lit up with dollar signs the moment she met him. I’m sure he wishes he was back playing soldiers, falling out of nightclubs and shooting defenceless animals but it’s too fucking late now. He should start backing off the wokery pokery, prepare for the inevitable and hope he can be accepted back into the firm when the shit hits the fan. If I was him i’d be salting some money away that Sparkletits doesn’t know about.
    Stupid boy!

  17. This fucker makes two short planks like like a computer, he may be here in the UK but I bet his ginger nuts are in Me,gains handbag back in Hollywierd, spineless twat is really fucked, I wonder when the divorce is due….

  18. This idiot is as thick as his Mother in Law’s Bottom lip, his step brother Billy should have met him with a flying head Butt, I hope that his flight home is on a old rusty Dan Air crate that Buddy Holly just got off.!

  19. Harry, a thick privileged entitled white cunt who should be excommunicated by his family.

    Same applies to Andrew. Another thick privileged entitled white cunt.

    Both should fuck off and never show their faces on these shores ever again.

    • I don’t think the white part is relevant. For me it’s the absolute failure of a so called family to put manners on there siblings when they were young , but no they had nannies to take care of that task. Andrew should be in a mental institution he obviously can’t help himself as he seems as thick as shit in a bottle . Prince Charles a failure of a father to his young lost sons because he preferred to be a tampon. The other one that loves the theater, well in all fairness he keeps quiet. Princess Anne is-probably capable but shows no interest . It looks like it’s up to Kate to lead the way. If she can handle being interesting. I hope she can ,because if Charles is adorned king of England the whole thing they had going is doomed and a fitting end it will be . You can’t be complicit in Murder

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