Lazy British Public

A more in sorrow than in anger cunting for the lazy section of the public who are demanding a “bank holiday” for the funeral of HRH Prince Philip.:

These calls were made before the funeral was scheduled for Saturday, but that hasn’t deterred the sods from demanding a week day in lieu so they can “grieve”.

I am sure those shouting loudest are those cunts who wanted to “Remain” in the EU (now they wish to “rejoin”) like that slimy opportunistic Femi bastard who has blamed the Ulster riots conducted by 12 year old boys on “Brexit” (of course).

In the main, most of the past year has been akin to a bank holiday for many of the GBP – why the fuck do they need yet another day (also considering there will be two of the useless things in May).

Lazy bleeders.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

33 thoughts on “Lazy British Public

  1. There will always be those cunts trying to get by doing as little as possible destined to die with no legacy of any kind.

      • Amen, how much time off from
        work can one get. Cunts have had a whole year off, went back for three weeks and then got two weeks off at Easter. Give it another three months and they’ll have six weeks off! Fucking joke

  2. I want a full week off when liz karks it. And free tea and scones to ease the pain.

  3. I have no doubt that these are the same shitehawks who moaned to the BBC about their coverage of Philip’s demise. They don’t like it if it interferes with their soaps or the other crap they watch. Yet they’re all for getting a bank holiday out of the old boy’s passing, so they can get pissed and have a ‘cheeky’ day off.

    The scum de la scum and complete cunts. Pure riff raff.

  4. If the Markle Locust should meet her maker, there will be a street party and a shindig to rival 1977’s Silver Jubilee on my street. The Union Jacks and the bunting are all ready to go up. We might even have a good old fashioned Dixieland jazz band to give it that extra special fried chiggen vibe in ‘tribute’ to the race card carrying parasite.

  5. To mark the Dukes passing, I went out and shot the fuck out of innocent woodland critters, then drank half a bottle of 20yr old single malt, then gave er indoors a good pounding 👍

    I can imagine the passing spirit of the Duke, patting me on the back and saying:

    “Good grief, give her one, for one!”

    • I recall a pissed up and pre-Locust Prince Harry coming out of a night club and saying to the hordes of tabloid press, ‘Come on, you slags! One will take you all on!’

  6. Sorry but i’m with the lazy bastards who want an extra Bank Holiday for any fucking reason. I haven’t forgotten how angry I was that I didn’t get a day off for the parading of the Y shaped coffin all those years ago. That was all down to Blair the fucking cunt. People’s Princess my arse!
    PS…Bank Holiday for St George’s Day I say!

  7. I sacked a lad who didn’t come into work because it was a bank-holiday…as I told the Cunt, he didn’t work for a fucking bank…or for me any longer.

    • My boss told me to have a good day. So I fucked off back home and did.

  8. These layabout cunts won’t be happy until we become like Spain with 300 days bank holiday per year. Lazy dago cunts.

      • Not to mention they work until about 13:00 and then have a siesta, return to work about 15:00 and fuck off for the day at 16:00. No wonder their countries a state

  9. remember we were supposed to get an extra day for 50 year anniversary of VE Day. i work for a huge multi national company and lo and behold VE day was to be 7th may. the cunts moved may day from the 1st to the 7th and said we were getting them both on the same day. 25 years later same company same scenario this time 75th anniversary and exactly the same thing. once every 25 years and the cunts still wont give you it. the cunts,

  10. Fuck this.
    Appropriate Bank Holidays:
    Trafalgar Day.
    Duke of Wellington Day.
    Dunkirk Day.
    Somme Day.
    Spitfire Day.
    Churchill Day.
    El Alamein Day.
    Lord Nelson Day.
    Armada Day.
    Montgomery Day.
    Battle of Britain Day.
    Goose Green Day.

    I could go on but it’s enough to say that France has a Victory in Europe bank holiday but ours seems to be missing.

  11. I bet that none of the cunts wanting an extra bank holiday was self employed.

  12. These feckless cunts have been on holiday for nigh on a year now, at 80% pay, 100% for many public sector employees, what more do they want?

      • I worked for a US company, we were expected to work until 10pm on xmas and new years eve. They do not believe in holidays….. cunts!

  13. I know someone who works in the financial sector and they said that whatever you do, DONT work for an American outfit.
    The greedy non-gentile cunts will gladly have you working from 5am to 11 o’fucking clock at night. They couldn’t give a shit about the well-being of their staff, all that matters is “The Company “ and $$$$$$$$?
    Well all I can say is that all the money in the world will not be compensation enough for the fact that your hideous curly wiry-haired parents got the local Mohel to hack off your foreskin (and suck your dick. …it’s true.. google “metzitzah”) in order to deny you the pleasure of wanking.
    Here endothelial tonight’s rant.

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