Micah Richards

This token pundit and brain donor has just said, and I quote (allegedy – DA), “Trippier got a 12 game ban for illegal gambling. But it’s a 10 game ban for racism? So gambling is worse than 300 years of slavery?”

I’m lost. If he’s referring to the Sparta Prague player given a 10 game ban for racist comments, while making such comments is out of order, I don’t think he’s been keeping a bunch of Chicken Georges chained up, breaking rocks and cutting sugar cane for him for 3 centuries. Maybe I missed that part?

Then again, nobody in Europe was involved in slavery (apart from Adolf – he kept plenty of honky slaves too). It went on in Africa and the Middle East though. Shamefully, a small number of septics got involved, but it was going on in much bigger numbers amongst blacks anyway. Still does. Oh, why do we never hear about the many honky slaves taken by the Ottoman Empire/Barbary pirates?

Still, facts don’t matter.

Gambling is worse than 300 years of slavery is it (sneer)?

Me neither.

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63 thoughts on “Micah Richards

  1. An overrated cunt anyway. Richards wasn’t missed for one second by City when they got better defenders in Vinny Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta. Of course Micha never shuts up about how he played in Italy, which was just 10 games for Fiorentina. I have seen some fine defenders play for the Bluenoses: Mike Doyle, Willie Donachie, Dave Watson, Tommy Caton, Mick McCarthy and others. Micha gobshite Richards wouldn’t even make the Top 10.

  2. The last time I saw anything like him on the telly it was hanging off the empire state building being shot at by bi- planes!

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