Louisa Rolfe

Louisa Rolfe, assistant commissioner at the Met. You can probably guess how she came to reach such an exalted rank.


‘Women made to feel ‘uncomfortable or frightened’ by people wolf-whistling at them have been urged to report the matter to police.
Louisa Rolfe, an assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, says all incidents of unwanted attention would be taken seriously by officers.’

She also said that they would be treated seriously ‘even if not a crime’.

Some woke, bandwagon bullshit here methinks.
Will it stop any other women being murdered by nutters? No.
Does it serve any purpose other than to take up even more police time with trendy hogwash ? No.

So, for any unfortunate cunts or cunters living in the stabbing capital, dont worry. The cops might do no more than give out crime numbers for robberies, burglaries or assaults but be reassured they will sort out the wolf whistlers.

Brickies beware.

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48 thoughts on “Louisa Rolfe

  1. I’m not a gambling man BUT, I would take a punt on the sexuality of this un…


    Back on track: yet more taxpayers money being spunked on investigating “non-crimes”, whilst stabby, rapey and groomy remain free to roam and commit real crimes.

    I guarantee that this one and her boss will never fall victim to the heinous crime of being paid a compliment from a man.

    What a time to be young….

  2. The only birds who would report this heinous crime would be wokie non pokie blue haired feminazi types with rings through their lips and noses. Exactly the type who are not going to get whistled at in the first place. A pointless box ticking exercise dreamed up by Scotland Yard’s PR department.

  3. I’m sure if she was battered over the head in the street with a double ender by a complete stranger who happened to be another Lezza she’d fucking love it. Silly old cow.

  4. Surely the type that Freddie refers to above would complain to this humourless police service person in the event that they weren’t whistled at?

    The likes of Rolfe really need to concentrate on what the public pay her to do – i.e. police. Who needs a lid kept on murder, assault, burglary and drug dealing when the most serious and heinous crime spreading through London is the rare whistle emanating from a white van.

    Louise Rolfe is a clueless boxticker who would be better employed as a littering cleanup team supervisor at her local council.

  5. The only wolf whistle “she” ever hears isn’t a whistle at all, but more of a howling at the stroke of midnight on a full moon when she turns into a werewolf! (Admittedly it only takes a second or two)

    What a waste of space she is! So if you wolf whistle you could be arrested! But does that cut both ways? What if a woman did the same to a bloke? What if a trans-man whistled to a straight woman? what if a non-binary did it to a trans-woman?

    Will they all say they’ve been specifically targeted? Will they all be arrested?

    And let’s not stop at whistling. What if a bloke said “good morning. You look lovely today!” to a colleague. Will she be offended and shout rape, with the bloke been arrested for some sexist crime, just for saying “lovely”?

    This shite-smeared slippery woke slope of what you can and can’t say gets ever more steeper by the day!

    • Spot on Techno, these apparently simple rules open a Pandora’s Box as far as enforcement goes.
      Just a thought, female coppers have to strip search females and male officers strip search males. Will the police have to hire tranny officers to strip search trannies? What happens if a suspect self identifies as a polar bear?

      • Won’t be long now before they introduce a system of ‘self-strip-search’.

    • Good point, and it cuts both ways, In my younger days I had compliments from ladies on a number of occasions and I can tell you it made me feel pretty good, so can imagine so long as its done in good taste most women see it for what it is and secretly like it even if they wont admit it, there is laws in place to cover real crimes so why don’t they just focus on that rather than this and all the other bed wetting issues that seem to occupy plods time, dancing with the gays, taking a knee and skateboarding with unwashed XLM demos.

  6. Wimminz like this, specifically lesbian ladies, should never be given jobs where their hatred of men can be so dangerously manipulated, Doubtless in this old bags case she is jealous no man has ever whistled at her (unless he was signalling to his guide dog) and she rates it a bigger crime than housebreaking, roadrage or ven stabbing – providing only those nasty men are involved.

  7. What if the bloke doing the whistling is black? Or a peaceful?
    Has Louisa thought about the possible repercussions there? What if the victim is a Roma gyppo woman? Given the fact that Londonstabistan is teeming with shite from all over the world the possibilities for “cultural misunderstandings” are endless. I think Mayor Khunt needs to spend several million quid of taxpayers money to set up a commission to explore these issues.
    Jobs for the boys (and gays)
    Ker- ching !!!

  8. I would never “”wolf-whistle” at a female…it is common and boorish. I have however had a horn fitted to the Hulux that shouts “Ding,Dong…get yer tits out fer the lads and then gisagoble,ya fucking tart”….I suppose in these ridiculously “politically correct” times I’ll have to add something like “Show us yer gerbil-hole,Gervais” to appease The Gay contingent.

    • Rolfe of Scotland yard.
      Bringing whistlers to justice no matter where they hide.
      No cheerful milkman or window cleaner is safe from the bingo winged arm of the law.
      Let rape, grooming, murder go unpunished those whistling must be punished,
      It can lead to yodelling in some cases.

      • I wonder what Dixon of Dock Green would have thought having to blow his whistle on hearing a wolf whistle?

        Are coppers still issued with whistle?

        Do wolves whistle?
        Questions, questions Miserable.

        Where dies the phrase ‘whet your whistle? Come from?

      • I spent my boyhood. Or I spent my boyish boyhood trying to whistle.

        I could whistle. I mean all you’ve got to do is put your lips together and blow. As Lauren Bacall said.

        But I could never put my fingers in my mouth and whistle.

        I admired whistlers.

        Someone who could whistle well not one if the paintings of the famous American painter.

      • My father whistled when he was working on something. And hummed.

        Miserable you’re very cheery bloke? Do you whistle ‘whistle while you work’ while you work?

        Shepherds are good whistlers. I mean those sheep dog trials. I can imagine Mr Fiddler whistling away to his sheepdog, getting right behind the sheep.

      • I do indeed whistle Miles!
        And like you envied the shepherds whistle,
        A piercing shriek of a whistle and a “Come by!!”
        I have a owl whistle somewhere.
        A little wooden whistle that replicates a owls hoot.
        It works too!
        They reply!

      • Pfft¹, Miles

        ¹ the definitive etymology of the expression “pfft” (or: “pff” & kindred variants) remains contentious; howbeit, it’s almost certainly onomatopœïc². More specifically, Miles, it is clearly etymologically linked to the standard German verb meaning “whistle:pfiffen (which is itself wholly onomatopœïc in its etymology).

        ² note the correct usage of the diaeresis there. As in the word “Noël”, the diaeresis here signifies the two³ vowels “œ” and
        “i” in “onomatopœïc” are distinctly and separately pronounced. This is a bit old-fashioned and the trend moved away from using a diaeresis in favour of using a hyphen. Hence “microörganism” became “micro-organism”.
        [It was considered horribly incorrect to write “microorganism” when the neologism was first coined around 1880, because the double vowel “oo” would surely be (mis)pronounced as a single syllable, as in “fool”. Modern usage, of course, omits both the hyphen and the diaeresis, more’s the pity]

        ³ “œ” here acts as a single vowel only. The ligature “œ” – although made up of the two vowels “o” and “e” – itself behaves as a single vowel; “œ” is now-a-days usually truncated to simply “e”, eg: œsophagus\œstrogen//esophagus\estrogen – especially in American English

      • Evening both,

        Pfft! is what Captain Magnanimous puts on comments of mine he disagrees with.

        People say ‘go whistle’. Pfft!

        Yes piffle that fits-whistle:pfiffen.

        ‘whistle down the wind’.
        It doesn’t matter.

        Yes the wind whistles. That’s where it comes from the onomatopoeic sound.

        There’s a real skill involved in the whistles of the Sheperd.

  9. And specimens like this are the kind that complain about a lack of “respect for authority” when they themselves are living proof that “authority” is not worth respecting.
    Fucking pointless arsehole…

  10. I wonder if she moonlights as a stripper.
    She looks like a right barrel of laughs.

  11. I would think that drug dealing, assault and cunts robbing people’s houses should come first you absolute fuckwit.

    • No doubt she has checked the crime stats for muggings, stabbings, robberies, carjacking, drug dealing, burglaries, rape, fraud, GBH, oh and the odd murder…. and discovered that most of them happened in “politically sensitive” areas of Londonistab by “politically sensitive” ethnic cultures – and therefore must go either unreported or “fudged”

      However, whistling at women is almost certainly of WASP origin, and therefore must be investigated thoroughly and ruthlessly by every single officer within New Scotland Yard and every other police station in the city!

  12. Why catch crim’s when you can catch whistlers? Far easier work for plod. And as it’s not a crime then no paper work I guess utter fool and total cunt.

  13. Another fucking common purpose trained munter posing as a police officer. Serial whistlers are a particularly evil breed. Anthony Hopkins will be playing one in an up coming wokeathon on Netflix.

    Assistant Commissioner of Police? Ha, ha ,ha. Just a pig in lipstick. What a useless cunt.

  14. If this ever actually passes into law, then where will the type of whistling end?
    Wolf whistling replaced with a different tune, which would only mean an end of whistling eventually. It’s just fucking madness.
    Reminds me of the Falklands when squaddies were banned from calling locals ‘Benny’s’ after the character in crossroads. They got round the ban by calling them ‘stills’.
    ie. Still Benny’s.

  15. God forbid a “stabby type” ever learns to wolf whistle – there would be no other option left but to arrest them!

  16. A mate of mine got pulled over by the fuzz. They opened his boot and found the body parts of some bird in several carrier bags.

    He’s been charged with impersonating a police officer.

    Too soon?

    • Ha, ha. Great one Cunty. Did you write for Bernard Manning by any chance?

  17. Ha Ha, you poor bastards now have more than 50% female cops, well the toxic feminists have taken over, a hug will fix everything.
    My favorite is ‘Hey Dream boat, nah, not you Shipwreck’ ,
    They are like flowers that boom for a short while but eventually wither away and a Wolf Whistle just reminds the poor feminists that the bees only visit healthy flowers, not withered up poisonous leftovers. Just a bad case of jealousy I say.

  18. “She also said that they would be treated seriously ‘even if not a crime’.”

    Listen up, you fucking stupid bitchcunt, the role of the police is to too investigate and arrest people WHO HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME. It’s not their job to mollycoddle some fucking snowflake whose feelings may have been hurt. It’s no wonder they are losing the respect of Joe Public. I’m sure they would start getting it back by actually being tougher on cunts who have actually broken the law then by trying to be so politically correct with bollocks like this or prancing around with a load of gays in the street and putting it on twatter.

  19. The ugly Rodney Dangerfield looking cunt is just jealous that she’s never been wolf whistled even once in her life.

  20. I would have said ‘is wolf whistling a crime’ ….. answer no! well fuck off then!

  21. Knock on door….

    “Good evening sir I’m from Surrey Police – Were you working on the Crutch Lane building site today?”

    “Yes I was – what’s the problem?”

    “We have a complaint from a lady that she was wolf whistled at just before

    “Okay lets look at the facts – there are thirty five people working on
    this site including me – coming and going all day. Each person could have been
    anywhere on the site just before lunchtime.

    1) Have you any forensic evidence to back up her complaint – For instance,
    a clear security camera view of the scene?

    2) And on top of that does the camera detect sound and the actual source of this
    so called wolf whistle?

    3) Is a “wolf whistle” actually defined in Law, I expect not as it is a bit complicated
    (for the law makers) The pairing of two tones with the first note going up the
    scale very quickly and the second note rising and descending in a slower
    manner. ( A bit too much for a half dead Judge to grasp – even if this was
    written in Law)

    4) So copper – with “point 3” in your tiny mind, as far as I’m concerned I myself
    might have been whistling some Emerson Lake & Palmer Track where
    Emerson goes crazy on his ribbon modulator. Of course as a young copper you
    have no idea what I’m going on about.

    “So, let all that sink into your tiny mind and then fuck off out of it and go and solve some real crimes instead of wasting my time and Tax payers money on this childish woke non-crime nonsense.” ….. you fucking cunt.

  22. Didn’t The Beatles do a song about Louisa Rolfe? What was it?
    I’ve Just Seen A Face? Nah, it wasn’t that. I Want To Hold Your Hand? No..

    Got it. It was Hey Bulldog..

  23. I can’t be the only one in Britain who is sick to fucking death of uppity wasp chewing humourless man hating dykes in the police force.

    • I don’t have a problem with them, they make good targets for the dog handlers.

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