Louisa Rolfe

Louisa Rolfe, assistant commissioner at the Met. You can probably guess how she came to reach such an exalted rank.


‘Women made to feel ‘uncomfortable or frightened’ by people wolf-whistling at them have been urged to report the matter to police.
Louisa Rolfe, an assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, says all incidents of unwanted attention would be taken seriously by officers.’

She also said that they would be treated seriously ‘even if not a crime’.

Some woke, bandwagon bullshit here methinks.
Will it stop any other women being murdered by nutters? No.
Does it serve any purpose other than to take up even more police time with trendy hogwash ? No.

So, for any unfortunate cunts or cunters living in the stabbing capital, dont worry. The cops might do no more than give out crime numbers for robberies, burglaries or assaults but be reassured they will sort out the wolf whistlers.

Brickies beware.

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