John Oliver [2]

John Oliver is a cunt. This British twat pontificates on his American late night show. He is basically the American James OBrian but has lifted his entire style from Ben Elton. Swap Thatcher for Trump. What a boring cunt. With Trump gone hes going after Tucker Carlson. Look him up. What a wanker.

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41 thoughts on “John Oliver [2]

  1. All our cunts end up in the USA. The yanks seem to love them. We recognise them for what they are – cunts.

    The popularity of James Corden over there is a total mystery to me.

    • The popularity of James Corden anywhere is a mystery. He’s just a useless woke fat fucking cunt.

      And John Oliver is a cunt too. Is he one of those cunts on that US programme Saturday Night Live? That’s a pile of woke shit by cunts for cunts.

      • Indeed, Corden is regarded as a complete fucking bellend on this side of the Atlantic. Stateside, they can’t get enough of the fat, wobbly, talent-free cunt.

        I know she is as mad as a box of frogs, but Corden was inserting his dick into a young Sheridan Smith. I confess, I wouldn’t have minded a little go on her when she was younger (i.e. Two Pints of Lager days). Fuck knows – he must have some kind of magic force field that makes him good looking and charismatic to certain, gullible folk. Especially fit blondes and big-mouthed yanks.

      • So Corden was tubbing Sheridan Smith, eh?

        Well, I’m surprised she’s still alive and the fat fuck didn’t crush her to death.

        And, no wonder the girl is a raging basket case and a total pisspot. The sight of Corden starkers would reduce anyone to being an alcoholic wreck.

      • I honestly can’t imagine Fatty Arbuckle-Corden as a superstud.
        It just shows that money/career advancement are real aphrodisiacs.

        Sheridan deserves at least one proper, hard fucking, before she drinks herself to death.
        A bit of lippy, a good wash and a classic 1980’s Man U shirt and I would take one for the IsAC team and give her the benefit of my experience.

    • The Carpool featuring Corden The Hutt and Paul McCartney is arguably the most vomit inducing piece of telly in recent years (no mean feat).

      It is also the most servile and grovelling case of arselicking since Emlyn Hughes met Princess Anne on A Quetstion Of Sport.

      • The first time Macca ever returned to his childhood haunts of “De Pool”.

      • To be fair to Crazy Horse he was like that with everyone. I met him once and he was all over me like a bad shirt. You’d think I was his long lost brother not some cunt he’d never clapped eyes on before. Also Anne was well horny back then. RIP Emlyn.

      • I never had the pleasure of meeting Emlyn. However, I did meet Bill Beaumont a few times: my friends parents had a timeshare in the Marina village in Bowness-on-Windermere, Bill had the next door unit.
        He was a survey cunt, who acted like a superstar, not a fat count ex rugby twat…

      • Macca loves the Professional Scouser bit and plays it to the hilt.
        To be fair to Lennon, he admitted he had little time for the place and once he moved his Auntie to the seaside down south, he never saw the need to go back and he admitted it. Macca though is like Cilla. Sings the praises and gets all sentimental, yet goes there once every forty or so years.

    • I’m the opposite, I can easily see why Corden is a hit over there. All his ‘comedy’ is completely bereft of any kind of nuance, subtlety or cleverness. It’s basically ‘I’m loud and I play on the fact that I’m fat, isn’t that highly amusing?’. And the fat, undemanding yank cunts eat that shit up. I don’t recall a single funny thing he’s said or done, the gelatinous, sweaty fucking orb looking 5 chinned cunt.

      • Perhaps the ugly fat cunt makes Yanks feel “superior” to Brits?

        (any feedback from our stateside cunters?)

    • Americas loss is definitely the U.K.s gain we should celebrate the fact that we have managed to export two fucking duds like Oliver and corden to the states , smug overly opinionated talentless cunts who America are most welcome too ………

  2. Smug, unfunny cunt.
    Watched one or two of his shows years ago but haven’t bothered with this Ben Elton rip off cunt in a long while.
    What’s he using for his “comedy” material now the orange anti-christ has been removed from power?

  3. Looks like a British version of that self satisfied Clintonite cunt, Stephen Colbert.
    Probably as smug and as unfunny as Colbert and all.

    I loved Ashes To Ashes anyway. But that bit where they deliberately rip the piss out of Ben Elton was superb. The cunt who ‘plays’ the faux Elton (stupid specs, shiny suit, smartarse attitude, and shouting ‘Yes indeed! Fascist and sexist!’ promptly gets shot and killed off. Classic.

    • Ben Elton did his bit to help advance the cause of political correctness, which ironically resulted in there being no chance of a fifth season of Blackadder ever getting made.
      The smug champagne socialist cunt…
      “Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen”

      • Ben Elton desperately wanted acceptance in the “club”-cunts like Rushdie et al.
        He had his tongue up all the right arseholes and achieved his goal.

        Another fake, champagne socialist 👎

  4. Trump! (sneer)
    Brexit! (sneer)


    I read the cunt is married to a bird the the US Army (medic I think).

    Well all that sneering at Trump may come back to haunt him, as Stanna Joe seems intent on causing more bother in the middle East. She’s been to Iraq before. She’ll probably be needed much more in such places soon, the daft goggly eyed twat.

  5. Hated Ben Elton (who I understand cunts his time between the UK and Australia).

    This other unknown bell end, Oliver looks like a total cunt, don’t even need to watch any videos to know that.

  6. I can fully imagine that he’s given up his wife to a negro gang bang in repentance for his white guilt.

    He’s the ultimate woke comedian. If you had a drinking game for every time he said people of colour, lgbt, transphobia, raycizm etc. you might actually find him funny by the end.

  7. I have absolutely no idea who this person is, but from extensive Life Experience, can tell, just by looking at that photo, that he has a Royal Flush of negative qualities.
    He is …..
    1. A twat.
    2. A wanker.
    3. A bell end.
    4. A gobshite.
    5. A cunt.

    He is also the type of person most at risk of getting his head in the way of a sturdily constructed, mid twentieth century, high velocity bar stool.
    I never want to see him again.
    Unless he’s laid out in a wooden overcoat.
    Get To Fuck.

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