Jen Psaki – WH Press Secretary

(No, it’s not really her! – DA)

I nominate the libtard stooge Jen Psaki; for being a cold, loathsome cunt!

It’s amusing watching her painstaking antics of showing just how real and responsible Biden and their fellow party are. Her lurid makeup free deadpan of a face will make any heterosexual male vomit from disgust.

Her plain dressed attire shows off a new appeal to the “socialist look,” that would even have made the late Kim Jong il envious. Her pretentious socialist display is an act. Like all members of this vile and villainous bunch before her. They’re rotten and putrid stench reeks of dishonesty and thievery.

Socialism may sound like a noble cause for mankind’s woes, but if one heeds closer, it’s always been in return for their own personal gain. It’s been a curse upon society from the beginning. By the leaders claiming to be doing the good will of the people. Deprivation of your fellow man and society in general is morally wrong. It’s a bastardized ideology that’s contaminating its way back into the 21st century.

PS Sorry if it may have sounded like a rant. I did my best, considering I’m not a journalist and English is my second language (Aramaic is originally my mother tongue).

Thank you,

Nominated by: Dagnabbit

…and this from Meat Curtains

Jen Psaki
(Pronounced Jen Socky)
Here in the States we have to see and hear this cunt constantly. For those who don’t know who the fuck she is, she is Demented Joe Biden’s mouthpiece (press secretary). While she stands behind her guilded podium attempting to defend the indefensible, I feel my piss reach critical mass. This cunt accepted the job of trying to publicly and with a straight face, explain that the U.S. is NOT being invaded from the South, and NOT being turned into a woke Marxist shithole. Not sure how this bitch sleeps. As chief agent of Biden’s Ministry of Truth she pumps out her bullshit but assures us that all is well now that Orangeman is gone and Creepy Sleepy Joe has supplanted him.
From the safety of her Washington DC enclave she doesn’t have to deal with the disastrous policies she is promoting. I’d like to see this cunt forced to live out her days near the Rio Grande River where she can hear the gunshots of cartel wars and illegal aliens passing through.
She is as good at her job as she can be but it meant she traded her conscience for a throne in the Cunt Hall of Shame.

30 thoughts on “Jen Psaki – WH Press Secretary

  1. Thse aresholes are as ugly and stupid in the States as they are in the UK. Let’s put her in a beauty contest with AnalEase Dodds – when we get to the bikini round, most sex maniacs will have signed the pledge.

    • Is that the pledge not to engage in sexual intercourse before marriage?

      Both AnalEase Dodds and Jen Psaki have the innate ability to cure men of their heterosexuality. Dangerous bitches.

  2. I called her an extra from the Muppet show In my ‘Biden Do as I say not as I do’ nom and it was edited out.

    Damn you admin, damn you to Hell!


    • Oooo errrrrr’ It seems it was edited back in, the shame of it all 🙁

      I would like to apologise to almost anyone who feels offended!

  3. According to Sunday’s Times the USA is being invaded from the south and the people smugglers are raking it in. Fuck me it’s worth taking a dinghy ride over the Atlantic as Biden has opened the doors.

  4. A slice of all-American cuntery. I bet the delectable Jen was the minging ginger girl at high school with knee high socks, wild, orange hair and translucent skin. Left at home on Prom Night. The Carrie of the yearbook.

    The second ginger nominated today. Is there some kind of anti-ginger/gingerist theme running on ISAC today?

    • On Anti ginger theme, I do hope so, they are day walkers and must be avoided at all costs (garlic doesn’t work only strong sunlight I believe), also you missed out the metal retainer she wore that you could play a xylophone whilst wearing a T-shirt “never been kissed before”.

  5. Rocky Dennis there😁
    Broke Chers heart,
    When he broke it off.

    Jen Psaki isnt that bad?!!
    If I was a young un again an single, id do her!
    Bet she’s got a lovely ginger hairy minge?!
    And easy to talk into bed too,
    As a yank shes probably a bit “rain man” id have her freckled arse banging on that table like a Keith Moon drum solo.

    Aramaic? Is that gyppo lingo or something?
    Never heard of it.
    Suspiciously foreign…

      • Jesus spoke it?
        Thats ok then.
        Hey Miles,
        Saw something the other day a archeologist saying Jesus might not of been born in Bethlehem in Jerusalem but Bethlehem in Galilee, so didnt travel 100 mile by donkey but 20 mile,
        For a heavily pregnant woman this would make sense.
        What do you think of that?

  6. Tbf It don’t help when you have such a fawning, sycophantic and complicit media asking the bullshitting bitch such poncy cat bath questions like “Will he (Biden) keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?”

    Ffs (aside from their wank ‘policies’) not only is there a severe crisis at the border, but I thought we were supposed to be in the midst of a global Pandemic, and they are busy asking hard hitting softball questions like this??

    Either way great cunting though lads and I heartedly agree with both your noble sentiments on this ‘circle back’ Psaki twat.

    Fucking ain’t a patch on the beautiful Kayleigh!

  7. Fuck me!! Not Even john Merrick would not get a stiffy looking at that!! Can you imagine what its growler looks like? I bet it looks like a shoal of piranhas have been let loose in a butchers dustbin

  8. So Biden and his ugly band of cohorts have got what they wanted, and it would seem the border is open to all and sundry, and the Border Control guys are totally overwhelmed!

    Unless Biden screams a federal emergency there’s not a lot he can do given the independence of all 50 states, especially on the border. So fuck knows how they’re coping trying to control the Covid virus down there!

    But no doubt the WH press secretary will spew on some positive woke bullshit for the bullshit woke media, pretending that everything is under control, and that those people coming from Mexico shouldn’t be called “illegals” any more, but migrants without documentation!

    Thing is though, I wonder how many of Biden’s team, or MSM reporters, editors, publishers, owners etc. actually live anywhere near the border and have to suffer the daily invasion of cunts appearing on your doorstep?

    Same with Hollywood – Oh, don’t they love all those Migrants without Documentation. For them it means cheap labour (can’t call it slave labour anymore of course). Treat them like shit or else they’ll be arrested on some jumped-up charge. And who are the police (assuming they haven’t been defunded first) going to believe – some A-list film star, or some dodgy illegal?

    The Hollywood types, the MSM types, the Government types, all insists on open borders, just so long as the immos don’t get too close to their part of town!

    You reap: you sow.

    Will the Press Secretary be spouting the same drivel in 4 years time I wonder?

  9. It’s becoming increasingly harder by the day to actually believe in any way shape or form, that the US public have sincerely voted (in record numbers apparently!!!)
    for this level of insane woke fuck-wittery.

  10. Biden can’t do anything wrong. Even if he went down to the border and had some anal collapse on camera and spewed Hawaiian Rain out of his bum all over the people there, his press secretary would spin it like Biden is donating good bacteria to the soil.

    Can’t stand her and don’t trust Biden with his 2 trillion dollar ‘plan’.

    • The man can’t string a half cohesive sentence together.
      It’s both embarrassing for the US and his legitimacy as a functioning president is an insult to the intelligence of anybody watching this farcical situation.
      He was also one of the first political opportunist snakes down on his knees for scumbag piece of shit George Floyd.
      Seldom seen outdoors without his stupid fucking propaganda rag/muzzle on as either.
      Biden is nothing but a corrupt senile career politician who plays up to his image of self loathing white man to curry favour with the woke.
      A true cunt.

  11. She can circle back to the fucking cave she came from. Bring back that bit of totty Kayleigh Mcenany, an actual intellectual woman who can give a proper man the horn.

  12. Yeah, a piss easy job when you’re Uncle Joe’s mouthpiece, the media can’t wait to get their tongue up your arse. A bit different if you work for the Orange Satan though.

  13. I saw her speaking straight after the election using new wave terminology like “I’ll have to circle back to you on that!”
    Where tf do these phrases originate?
    She can circle back on this. Meanwhile keep a civil tongue in my arse.

    • I’ve had people say that to my face in previous jobs a few years back. Reminds me of the character Gus Hedges from Drop the Dead Donkey “Could we interlock brain spaces in my work area?”

  14. She’s far from Kayleigh Mcenany is she I haven’t heard her answer a question yet but she hasn’t got much to work with. Circle back cunt.

  15. I saw her a couple of times on tv and thought she wasn’t bad, and she spoke quite well and seemed to handle the press competently. But then I realized she was Joe Biden’s spokesperson and I’ve had to take it all back. What was I thinking? Of course she’s a cunt, she’s a Democrat isn’t she? Well you’d think so. She’s a ginger as well, what a combination. And what kind of a name is that – Jen Psaki?
    Next nomination will be for Biden’s gardener. Can’t wait.

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