Cher [2]

Daft wokie twat has to have her say about the Chicken George trial. She tweeted “ if only I had been there…..I might have been able to help.”
Oh really? Now what the fuck would you be doing in the black area of Minneapolis? There are no 4 grand a night hotels down there darling. Maybe you could have saved his druggie life with a rendition of “Turn Back Time” you fucking bandwagon jumper?
By the way, has this skank apologised yet for “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”. That’s well raaaaaaay-sist.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

55 thoughts on “Cher [2]

  1. Typical self-important meddling American matron, who thimks the sun still shines out of her arsehole, and is desperate to stay in the limelight years after she became an irrelevance.

  2. Well she, and other like-minded woke celebs that have suddenly emerged from the Chicken George woodwork, are always welcome to move to the mostly black areas of Minneapolis, Detroit, Baltimore etc. and continue “helping”.

    And when I say “move” I mean selling up your fancy Hollywood homes and actually moving, permanently. None of that “Sleeping rough on the streets for one night vigil” bollocks either

    We’re waiting….!!!.

      • Just as much plastic in a sharpie like cher, can you imagine when the bitch gets cremated? Burn like really well

      • She had to get this off her chest. Over the years she’s put a lot on and off her chest.

  3. Maybe when she said “I might have been able to help” she meant help with choking the Fucker?

    I don’t mind Cher..she’s a bit like Tina Turner…a pair of tough old Boots who never admit defeat.

  4. Do you remember the old days when slebs lived in Big mansions, drove around in limousines, pissed it up, shagged everything that moved, flaunted their wealth and didn’t give a fuck? Did Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield go around crying about the poor people, demanding justice for Africunts, lecturing us about polluting the planet?
    Fuck no! They just wiggled their arses and got their tits out which is all we want from them. Of course they never lived long enough to get old, saggy and desperate for attention. Live fast die young should be the slebs’ motto. If you can’t do that then shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a toss what you think about anything you cunts.

    • She sung the Romanian national anthem ‘gypsies,tramps & thieves’ .
      And looks a young 86.
      Her plastic surgeon described her as his Forth bridge.
      Hes been working on her 30 years and regularly has to go back over where he started.

      Odd fact, when during the plastic shortage of 87 her surgeon substituted a melted Airfix Lancaster bomber for Chers forehead.
      When she throws back her hair you can still see the Airfix logo.

      • I think you’ll find it was a Wellington bomber.
        Fucking old boot.
        I wonder if the plastic surgeon used Humbrol poly cement to stick the bit of substituted bomber on her head?

  5. I honestly thought this fucker had died years ago, [perhaps she did, and all we see today are the remnants of her plastic filling and Botox. Never a good singer, needed mega distortion and synth, and always seemed to dress like a ridiculous skank on overdrive.
    On the Floyd issue, She simply follows the mass in Hollifuck, to keep right on and relevant.
    (BTW, the televised showcase trial…..! Ye Gods. The Lawyers are fucking useless yet still on mega money!)

  6. On that photo and many others she appears to be saying gockle-a-geer.
    A true dummy in every sense.

    Thinking back to her ex Sonny, didn’t he come a cropper skiing?
    Zag-zigging when he should have been Zig-zagging.

  7. Maybe she would have liked to have helped George Floyd when he was holding that loaded weapon at that pregnant woman’s stomach whilst his shithouse mates robbed her house?

  8. Hapless 75 year ex disco star finally shuffles onto the BLM bandwagon. Where did it all go so wrong? Relax, dear. You made it already. Leave the virtue signalling to the real cunts.

    • It hardly raises any eyebrows, does it? Mind you, Cher’s had so many facials she hasn’t raised hers for decades.

      • I’d still give the mangy old slapper a facial to savour.

        There’s a hilarious chat show interview from a decade or so ago where the bloke goes through a telephone book of the ‘great and the good’ of Hollywoke of the blokes she is rumoured to have slept with over the decades, asking her to confirm or deny. To be fair the old witch plays along well with it and has racked up an incredible list of conquests. And those are just the famous ones ! Factor in all the gardeners, butlers, roadies, blokes from the gym etc etc …..

  9. Cher-famously has her minge cleared using laser hair removal.
    Coupled with the fact that she has been banging like a shithouse door in a hurricane for 60 years, I imagine her pussy lips will be swollen and red.

    In fact I imagine her clopper looks EXACTLY like George Floyd😙

  10. I think if she’d flashed her well worn 80 year old gash at Georgie, he’d have carked it even quicker. Or at least, he’d have wished for it.

    Great cunting.

    On the subject of St Chiggun, Court TV’s coverage was unbiased for a week, but now it’s Georgie fanclubbers only allowed on to speak as ‘experts’ when there is a break in proceedings.


  11. Shame she wasn’t there when Chicken George was getting his comeuppance, the coppers might have knelt on her scrawny fucking neck instead.

  12. Cher had no need to be there and help – Derek Chauvin dealt with it most efficiently from my observation.
    Thanks anyway – now get on your flying kaftan and waft back to the 1960’s, there’s a good sort.

    • I didn’t like the old trout when she was starting out, she looked plastic then. Yeah if she’d been there she would’ve been able to help. She could have burst into song and everybody would have fucked off, including the coppers. And ‘pure as the driven snow’ George would’ve still been with us.

  13. She deserves a nomination purely for that abysmal ‘I got you babe’
    That’s high on my list of most hated songs. Even worse, those UB40 cunts did a cover version.

  14. Shut your mouth if you can after it’s been stretched by sucking Black pudding, this silly old munter wasn’t even relevant in the 60s, wrote fuck all and was coupled up with a wig wearing thick cunt who was shit at skiing, maybe she would have saved ‘Chokin George’ if she was there because him and his bro’s would have been busy gang banging its old carcass.!

  15. I have to be honest, If I saw 4 tooled up coppers doing that, I might have been brave and said let him up. he is choking. But I would not have taken them on. What I would have done is testify against Derek Chauvin and say what I saw, and hope justice gets done. Trouble is american police are out of control and it happens time and time again. Trouble is we get infected by it and our police are tainted by it when they are infinitely superior to the american police

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