Jay and Dom’s Home Fix


A BBC Golden Radish nomination please for the most blatant example of daytime TV penny-pinching since the almost-daily cheap “News Reports”.

Dom is Chinea and Jay, of course is the now you see him, now you see him again dark key wide boy, the black Del Trotter, Blades and each weekday afternoon between 1545-1630 they do this:


It involves one of the cheap makovers or “repurposing” items with wood and bright coloured paint interspersed with “gems” from the archives – even today (February 17th) an excerpt from a 2003 episode of “Flog It”, which, though it ceased recording three or four years ago goes out nearly afternoon intact on BBC2. Oh, and Alan Tichmarsh from 2002. The newest item appeared to be a 2016 Money For Nothing.

Jay wears his intellectual black specs (no doubt acquired during his days as a “philosophy stoodent”) and Dom has a black shirt and an artisan beard and looks a bit like the late Michael Flanders.

There is cheao and there is shop-soiled with staiined packaging and a leaking tube, Jay and Dom belong in the 75% off bargain bucket in Poundland.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

33 thoughts on “Jay and Dom’s Home Fix

  1. Hmm – I think strangling them live on television would provide a most acceptable solution and increase viewing figures!
    Right, time for a bike ride and I may mount Miss busty when I return. ( She would look most acceptable above the fireplace in the study! 😀)

  2. Wondering if that is the same Dom from Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow fame.

    Most definitely that Blades is the Dick in the duo.

    Naff TV for simpletons. A reflection of the sector of population that watch it.

  3. I haven’t actually seen the programme and have no intention of watching the helpfully provided link…but I have seen bits of these other “makeover” shows….usually involve a Nancy-Boy spending thousands of licence-fee Pounds turning a room in some suburban semi into a replica of an eighteenth century tart’s boudoir.
    I’ve always lived in hopes that one day some outraged homeowner will,during the “reveal”,
    \ chuck a mental and kick the living shite out of whichever “Gervais” has ruined her room (and probably blocked her toilet with hamster corpses).

    Are Jay and Dom Homosexuals?…I bet they are.

    • I see that Jay’s name is actually “Jay Blades”…I bet it’s actually “Gay Blade”


    • Dom Chinea…is probably Dom Ballson-Yerchin.

      LOL,LOL….I should really be on telly..”Northumberland’s Got Talent” perhaps?

      • ‘The Gayness Report with Dick Fiddler’ perhaps?

        A bit like Panarama or The Cook Report but with warnings about the nefarious activities of the uphill gardeners.

      • I quite fancy the “Roger Cook” idea…I could be trailed by a camera crew as I chased suspected Gays down the street demanding answers to questions such as ” Do you peep over the stall when someone is taking a dump in a public-toilet?”…when they flee into their homes,I can flip the letterbox and shout homophobic abuse through at them and their “partner”…and toy-dog…..and gerbils.

        A ratings winner,I’m sure you agree.


  4. The black Del Trotter? In 50 years time when everyone on this Island speaks Arabic or Black Street there will be no recollection of a white Del Boy. We are seeing it right now, on tv adverts with the half and full mix families, Pàkis in flat caps driving Jags and Range Rovers. Why not throw in some Eastern European advertising for Vodka and domestic violence. These two wankers are just further reason to defund the BBC, token wòg and soy boy, is there any surprise that their careers are being promoted by a corporation hell bent on royally fucking Britons right in the arse and letting us pay for it ?

    • Lady C wanted to watch something called “Mc Donald and Dodds” last night. My blood pressure was increasing gradually, having been prepped by a number of the inevitable black/mixed-race/gay family adverts preceding it. The program proper starts and we have a black female detective (obviously superior to her white, bit dopey, white sergeant). Then we have two black fellas running a ballooning company (never happens), but then the thing that finally blew the mercury was the Polish detective. For fuck’s sake. Immediately left the room to go in the garage and spend rest of the evening dismantling my Makita drill to find out why an expensive drill (just out of warranty) should develop a fatal wobble. Great – I can now drill 10mm ovals using a 3mm bit. Back to my 30 year old Bosch.

  5. Daytime tv sucks cock. Unimaginative tripe for cunts who can think of fuck all better to do in the daytime.

    • Absolutely, daytime TV is a cunt as is anybody “starring” (for what of a more accurately descriptive word) in it. All cunts😁

  6. And the BBC wonder why they are losing thousands of viewers per day?
    These two bellends couldn’t organise a free fuck in a brothel let alone do any kind of worthwhile/safe/value adding home improvements.
    Both hired purely on their box ticking characteristics (in typical BBC fashion) and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these pair are in fact gayer than Schofield and probably spend their evenings playing mud darts with each others back doors……….

    • “Free to air TV” and the BBC are also cunts. You’d feel so much better giving them up (if only there was such an easy way to “give up” the Government of Fuckwits ™ we are currently suffering).

  7. Less see if these two shirt lifting fudge packers can make a gallows, and maybe they could try it out, save unkle Terry the gas, these tests are a waste of it, morning cunters

  8. I saw Jay’s previouse incarnation last year where he was reperposing junk from a skip. You can see why they never let him do anything on The Repair Shop.

  9. The BBC’s output is dumb and getting dumber all the time.

    About the only programme worth watching is Dad’s Army, a 40 year old repeat. I just don’t see why I should have to pay a licence fee any longer.

    The BBC management now concentrates on tick boxing rather than talent.

    The day time schedule is a litany of boring repeats of flog it, antique roadshow, bargain hunt, escape to the cuntry and worn-out ideas like under the hammer and ready steady cook. Yawn.

    The prime time is no better or more original, a depressing line up of the one show, eastbenders and masterchef.the only thing worth viewing on the formerly intellectual BBC2 is Vicky Coren’s cleavage on only connect and even she seems to covering up these days.


  10. I’ve seen a couple of these in recent weeks and find them mildly amusing.
    Jay’s lack of practical skill’s are exposed for all to see, despite his props department leather apron and mockney patois there clearly isn’t a lot of experience on display. Blue Peter’s craft attempts were far more convincing.
    The most disappointing episode was last week. The chubby, lisping gay one produced an old car tyre and a length of rope, but then went on to knock up some crappy coffee table with it. I sincerely thought he was going to make a new tyre swing for Jay, which would be the most obvious thing.
    Anyway. Jay didn’t miss out though, he knocked up a coffee table with a central receptacle that had the exact dimensions for a KFC family bucket.
    And we’re paying for this shit!

  11. I cannot bring myself to watch the link, WC.

    I used to hate that shit with Lawrence Llewellyn-Cuntface back in the 90s, making everyone’s fucking flat purple by using crepe paper for curtains and constructing partition walls out of drinking straws. All improvements stuck up with pritt stick or a stapler.

    At the same time you could have other cunts busy outside paving your lawn and digging holes for “eye catching” water features. Garden gnomes and other tat would be picked up in segments shot at local second hand shops.

    At the end of each show the saps would gush over the cunts who had just wrecked their home and/or garden. Afterwards the vandals and camera crew cunts probably had a fucking good laugh in the pub. And why not? Getting paid for being home wrecking cunts must be right laugh.

    This new show sounds as if it is some sort of even cheaper, multi-culti way to laugh at thick wankers who need to save money. Thanks for watching it for me WC, you deserve a medal.

      • Charlie Dimmock wobbling around in the garden used to be worth a peek.

    • Sums up the whole piece to perfection. Well said.

      Talking of Laurence Llewelyn-Cuntface he used to have a sidekick called Dermot O’Concrete. While Cuntface fucked the house interiors over O’Concrete buried the gardens under “reconstituted stone”.
      Probably not as bad as the depths this genre has sunk to now but still cringeworthy.

  12. Any one remember that ginger tart who did garden makeovers with that big cunt? She use to do all the work braless with her ample udders swinging around like a couple of fucking clock-weights. Happy days!

      • Yes I saw her in a garden centre in sevenoaks some years ago, what a fat old ginger hunter, didn’t know if you give it hay or say hello

    • Charlie Dimmock?

      Imagine if there’d been 3-D TV back then, unborn sprogs would have been kicking their way out of the womb. Channels SMA 1 and 2.

  13. Blades is a cunt took over Sarahs job on money for nothing he was just an restorer at first but was not enough ended up hosting the show. Good show ruined by crap host. Cunt

  14. Wikipedia says that Jay Blades is British, well all I can say is it must have been a bloody hot sunny day when he was born/shat out. And as for the bearded twat he’s a right poofter.

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