Lorry Drivers

Lorry drivers are cunts,

i know that’s expansive but bear with me, i don’t mean the lost Polish lorry drivers going the wrong way around roundabouts or the fuckers that do the 52 mph overtake that takes 3 miles to complete on the motorway, or even the fuckers that jump a lane and then try to push into your lane with a fucking artic, or even the cunts that block a whole road so they can stop off at a Greggs, or even the cunts that drop 5 mile long diesel slicks on every corner and roundabout, or even the gobshite cunt lorry driver from another well know Cardiff company that delivers cladding who cant drive, cant park and likes to block the only thoroughfare in a small Cardiff estate before mouthing off at any fucker he holds up, good plan in a sign written truck cunt, or the mother fuckers who have to get to their park up point before their tachograph time runs out so they drive like the final lap at LeMans as it seems speeding, danger, points on their licence death and destruction are less of a worry than an infringement notice on their operators licence, i mean the fuckers who do all the above whilst dropping mud, flinging rocks, jumping traffic lights, hooning around Cardiff in their soil lorries, this is usually perpatrated by a well known soil company in Cardiff who has certain requirements before they can employ you, you have to be a cunt, drive like a cunt all day whilst being employed by cunts, probably drive an Audi in your private life where im sure your also actually a cunt.
So to the well known soil company in Cardiff, you are cunts fuck you….

Nominated by:Fuglyucker 

(Nice nom but we can’t be arsed to throw in some paragraphs – DA)

35 thoughts on “Lorry Drivers

  1. The often seen 52 mph overtake that takes 3 hours to complete is worthy of its own cunting.
    The bin wagon drivers in my area are by far the most ignorant cunts on the road.
    I know they block the roads because they have a job to but too many of the fuckers around these parts not only take some retarded pleasure in clogging up the roads but often actually go the extra mile to be as difficult to other road users as theypossibly can.
    Stupid cunts.
    I’m convinced they have to pass a cuntitude test back at the depot to qualify for the role.

    • On that I concur wholeheartedly!

      ‘Red’ Redman – one of my earliest film roles.

      • And not a trannie, Ford or otherwise to be seen.
        ‘Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end.’
        The last bit was to help our resident ‘orn merchants get a good night’s, er ,whatever they do.

      • Yeah Hell Drivers. A very cute Peggy Cummims. Herbert Lom without the twitch he perfected in Pink Panther, Sid James. Was Sam Kydd in there somewhere?

        A great film with a cast featuring the who’s who of British cinema.

  2. The worst ones are the left hand drive bastards on the M25 that pull back into the inner lane without a clue whether anything is in their blind spot. I saw this happen once and the truck hit an old MG Midget and literally ran it over and flattened it. Not good.

  3. When living nr Naaarge, I witnessed a spectacular near miss; a double-decker bus was already on the roundabout, leaving the city on the A11; a Goff petrol tanker went straight onto roundabout without looking or slowing down. It was the only time in my life I ever phoned a coy. up to complain about their driver.

  4. Fuck I forgot to mention bin lorries and buses, also cunts in the morning, afternoon and evening…. Cunts

  5. My Nephew “snowy the gaslighting snowflake boy” is a lorry driver – Middle aged, lives with his parents (our kid is a retired Army Officer who detests snowflakes – keeps trying to throw the fucker out but the Wife won’t let him!), watches Disney and Marvel films, alcoholic, junky, a prick in every conceivable way and very nearly got annihilated when I removed him from my home recently.
    He doesn’t even run over fkin cyclists! 😀

    • Sounds great! I had Snowflake problems at home,now resolved. Think long and hard before you take on somebody else’s child/children as it can turn into a Cunt of a problem. Another of life’s learning curves negotiated . Now get out of my fucking site.

  6. Most of the ones coming from Iron Curtain countries are smuggling something, aren’t they, be it ciggies, drugs, booze, or whores destined to be chained to radiators in East London. It’s amazing the ubiquitous response every time as if ignorance will exonerate them: “I does not know about dese tventy-six peoples in back of lore-ry. I check truck many time and lock. I victim here.”

  7. Got a half brick through the windscreen a few years ago that had become lodged between the two back wheels of a 20 ton muck away lorry and then got flung through the air in my direction. These cunts obviously don’t do the full safety check before setting off.

  8. The only lorry drivers I want to see on the roads, are the ones carrying shipping containers full of various ungrateful ethnic cunts, taking their cargo of human detritus to Dover or Hull-destinations, Europe, Africa, Pakistan or the Middle East👍

    • Only lorry driver I want to see is the one that parks his 40 ton lorry on top of suck dicks head, preferably when its loaded with heavy boron steel

      • Sid – does it matter what the cargo is? As long as it is still (at least) 40 tonnes, maybe a cargo of pork would be more applicable, or perhaps a mixed cargo of pork, alcohol and some taxis which have been forced off the road by the cunt.

  9. This nomination reminds me of:


    but without the creativity.

    A bit lazy, p’raps… or like Dave Trott in 1974 just a bit low on ideas? At least BMP sold some fizzy drinks.

    Lorry drivers? Eats shoots and fucks off!

      • What is Basic Metabolic Panel, RuffTuffCreampuff? I initially assumed it was an ultra-obscure early Krautrock trio from 1968, a lesser-known scion of The Canterbury Scene, perhaps something to do with Steve Hillage.

        Having never heard this expression before, a phenomenon which last happened to me four years ago¹, I Googled it. I trust that your own familiarity with the term is not borne of bitter personal experience, RTC! It’s hoped your erudition in the phlebotomist’s arts and practices were merely at the request of Saga’s underwriters.

        ¹ On the other hand, I regularly encounter unorthodox neologisms and references to TV personalities of nugatory significance on isac. Otherwise, and in all truth, the last well-known (but not to me) word or expression I came across was when my girlfriend decided to “get into” fish around 2017. I’d (obviously) heard of oranda, koi carp, loaches, guppy, molly, danio, catfish and betta… but curiously not shubunkins.

    • Used to be some good blokes driving lorries that would always stop and help others, the job used to have kudos and real skill.I drove all over Europe down into Turkey etc ,no That Nav or internet, no phones . Things have changed for the worse in so many ways,now Fuck Off ! I’m trying to get my surgical truss on.

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