Fake Grannies

A holy masters (mistresses) of disguise, Batman, cunting for a couple of sneaky “seniors” in the USA.

These two ‘grannies’ turned up for their second dose of the vaccine ? but staff became suspicious when their birth dates didn’t match up. They were subsequently rumbled and the police were called who issued the two women, aged 34 and 44, with trespass notices.

On a serious note, it was a pretty lowdown dirty trick to rob genuine seniors of the dose by jumping the queue but this story has made my week for more than one reason. I’m hesitant to admit both these ‘grannies’ seem well worth a portion of something injected into them, but thankfully having watched the video realised with great relief I haven’t got gilf fever after all, phwooaaaarrrrrrr ?


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28 thoughts on “Fake Grannies

  1. Bit like fake criminal, bald children crossing the channel or dead Dem voters.

  2. Aye… Anyone else remember the fake kid from the Calais Jungle?
    Looked like Dave Clark crossed with Alan Partridge.

    • The sexual attraction to elderly ladies is commonly known as “wrinkle winkle”.

      Suck my werthers.

      • You still got the hots for Angela Rayner*, Miserable?

        * Grannie at 37.

      • Angie started young Ruff.
        Found out she loves a portion!
        Shes been rode more times than the Grand National.

    • I remember some Borat looking fucker from Ipswich who was actually about thirty rather than the fifteen year old he claimed he was and spent six weeks in the school grooming…sorry, learning.

  3. At 34 they’d be grandmothers in the valleys, at 43 they’d be great grandmothers, all for the benefits, utter cunts!!!!

  4. Aah – reminds me of the time I dressed up as an elderly Lady to get the last seat on the Titanic lifeboat – it was worth it just to watch those working class sc*m bobbing about shouting and crying!
    Unfortunately my lifeboat was made in China so the salt water dissolved it..

  5. Moving on to genuinely nasty old women, looks like Wee Jimmy Sturgeon might be getting her comeuppance at long last. Oh please let this English hating nazi little shit weasel get the boot or be forced to resign.

    • There is more than a touch of schadenfreude in the take down of this old trout. Salmond has done her up like an Arbroath smokie.

      • I think she stitched him up first though, not that it really matters as they’re both cunts.

        Roll on the delightful Kate Forbes. Probably just as nasty towards the English but infinitely easier on the eye.

      • I will travel up to Scotland and pay for my ticket if Wee Burney is burnt at the stake.

        Never thought I’d say this. But nice one, Fat Al.

      • Schadenfreude indeed LL
        A loathsome woman who’s pissed with power.
        Firing squad would be too good for her.

      • The Ceausescu method? Drag her out against the wall and film it. Fucking vile evil bitch.

      • The only time I have ever enjoyed seeing this spiteful po-faced umpa lumpa was when Brillo ripped her a new one.

        Wee Jimmy, When we get independence we will rejoin the EU.

        Brillo, Scotland hasn’t got the minimum GDP to join the EU.

        Wee Jimmy, Aye, but once we join the EU will get the money from investment and businesses relocating to Scotland.

        Brillo, It doesn’t work like that. Scotland hasn’t got the minimum GDP to join the EU. It’s not join now pay later!

        Wee Jimmy, But once we join the EU we’ll find the money then.

        Brillo, Oh for fuck sake you thick little dwarf.

        That’s how I remember it anyway, it may or may not be factually correct.

  6. Why the fuck would someone from an age group with a 99.97% Covid survival rate feel the need queue jump! I suppose it is proof that globalist project fear shit has worked. Cunts.

  7. I remember being 12 years of age and staying at my Grandmother’s house in Scotland. One evening my much older cousin wanted to take me to bingo min age 18. Being an industrious little shit, I decided to raid my grandma’s wardrobe, put on some hideous outfit (I remember thinking ‘beige raincoat’ was good and a pair bunionated brown shoes with tan tights). Plus I dusted my face and hair with talcum powder. I borrowed her old lady wool bunnet to top off my creation. I must have looked ridiculous. I got in though.

    These two travesties didn’t even bother to try to look old.

    I would argue that at their age they are statistically at negligible risk of dying. What on earth went through their heads? What a right pair of cunts.

  8. That now legendary banner seen on a Liverpool motorway bridge…
    ‘Happy 30th Birthday Nana!’

  9. I sense a few good topics ahead. UKs first LGBT retirement home opens, Pontins admitting using an undesirable surname list and the trannies are bitching about the use of the term womxn. And that’s just today.

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