Baby August

No, not the month, melancholic though it is – the real dog days of summer in Britain when it is getting dark at 8.00 in the evening and the first fireworks are going off and the Xmas cards are appearing in Clintons. This cunting is for the offspring of that daft tart Princess Eugenie, who always looks as though she has had a red hot poker stuck up her arse, judging by the eyes wide open look of surprise on her ugly mug. They have called the poor little bleeder AUGUST:

What a fucking liberty – Eugenie and all the other hangers on, including her mum Sarah Ferguson and her dad – the bloke who sang Thank Heavens For Little Girls (allegedly), just know they will never have to live in the real world like the rest of us. Can you see the little lad in 16 years time, clocking in, in his overalls with a name like August?

Nominated by :W. C. Boggs

44 thoughts on “Baby August

  1. Imagine being a lowly Royal and naming your son after the first and greatest Roman Emperor. What a retard.

  2. I believe I’m right in saying that the daughters of the queen’s second son shouldn’t even have the title ‘princess.’ Apparently, they were given these titles as a sop to their arrogant and entitled father.

    Used to have a huge of poster of the Emperor Augustus in my classroom at a previous school when I taught Ancient History…

  3. One of your grandparents is a nònce. He might not be around while you’re growing up.

    • He will never do time, maybe he’s a child shanker and maybe he isn’t but the chances of him doing bird is about as realistic as Matt Hancock not being a smirking cunt.

      Would love to see it though.

  4. Augustus (or Augustine if female) was a common name in Britain years ago. The eighth child. I’m surprised the cunt on the left managed to sire it though – my guess is the butler stepped in.

  5. Well at least she didn’t have to get paid to show off her sprog……unlike one’s cousin Meghan.

  6. Some twats seem to want to cripple their offspring before they can walk. August? Ffs.

  7. Always thought the 2 inbred daughters were the strangest looking, stupidest muppets I had ever seen (until Harry married Me,gain) women that have these looks are what burka, s were designed for.
    The husband also looks suspiciously like he came from the shallow end of the gene pool so I strongly suspect it won’t be long before August Tarquin Quenton the third develops gills and walks backwards into the sea.
    What a strange bunch of weirdos the Royal family is, I thought my family was fucked up but one look in the royal nut house and I have nothing to worry about, long live Augu….. Oh who fucking cares anymore, its just an opportunity for the ginger Orangutan grandmother to try and get some publicity and the Queen to think thank god a diversion for the public and press….

  8. I didn’t even know she’d sprogged. Now that I do know, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck and I’m struggling to think of anything less relevant in my life.

  9. Oh aye that’s the security guards babby.
    That chap in the photo looks like he Gets On The Other Bus.
    Open and shut case.

  10. In that “proud parents pic”, Eugenie looks very much like an extra from the film Witness¹. There’s certainly more than a whiff of the hurdy-gurdy man about her.

    I was unaware Maurice Chevalier had sired Eugenie, Mr Boggs. I always confuse Chevalier with Charles Aznavour myself, not Prince Andrew. I am unsure (and indifferent) whether the Prince patronised Pizza Express, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that he was really shit at his job.

    During his time as Britain’s envoy for trade in the late 90s, our “Special Representative” merely succeeded in alienating people and making them feel awkward. He couldn’t wait to get back on the Hercules and piss off to the Bahamas. He really was rubbish in that rôle.

    ¹ the excellent 1985 Peter Weir film about the Amish in Pennsylvania, starring Harrison Ford. The Amish are of Dutch antecedence, hence the resemblance, I suppose

    • “Pizza Express” sounds like a sister to Chardonnay.
      A good name might also be “Bouzy Rouge,” which comes from the Champagne region, but isn’t sparkling.
      As for last week’s photo of flap-ears looking “the saddest he’s ever been,” well… wibble.

  11. Well they’re Krauts, aren’t they? Not unusual for Krauts to be called August.

    Probably named after August Schmidhuber, the German Nazi SS officer executed for war crimes.

    • August Wilhelm, a son of the last emperor of Germany and a fanatical Nazi, perhaps?

      More importantly, does she give you the horn?

      • Cuntbubble is conspicuous by his absence… no doubt he’s approaching vinegar strokes as I type…

      • No- She definitely does not give me the horn and I’m well known at my local for my extremely low standards.

        I would go so far to say that she looks like she’s been Apple bobbing in a deep fat fryer……..

        Feel sorry for poor little August having a munter of a mum like her!

  12. Poor kid…..a greaseball wop for a father, a n*nce for a grandad and a chimpanzee for a great uncle. Growing up as rich as fuck ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • At least the Duke and Duchess of Hewitt aren’t members of the same (blood) family.

  13. Good Morning,

    They have given him Philip as a 2nd name, I would hope he uses that instead of his, very European, first name.

    • Philip? After the Greek gimmegrant?

      Never mind, the kid will still have 3rd name Hawke and 4th name Brooksbank to fall back on if necessary.

  14. I’ve often thought that Eugenie doesn’t look much like her sister. I wonder if a certain Captain in the Life Guards was dipping his wick in the ginger minge?

  15. Slightly off topic, i see Me,gain Sparkle is disappointed to find she had a bullying complaint lodged against her from someone in the palace when she was there.
    I wonder if it was Ginger boy…..
    Mumsy this uppety n@@@@@r went and hit me on the head with a shovel and called me a pathetic loser because one refused to sign her cheque, please tel her to be nice to me, i am the prince you know……

    • Yes, first rule of being upper class….. never be rude to the servants. Terribly bad form don’t you know?

  16. She looks boss-eyed to me.
    The least of her disturbing features I imagine.

  17. Augustus Gloop. Augustus Gloop.
    The great big greedy, nincompoop!
    …if he takes after granny Fergie😚

    If he takes after Grandad ……

    Oompa-loompa do-ba-de-do
    I’ve got another puzzle for you
    Oompa-looms do-ba-di-de
    If you are wise you’ll listen to me

    What do you get
    When two mingers have wed
    They both get naked
    Then the mingers have bred
    After nine months
    From her corpulent twat
    Emerges a minor
    Royal, August brat

    …but who’s the real father…..

    Oompah-loompa do-be-de-do
    I’ve got a further puzzle for you
    Oompa-loompa do-ba-di-de
    Learn all you will if you listen to me

    This kids Grandma
    A notorious ginge
    Stuffing her cakehole
    Or stuffing her minge
    This brats Grandpa
    A slippery get
    Avoiding allegations
    To him, its no sweat

    …..away from Epstein’s island…

    Oompa Loompa do-be-de-do
    I’ve got a final puzzle for you
    Oompa Loompa do-be-di-de
    Here is truth, now listen to me

    Who’ll pay for him
    When he goes to posh school
    Golden future awaits
    No hard work for this fool
    The British tax-payer
    Will keep him for life
    Also his future kids
    And his wife

    …it’s time to end the monarchy…

    Oompa loompa do-ba-de-do Oompa hate the monarchy too
    Oompa Loompa do-be-di-de
    Defund the royals like the BBC

    You should hate royalty too
    Like the Oompa Loompa


    Morning all😀👍

  18. The butler was obviously a whitey – thank goodness for that Ma’am don’t want too many entitled under the woodpile types polluting one’s heritage doncha know😁

  19. Bunch of imbred cunts all of them.

    Who gives a fuck that she’s opened her legs and another propped up by the taxpayer sprog has dropped.

    Maybe the royals should do their bit for austerity and stop breeding.

  20. The poor kid looks like he’s fucking freezing looking at his red face. Although it could be due to the embarrassment of Ma and Pa and that name.

    • Just the latest example of two thick twats who have convinced themselves that they’ve produced something special and need to prove it by giving it a special name. It might be special to them, it ought to be, but to everyone else it’s no different to all the other ugly little fuckers.

  21. In 16 years he may be clocking on as Aggie… Anything goes, fish, bananas, old pyjamas, mutton, beef, and trout.

  22. What an ugly cow the mother is.
    She looks like a PG tips chimp on steroids.

    Must have named the little nipper after that dark key of King Creole And The Coconuts fame.

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